Synerlean X6 ‘Weight Loss Pills’ – Are They Safe?

Synerlean X6









  • Proprietary blend
  • Contains ingredients with lno proven fat burning power


Products like Synerlean X6 target people who are desperate to lose weight. Some manufacturers know that such people will jump at a “quick fix” which promoses results with little effort on the part of the user. If you have a genuine weight management problem, it isn’t diet pills you need, it’s a real diet and exercise plan put together by a professional. Fat burners are for fitness enthusiasts who need help shedding stubborn body fat, or help dropping weight quickly pre-contest. They are not treatments for obesity!

Full Synerlean-X6 Review


Product Overview – What Is Synerlean X6?

This review isn’t like other reviews published on this site. That’s because Synerlean-X6 is not a “fat burner” per se; rather it is sold as a type of “weight loss pill”. 

Our regular readers will know that we instinctively dislike “weight loss pills”.


Synerlean X6 Fat Loss Pill Review


For one thing, nobody but the severely obese should aspire for mere “weight loss”. Weight loss does not discriminate between muscle and fat loss.

If you aren’t losing fat at a considerable rate but you are losing muscle mass rapidly, then you probably aren’t putting your body into a better position (unless you are morbidly obese to begin with).

Less muscle mass means a lower basal metabolic rate (making it more difficult to lose weight), less strength, less athleticism, less everything good.

For another thing, the term “weight loss pill” almost invariably means the product is a scam. 

If a supplement claims to be able to force your body to lose weight, it is lying to you. 

Fat burners like BurnerTEK or Instant Knockout enhance and accelerate fat loss, but they don’t work on their own. They are like throwing fuel onto a fire, where the fire is your training and diet. If there’s no fire, then there’s no point throwing fuel onto the kindling. 


Synerlean X6 supposedly “burns fat” and helps you “build lean muscle”, according to the manufacturer’s marketing materials:


Synerlean X6 Weight Loss Pill Review


Granted, the top of this image does say that an active lifestyle and healthy nutrition are necessary for someone to achieve good results while using Synerlean X6. But that could mean absolutely anything; ask anyone who is visibly overweight and more often than not they’ll tell you that their diet is incredibly healthy and that their job means they get more exercise than you, thank you very much!

In fairness, all fat burners claim to promote fat loss. Yet there is something about “weight loss pills” which make this claim seem a lot more incredulous. 

They are not targeted at people already engaged and totally committed to some form of regular exercise. Most fat burners are aimed at either bodybuilders or combat sport professionals. They don’t really need to be told to train and eat right; they know how to utilize fat burners to make them work.

Synerlean X6 doesn’t seem to be aimed at sports enthusiasts. it seems to be aimed at regular people, and they do need to be told how to utilize fat loss aids properly. 


Synerlean X6 fat loss aid bogus pills


Yes, we’re sure she used to be in terrible shape before she took Synerlean X6 for a few weeks. 

No, this image doesn’t claim that explicitly, but you know as well as we do that this kind of marketing tries to imply that you too could look like that if you just buy Synerlean X6. There’s no mention of work to put in, strict diets to follow, morning runs to take, water to drink.

You may know that such actions are necessary to achieve a great body, but most people don’t, so they fall for this kind of cheap advertising. 

Now that we’ve got all of that off our chest, we think it’s time to begin a proper Synerlean X6 review. After all, we can’t just make assumptions about a supplement and cast it aside like that. We always stress the importance of ignoring marketing hype and looking at the product itself. That applies to Synerlean X6 too.


Synerlean X6 Formula

To give the manufacturers their due, they have at least made their product label available on Amazon; something other supplements have failed to do. They also make some very specific claims about their formulation that it’s worth showing here:


What does Synerlean X6 do?


They clearly really believe in their formula, so we’re expecting great things here. Let’s take a proper look at it:


Synerlean X6 Formula Review



That’s right, Synerlean X6 only gives us a proprietary blend on the label!

We hate proprietary blends, and you should too. 

Proprietary blends are almost always used to disguise cheap manufacturing costs. Many manufacturers manage to divulge their full formulas in their entirety and still make huge amounts of money, so there’s no reason BioGanix can’t tell us the Synerlean X6 formula and still make money. 

There’s nothing groundbreaking in here; all of the ingredients can be found in other supplements, and many of those supplements tell us how much of these ingredients is in each serving. #

So why hide the individual ingredient serving sizes? Your guess is as good as ours…

Proprietary blends prevent you from using your knowledge of how you react to individual ingredients to inform your purchase. 


They also prevent you from learning form your experience with Synerlean X6 to inform future buying decisions:

“Hey, how did Synerlean X6 go?”


“Oh, how come? Was there not enough green coffee bean? That worked well last time…”

“No idea.”

You get the idea.


Part of the value we get out of using supplements is the ability to use our experiences with them to inform our future supplementation decisions. 

All ingredients are very dose-sensitive. That means they don’t just work no matter how much you take.

You might get great results from using 300mg of green tea extract, but not so great results using 1mg of the same substance. 

That a supplement contains “an amount” of a substance tells you absolutely nothing of value.

WOuld you buy a protein shake containing “some protein”? Or would you demand to know how much is in each serving? What if the manufacturer refused to tell you, instead asking you to trust them? 

If this sounds obvious, that’s because it is, but it apparently still needs to be stated because manufacturers keep insisting that there’s nothing wrong with proprietary blends and people continue to buy their supplements. 


Ingredients Review

BioGanix made it very clear in their marketing literature that Synerlean X6 that it only contains ingredients that have been proven to work. No ingredients only backed up by hype; just ones that definitely work:


Synerlean Formula Bogus Ingredients


But hang on a minute; what’s that in the ingredients list?

We see there’s Coleus Forskohlii, Yohimbe and Synephrine in Synerlean X6. 

There are lots of people who claim that these three ingredients can do great things. Yet having looked at all available information, we can only conclude that these ingredients are far more bark than they are bite. 

For instance, people will routinely cite this study as evidence that Coleus Forskohlii is able to positively alter body composition. However, as you will see, this study used 500mg daily for a period of twelve weeks, and variability of results was enormous.

As far as we’re aware, this is the only study attesting to the efficacy of this ingredient as a promoter of fat loss. 

However, there are numerous solid, reputable studies claiming that Coleus Forskohlii doesn’t work. Take this literature review, published in Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition in 2005. The researchers here concluded: “Results suggest that CF does not appear to promote weight loss but may help mitigate weight gain in overweight females”. 

We see the same story with Yohimbe. 

You’ll see lots of amateur fitness blogs and bodybuilding websites touting this stuff as a “natural testosterone booster” and fat loss aid. 

There is actually scientific evidence for this one: check out this trial conducted in 2006.

But this is, to our knowledge, the only available evidence, and it doesn’t seem exactly water-tight. Variability was again rather large, with some subjects in the placebo group outperforming the Yohimbe group in terms of fat loss. Anecdotal evidence is very inconsistent. Generally speaking, we wouldn’t throw our lot in with a natural substance that seems to do absolutely nothing for so many people just because one study attests to its efficacy. 

Synephrine is in every other fat burner these days, largely because it is thought to work in a similar way to ephedrine

Yet synephrine seems to be infinitely less potent than ephedrine. The only studies looking at its efficacy as a fat burner have used it in conjunction with other compounds, making it impossible to tell if synephrine is an effective fat burning substance. Even then, results have been less than impressive, with researchers stating simply “more research necessary”. 


Good Ingredients?

There are some really good ingredients in Synerlean X6. 

Green coffee bean extract is an incredibly powerful and safe fat burner, while green tea extract has been shown in several robust clinical trials to be effective at accelerating fat loss. These substances seem to have a significant effect independent of training, unlike substances such as caffeine, taurine, Tyrosine, etc. 

However, they are dose dependent. Since we don’t know how much of either of these substances we get in each serving, it is pointless to discuss their benefits.

If there is a sufficient quantity of these key ingredients in Synerlean X6, then the manufacturers should capitalize on that and tell their potential customers. 


Synerlean X6 Side Effects

As with other aspects of this review, discussing potential Synerlean X6 side effects is difficult because we only have a total proprietary blend serving size.

We have no idea how much of each individual ingredient is in each serving. 

The fact that we can’t say for certain whether this product is safe or dangerous is not a good thing. This is partly why we always recommend people use supplements that tell you exactly how much of each ingredient you’re getting, regardless of who safe the manufacturers say it is or how many “verified reviews” you read online. 

If Synephrine and Yohimbe are dosed highly, then the side effects could actually be severe. 

Always talk to your doctor before using a product like Synerlean X6. Do not take risks with your health, and do not rely solely on advice you read online. If you have genuine weight management problems, then it isn’t quick fix pills you need; it’s professional health and fitness advice.


Synerlean X6 Review Conclusion

We’re always wary of product like Synerlean X6, and this time it seems that our wariness was justified. 

Synerlean X6 is marketed at people struggling with weight management, not bodybuilders, fitness junkies, power-lifters or MMA fighters. Such products are, in our opinion, inherently misleading. 

While the marketing literature does say a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle are needed to see results while using Synerlean X6, the insinuation is that you’ll see results if you do the bare minimum of what you deem to be exercise and dieting. That is not the case. 

This product uses a proprietary blend and contains ingredients that seem to have limited fat burning power. 

If you’re struggling with obesity then it is not products like this that you need: what you need is a proper diet and regular, more intense exercise. You don’t need to do what you think is lots of exercise; you need to do what health professionals deem to be enough exercise for you to lose weight. 

If you’re a serious fitness enthusiast or an amateur bodybuilder with a good physique and good knowledge of nutrition, then Synerlean X6 still isn’t for you. Opt for a product that tells you its ingredients in full, and which contains only proven, high quality, reliable fat burners.

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