Xenuro Xetabol 250 Review – STAY AWAY FROM THIS DIET PILL!

Xetabol 250









  • Can't find any serious side effect concerns


  • Contains 2 ingredients, neither of which do anything for fat loss
  • Tiny proprietary blend
  • One ingredient actually DISPROVED as a fat burner


Full Xenuro Xetabol 250 Review


Right from the off, Xenuro Xetabol 250 smells fishy. 

We first came across this fat burner while browsing on Amazon. With only 6 customer reviews, it’s clear that this isn’t the most popular fat burner on Amazon right now. A search for “Xenuro Xetabol 250 review” wont return many results from professional review sites like ours.

But the name intrigued us. Anything with “-bol” at the end of the word and a number like 250 has probably been named to sound like a steroid: Dianabol, Sustanon 250, Winstrol, Deca Durabol, and so on. So, Xenuro Xetabol 250 piqued our interested. 


Xenuro Xetabol 250 review


We tried to find out a little more about it, so we looked for Xenuro’s official website.

We couldn’t find one. 

We did find out that Xenuro have other supplements currently being sold alongside Xetabol 250, such as their “Sleep It Off” sleep aid. These are sold through Xenuro’s official Amazon store. 

It seems that they do the majority of their trade through Amazon and eBay. This always sets alarm bells ringing!

So what does this product claim to do exactly?

According to the bottle, it is a “metabolic & weight support” supplement. If we read the official Amazon merchant page, we are told that Xenuro Xetabol 250 provides the following specific benefits:

  • Supports metabolic health
  • Stimulant-free fat loss
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Keeps blood pressure healthy
  • Suitable for long-term use

We aren’t used to seeing claims like this on a bodybuilding-specific fat burner. Usually we don’t look for things like cholesterol and blood pressure support; typically these things are kept in check by a healthy diet and low body fat levels. 

However, that doesn’t mean that they are a bad thing, so long as the ingredients in Xenuro Xetabol 250 do not artifically or excessively lower blood pressure or cholesterol levels. 

If you don’t have an actual problem with blood pressure or cholesterol, then you really shouldn’t try to play with these things using pills. Cholesterol levels should be kept very low through diet and exercise, not by supplements (assuming you are a healthy, active individual).

We’ll come back to this later. 

For now, let’s treat Xenuro Xetabol 250 how we treat every other product on this site. Below you will find a thorough Xenuro Xetabol 250 review, looking at the formula, the ingredients, doses, and likely side effects. At the end, we’ll tell you what we think of Xenuro Xetabol 250 overall. If you have any questions, post them in the comments!


Xenuro Xetabol 250 Formula

Much to our dismay, the Xenuro Xetabol 250 formula is actually very difficult to find. 

Of course there is no official website to look on. 

And the official Amazon merchant page just displays lots of generic images of Xenuro Xetabol 250 photo-shopped into stock images. 

It does display what is supposed to be the ingredient label. Here is what they provide their customers with:


Xenuro Xetabol 250 formula tiny label


We’re not just providing you with a zoomed-out image here either. 

If you put this into photoshop and zoom, you’ll find that it just becomes pixelated beyond recognition. 

So clearly Xenuro don’t think it’s particularly important for their customers to know what’s in their premier fat burner. If most people can’t read the label clearly, then it’s safe to say that most of their sales will be impulse buys. Obviously they’re quite happy with that. 

We can tell you what the label says however. 

Xenuro Xetabol 250 contains two ingredients: Hibiscus Sabdariffa and Lippia Citidora Leaf.

These two ingredients are lumped together in a proprietary blend.

The total size of this blend is 250mg. 

Pretty much everything about Xenuro Xetabol 250 is a problem from our point of view. Both the fact that it uses a small proprietary blend and the fact that the ingredients are totally bogus are serious issues. 

Let’s break these two major problems down. 


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Proprietary Blend

We loathe proprietary blends. 

In our opinion, there is absolutely no good excuse for keeping the exact formula specifications from your potential customers.

There are so many supplements that list every ingredient’s serving size on the bottle that the claim of “we need to protect our intellectual property” just sounds pathetic. Why can so many manufacturers manage to do this and make money, but you can’t?

Manufacturers will often tell us that this is a harsh criticism. 

But we think it’s only fair to judge everyone by the same standard. 

All of our top rated fat burners list their full formula right on the bottle. It is easily found on the websites before purchasing. 

If another manufacturer feels that they can’t do this without going out of business, that is not our problem; it’s theirs. That claim is, in itself, a strong indictment of the product anyway; if you’re scared to reveal your formula in case you go out of business, then it can’t be that good, can it?

Proprietary blends are terrible from the customer’s perspective for two reasons:

  1. They prohibit you from making an informed buying decision. In effect, they treat you like a moron who is only influenced by emotive advertising, rather than a reasoned cost-benefit analysis
  2. They prevent you from learning about how you respond to the ingredients in the fat burner. If you have a bad reaction to a product, you can’t really tell which ingredient is to blame when all you have is a prop blend; for all you know, there could really only be one ingredient in there, and the dose could be dangerously high!


The Ingredients

The two ingredients used in Xenuro Xetabol 250 seem to be almost completely useless when it comes to enhancing fat loss. 

Take Hibiscus Sabdariffa.

We do actually know that consuming hibiscus tea on a regular basis can help lower blood pressure; that much has been established by the available scientific literature

But that doesn’t mean it works in supplemental form at doses below 250mg. So that’s one benefit up in the air. 

This stuff has also been studied for its potential as a weight loss aid.

Unfortunately though, the researchers in this study found that Hibiscus Sabdariffa supplementation was unable to affect weight loss at all. 


Hibiscus Sabdariffa Xenuro Xetabol 250 ingredients


Not just fat loss; it wasn’t able to meaningful affect weight loss; something incredibly easy to accomplish but which most of our readers are not interested in anyway. 

It is worth highlighting what the researchers stated in their conclusion: “It is likely that the observed effects were as a result of the patients following the standard dietary and physical activity advice. At a dose of 1 gm/day, hibiscus sabdariffa leaf extract did not appear to have a blood lipid lowering effect.”

At 1g per day, so a dose 4 times larger than the entire Xenuro Xetabol 250 blend size, researchers from St. John’s Research Institute failed to find any notable weight-loss inducing effect from use of Hibiscus Sabdariffa.

How about that?!

The other ingredient in Xenuro Xetabol 250, Lippia Citidora Leaf, seems to be just as pointless. 

The main use for this stuff seems to be as an ingredient in cosmetics. 

There is some interest in Lippia Citidora Leaf’s potential as an anti-oxidant. 

This study, published in 2011, looked at Lippia Citidora Leaf (a.k.a lemon verbena) and its relationship to oxidative damage, as well as chronic disease. 




Researchers here concluded: ” moderate antioxidant supplementation with lemon verbena extract protects neutrophils against oxidative damage, decreases the signs of muscular damage in chronic running exercise without blocking the cellular adaptation to exercise.”

All we can say to that is: whoopdeedoo!

A single study showing that an ingredient has some power as an anti-oxidant when consumed in indeterminate amounts is not going to convince us of anything. 

Even if it did, the fact that one of the main ingredients in this supposedly professional-level fat burner is an anti-oxidant (and an obscure, unproven one at that) is just ridiculous. 

We want potent ingredients that accelerate fat loss, enhance physical performance, and improve energy levels first and foremost. That’s why we buy fat burners. 

If a manufacturer makes a comprehensive supplement and then throws some anti-oxidants in on top, then great.

If a weak anti-oxidant is the main ingredient, then it’s not really a fat burner. 

In this regard, Xenuro Xetabol 250 is a serious let-down. 


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Xenuro Xetabol 250 Review Conclusion

Those of you who have read this Xenurop Xetabol 250 review top to bottom will already know how we feel about this “fat burner”. 

To put it bluntly, it looks like a terrible product. 

It contains just 2 ingredients, neither of which is known to have any serious fat burning potential. 

One of them is just an anti-oxidant, and not a particularly impressive one at that.

The other ingredient has been heavily hyped by the manufacturer as having a powerful influence on weight loss. But we have found quite a robust study affirming the opposite; that it has no effect on weight loss at all.

That’s no effect on weight loss, let alone fat loss!

If you are a bodybuilder, boxer, MMA fighter, or powerlifter, then this is definitely not the supplement for you. You need a proven, scientifically-validated, reliable fat loss aid. 

If you are an amateur in any of these sports or you just need some help getting extra trim next summer, then we still don’t think this product is right for you. If the end results are important to you, then you would be much better off using an all-natural, effective, professional-quality fat burner.


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