SHREDZ Burner For Women Review – A “Female Only” Fat Burner? Nope!

Burner 'Made For Women'









  • Contains some effective fat burners


  • Contains some substances with no proven fat burning properties
  • Small proprietary blend
  • Blend contains potential filler
  • Same formula as male fat burner but with pink packaging - SERIOUSLY


The SHREDZ Burner For Women formula is identical to their regular Burner product. The only difference is the packaging; they have given it a pink label and called it a “female” version of their leading fat burner. We don’t doubt that this kind of pessimistic marketing works, but we have no time for it at Fat burners Digest.

SHREDZ Burner For Women – Does it Work?


Product Overview

SHREDZ Burner For Women is an incredibly popular fat loss aid.

Made by SHREDZ, the enormous bodybuilding supplement manufacturer, it is probably the leading product in their “for her” line.

Their Burner product is immensely popular in the bodybuilding community. It will be interesting to see how their Burner For Women product compares. 


SHREDZ Burner For Women Review


Generally speaking, we don’t believe that the concept of a “for her” fat burner makes any sense. The ingredients you will find in most leading natural fat burners can help both men and women accelerate their fat loss. Only when you get into the realm of hormone manipulation (by which we mean the realm of AAS) do the differing physiology of men and women really come into play. 

Some of our contributors have trained women and men simultaneously before, and they have never had to change the routine beyond swapping exercises to meet goals. If both their male and female clients wanted a big chest, then they would both be benching regularly. If they both wanted to lose fat, their diets would be the same (assuming similar size and TDEE).

But we can’t discard all female fat burners because we think the marketing is bogus. We need to evaluate all fat burners in exactly the same way.

So what does SHREDZ Burner For Women claim to do?

Like many natural fat burners, SHREDZ Burner For Women claims to deliver:

  • Boosted metabolism
  • Increased energy
  • Optimized health
  • Better fat burning

Like all good fat burners, this product doesn’t claim to just melt the fat right off you as if by magic. No, SHREDZ make it very clear that their Burner For Women helps you achieve your body composition goals. Specific mention is made of “supercharging workouts” and helping with a diet, not replacing the need for a diet. 

So, the question remains: does this fat burner work?

Does SHREDZ Burner For Women deliver both enhanced fat loss and optimal health? Can it boost focus? What about side effects?

Let’s try to answer these questions by looking at the formula, as well as what others are saying about SHREDZ Burner For Women. Here’s our full review. As always, if you have any questions, post them in the comments section below.


SHREDZ Burner For Women Formula 

The first thing we need to have a look at is the formula itself. Here is the SHREDZ Burner For Women ingredients list as displayed on the product label:


SHREDZ Burner For Women Formula


Let’s compare that to SHREDZ’s leading fat burner; the one apparently not “made for women”. Here is the product label for their ‘Burner For Men’:


SHREDZ Burner For Men Comparison


Well, what do you know?! They are almost identical!

As stated above, we think the idea of a ‘fat burner for women’ is nonsensical, and this comparison really proves our point. There is very little difference between these two products; certainly not enough to make a huge difference to fat loss or performance in the gym. 

One could argue that the exact composition of the blends may be different, but we see no reason for that to be so. If they believe a certain amount of green tea extract will work best for men, then it will work just as well for women. 

As predicted, the main difference between the SHREDZ fat burners are the packaging. The Burner For Women has a nice pink label, while the one supposedly for men has a black and red label. 

Pretty depressing stuff in our opinion. 

In any case, let’s have a look at the Burner For Women formula and see if it can deliver on the promises made by SHREDZ. 

What’s the first thing we notice about the formula? 



-Fat Burner Supplement Ingredient Guide-


Prop Blends

We’re sick of writing about proprietary blends on this site. 

If you’re a regular visitor, you’ll know why we dislike the things so much.

They are usually employed to disguise cheap manufacturing costs; not always, but more often than not. 

Lots of manufacturers list their ingredient serving sizes in full and they manage to make plenty of money. It isn’t like SHREDZ Burner For Women contains an ingredient nobody knows about yet. It’s all standard stuff, with well established dosing guidelines and so on. 

Whatever their reason for not telling us their individual ingredient doses, we don’t care; it represents bad value for money for customers and an added concern about side effects. 

Not knowing how much of certain ingredients makes it pointless to speculate about how effective it will be.

Sure, it contains some good ingredients. Green Tea Extract contains ECGC, a catechin which has been shown in several clinical trials to have a dramatic impact on fat oxidation.


Green Tea Extract SHREDZ Burner For Women Ingredients


However, as with everything, dosage is key.

We know that 300mg and more of green tea extract (with an ECGC content of 50% or more) is capable of accelerating fat loss in a big way.

But what about 100mg? Well, that is less likely to have an impact. 

What about 1mg? That just isn’t going to have any effect whatsoever.

Great. So how much is in SHREDZ Burner For Women? 300mg? 100mg? 1mg?

Your guess is as good as ours. 

A fat burner is only as good as its ingredients, but those ingredients are only beneficial if there’s enough of them in the formula to have an effect. Since we have no idea how much of any of the ingredients is in each serving, we can’t begin to estimate how effective this product will be.


Filler Ingredients?

The problem of proprietary blends is compounded when the blend is small and contains an ingredient usually dosed in relatively large amounts.

That is unfortunately the case with SHREDZ Burner For Women.

The total proprietary blend size in this fat burner is 467mg.

It contains ALCAR; an ingredient that can easily be dosed at more than 400mg without much cost to the manufacturer and without raising the chance of side effects. 

In fact, for fat loss or performance enhancing purposes, ALCAR should be dosed above 400mg daily. Many athletes use much more. 

We aren’t saying that SHREDZ have definitely done this with Burner For Women, but the fact that they are leaving us to speculate is their issue, not ours. 


SHREDZ Burner For Women ALCAR Content


What About Choline?

Choline is the main precursor for acetylcholine; a vital neurotransmitter. Acetylcholine is involved in a wide range of neural activities, from muscle contraction to concentration.

Yet taking straight choline is not a good way to raise acetylcholine availability as it doesn’t really reach the brain. You need to take an analogue instead. That is why choline bitartrate is often found in study supplements.

However, in most study supplement, you’ll find as much as 500mg of choline bitartrate. Many supplements contain around 300mg. Few offer below 200mg. 

The 15mg in SHREDZ Burner For Women is unlikely to have a significant effect on focus. 

The compound seems to be safe and well tolerated, so the low dose is probably nothing to do with caution. 


-IIFYM: What Is It? Does It Really Work?-



SHREDZ Burner For Women Side Effects

There’s always a problem when discussing side effects related to a product that doesn’t give us individual ingredient doses.

Imagine you were asking me whether salt was safe. I’d tell you that it is indeed safe; people use it every day to preserve food and to make ti taste better.

Then imagine you asked me if eating 100g of salt per day was safe. I’d tell you that it was absolutely not safe to consume that much salt even as a one off, let alone on a daily basis.

Obviously then, whether a natural substance is safe or not depends on the amount in question. 

The problem is more acute when dealing with ingredients such as caffeine anhydrous and synephrine; ingredients which are known to elicit side effects when consumed in large amounts. 

It is doubtful that any of the ingredients in SHREDZ Burner For Women are dosed too highly because the total blend size is so small for so many ingredients. That’s the main problem with the supplement after all! 

But the fact that we can’t say for certain is a big issue. When it comes to customer safety, uncertainty is never a good thing. 


SHREDZ Burner For Women Review Conclusion

If you’re a woman looking for a fat burner to help get the most out of your cut, then you shouldn’t restrict yourself to supplement labelled explicitly “for women”. In fact, we think you should probably actively avoid them.

Any company which tries to use pink colored labels to attract the female market obviously isn’t taking you very seriously. They are therefore unlikely to take your fitness goals seriously.

SHREDZ Burner For Women is quite a disappointing supplement once you take a look ‘under the hood’. 

The small proprietary blend contains some good ingredients, but until we have an idea of serving sizes, it’s useless to speculate about how effective they may be. 

The presence of ALCAR makes this issue more serious. ALCAR is usually dosed above 400mg when taken for fat loss purposes; either it is taking up the vast majority of the blend, or it is seriously under-dosed (to the point where it would be pointless to include it at all). 

Some people would say that we shouldn’t speculate like this, to which we would say that we shouldn’t have to speculate like this. We don’t make guesses about the serving sizes in Shred JYM, because we know what the individual ingredient serving sizes are!

Don’t be taken in by grand promises and pink packaging. 

If you’re a woman looking for help prepping for a contest, if you need to quickly shed a few more pounds before your fight, or you just want to look good for the vacation you have booked in a few months, get on a good, healthy diet, stick to a reasonable training regime, and check out our top rated fat burners. Even if they don’t say they’re for women, they are!

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