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  • Contains some proven fat burners


  • Blend over-stretched
  • Contains bogus ingredients
  • Massively over-priced


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Product Overview – What Is SizeSlim Weight Loss Support?

SizeSlim is an increasingly popular supplement brand.

They currently have a range of supplements on offer: a pre-workout, a nootropic, a post-workout recopvery shake, and a fat loss enhancer. The latter, simply named SizeSlim Weight Loss Support, is our focus here. 

As you can tell from the bottle, SizeSlim’s ‘fat burner’ is sold as a “weight loss support” supplement, not a specialist fat stripper designed for athletes or bodybuilders. You may well have already guessed this from the brand name alone: SizeSlim has some very clear “thinspirationational” connotations, which is not something we are usually too enthusiastic about. 

While many people do not differentiate between weight loss aids and fat burners, these are two very distinct categories. The former merely aspires to help you weight less. The latter is designed to maximize fat loss while supporting physical performance and muscle mass preparation. The latter are also often “assured for athletes”, which means they are drug-test safe. 


SizeSlim Weight Loss Supplement Review


In this sense, SizeSlim is quite different to the majority of supplement brands featured on this site. 

So what about SizeSlim Weight Loss Support in particular?

According to SizeSlim, this fat loss aid delivers multiple benefits at the same time. These include:

  • Appetite control
  • “Clean” energy
  • Mood support
  • Accelerated metabolism

The reference to “clean” energy no doubt refers to a lack of stimulants in the product. 

The fact that it apparently contains some kind of mood support is also a major bonus.

Most of our review team struggle to keep their tempers in check while dieting. If you’re ravenously hungry and somebody cuts you off on your way in to work, your temper can quickly boil over. It’s also very difficult to stay happy and motivated when your energy levels are lower than usual. As such, mood support can actually be a hugely beneficial addition to a fat loss enhancer. 

Of course, the appetite control and the accelerated metabolism would also both be welcome in a fat burner. 

So all of this looks great then. But there is still one question that needs answering: does it work?

Does SizeSlim Weight Loss Support actually do what it says it will?

Is it safe? Will it cause side effects?

What are other people saying about SizeSlim Weight Loss Support?

Most importantly, is there anything better on the market for helping you achieve your goals?

Let’s find out together. If you finish reading our full SizeSlim Weight Loss Support review and you still have some questions, just post them in the comments section below and we’ll get back to you asap. 


SizeSlim Weight Loss Support Formula

As always, the first thing we’ll be looking at is the SizeSlim Weight Loss Support formula.

It might be hard to believe, but lots of people purchase supplements without ever checking out the formula itself. Instead, they take manufacturers at their word; they see the glossy advertisements, the celebrity testimonials, and the vague promises, and they hand over their money. 

Yet no amount of clever advertising can make up for a poorly put together formula. 

So let’s get to it. Here is the SizeSlim Weight Loss Support formula, as see on the bottle:


SizeSlim Weight Loss Support Formula


The first thing that jumps out at us here is the fact that some ingredients are listed next to their individual serving sizes, while others are incorporated into a single, homogeneous proprietary blend. 

Our regular readers will know how we feel about proprietary blends. 

To put it simply, we hate them, and we think you should too. 

Manufacturers routinely use them, and they often claim that they need to protect their intellectual property.

We think that this is utter garbage, and the manufacturers know it. Plenty of manufacturers list all of their ingredients along with their individual doses, and they make plenty of money. The ingredients used in most supplements are well-known and widely-used; their ideal doses are established by scientific studies, as are their safe limits. We know how these ingredients interact with one another. There is no great mystery being shielded here. 

What is usually being hidden is a poorly composed, cheap formula.

More often than not, a proprietary blend means there’s a whole lot of the cheapest, least effective ingredients, and very little else. 

That said, not all proprietary blends are made equal. Some are much worse than others. So What about SizeSlim Weight Loss Support? How does this proprietary blend compare to others on the market right now?


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SizeSlim Proprietary Blend

As stated above, there is no such thing as a “good” proprietary blend; not in an objective sense. But there is such as thing as a “better” proprietary blend. 

The SizeSlim Weight Loss Support proprietary blend is certainly not as bad as others we have come across lately, but it is still far from good. 

The total blend size is a very generous 1.54g. This compares very favorably to other fat loss supplements which list their ingredients in proprietary blend. 

Yet it is still far too small to properly accommodate the 14 ingredients.

Dividing the formula up equally between the ingredients would give us 110mg each.

This doesn’t give us an accurate indication of how much of each ingredient is in a single serving of SizeSlim Weight Loss Support, but it does show you how under-dosed some of the ingredients must be. 

Take green tea leaf extract for instance. Green tea needs to be dosed at a minimum of 300mg to be effective. Most studies showing green tea extract having a significant effect on fat reduction has used more than 300mg per day, and the extract concentration has been high. Some of our top rated products use significantly more than 300mg of green tea extract per serving. 


SizeSlim fat burner ingredients green tea


So, in order for green tea to be properly dosed, other ingredients need to be dosed at less than 110mg (as there is only so much formula to go around). 

Is that a problem?

Yes. A big one. More than one ingredient in the SizeSlim Weight Loss Support prop blend needs to be dosed at above 200mg to be effective. 

L-Carnitine actually needs to be dosed at around 500mg in order to have any significant effect on fat loss at all.

But the extra 400mg need to come from somewhere. In order to free up the space necessary to dose Carnitine properly, then either 4 ingredients need to have serving sizes of almost 0mg, or almost all of the ingredients need to have a dosage of slightly lower than 110mg.

As such, there is simply not enough formula to go around.

If just a couple of the best ingredients in the proprietary blend are dosed properly, then others are barely there at all. If they are barely there at all, why include them in the first place? 

Since we don’t know which ingredients have been dosed properly and which haven’t, we can’t even begin to speculate about the likely benefits of taking SizeSlim Weight Loss Support. 

Carnitine is routinely used as a ‘filler’ ingredient as it is so cheap to buy and safe to consume in relatively large amounts. We aren’t saying that it is necessarily being used as a ‘filler’ in SizeSlim’s fat burner of course, but its presence in the proprietary blend alongside other ingredients that need to be dosed at 300mg or over gives us cause for concern. 


Useless Ingredients

To make matters even worse, SizeSlim Weight Loss Support contains ingredients that do not have scientifically-proven fat burning properties. 

For instance, we have Raspberry Ketone Extract. Raspberry ketones are the compounds which give raspberries their distinctive smell. They have nothing to do with the ‘ketogenic diet’ that is so popular right now. We are yet to see a single study showing that raspberry ketones have any impact whatsoever on fat loss in humans. Not only that, but as a novel food, they are banned in the EU. 

We also have Garcinia Cambogia. Despite the huge amount of hype surrounding this fruit extract, there is no evidence supporting the notion that garcinia cambogia enhances fat loss in humans. 

All this stuff seems to do is increase satiety after a meal. It seems to do this by improving the taste of food. This does not necessarily assist with fat loss. 

The fact that this already over-stretched proprietary blend contains so much dead weight is really disappointing. 


What About The Other Ingredients?

SizeSlim Weight Loss Support does list some of its ingredients alongside their serving sizes. 

These are, generally speaking, nothing to get too excited about.

B vitamins are a standard addition to fat burners these days. They are incredibly cheap to buy on their own, but many manufacturers add them into their stacks because of the profound effect they have on energy levels and food metabolism.

On the other hand, Chromium is a superb fat loss enhancer. It is found in all of the best natural fat burning supplements. It is also increasingly being used in mass gainers due to its ability to accelerate muscle growth and to mitigate fat gain while you are consuming a caloric surplus. 


SizeSlim Weight Loss Support Ingredients Chromium


There is some disagreement over how chromium improves fat loss, but we believe it directly influences how insulin works in the body.

Basically, it seems to enhance insulin’s action, regulating how it works and helping it to do its job properly.

While bulking, this helps you more efficiently shuttle nutrients to muscle cells while also preventing you form becoming insensitive to insulin.

While dieting, insulin regulation becomes immensely important.

Going through relatively long periods without eating will affect your insulin production and secretion. Your blood sugar levels will vary enormously. Eating smaller than usual meals will do the same thing. If this change in your diet is dramatic, then you can really struggle with energy levels at various points throughout the day. When you’re in this position, having a more efficient insulin response and better regulated blood sugar levels will be a huge benefit. 

Taking large amounts of chromium isn’t necessary though, as most of us should get plenty from food. Chromium is found in large amounts in leafy green vegetables; so long as your diet is balanced and healthy, a small top-up of chromium should be sufficient. 


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SizeSlim Weight Loss Support Side Effects

Unfortunately, SizeSlim have chosen to wrap up the most interesting pieces of their formula in a proprietary blend.

As you no doubt understand, this makes it extremely difficult for us to talk about the likely side effects of using SizeSlim Weight Loss Support with any accuracy. 

The safety of practically any substance is dependent on dosage.

Taking 10mg of caffeine is not going to cause any problems for 99.99% of people. Of course, it also wont give you any discernible benefit, but it is unarguably safe to use caffeine at this dosage.

However, taking 1,000mg is not safe by any measure. 

So it isn’t enough to know what substances we’re taking; we need to know how much of these substances we’re taking. 

There are some ingredients in the SizeSlim fat burner proprietary that are known to cause mild side effects when used above a certain dosage. 

That said, our main problem with this product is how the proprietary blend is obviously over-stretched. As such, it’s highly unlikely that any of the most potent ingredients are dosed high enough to cause side effects. 

But when your safety is concerned, uncertainty is never good. We urge strong caution when using products that contain unknown quantities of strange, exotic ingredients. You should never gamble with your health, and you should always be extremely careful when taking what is essentially a mystery pill. 

It is essential that you talk to your family physician before taking any products that contain unusual ingredients. This becomes even more important when you have no idea how much of said ingredients is in each serving. Do not take medical advice from the internet, and just because a manufacturer says their product is safe does not mean that it is. Talk to your doctor first so they know what’s going on should the worst happen!


SizeSlim Fat Burner Review Conclusion

Despite having a larger proprietary blend size than many other fat burners reviewed on this site, SizeSlim Weight Loss Support still seems to be a very under-powered supplement.

The proprietary blend contains far too many ingredients for all of the most important ones to be appropriately dosed. 

Yes, 2-3 of the very best ingredients could feasibly be dosed properly. But in order for them to be dosed properly, other ingredients will need to be almost non-existent in the formula. If that is the case, then why have they been included?

The blend contains over-hyped substances that have not been shown to have potent fat burning properties through scientific studies. Some, such as raspberry ketones, are merely aroma molecules that have never been shown to induce fat loss in humans. Not only that, but this particular ingredient is now banned in the EU as it is a novel food. 

All-in-all, this supplement probably isn’t worth your hard-earned cash. At $49.99, this stuff is priced well above its position. Many other sub-par fat burners can be found online for half that amount. This is the sort of price we would pay for a professional quality, top-of-the-line fat burner, not a proprietary blend containing unproven ingredients. 

If you want a safe, reliable, predictable fat burner to help you make the most of your next cut, look elsewhere. 

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