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  • Contains GCBE, GTE, and Caffeine Anhydrous


  • Contains ingredients with no scientifically proven fat burning properties
  • Perhaps over-priced for so few active fat burners
  • No appetite suppression

Full True GRIT Thermo Fat Burner Review


Product Overview – What Is Thermo?

True GRIT Thermo is, according to the manufacturers, an “advanced and thermogenic weight loss formula”.

Again according to the manufacturer, True GRIT, taking Thermo can give you a number of benefits, including enhanced energy, greater focus, and obviously, faster weight loss. 

It seems to be marketed at serious fitness enthusiasts, such as competitive athletes, power lifters and bodybuilders. The rest of the True GRIT range seems to also be aimed that way; protein shakes, pre-workouts, and so on all make an appearance.


True GRIT Thermo Fat Burner Review

Clearly then, Thermo is more of a fat burner in its truest sense, unlike diet or simple “weight loss pills” that are designed for sedentary people.

It will have to be able to promote fat loss without risking excessive muscle atrophy if it is to make it in the market it is clearly aiming for.

While all fat burners claim to offer enhanced fat loss and greater energy levels in the gym, True GRIT Thermo is unique in that it claims to deliver an “unparalleled sensory experience”.

We’ve never heard of a fat burner claiming to do this before, so we’re very interested in looking at the True GRIT Thermo formula in more detail later on in this review and seeing what this sensory experience might entail. 

Before any of that though, who are True GRIT? 

True GRIT are a relatively new and largely unheard of sports supplement brand. However, looking at their positioning and the athletes they have already signed up to be their ‘brand ambassadors’, it’s clear that they’re a quality outfit with their sights aimed high. 

For instance, unlike a lot of fat burner makers we review on this site, True GRIT have signed and actual, well-known athlete (Steve Weatherford, Punter for the New York Giants) as one of their athletes.


True GRIT's Thermo fat burner product overview


A company doesn’t do this if it’s making a cheap product that is only going to sit on the market for 6 months before being pulled. No, they do this when they care about their reputation and they want to maintain it. 

We are therefore expecting a lot from this True GRIT Thermo fat burner review. 

So, let’s take a look at the True GRIT Thermo formula and see if it can really deliver on everything that it promises. 


True GRIT Thermo Formula

True GRIT have fully disclosed the Thermo formula, which is excellent. 

We hate proprietary blends on this site, because they almost always represent inferior value for money compared with supplements that tell you everything. We shoulnd’t have to congratulate supplements that don’t use proprietary blends, but that is the sorry state of the market today. 

Here is the True GRIT Thermo formula as shown on the bottle’s label:


True Grit Thermo Weight Loss Supplement Formula


As stated above, having precise ingredient and dosage information available to you before you buy is really important if you are to have any hope of making a good, logical buying decision. You also need dosing information to learn from your experiences with a fat burner; what works for you, and what doesn’t.


Thermo Ingredients Review – Does It Deliver?

We’ll start off by pointing out what we really like about the Thermo formula. 

There are three main ingredients that we think are superb fat burners, and all three have been dosed adequately in Thermo: caffeine anhydrous, green coffee bean extract, and green tea extract. 

It isn’t exactly clear how much of the caffeine is caffeine anhydrous and how much is green tea extract, but at 270mg, it shouldn’t make much of a difference what form of caffeine it is. 


Thermo fat Burner Caffeine Content

Caffeine anhydrous is the best form of caffeine, being the most efficient by weight. It helps keep you focused, energized, and motivated in the gym.This is such a big benefit when trying to cut regardless of your reason for trying to lose weight.

Eating less than usual can really hamper your performance in training. But boxers, MMA fighters, and so on all need their training to peak just as their diets end (i.e when they make weight for a fight). 

So caffeine helps here by reducing the feeling of fatigue even when your energy stores are totally depleted.

Both green coffee bean and green tea extract have their own, unique fat burning properties which make them great additions to any formula.

We are most interested in green coffee bean extract because it contains a special compound called chlorogenic acid.

This stuff has been shown in clinical studies to enhance fat loss without causing a significant reduction in muscle mass. We believe that it does this by reducing the insulin response to carb consumption, which can often cause people to ‘rebound’ when dieting or fasting intermittently. The green coffee bean extract in Thermo is standardized to deliver 60% chlorogenic acid by weight.

Green tea extract delivers a different compound, a catechin called ECGC, which also has some potent and robustly proven fat burning properties. 

ECGC has been shown in numerous studies to stimulate lipolysis directly. It seems to be very safe, and causes few to no side effects. 

We are also happy to see some Bioperine included in the mix, as this will help with the absorption of the other ingredients. Or to put it another way, Bioperine helps Thermo pack a bigger punch with fewer ingredients. Large amounts of Bioperine are not necessary; around 6mg is good enough. 


True GRIT Thermo Ingredients BioPerine


Now on to what we don’t particularly like. 

First of all, we can’t see any ingredients in Thermo that could actually be called ‘thermogenic’.

Most thermogenic fat burners contain ingredients like cayenne chilli extract, which are natural and safe but which effectively increase the body’s resting temperature.

There aren’t any ingredients in Thermo that do this. 

There are also some ingredients in Thermo which we believe to have little or no actual fat burning properties. 

The ones that immediately jump out at us are Garcinia Cambogia, Yohimbe Extract, and Forskolin

We have yet to see any genuinely convincing evidence telling us that any of these ingredients have notable, reliable, and significant fat burning effects when taken by human beings. 

Yohimbe seems to be a fairly popular natural testosterone booster. Raising testosterone levels naturally would be a very good way to encourage fat loss.

However, it is very rarely taken alone, and studies looking at the effect it has on testosterone levels when taken in isolation are not promising. 

The other two ingredients have a lot of fans out there, particularly in the natural bodybuilding world. But their effectiveness is questionable, and most evidence seems to be either from studies on isolated rat fat cells, or anecdotal. 


True GRIT Thermo Side Effects

We know the full formula for this supplement, so we can speak about the likely side effects with a great degree of accuracy. 

True GRIT’s Thermo is a natural fat burner. It doesn’t contain any of the dangerous, insanely powerful stimulants you sometimes find in scammy diet pills or knock-off supplements. 

True GRIT are a serious manufacturer, and the quality of their products is no doubt strictly controlled. 

The only ingredient in Thermo that might cause notable side effects is caffeine. 

The 270mg of caffeine in Thermo might be nothing to worry about if you are used to taking pre-workouts and fat burners, but if you are new to this kind of thing, it might hit you quite hard. 

This is especially true if you get a serious kick out of caffeine; 270mg of caffeine is the rough equivalent to 6 cups of coffee.

As always, consult your doctor before taking any new supplement, especially if it contains stimulants like caffeine, or exotic ingredients that your body has never encountered before, like Garcinia cambogia. 


True GRIT Thermo Review Conclusion

After reading this True GRIT Thermo fat burner review, you might not really know what to think.

Should I buy this weight loss supplement? Will it work for me?

In answer to the second question, we think that Thermo probably will work quite well for some of you. It contains four very good ingredients that are known to effectively enhance fat loss. 

But if you are looking to get the most out of your money, or if you can’t afford to get second-rate results, then whether or not it works is not the question. 

A much more important question is: does anything work better?

The answer to that question is, in our opinion, a resounding yes. 

There are definitely supplements out there that contain all of the best ingredients in True GRIT Thermo, and none of the ones that don’t.

For example, Instant Knockout contains a larger serving of caffeine anhydrous, green coffee bean extract, and green tea extract, but it also contains other ingredients with proven, potent fat burning properties, and none of the ingredients in Thermo that have no such properties. 

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