Lean 11 Review – A Fat Burner “For Women” From WMN Bulkpowders

Lean 11









  • Contains green coffee bean extract
  • Uses high quality green tea extract
  • Contains chromium


  • Main ingredient useless
  • Missing a real appetite suppressant
  • Synephrine could cause side effects



Full WMN Lean 11 Review


WMN Lean 11 is a “slimming formula” from Bulk Powders.

These guys offer bodybuilding supplements and high protein foods with minimum frills for a very good price.

They have a stellar reputation in the UK, where they are ever increasing their product range. The WMN sub-brand seems to be one of the newest additions.

Lean 11 has been designed “specifically for active women who want an extra boost” – that is according to the Bulk Powders official website anyway.


WMN Lean 11 Review


We don’t think there is really such a thing as a fat burner “specially for women”.

A product that helps men burn fat will help women burn fat too.

Unless you’re talking hormone manipulation, men and women are quite similar in what helps them lose body fat.

We doubt there is anything in Lean 11 that makes it “perfect for active women”, but we’ll see.

According to the official website, Lean 11 works in numerous ways to enhance fat loss. It can supposedly:

  • Support alertness
  • Support thyroid function
  • Help you maintain energy throughout the day
  • Promote fat metabolism
  • Enhance fat loss
  • Help with macro-nutrient partitioning
  • Contribute to normal blood sugar regulation

On top of this, the website states that WMN Lean 11 is “ideal before training”.

All of this sounds very interesting.

The list of benefits above are definitely all things we want if we want to lose body fat, boost our performance in the gym, and stay healthy.

The question is, is any of this true?

Does Lean 11 actually work?

Is it safe?

How does Lean 11 compare to the best fat burners on the market today?

Is it really “ideal for women”? Or is that just a marketing trick?

To find out, check out our full WMN Lean 11 review below. We go through the formula in great detail, before examining the risks. In the end, we tell you what we think of this “slimming supplement”. If you have any questions, please post them in the comments section and we’ll get back to you asap!


WMN Lean 11 Formula

Let’s examine the Lean 11 formula in greater detail. Here is the label:


Lean 11 Formula


WMN Lean 11 contains multiple sources of caffeine. Altogether, they represent about 100mg of caffeine per serving. We don’t doubt that Bulk Powders will be precise in limiting this, but we always prefer our caffeine to be added separately in a pure, concentrated form such as caffeine anhydrous.

That’s an interesting formula from Bulk Powders.

As stated above, these guys have a reputation for producing straightforward, good value supplements.

For sure, there’s a lot in here that we like.

However, there’s a lot that we don’t like too.

On the whole, we think this is a pretty middle of the road supplement.

There are some very suspect ingredients (the main ingredient being the worst offender).

It’s also missing many of the best fat burners we have at our disposal.

Let’s get into it.



Good Ingredients

There are some excellent ingredients in Lean 11, and their doses are generally pretty damn good.

For example, in each serving of Lean 11, we get 400mg of Green Tea Extract.

The green tea extract used in Lean 11 is of very high quality; 40% polyphenol by weight.

Green tea extract contains a catechin called EGCG which has been shown in robust clinical trials to be a powerful fat burner.

Amazingly, it seems to enhance lipolysis independently of exercise; that is, it does so directly.

400mg of high quality green tea extract is more than enough to see good benefits in just a few weeks.


Lean 11 ingredients green tea extract


We also get a good serving of Chromium in Lean 11.

We don’t see Chromium often enough in fat burners.

Basically, this mineral helps insulin do its job properly.

That means that it helps insulin shuttle nutrients into your muscle cells, and to control blood sugar properly.

Chromium is found naturally in broccoli, as well as lots of leafy green vegetables. You should therefore already be getting plenty, but unfortunately, many don’t.

Chromium is a great addition to a fat burner. When you’re dieting, it is easy to overlook micronutrients. But your intake of vital vitamins and minerals needs to stay the same as your calorie intake falls.


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Poor Ingredients

There are also plenty of poor, ineffective ingredients in Lean 11.

The biggest offender here is the biggest single ingredient: Citrus Aurantium.

Citrus aurantium, more commonly known as bitter orange, is a popular slimming supplement these days.

However, the reason for its popularity is simply clever marketing.

It is certainly not because it works.

Many people claim that Citrus Aurantium contains a compound called synephrine. This compound is said to structurally resemble ephedrine; a potent stimulant and fat burner (not to be played with).

The reaosning goes that, since it looks the same on paper, it must act int he same way in the body.

That’s not how things work in reality though.

Just because something “resembles” something doesn’t mean it does similar things. Look at hydrogen peroxide and water.

Several studies have tested synephrine’s supposed fat burning properties, and all of the have come up empty handed.

Not a good choice for a leading ingredient!


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Lean 11 Side Effects

There are a couple of side effect worries here. None of these are particularly serious, but they are worth going through.

Lean 11 contains Synephrine.

As explained above, this stuff doesn’t actually do any of the things supplement manufacturers say it does. Not in clinical studies anyway.

However, if it does actually work how they claim it does, then we have some possible health risks to think about. 

Manufacturers often claim that synephrine works like ephedrine, which is a powerful stimulant currently used as an acute treatment for things like allergic reactions and so on. If synephrine does mimic ephedrine in any way, then your short and long term health are at risk.

We also have some caffeine in Lean 11, in the form of Coffeine®. This is a branded form of caffeine, of which we get 72mg per serving.

We also have small amounts of caffeine in the green tea extract and the green coffee bean extract. 

In total, we have 100mg of caffeine in each serving of WMN Lean 11.

Now, 100mg of caffeine isn’t going to cause many people any problems.

But if you already consume a large amount of caffeine throughout your day, you need to think carefully before adding in more through supplements. 

You also need to be realistic about your caffeine tolerance. 100mg is about what you’ll get in a large black coffee, and that is enough to make some people feel a little shaky.

Common side effects of caffeine consumption include:

  • Jitters
  • Elevated heart rate
  • Hypertension
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability
  • Headaches
  • Light headedness

As always, monitor yourself carefully, and if you do experience any side effects, discontinue use and seek medical attention right away.


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WMN Lean 11 Review Conclusion

If you’ve read our full WMN Lean 11 review, then you’ll know that we are in two minds about this fat burner. 

It contains some excellent ingredients and the doses are great. The green coffee bean and green tea extract combination is lethal to body fat. Chromium is a massively under-utilized ingredient as far as we’re concerned, so it’s fantastic to see such a good serving in Lean 11.

We also have a very sensible caffeine dose, which will help keep you focused, motivated and working hard in the gym.

However, we also have a lot of dead weight in here.

Some of the ingredients are completely useless.

The main ingredient, Citrus Aurantium, has never been shown to work as advertised in independent scientific study. 

Kola Nut is over-hyped bunk. 

So really, Lean 11 has some good points thrown in with some useless garbage. 

This is far from a bad fat burner, but in terms of value for money, it could be a lot better. We hate paying for unwanted ingredients, especially when this stack could benefit so much from a powerful appetite suppressant. 

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