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  • Tries to do too much
  • Lacks many potent fat burners and stress-killers
  • Ingredient selection could have been much better


Full T6 STAR6URN PM Review


STAR6URN PM is a brand new fat burner from Team 6, who also go simply by T6. 

While this seems to be a relatively newcomer on the market, there is already a lot of interest here. However, as of yet, there aren’t many independent T6 STAR6URN reviews out there at the time of writing.

So to make sure you have all the information you need before deciding on whether or not to buy this product, we’ve done our own full T6 STAR6URN PM review!

Before we get down to brass tacks, what is T6 STAR6URN PM supposed to do?

Who is it meant to help?


T6 STAR6URN PM review


According to the tub, this product is a “progressive sleep aid and PM weight management” supplement.

That means that it is not like most of the other fat burners reviewed on this site. 

Rather, it is designed primarily to help keep your body in ‘fat burning mode’ right through the night.

Now, if your diet is on-point, this isn’t strictly necessary. When you sleep, your growth hormone levels peak. Growth hormone is extremely anabolic in that it encourages muscle growth and fat loss.

So long as you don’t eat a lot of slow release carbs while you sleep, then your GH levels will spike while you sleep and you’ll start eating into your fat stores. 

But, if you’re a competitive bodybuilder or an athlete who desperately needs to make a certain weight, you can’t always just sit back and trust nature to take its course. So you may consider using something like T6 STAR6URN PM to really ensure you burn through those calories while you sleep.

It is definitely also true that making sure you get a good, restful nights sleep is essential in maximizing muscle growth and fat loss.

If you don’t get all the sleep you need, then you will find that your testosterone levels gradually fall and your circulating cortisol levels rise. This is a fasttrack to muscle mass wastage and fat gain. A nightmare!

On top of these general benefits, T6 STAR6URN PM promises some more specific benefits:

  • Reduced stress
  • Wake up feeling focused
  • Muscle preservation
  • Supports lean muscle growth

Those are some very interesting promises.

The question we need to answer now is, can it actually do any of this?

Let’s find out together. Below you will find our T6 STAR6URN PM review in which we look at the ingredients, the doses, and the side effects in much greater detail. We will then tell you whether or not we would recommend this to any of you. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments section at the end. 


T6 STAR6URN PM Formula

Let’s take a look at the T6 STAR6URN PM formula. Here is the label showing the ingredients and doses:


T6 STAR6URN PM Formula


This is a pretty interesting formula.

Since the stated benefits of T6 STAR6URN PM aren’t the same as most other fat burners we review on this site, we weren’t expecting the formula to look familiar.

Quite right we were. 

We don’t see some of these ingredients very often as they aren’t usually associated with enhanced fat loss. However, that isn’t to say that they don’t belong here as they may help with sleep or help fight stress.

On the whole though, we don’t think this looks like a particularly good fat burning supplement. 

There simply aren’t enough potent fat burners in here for it to really help you start shifting extra calories. 

Team 6 could have also chosen much more effective ingredients in places.

We think this is another case of a supplement trying to be too much. T6 STAR6URN PM is trying to be both a fat burner and a sleep aid but as a result it ends up being neither. 

That said, it isn’t all bad. 

Here is a breakdown of what we like and what we don’t like so much.


What We Like

There are some things about this formula that we really like.

For example, we get a good serving of green coffee bean extract in each serving of Team 6 STAR6URN PM.

Green coffee bean is easily one of the best natural fat burners on the planet. This is why it is found in the very best fat burning supplements on the market today.

Green coffee beans contain a high concentration of chlorogenic acid; a compound which has been thoroughly proven to accelerate fat loss. 

While some people still disagree, we believe that chlorogenic acid works by reducing insulin spikes, thereby stunting your body’s “store” drive. 

In any case, this stuff has proven to be extremely effective time and again, and we think it has a place in any fat burner’s formula. The extract used in T6 STAR6URN PM is excellent and the dosage is more than enough to deliver real benefits. 


T6 STAR6URN PM ingredient Green coffee bean


We also get some BioPerine in each serving of Team 6 STAR6URN PM.

This is vital if you are dieting hard, as BioPerine helps you absorb more nutrients from your food.

Cutting back on calories should never mean cutting back on nutrients!


What We Don’t Like

Unfortunately, there is a lot that we don’t like about the T6 STAR6URN PM formula. 

We can actually sum up several different things we don’t like in a single point: the use of sub-standard, unproven, weak ingredients.

Simply put, we think the T6 STAR6URN PM formula is full of ingredients that have either never been scientifically proven to work, seem to be very weak in vivo, or are sub-standard for their intended purpose. 

Let’s go through a few examples so you see what we mean.

In each serving of T6 STAR6URN PM we get 300mg of Ashwagandha Extract

This stuff has been used for centuries as an anxiolytic, which means that it helps reduce stress and anxiety. 

However, it is nowhere near the most effective natural substance at doing this. 

For the sole purpose of reducing anxiety and promoting focus, we think Rhodiola Rosea is a much better choice. It is more expensive, yes, but the results are invariably better too.

If the main purpose is to promote calmness and focus during exercise, then Tyrosine is the way to go.

Ashwagandha may be loved by shamans and health food store owners, but the science tells us that it just isn’t as reliable as these other well-known, widely used and readily available substances. 


Ashwagandha T6 STAR6URN PM ingredients


Another prime example of this poor ingredient selection is Garcinia Cambogia.

Yes, we’re sure you’ve seen articles about how amazing garcinia cambogia is for promoting weight loss.

Articles such as this one have popped up everywhere over the last 5 years. They all tell us the same thing; Garcinia Cambogia destroys fat.

But sadly, we’ve never seen anybody PROVE this to be true.

There isn’t a single study out there conclusively showing that GC has a positive effect on body fat.

There is no mechanistic study telling us how it is supposed to work. 

Until we see some conclusive evidence (not paid for by a supplement company), we’ll keep on believing that this ingredient is over-hyped.

Generally speaking, we don’t see many of the ingredients we come to expect from a modern, high-end fat burner.

There also isn’t a great deal here to promote muscle mass retention.

The melatonin content will theoretically support restful sleep, but we do stress the “theoretically”. 

Melatonin, as far as we know, cannot be consumed orally. It is not digested and absorbed by the stomach or colon. It is most likely broken down in the stomach and excreted. 

To put it quite bluntly, this supplement is lacking in all departments.


-See Our Supplement Guide For More Info-


T6 STAR6URN PM Side Effects

The good thing about Team 6 STAR6URN PM fat burner is that the risk of side effects is quite low.

There aren’t any ingredients in here which make us particularly worried about the health and safety of its users.

The ingredients are all natural, and there doesn’t seem to be any stimulant content. 

That said, no supplement is 100% safe. We strongly advise you to consult with a doctor before using something like T6 STAR6URN PM.

Always talk to a qualified health professional before using supplements you buy online. If you have a serious weight management problem or any serious underlying health issues, do not use a supplement without first getting medical advice.


T6 STAR6URN PM Review Conclusion

Like many products that try to position themselves as a kind of hybrid product, T6 STAR6URN PM fat burner ends up falling well short of its own expectations. 

If you’ve read our full Team 6 STAR6URN PM review, you’ll know that we think it tries to do two things at once but in doing so it ends up doing neither very well. 

This is a flaw we see time and again, and every time we just wish the manufacturers had chosen a target and gone for it.

If you want help sleeping, then use a proper sleep aid designed to achieve just that.

If you want help shifting some stubborn body fat, then opt for a dedicated, comprehensive fat burner. 

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