Stripfast 5000 Platinum RX Review

Platinum RX

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  • Contains a good serving of caffeine


  • Few genuine fat burners besides green tea
  • Synephrine needs more research
  • Most ingredients under-dosed

Stripfast 5000 Platinum RX Review


Product Overview – What Is Stripfast 5000?

We noticed a Stripfast 5000 review on another website while doing some research, and after having a quick look into this product, we knew we had to do our own review. 


Stripfast 5000 Platinum RX Review


If you don’t shop for your supplements on Amazon, you may not have ever heard of Stripfast 5000. And unless you spend a fair bit of time trawling sites like ours, you won’t have ever seen a Stripfast 5000 Platinum RX review before either. 

It is a very particular kind of fat burner, the likes of which we are seeing more and more of as it becomes easier to launch a product online. 

It seems to be available exclusively on eBay and Amazon. When we tried to access the merchant site, which is difficult to find by the way, we were told that the site was temporarily unavailable. 

While such supplements usually turn out to be quite disappointing, or downright scams, that doesn’t mean that this Stripfast 5000 Platinum RX review will come to the same conclusions. 

Rather than jumping to conclusions, we’ll judge Stripfast exactly the same way we judge every fat burner; by looking at the ingredients, the price, and existing user reviews, and deciding whether everything stacks up to a good or bad fat burner. 

So, without further ado, here is our full Stripfast 5000 Platinum RX review. 


Stripfast 5000 Platinum RX Ingredients

The most important thing to look at when reviewing a fat burner is the formula itself. The formula should be available to you before you buy anything. 

Here’s the Stripfast 5000 Platinum RX ingredient list, as displayed on the bottle:


Stripfast 5000 Platinum RX Ingredients


We apologize for the poor quality of the image, but the only reliable formula information we can find is what we can discern from these amateur photos available on Amazon. 

The first thing we would like to note is the fact that Stripfast 5000 Platinum RX is not suitable for vegetarians. This is because it has a gelatin capsule. 

While this may not mean a great deal to you if you eat meat, it must be very frustrating to vegetarians out there.

Now on to the Stripfast 5000 ingredients themselves. Here’s a brief review of Stripfast’s ingredients, what they do and how well they are dosed. We’ll start with what we believe to be the most important ingredients:


Caffeine Anhydrous

For us, caffeine is a non-negotiable ingredient if we are to really take a fat burner seriously. 

Caffeine usually forms the backbone of a supplement designed for bodybuilders who need some extra support getting through a particularly demanding cut. 


Stripfast 5000 Contains caffeine anhydrous


It is equally essential for competitive athletes, be they boxers, mixed martial artists, or whatever, if they need to drop weight for a fight without letting their training standards drop. 

Basically, it works by keeping you feeling energized and focused throughout your day despite being, to put it bluntly, hungry as hell!

It also works wonders when taken before a workout if you are training on a caloric deficit. 

As far as dosage is concerned, 220mg is about right. We do like to see a little bit more in the top of the range fat burners, but the difference here is negligible. 


Green tea extract

Lots of people new to fat burners mistakenly think that green tea extract is just another way fro manufacturers to confer caffeine, when in fact, green tea extract confers quite a few beneficial substances, making it one of the most useful extracts as far as fat loss is concerned. 

Green tea extract is typically teeming with anti-oxidants and polyphenols. These substances are known to be protective of general health, helping to fight of a range of diseases and chronic illnesses. 

Generally speaking, this is great if you’re not eating a great deal, as your immune system will be lower than usual. 

However, there is one thing that green tea extract confers that has a direct and immediate effect on fat loss.

It’s called ECGC, and it has been observed in numerous studies to have the ability to induce or turbocharge the fat burning process.

This study should give you an idea of what we’re talking about, but please do more reading around this ingredient, as it could become an invaluable tool to you in the future. 


-Learn More About The Best Fat Burner Ingredients Here!-


We were very pleased to see the two above ingredients included in the Stripfast 5000 Platinum RX formula in such abundance. Many companies skimp on basic ingredients like caffeine and green tea, and their products suffer for it. 

Stripfast 5000 have made sure to cover there bases here, and that’s much to their credit. 

However, that’s about all the good that we can see in this formula. 

Aside from caffeine and green tea, the Platinum RX formula seems pretty impotent.

Ingredients are either under-dosed, or the benefits that people ascribe to them have not been sufficiently proven. 

For instance, guarana is normally a welcome addition to a professional grade fat burner. It features in many market leading pre-workout supplements because it is a reliable way to provide a caffeine boost. 

That is all guarana seed is; a seed that contains caffeine. It is very similar to coffee bean, except it is more potent on a pound for pound basis, which is why many manufacturers use it instead of coffee. 

However, Platinum RX contains a miniscule amount of guarana. At 12mg per serving, it actually doesn’t seem worth going to the effort of procuring it and mixing it into the formula to use such a tiny quantity. 

From that 12mg, you will get a few miligrams of caffeine. In that case why not just up the dosage of the caffeine anhydrous? 

Another disappointing part of the formula for us is the use of bitter orange as the ‘main ingredient’. 

At 250mg, it dwarfs most of the other ingredients, and it is clearly supposed to take a leading role in this stack. 

Many people would find this very encouraging. Bitter orange peel extract is thought by a growing number of fitness enthusiasts to have some potent fat burning properties. 

We have come across a number of studies which seem to indicate that synephrine, a component of orange peel extract, has some fat burning effect when taken as a supplement. 

Platinum RX fat burner ingredients bitter orange

However, we are yet to find any genuinely convincing evidence that synephrine is able to accelerate fat loss. 

Does that mean we should write off synephrine? No. 

Does that mean we should include it as a supporting ingredient for the time being, until further research is done on its efficacy? Absolutely. 

We should also note that Platinum RX does not use bitter orange peel extract, but rather the whole fruit powder, meaning that any synephrine in it will be less concentrated and therefore less effective.

Maral root is even more of an unknown quantity than synephrine. Much more, in fact. 

Some claim it is able to support muscle growth. However, we couldn’t find any reputable, well-conducted studies that support this claim.

It is used in parts of Russia to improve physical performance while people are recovering from sickness. This may explain why Stripfast 5000 think it can help boost physical performance when people are dieting; in both scenarios, you are bound to be relatively tired and weak. 

But we can’t simply allow this ingredient to fly because some people in Russia use it for an analogous purpose. To do some more digging on maral root, check out’s page on it. 

Finally, we come to Tyrosine.

Tyrosine does have a place in a well-rounded performance enhancement supplement. 

It is an amino acid necessary for your body to synthesise noradrenaline and dopamine. This makes it a key element in learning, focus, and motivation.

We can see how motivation might fit into a fat burner, but the connection is very loose. Large amounts of Tyrosine are usually found in nootropics (study supplements), not in pre-workouts or fat burners. 


Stripfast 5000 Platinum RX Side Effects

There seems to be many flaws in the Platinum RX formula, but side effects is not one of them. 

If taken as directed, and so long as you do not have any allergies or sensitivities to the ingredients, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll experience any side effects when taking Stripfast 5000 Platinum RX. 

Synephrine is the only ingredient that gave us any pause, but despite its relative lack of clinical credentials, we don’t think whole fruit powder would cause anyone too many problems.

Stripfast 5000 makes their supplements in the UK, where there are strict standards of production and tight laws on what can and cannot be included in the formula. 

According to Stripfast 5000, Platinum RX contains no sweeteners or preservatives, no GMO foods, and is made to GMP standards. 

Stripfast 5000 Platinum RX Side Effects

As always though, please consult with your regular doctor before taking Stripfast 5000 Platinum RX. You should have a health check-up before taking any fat burners or pre-workout supplements for the first time, particularly if they contain large amounts of caffeine or strange new ingredients.


Stripfast 5000 Platninum RX Review Conclusion – Should I Buy It?

The reason you’re looking at a Stripfast 5000 Platinum RX review in the first place is almost definitely because you’ve seen this product on Amazon. 

The actual merchant site is either just currently down, or it simply doesn’t exist. 

The product also seems to be only available on virtual marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. While this doesn’t necessarily mean that a supplement is bad, it never fills us with a great deal of confidence. 

Generally speaking, when a supplement is either only available from the manufacturer, or when it is sold directly and through high street stores, you’re on the right track. 

Unfortunately, Platinum RX turned out to be like many of these supplements: disappointing. 

Apart from green tea extract and caffeine, every ingredient is either under-dosed or downright unsuitable for a fat burner. As such, people would probably be better off just buying green tea pills.

To put it bluntly, if you’re looking to spend some money on a high quality, effective fat burner, look elsewhere.

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