Xenadrine Ultimate Review – Will It Work For You?

Xenadrine Ultimate









  • Contains a good dose of Green Coffee Bean Extract
  • Contains a sensible dose of caffeine anhydrous


  • Caffeine might cause side effects if not split up
  • Contains lots of dead weight
  • Formula could be one third benign - low value for money



Full Xenadrine Ultimate Review


Xenadrine Ultimate is a brand new weight loss supplement, but lots of people are already talking about it.

It is being advertised heavily on some of the major online supplement outlets, and a search for “Xenadrine Ultimate review” turns up plenty of results.

So what is Xenadrine Ultimate all about?

How does it differ from other fat burners on the market today?


Xenadrine Ultimate Review


This is one of those times when we can’t quite figure out who the manufacturer is.

Xenadrine seems to be the name of the product and the manufcaturer. The original product is called Xenadrine, and Xenadrine Ultimate is a new (hopefully improved) iteration.

The Xenadrine website currently lists 2 different fat burners: Xenadrine Ultimate and Xenadrine NextGen, which we will review at a later date.

According to the Xenadrine Ultimate web page, this fat burner:

  • Increases metabolism
  • Boosts energy
  • Increases focus
  • “Powerful weight loss”

More and more fat burners are claiming to enhance focus.

This is an important aspect of diet support, as your focus can rapidly deteriorate when you’re hungry.

The Xenadrine Ultimate page also mentions a “scientifically-reserached key ingredient”.

That something is “scientifically researched” doesn’t mean anything.

Something can be researched and be found to be useless.

Something can be “scientifically researched” for properties that have nothing to do with fat loss.

We want ingredients that have been proven to enhance fat loss; we want hard scientific evidence. We don’t care if something has just been researched. Always be on the lookout for careful PR speak.

This certainly sounds like an interesting fat burner.

But is any of this true? How much of it is just marketing hype?

Does Xenadrine Ultimate actually work?

Is it likely to cause side effects?

How does Xenadrine Ultimate compare to our current top rated fat burners?

We answer all of these questions in our full Xenadrine Ultimate review, found below. We start off by picking apart the formula. We then outline the main health risks. If you finish the review and still have questions, let us know in the comments section at the end.



Xenadrine Ultimate Formula

Here is the Xenadrine Ultimate formula, which you can find on the website:


Xenadrine Ultimate Formula


Xenadrine Ultimate has decided to tell us how some ingredients are dosed, but not others.

They have hidden some of their formula behind proprietary blends.

With one ingredient, they’ve simply left us to work out for ourselves that it is dosed at 20mg.

We don’t know why they’ve done that; it’s kind of weird.

So what is our overall opinion of this product?

Not good.

We hate proprietary blends.

We particularly hate such small, bloated proprietary blends.

We have some totally useless ingredients in here.

For all we know, a third of this formula could be completely benign.

Here is a breakdown of the main positives and the main drawbacks with Xenadrine Ultimate.



Main Positives

There are definitely some major good points here that need pointing out.

While there is some uncertainty about the exact composition of this stack, we know that the majority of Xenadrine Ultimate is good stuff.

The two best ingredients in here are Green Coffee Bean Extract and Caffeine Anhydrous.

We are told the serving sizes for these two ingredients.

Together, they make up 400mg, or roughly two thirds of the formula.


Green Coffee Beans Xenadrine Ultimate ingredients


That is great to see. Instead of going for lots of different ingredients, more manufacturers should pick a few proven fat burners and dose them generously.

Green coffee bean extract contains a compound called chlorogenic acid.

This stuff has been shown to greatly facilitate fat loss.

There is some confusion as to how it works exactly, but we believe that it prevents massive insulin spikes. This is a major benefit when restricting calories, especially if your diet involves intermittent fasting.

The 200mg of green coffee bean we get from Xenadrine Ultimate is plenty to get the benefit of this great ingredient.


-Learn More About Green Coffee Beans & Fat Loss-


Caffeine anhydrous is a fat burner staple.

Or it should be at least.

This one doesn’t need much of an explanation.

Caffeine reduces the perception of fatigue. It allows you to train harder, for longer. It supports focus and motivation. It keeps your energy levels high, it is relatively safe, and it is well understood.

That caffeine is an absolutely ideal fat loss aid for athletes and bodybuilders should therefore be obvious.

Caffeine anhydrous is a dehydrated form of caffeine. That means it gives you more bang for your buck on a gram for gram basis.

The 200mg we get in Xenadrine Ultimate is perfect in our opinion.

Consuming this much in one dose will probably be too much for the vast majority of people (more on this in the side effects section).

But if you split your dose up into two equal parts and space them out throughout the day, side effects unlikely to be a problem for most of you.

These two ingredients are excellent natural fat burners.

Caffeine helps you maintain training intensity throughout your cut, and green coffee bean extract helps with nutrient partitioning.

However, the rest of the formula is less impressive.


Main Drawback – Prop Blend

The main drawback with Xenadrine Ultimate is the fact that much of the formula is hidden behind a proprietary blend.

We have explained many times before why you should avoid proprietary blends like the plague.

Manufcaturers say they need to use them to stop people stealing their formulas.

To our knowledge, this has never happened.

All of the ingredients in Xenadrine Ultimate are well understood; we know how they need to be dosed to work, and we know how they work together.


Instead, the reason why manufacturers use prop blends is to keep unpleasant truths from potential customers.

There is no other reason to use them.

If some manufacturers actually believe they need to use prop blends, then they’re idiots.

Even if someone was waiting to steal their formula, other manufacturers manage to reveal their serving sizes and make lots of money.

That other comapnies can’t compete isn’t your problem.

The Xenadrine Ultimate Complex is just 215mg in total.

It contains 5 ingredients, which gives us an average serving size of 43mg.

None of these ingredients can really make a difference to your cut if dosed at 43mg.

For any ingredient to be dosed above this, others need to be dosed less.



Major Issue – Useless Ingredients

As if the tiny blend size wasn’t enough, the Xenadrine Ultimate Complex is full of totally useless ingredients.

Even if this blend was 3 times the size, you’d still probably not get anything out of it.

For example, Xenadrine Ultimate contains Spearmint Leaf Extract.

What does this sutff have to do with fat loss?

We can’t find a good reaosn for us to think that this stuff helps with fat los sor physical performance.

There isn’t a single convincing scientific study proving that Spearmint Leaf has any effect on fat loss.

A complete waste of space.


Spearmint Leaf Xenadrine Ultimate useless ingredients


Another example of a bogus ingredient is Garcinia Cambogia.

We know plenty of people believe this plant is a potent fat burner.

People variously claim that it suppresses appetite, reduces insulin spikes, and a plethora of other things on top.

But in reality, it doesn’t seem to do anything worth mentioning.

Several robust clinical studies have looked at Garcinia Cambogia, examining the claims that it helps with fat loss.

All of them have found it basically worthless.

At least one study has found that it improves satiety, but only in relation to enjoyment of a meal at the time.

It doesn’t increase feelings of fullness, and it doesn’t seem to reduce food cravings any more than a placebo.

Some studies have just found that it makes you enjoy food more.

That has nothing to do with fat loss.

That Xenadrine Ultimate contains such useless ingredients is very disappointing.

That they are present in unknown quantities is a serious issue.

That there is any unknown quantity in a modern day supplement is a sufficient reason to stay well away.



Xenadrine Ultimate Side Effects

On the whole, Xenadrine Ultimate looks like a very safe supplement.

The ingredients are all well understood, thoroughly tested in clinical conditions, and the doses are sensible.

The only real concern is the caffeine anhydrous.

The 200mg in Xenadrine Ultimate is not an enormous dose; it is about the same as what you will get from 3 Americano coffees.

That will be more than enough to cause side effects in a sizeable number of users.

Of course, our recommendation would be to split this dosage up throughout the day.

Two equal servings of 100mg each, one perhaps in the morning and one before trianing, would be a good approach.

Consuming 100mg in a single dose is unlikely to cause serious side effects.

But if you do decide to consume 200mg in a single serving, please od so with great caution.

The side effects of consuming too much caffeine range from the annoying to the life threatening. They include:

  • Elevated heart rate
  • Shortness of breath
  • Hypertension
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Stomach cramps
  • Anxiety
  • Jitters
  • Insomnia
  • Drowsiness

The long term effects of consuming so much caffeine can be more serious; some suggest it might increase your risk of developing coronary heart disease.

You NEED to be conscious of your existing caffeine intake before adding in more from supplements. If you alreayd drink a lot of tea and coffee, caffeine supplements should be avoided.

It is important to keep in mind how you personally respond to caffeine and other stimulants.

If you are highly sensitive, then Xenadrine Ultimate is probably not for you.

It is crucial that you calculate your current baseline caffeine intake and work out if you can safely afford to add in an extra 200mg per day.

It is also crucial to get proper medical advice: WE ARE NOT DOCTORS!

Book an appointment with your regular family physician and tel them about your plans to take Xenadrine Ultimate. Only a qualified doctor can give you the advice you need to stay safe and healthy. All we can do is raise any red flags we see!


Xenadrine Ultimate Review Conclusion

All things considered, we don’t think this is a very good option for those of you looking for optimal results.

Xenadrine Ultimate contains some great natural fat burners at good doses.

However, if you’ve read our full Xenadrine Ultimate review, you’ll know that the negatives far outweight the positives here.

It uses a prop blend.

The blend is tiny and over-bloated.

It contains useless ingredients.

You do not want to be paying good money for a stack that is potentially one third dead weight.

If you want the most bang for your buck, look for a more focused, potent, comprehensive formula.

Check out our current top rated fat burners as a place to start.

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