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  • Laughably small proprietary blend with 12 ingredients!
  • Some ingredients offer nothing!
  • Green tea extract alone needs larger serving than entire blend!


Full Zenutra Diet Pill Review


Product Overview

Zenutra diet pills are regularly featured on Amazon as a popular fat loss supplement. If you have been looking for fat burners on Amazon, then you will have probably seen Zenutra diet pills recommended to you as a possible alternative to whatever product you’re currently viewing. 

Since this product is actively recommended, lots of people will believe it must be a truly great supplement and they will buy it without doing much research of their own. That’s why we thought we should get an impartial, detailed review out there as soon as possible.

So what is Zenutra?


Zenutra Diet Pills Review


Zenutra diet pills, as the name suggests, aren’t like the fat burners we usually review on this site.

Zenutra is not a bodybuilding supplement. They are diet pills, aimed at the general population, not sports enthusiasts, strength athletes, or combat sports competitors. 

If you care about your physique, your athletic performance, your strength, or indeed your health, then simple “weight loss” isn’t what you’re looking for. 

“Weight loss” does not discriminate. We aren’t interested in losing weight on this site; we’re interested in losing fat while losing minimal muscle mass.

Losing fat without losing any muscle mass is pretty much impossible (for a natural athlete). But it is possible to maximize fat loss while minimizing muscle loss. Finding that balance is a hard thing to do but when you do, the results are incredible. 

Generally speaking, we don’t like “diet pills” on this site, because they send the wrong messages to potential customers. Tehy usually capitalize on laziness and body image issues to make money. We’re not saying that Zenutra is necessarily the same, but that it without question the way we see the “diet pill” industry.

According to the Amazon merchant page, Zenutra is a “fast weight loss pill that works for all body types”. However, the bottle states that Zenutra is an “elite formulation designed for professionals”.

That’s quite a mixed message.

So how does Zenutra claim to bring about this “fast weight loss”.

On the bottle we can see that this product is labelled a “thermogenic”. Thermogenesis is the process whereby you raise your body temperature to increase your resting metabolic rate. If you do this, you burn more calories throughout the day, meaning faster fat loss. 

Almost every supplement we review claims to be a thermogenic, yet few of them deliver. Many fat burners which claim to be thermogenics don’t even include a single ingredient known to cause thermogenesis. It is almost reaching the point where the word is losing meaning. 

But perhaps Zenutra is a rare success story.

The only way to find out is to look at the formula, the individual ingredients, how they are dosed, and see if it all stacks up against the claims of the manufacturer. 

We will also take a look at what other people have been saying about Zenutra.

Without further ado, here is our full Zenutra diet pills review. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


Zenutra Diet Pills Formula

It’s always most important to look at the formula when reviewing a fat burner. The manufacturers can try to impress you with grand claims all they like, but they can’t hide the formula. Here is the Zenutra formula as shown on the label:


Zenutra Diet Pills Formula Review


Small Proprietary Blend

Yet again, we find ourselves looking at an incredibly small proprietary blend with a lot of ingredients. 

Proprietary blends are fundamentally bad news for customers. 

They are almost always employed to disguise how cheap the supplement is to produce. Some ingredients are more expensive than others, so a manufacturer can bulk out 90% of their formula with a cheap ingredient, include very small amounts of the best ingredients, and just list them all as part of a proprietary blend. 

The manufacturer gets to cut down on costs, and the customer doesn’t realize they’re paying over $30 for capsules that are 95% tumeric. 

Not all proprietary blends are the same. They are share the same inherent problem, but some do represent better value than others. 

Where does Zenutra stand on that scale?


Zenutra proprietary blend


We don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that Zenutra diet pills have one of the worst proprietary blends we’ve ever seen. 

The total blend size is 250mg, and that needs to be split between 12 ingredients. 

Dividing the formula into equal parts doesn’t give us an accurate view of what the likely serving sizes are, because not all substances should be dosed equally. 

If we divide that up, we see that there’s roughly 21mg of “room” in the blend for each ingredient. That is a laughable serving for pretty much any fat burning ingredient.

But it does give you a feel for how under-dosed some ingredients will need to be in order for just a few to be dosed sufficiently. 

Take green coffee bean extract for example. 

We wouldn’t recommend a supplement that contained less than 100mg of green coffee bean extract, and that is assuming that the chlorogenic acid content is respectable. 

If Zenutra diet pills contain 100mg of green coffee bean extract, then we have just 150mg left for the remaining 11 ingredients. 

And green coffee bean extract is one of the more potent ingredients on a weight by weight basis.

For caffeine anhydrous, we would prefer to see between 200-300mg per serving.

For CLA powder, the minimum dose likely to produce any benefits at all is 300mg. Some supplements on the market today contain 500mg. That’s twice the size of the entire Zenutra blend!

Needless to say, we are less than impressed. 


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What About The Other Ingredients?

The other ingredients are beset by two simultaneous problems; they are largely backed up only by hearsay and hype, and their dosages are so low that any benefit they might have given you will probably never materialize. 

The two most exciting ingredients here are raspberry ketones and guarana, but on examination there is nothing to be excited about. 


Raspberry ketones Zenutra Diet Pills


Raspberry ketones are growing in popularity, They are sold separately by lots of health food and supplement stores these days. People will claim that raspberry ketones can do all sorts of amazing things.

We think the reason they are included in fat burners is because manufacturers know people will associate them with ketosis. The keto diet is all the rage right now, and while we think it is useless for building muscle, it does help reduce body fat levels when done properly. 

But raspberry ketones have nothing to do with ketosis. They are not the same ketones that your brain uses for fuel; they do not put you into ketosis. 

As far as we know, they have no genuine fat burning properties at all. We can’t cite evidence for this of course, just as we can’t show you proof that raspberry ketones don’t make you fly; our evidence is the lack of evidence proving otherwise. 

Guarana is used because of its caffeine content. Generally speaking, guarana seeds are richer in caffeine than coffee beans (which are also really seeds).

However, 10mg is hardly enough to confer a meaningful amount of caffeine.

And in any case, we would always prefer to see caffeine as caffeine anhydrous. Whether it’s from guarana, caffeine or tea, caffeine is caffeine, and we just want it purified and dosed precisely. 


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Zenutra Diet Pills Side Effects

Generally speaking, any supplement that labels itself a “diet pill” makes us wary of potential side effects. Zenutra is no different. 

It’s always hard to gauge how a supplement will affect you if you don’t exactly how much of each ingredient is in a single serving.

Of course, the big problem with Zenutra is that the proprietary blend is so small that it’s almost impossible for any ingredient to pose a significant side effect risk.

The product contains caffeine anhydrous, which is normally something that needs to be considered when evaluating side effect dangers. 

However, the amount of caffeine anhydrous needed to cause any noticeable side effects is close to the entire blend size. So unless caffeine anhydrous is the only ingredient in the blend, there is probably nothing to worry about. 

That said, we don’t know that for sure; caffeine could be practically the only ingredient. If you have a caffeine sensitivity, then 250mg of caffeine anhydrous at once can cause some side effects. 

Most high quality fat burners divide their serving up into 4 equal parts for exactly this reason. Zenutra diet pills put a full day’s serving into one capsule. 

Zenutra diet pills contain some unusual substances, none of which you are likely to consume in your regular diet. It is important that you speak with your doctor before using this product to ascertain whether you are likely to have an allergic reaction or not. Nobody knows your doctor like you, and no matter how safe a manufacturer tells you a supplement is, don’t gamble with your health!


Zenutra “Diet Pills” Review Conclusion

How a product describes itself is very important. 

When a product is sold as a “weight loss” solution or a “diet pill”, then you know that it is trying to offer desperate people an easy solution, when we all know that the problem has no easy answers. 

Visitors to this site will not be looking for simple weight loss; you will specifically want fat loss and muscle preservation. 

It doesn’t look like Zenutra can deliver either of those things. 

It doesn’t look like Zenutra diet pills can even deliver enhanced weight loss.

The proprietary blend is 250mg, which must be divided among 12 ingredients. 

The entire blend size is not sufficient to deliver enough CLA powder to make a significant difference to your rate of fat loss, an that is just one ingredient of 12. 

To top it all off, we have 4 individually listed ingredients, none of which are going to make the slightest bit of difference to your body composition, your athletic performance, or your health. 

All-in-all, this is a terrible product, even by “diet pill” standards. 

If you are looking for a reliable, effective fat burner offering good value for money, then look elsewhere. 

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