Ultimate GyneMAX Review – Best Fat Burner For Men?

Ultimate GyneMAX









  • Pathetically small proprietary blend
  • Caffeine dosage miniscule
  • Price enormous for what you get
  • Doesn't target breast fat (that's impossible)


Full Ultimate GyneMAX Review


Product Overview – Fat Burner For Men?

We first became aware of Ultimate GyneMAX after seeing it mentioned on a discussion forum. When we took a quick look at the product, we knew we had to get a comprehensive GyneMAX review out there. 

In the past, the majority of “fat loss” supplements you saw online would be nothing more than scams.

The fat burner market is getting more sophisticated and more varied each year, which is great news for those of us who need some help making the most of a cut. However, there are still products out there that fall squarely in “scam” territory. At first glance, Ultimate GyneMAX seems like a prime example of a pessimistic, misleading, scammy fat burner.


Ultimate GyneMAX Review


Ultimate GyneMAX is sold explicitly as a “fat burner for men”.

Yet this claim never seems to be properly evaluated in any of the Ultimate GyneMAX reviews we have seen. We think it’s important therefore to make one thing clear to our readership: there is no such thing as a fat burner for men and a fat burner for women. The only difference between a female fat burner and a male fat burner is usually packaging. 

Even more astoundingly, this product is sold as a fool-proof remedy for gynecomastia, or to give this condition its more common name, man boobs!

Here’s a screenshot taken from the official Ultimate GyneMAX website:


Does Ultimate Gynemax fat burner for men really work?


A Male Breast Reduction Pill?

We’ve seen this kind of misleading marketing countless times.

Usually, we see supplement manufacturers claiming that their product can specifically target belly fat. This is of course a lie; there is no way to spot-remove body fat, you have to lower total body fat everywhere to lose any fat at all.

True, your body does have more fat stores in certain areas than others, so when you drop body fat, you will find that a particular area (belly, thighs, chest, ass, etc.) seems to stay exactly the same. That’s just because that part of your body has more fat stores, so you need to drop to a lower body fat percentage to lose it.

Generally speaking, people lose fat from the extremities outward, so your arms will become toned long before your stomach does. But that doesn’t mean you need to do something special to lose belly fat, you just need to keep going.

So can Ultimate GyneMAX really target man boobs specifically? Can it really be called a “male breast reduction pill?

No, of course it can’t.

Some of the greatest bodybuilders in history struggled with gynecomastia (a side effect of certain AAS compounds). If a simple pill could really get rid of gynecomastia in a month or two, don’t you think they would have?

The fact that the manufacturers claim you can lose large ‘man boobs’ within 30 days is nothing more than ludicrous. Fat burners take months to work, not days. 

However, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t help us reduce body fat and retain muscle mass. Purposefully misleading marketing is never acceptable, but we still need to review Ultimate GyneMAX like we would any other fat burner. 

So, can this supplement help you with your fat loss goals? 

Does it produce any nasty side effects? 

What about value for money; is there anything better out there?

Let’s take a close look at Ultimate GyneMAX’s formula and see if it cuts the mustard. Here’s our full Ultimate GyneMAX review. 


Ultimate GyneMAX Formula

The most important thing to look at when evaluating any fat burning supplement is the formula. 

This is especially true with products like GyneMAX. According to the manufacturers, Ultimate GyneMAX can work miracles in a matter of weeks, targeting specific areas of body fat and completely changing your body composition within 30 days. There’s no mention of exercise, diet, or anything of that kind. We’re told that simply taking the pill is sufficient to see results. 

It isn’t an exact science of course, but as a general rule, the more outrageous the claims of the manufacturer, the weaker the formula. 

So although we always need to look at the formula, it is all the more important when great efforts have been made to dazzle potential customers right from the off. 

Here’s the GyneMAX formula, as it should appear on any bottle you get in your hands:


GyneMAX Formula Review


Here is a close up of the ingredients list:


Ultimate GyneMAX Ingredients


We know that isn’t a great image, but unfortunately, the only images of Ultimate GyneMAX’s label are absolutely tiny. It’s almost as if the manufacturers didn’t want people examining their formula!


GyneMAX Ingredients – Tiny Proprietary Blend!

The most important ingredients in GyneMAX are listed under a proprietary blend with a total serving size of 366mg.

So that’s 6 ingredients with a total combined serving size of 366mg. 

Some of these ingredients are incredible natural fat burners. But they require a minimum dosage to really deliver any of the benefits we would be looking for in a fat loss aid; often this dosage is well over 100mg. 


Green Tea Gynemax fat burner Ingredients


A prime example is green tea extract. It has been shown time and again in clinical trials to have a variety of beneficial properties, ranging from general health promotion to enhancing fat oxidation.

However, in most of the trials showing the efficacy of green tea extract as a natural fat loss enhancer, subjects have been given somewhere between 200mg and 300mg per day. 

Top quality fat burners will contain as much as 500mg of green tea extract. That’s more than the entire GyneMAX blend! The best products will standardize this to be as much as 50% ECGC; the catechin responsible for green tea’s fat burning effects.

It’s exactly the same story with Cayenne pepper extract

Any time you have eaten spicy food (and we mean really spicy), you’ve witnessed the fat burning effects of chili extract. 

Consuming capsaicin (the fat oil in chilis responsible for that wonderful burn we feel when we eat them) registers with certain sensory cells in the same way as high temperatures, making your body behave as though it were much hotter than it actually is. It doesn’t actually raise your body temperature, but it makes your body think it is doing exactly that. This forces your body to work harder to stay cool, meaning more calories burnt. This effect actually means more calories burnt both in the gym and at rest.


GyneMAX Ingredients Cayenne Powder


But once again, we need at least 100mg of cayenne pepper to have any effect at all, and that is when a really high quality extract powder is used. In Ultimate GyneMAX we simply have the whole fruit powder, meaning that even more is needed to have the same effect. 

There is simply no way that all of the ingredients in the proprietary blend can be dosed how they need to be to deliver the benefits we usually associated with them. 

Sure, one of them might be dosed well, but that means there will be an almost pointless amount of the remaining ingredients. 

All-in-all, not a great proprietary blend, if there even is such a thing. 


-The Ultimate Fat Loss Meal Plan-

Proprietary Blends & Value For Money

Any supplement which cloaks its formula in a proprietary blend will almost always represent worse value for money than a supplement which discloses all of its individual ingredient doses.

This is true for a number of reasons. 

First of all, they usually indicate that a manufacturer is trying to hide how cheap their supplement was to make. Expensive ingredients are included in tiny amounts, with the bulk of the formula being taken up by an ingredient which is cheap to buy in large amounts.

Secondly, you can’t make a sound prediction of how you will react to using a supplement if you don’t know dosages. 

All substances are dose-dependent. You cannot accurately say “caffeine keeps you awake”. It depends how much caffeine you’re talking about.

A drink containing 1mcg of caffeine will not keep you awake. A drink containing 600mg will make you feel far too awake, not to mention anxious, jittery, and a little nauseous.

You need to know how much you are taking to properly predict how you will react. Proprietary blends deny you this privilege (or right, depending on how you look at it). 

This is why all of our top rated fat burners display their individual ingredient serving sizes right there on the bottle, clear as day on the website, long before you are expected to part with cash. 

Unfortunately, Ultimate GyneMAX denies you this to a great extent. 


What About The Other Ingredients?

Of the ingredients that do have their individual serving sizes listed, the most potent in terms of boosting your rate of fat loss is chromium

Chromium works in synergistic fashion with insulin, enhancing its action. It basically makes it more effective at doing its job; shuttling nutrients to your cells. 

Contrary to what many beginners believe, insulin is the driver behind muscle growth, not time spent in the gym or protein consumption. Insulin is what floods your damaged cells with nutrients after you exercise, and it’s insulin which tells your body to grow. 

The 300mg in Ultimate GyneMAX is more than enough to reap the benefits of chromium supplementation. Most people consume some in their diet, so just a small top-up is needed. 

The remaining individually listed ingredients in Ultimate GyneMAX are under-dosed into impotency.

The 4mcg of B12 in GyneMAX  is going to have precisely zero impact on your energy levels. Many pre-workouts contain many thousands of times your RDA of the important B Vitamins; usually B6 and B12 as they are so crucial for efficient energy metabolism. Perhaps 67% of your RDA for the main B vitamins is sufficient for a fortified breakfast cereal, but in a fat burner, it’s just not good enough. 

The same is true of the caffeine content. Caffeine is found in most fat loss supplements, and its utility to bodybuilders is well known.

The best fat burners on the market today typically contain somewhere between 200mg and 400mg of caffeine. The better supplement will use caffeine anhydrous, meaning less than 400mg is needed (anhydrous being more potent than regular caffeine on a weight for weight basis).

The benefits of caffeine in a fat burner are obvious: it will keep you energized throughout the working day while you are eating less food than usual. It will also reduce the perception of fatigue in the gym. This is crucial, as it is during a cut that performance suffers most, but that is often when athletes need to be peaking.

Ultimate GyneMAX contains 67mg of caffeine. Not good enough, not by a long shot. 


-Fat Loss Supplement Guide-


Ultimate GyneMAX Side Effects

When a supplement combines its most effective ingredients in a proprietary blend, it makes it fundamentally difficult to discuss side effect risks. 

It is therefore hard to say with certainty whether or not Ultimate GyneMAX will cause side effects. 

That said, the underlying problem with this product is how impotent it is. It is therefore unlikely that users will experience any side effects from using this product. The 67mg of caffeine is less than you get from a large cup of coffee, so unless you have a serious intolerance, there’s nothing to worry about.

If you do have a serious intolerance, then you should avoid caffeine-containing supplements altogether!

However, regardless of how weak and harmless a supplement seems, it’s always important to carefully read the label and to make sure that you are not allergic to any of the substances in the formula.

It is also absolutely vital that you arrange an appointment with your usual doctor and get their advice on your planned supplement change. Modern-day fat burners are usually 100% natural, but they will almost always contain substances you aren’t used to taking in significant amounts. Your doctor needs to know what you’re taking in case the worst happens. 

If you experience any side effects whatsoever, discontinue use and visit your regular physician immediately. Don’t gamble with your health, and do not rely on internet strangers for medical advice!


Ultimate GyneMAX User Reviews – What Are People Saying?

It’s obvious when looking at the Ultimate GyneMAX website that this product isn’t the manufacturer’s top priority. Here is a screenshot of the sidebar:


Ultimate GyneMAX Fat Burner For Men Scam


So the last time this site was updated was apparently 2013. Clearly, the makers are not completely invested in the success of their product. We can therefore reasonably assume that the following user reviews, taken from the same website, are also a number of years old:


GyneMAX Customer Review


GyneMAX user testimonial


Here is the only user review we could find on Amazon:


Ultimate Gynemax amazon reviews


We are not endorsing any of these reviews. We are simply presenting you with all available information to help you make a reasoned buying decision.


Ultimate GyneMAX Review Conclusion

From our perspective, Ultimate GyneMAX looks like a classic example of a scammy fat burner designed to make the manufacturers a quick buck at the expense of some inevitably disappointed customers. 

For starters, the claims about it being able to eliminate gynecomastia (male breasts) in a single month are nothing short of preposterous. Not only can you never spot-reduce body fat in any area, but you can’t reduce body fat that significantly by just taking a pill you bought online; exercise and diet need to come into the mix in a big way to see results in just a few months.

Some of the best bodybuilders in history have struggled with steroid-induced gynecomastia. If they could magic it away with a pill, don’t you think they would have?

Even ignoring the claims about being a male breast reduction supplement, it doesn’t look like Ultimate GyneMAX can help you lose fat in any way. The main ingredients are lumped together in a tiny proprietary blend, and the other ingredients are dramatically under-dosed. The end result is a pretty impotent fat burning stack. 

Finally, the product’s official merchant page clearly hasn’t been updated in a number of years. This doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence. If the manufacturers aren’t invested in the product enough to update their small website every year, then we have low expectations for customer service. 

The fact that Ultimate GyneMax comes with a price tag of over $70 is the last nail in the coffin for us. 

If you’re looking for a powerful, reliable, safe fat loss aid, then Ultimate GyneMAX isn’t the product for you. If you want to genuinely try to lose body fat in certain problem areas, then we advise you to honestly re-evaluate your diet, start a proper exercise regimen, and in time check out some of our best rated fat loss enhancers. 

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