Trimthin X700 Thermogenic Fat Burner Review

Trimthin X700









  • Contains some effective fat loss aids


  • Large proprietary blend
  • Contains un-proven ingredients

Full Trimthin X700 Review


Product Overview – What Is Trimthin X700?

Trimthin X700 is a fat burner that is generating a lot of talk on the internet. It seems that the manufacturers, Intechra Health, have managed to get the name of their product out there, and now a lot of people are looking for a reliable and impartial Trimthin X700 thermogenic fat burner review to help them cut through the fat.

 At first glance, Trimthin X700 doesn’t look too promising. 

The Trimthin X700 dedicated website has some of the classic hallmarks of a thin, “pop-up” merchant site: corny stock images, sales-speak plastered everywhere, and so on. 


Trimthin X700 Fat Burner Review


But we’ve seen some Trimthin X700 reviews that say this product works really well. Granted, these reviews aren’t from sources we usually put a lot of stock in, but they’re there.

So, what does Trimthin X700 actually do?

According to Intechra Health, Trimthin X700 is a “pharmaceutical-grade” diet pill, the effectiveness of which is comparable to prescription weight loss tablets. 

That’s quite a bold claim.

It also tells us that, unlike most fat loss supplements reviewed on this site, Trimthin X700 is more of a weight loss supplement than a specialist, professional fat burner created for athletes (unlike, e.g Instant Knockout). The product talks of “weight loss”, not “fat loss” – a big difference. 

The Intechra Health website also claims that Trimthin X700 is a “super thermogenic”, with an “extreme energy formula”. 

But does it work? Can Trimthin X700 really help you lose weight while improving energy levels? Is there anything better out there?

Let’s look at the ingredients and find out. Here’s our full Trimthin X700 thermogenic fat burner review. 


Trimthin X700 Ingredients

Before we get into a discussion about the Trimthin X700 formula, here is a list of ingredients with a brief overview of what they do.


Trimthin X700 Thermogenic Fat Burner Ingredients Review


Large Proprietary Blend

There’s one thing we never like to see on a label, and that’s one large proprietary blend, with dosage information supplied for just one ingredient (caffeine anhydrous). 

This is especially true when there are 9 ingredients, but the blend is only 700mg. With one ingredient dosed at 100mg, the other 8 ingredients have only 600mg to split between them. That’s not a lot at all. 

It is made even worse when said proprietary blend contains ingredients that can and should be taken in doses of many hundreds of milligrams.

Usually, buying large quantities of such ingredients is quite cheap. So, to cut costs, some manufacturers will fill their proprietary blend with them, and then include negligible amounts of the more effective (read expensive) ingredients in the formula.

Unfortunately, it seems that Trimthin X700’s 700mg proprietary blend contains ingredients that could easily, and cheaply, be used to make up the vast majority of the formula without giving the customer a whole lot of bang for their buck. 

To use the most extreme example, CLA powder is usually taken in 5g servings. That’s right, 5g! When taken in this quantity, CLA is actually a highly effective fat burner. We don’t know how much is in Trimthin X700, but it can’t possibly be enough to justify it being there.

Another example would be Eleuthero Root. This stuff would typically be dosed at 250-500mg, although if you take heed of how it has traditionally been used, doses of 1g or more would not be ridiculous. Sometimes supplements use extracts, but Trimthin X700 uses only powder, so more is needed to get the same effects.


Problematic Ingredients?

There are one or two problematic ingredients in Trimthin X700 thermogenic fat burner that we really need to discuss. 

The most obvious one is DMAE bitartrate. 


Trimthin x700 ingredients dmae bitartrate

This compound is usually found in “brain boosters”, as it is thought to help improve short-term memory, long-term focus and concentration, and other mental functions. 

Why this has been included here is made clear by Intechra Health. According to the Trimthin X700 website, the formula contains “mood elevating ingredients that help keep motivation strong so that your weight loss goals can finally be achieved”. 

The problem is, DMAE doesn’t work like that.

Unlike caffeine and Tyrosine, DMAE works by increasing the availability of certain neurotransmitters. When taken for a prolonged period of time, DMAE is thought to raise choline levels in the brain, allowing it to produce more acetylcholine; a key neurotransmitter involved in working memory and maintaining focus for hours at a time.

Is this something that people really need when trying to lose weight?

We have never had to sit down and focus on losing fat for 5 or 6 hours at a time, and our short-term memory is never really taxed just because we’re cutting. 

Supporting focus and reducing the feeling of fatigue while in the gym is a different thing altogether to trying to improve memory function in the long-term.

While they may have had the best of intentions, it seems Intechra Health have missed the mark with this ingredient.

It seems that many people are also increasingly concerned about DMAE’s potential to cause nasty side effects.

Another problematic ingredient is Xanthinol Nicotinate.

According to Intechra Health, Xanthinol Nicotinate helped patients with a condition preventing them from breaking down fats to better be able to do so. They quote this study, which is written in German and was first published in 1982.

But one study showing that it can help certain people with a disease does not mean that it will have any effect on otherwise healthy people. Nor does breaking down cholesterol mean that it is also effective at encouraging lipolysis generally.

We tried to find more studies, in English, pointing to this effect, but all we found were the likes of this study, which looked at Xanthinol Nicotinate’s effect on memory.

Not a good sign at all for this fat burner. 


Good Ingredients?

We do also have to point out that Trimthin X700 contains some excellent fat burning ingredients. 

Caffeine anhydrous is a quality natural fat loss aid, and it simply has to be included in a modern, professional quality fat burner. However, 100mg is on the low end of the spectrum we normally see in top of the line supplements. 

More usually, 200-300mg is used. 

Another great ingredient is green coffee bean extract. 


Timthin X700 Thermogenic Fat Loss Supplement Contains Green coffee bean


This superb natural fat burner contains a compound called chlorogenic acid, which can help alleviate the body’s insulin response to carb or protein consumption, thereby causing less to be “stored”. This is crucial when following a low-carb diet, because when doing so you become very insulin sensitive.

However, this is very dose dependent; if dosage is too low, green coffee bean extract becomes almost useless. 

The same is true for green tea extract, which also has some unique fat loss supporting properties, but which needs to be dosed above a certain threshold before it becomes meaningful. 

One other ingredient we would like to talk about in more detail is Cnidium Monnieri. 

According to the Trimthin X700 merchant website, this stuff can actually have an anti-adipogenic effect. By that they mean that it can stop the body from accumulating more fat. Furthermore, the manufacturers claim that cnidium monnieri can also help the body shed the fat that it has already accumulated. 

They quote this study to support their claims.

However, that study looks at cells isolated from rats, and treated with very specific cnidium monnieri extracts in lab conditions. 

Does that mean that this stuff will have the same effect on people, in doses of (at most) a few hundred milligrams (assuming it takes up almost half the formula)?

Absolutely not.



Trimthin X700 Thermogenic Fat Burner Side Effects

Without proper dosage information, we can’t talk reliably about the possible side effects of taking Trimthin X700.

That does not mean that it is safe, and it doesn’t mean that it is dangerous; it means we can’t say either way.

One of the ingredients we would be worried about is caffeine anhydrous. But this is only dosed at 100mg: far from being a concern for its strength, this is actually one of our major problems with this supplement – the paucity of caffeine anhydrous.

Other ingredients, such as DMAE, are increasingly being linked with side effects, from headaches to a lack of motivation. One study even found that DMAE fed to pregnant mice resulted in the offspring having birth defects!

Pregnant women should not be using fat burners at all anyway, but this is something to bear in mind.

We would also issue a word of caution about some of the lesser known ingredients, such as Xanthinol Nicotinate. Long-term studies are yet to be done on this substance, so we don’t yet know a great deal about its potential side effects.

Please do go and see your doctor before trying any new supplement, no matter how safe it seems.

But when a supplement only gives you a proprietary blend, and when it contains some potentially problematic substances, a visit to your doctor is absolutely imperative.

Do not gamble with your health! There is no telling how your body will react to strange substances, especially when you don’t know how much you’re taking! If you are dead set on trying Trimthin X700, see a qualified doctor first and get their opinion.



Trimthin X700 Thermogenic Fat Burner Review Conclusion

To put it bluntly, this does not look like a very good fat burner at all.

A large proprietary blend never represents good value from a consumer’s perspective.

Sure, if the manufacturer thinks someone is going to “steal” their serving sizes, then they’re welcome to hide that information.

But consumers are better off buying a supplement that tells them exactly what it is they’re taking, for reasons explained on this site all too often.

A combination of proprietary blend formula masking, strange, un-proven ingredients, and an overall serving size that is too small for the few good ingredients to really work, means that this is a very poor fat loss supplement.

This Trimthin X700 thermogenic fat burner review can only come to one conclusion: if you’re looking for a high quality, reliable, and safe fat burner to help you shed lingering belly fat, keep looking.


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