SKALD Fat Burner – Legit Or Scam?










  • Tiny proprietary blend
  • Blend size insufficient for green tea alone
  • Some ingredients offer no fat burning benefits
  • Price tag very high for such a weak supplement

SKALD Fat Burner Review – Legit Or Scam?


Product Overview

SKALD fat burner has been on the market for over a year now, but interest seems to be getting stronger every month. This is in no small part fueled by the effective marketing of the product, as well as by enthusiastic fans gushing about the product on social media. 

So we decided to try to cut through the hype and find out what SKALD fat burner is really all about.

SKALD is produced by Beldt Labs. The product is made in the USA and comes with free US shipping.

It is officially labeled an “oxydynamic fat scorcher”. Beldt Labs say that SKALD Oxydynamic Fat burner is their best fat burner. This is reassuring, as SKALD is the only fat burner they currently offer. 


Detailed SKALD Fat Burner Review


So what is an “oxydynamic fat scorcher” exactly?

The word “oxydynamic” probably refers to the claim that SKALD fat burner can help improve breathing. According to the SKALD merchant page, this is a first for a fat burning supplement. 

The merchant page also lists “appetite control” and “astounding energy & fat loss” as benefits you can expect from using SKALD. 

That it helps with appetite and improves energy levels is no doubt what “fat scorcher” is referring to. More energy (while keeping calories the same) means more calories burnt, and a more disciplined appetite means no binge eating. 

The references to respiratory support are indeed quite novel for a fat loss supplement.

Many bodybuilding supplements improve blood flow in order to bring about a bigger, better ‘pump’, but few try to improve breathing.

Supporting improved breathing might enhance physical performance for many users, which would in turn lead to more energy expenditure and enhanced fat loss. However, this is a fairly convoluted chain to try to influence, and how exactly this supplement will bring this about will be interesting to see. 


SKALD fat burner legit or scam


Which brings us to the most important question of all: does SKALD fat burner really work? 

Is SKALD truly a “oxydynamic fat scorcher”? 

Are you at risk of side effects while using SKALD fat burner? 

Finally, and most importantly of all, are there better supplement on the market today? 

Let’s find out together. below is our full SKALD fat burner review. If you have any questions, please post them in the comments section below and we’ll answer you as soon as we can. 


SKALD Fat Burner Formula – Oxydynamic?

Far too many supplement reviews focus on what the product claims to do. Very few professional appraisal sites actually look at the product’s formula, the individual ingredients, and how they are likely to work together. 

Here is the SKALD fat burner formula, as displayed on the bottle’s label. 


SKALD Fat Burner Formula


If you purchase SKALD and it looks even slightly different to what is shown here, get in touch with the manufacturer immediately and make sure that your product is legit. This is always a concern when products are sold by so many third parties.

So what’s the first thing that we notice about SKALD?

That’s right, you guessed it!


And a tiny proprietary blend at that!

Proprietary Blends

Whenever you see a single, bloated proprietary blend on the back of a supplement, put it back on the shelf. 

Proprietary blends always mean bad news for you, the consumer.

More often than not, they are used to hide the fact that you’re paying well over the odds for an amino acid pill with a few micrograms of exotic substances thrown into the mix. 


All substances are dose dependent. 

Green coffee bean extract helps with fat loss, but only at a certain dosage. Taking 300mg of the stuff works wonders. Taking 50mg wont work in quite the same way. Taking 1mg will do nothing. So seeing “green coffee bean extract” in a proprietary blend tells you nothing. You need to know how much before you can even start to think about what benefit it might have for you. 


Plenty of supplement manufacturers manage to divulge their whole formula and make a lot of money. Nobody steals their formula; how can you “steal” common knowledge like the fact that 500mg of green tea extract will help people lose fat? In fact, the products that list their individual ingredient servings on the label tend to do better than the ones that don’t. So why hide?

They usually hide because their formulas are not worth the price tag; not even close. 

SKALD fat scorcher proprietary blend

Even if the supplement in question contained perfect quantities of each ingredient, you’d still be getting a raw deal if you don’t know what those doses are.

If you get great results from using SKALD, or any product with a prop blend, you have no idea what it is that’s been working. 

If you then try a different product (which also lists a prop blend), you have no idea what is making the difference. 

Is the caffeine dose too low now? Was it high in the first place? Could you use more Tyrosine? How can you answer that if you never know how much you are taking?!

If you experience side effects, you can’t speculate what it is that’s been causing the side effects.

You can’t use experiences with a supplement to inform your buying choices if you don’t know the exact make-up of each pill. 

You can’t use past experiences with certain substances to inform your buying decision now if you don’t know the composition of each capsule. 


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SKALD Fat Burner Proprietary Blend – Ingredients Review

We have laid out why proprietary blends in general are to be avoided.

However, it needs to be said that not all prop blends are as bad as each other. They are all bad news for the same reasons, but some are more bad news than others. 

So what about the ingredients in the SKALD fat burner proprietary blend?

Well, it does contain some ingredients known to be effective fat burners. But as the total blend size is just 336mg, it is almost certain that these ingredients are not dosed properly. 

Take green tea extract for example.

This ingredient should feature on the ingredient list of every serious fat burner on the market today. It is so safe, reliable, and effective, that leaving it out makes very little sense to us unless you are really going for an ultra-streamlined, super potent supplement. 

It is so effective because it contains ECGC, a catechin known to significantly enhance the rate of fat oxidation (with some studies observing a very pronounced effect in men). 

However, below a certain dosage threshold, green tea extract becomes worthless.

Yes, 500mg of this stuff has been shown to bring about greater fat loss compared to placebo.

Does that mean 5mg will deliver the same results?


So how much is in SKALD fat burner; 500mg or 5mg?

Certainly not the former, as the total blend size is 336mg, and that is split between over 10 ingredients!

The problem is even more pronounced with Tyrosine

Tyrosine is usually dosed at above 500mg for fat burning purposes. Some people will take as much as 1g per day in order to support motivation, physical performance, and focus. 


Tyrosine in SKALD fat burner


With a total blend size of 336mg, and over 10 ingredients, it is practically impossible that you will get enough Tyrosine in a single serving of SKALD. 

So why has it been included? 

Is it being used as a cheap filler?

Your guess is as good as ours, but the fat burning benefits or Tyrosine in this product are limited. 


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SKALD Fat Burner Side Effects

Nobody can really give you reliable information on the side effect risks associated with SKALD fat burner, because side effect risks are directly correlated with dosage, and nobody knows the dosage of each ingredient in SKALD. 

Everybody knows that caffeine, if consumed in large enough amounts, will cause side effects. These side effects typically include insomnia, anxiety, jitters, distractability, and so on. 

SKALD contains caffeine, but we do not know how much. 

Granted, the total blend size is very small – THAT’S THE BIG PROBLEM! – so it is unlikely that SKALD contains sufficient caffeine to make side effects a potential concern. 

Yet we can’t say for certain. 

All we can say is that there is less than 336mg of caffeine in SKALD. This shouldn’t be a problem for the vast majority of you, but if you are sensitive to caffeine, or if you consume caffeine from other sources (e.g a pre-workout), then you need to be careful. 

Always consult with your doctor before using a product like SKALD fat burner. It contains ingredients you aren’t used to consuming, and in unknown quantities. Do not simply rely on the assurances of the manufacturer, Beldt Labs, or internet reviews when it comes to your health. Your doctor knows best!


SKALD Fat Burner Review Conclusion

SKALD is an incredibly popular fat burner at the moment, and it is likely to remain so for the foreseeable future. 

It is sold as an “oxydynamic fat scorcher”, meaning that it is supposed to health improve breathing while also contributing to better, more rapid fat loss and greater energy levels. 

Unfortunately, we can’t see any reason why any of you should buy this product. 

It is comprised of over 10 ingredients, split between a proprietary blend of a measly 336mg; barely enough to allow for sufficient green tea extract dosing. 

Some of the ingredients have very questionable pedigrees; to this day, we haven’t seen a single human study proving that synephrine helps with fat loss or physical performance. 

If you want a product to help you lose weight while retaining the maximum amount of muscle mass, you can do a lot better than SKALD fat burner. For a similar price, you can get one of the best fat burners on the market today.

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