Shred JYM Fat Burner Review

Shred JYM









  • Great formula
  • Good value
  • Serving can be split up


  • Light on caffeine
  • Synephrine largely unproven
  • No appetite suppression

Shred JYM Fat Burner Review


Product Overview – What is Shred JYM?

Any real Shred JYM review needs to start with JYM itself.

JYM supplements make some of the best pills to increase metabolism available today, from protein powders to fish oil supplements. It is the brain-child of Jim Stoppani. If you’re even casually interested in fitness or bodybuilding, you’ll know who this guy is. 

Shred JYM is a market-leading fat loss supplement. Used by competitive athletes around the world, it has no shortage of glowing reviews from both professional reviews, notable customers, and your Average Joes.


Shred JYM Fat Burner Review


According to JYM, it attacks body fat “from three different angles”, that combine to deliver the best results possible.

JYM claim that, like all their products, Shred doesn’t “cut any corners”. According to them, Shred JYM is not only effective, but also incredibly safe for most users. As you’ll know if you read this Instant Knockout fat burner review, not all fat burners are safe and side effect free!

That’s all well and good, but do these claims stand up when we look at the supplement itself? Is Shred JYM really an effective fat loss supplement? Is it safe? How does it compare to other fat burners of a similar value?

Let’s look at Shred JYM in more detail and answer these questions. Here’s our full Shred JYM fat burner review. If you have any questions, please post them in the comments section below and we’ll get back to you asap!


Shred JYM Ingredients

Before we do a proper review of Shred JYM’s formula, here’s the ingredient list as it should appear on the bottle:


Shred JYM fat burner Ingredients List


Now let’s discuss the ingredients, what they do, and how they work together to produce the sort of ‘three pronged attack’ on fat that JYM speak of on the Shred page. 

For starters, we love to see acetyl-L-carnitine (ALCAR) on the ingredients list of any fat burner. It is a superb supplement, and in our opinion, it should feature in anyone’s supplement regime, whether you are currently trying to cut fat or not. 

ALCAR is routinely used in cognition support supplements due to its ability to improve focus, enhance energy levels, and its observed ability to alleviate the cognitive signs of ageing. 

It is also regularly used by athletes because of its proven ability to improve mitochondrial energy output capacity. In simple terms, it seems to make mitochondria, which are your cells engines, significantly more efficient. One way ti does this is by increasing a mitochondria’s fat burning capacity. 

Now, despite that fact, studies looking at the fat burning power of ALCAR in isolation and with young, healthy subjects have not been overly inspiring

But we aren’t taking ALCAR in isolation here. As part of a well composed fat burning stack, ALCAR can be devastatingly effective.

We believe that this is because ALCAR’s main benefit is that it improves energy levels. It has no direct fat burning mechanism powerful enough to make a big difference to sedentary people, but if you are already operating at the very limit of what you are physically capable of, the extra boost from ALCAR can push you over the edge and put your rate of fat loss through the roof. 

So, ALCAR seems to work by keeping you focused and in the gym for longer, allowing the other ingredients in your stack to do their magic. It doesn’t work well for people who are already out of shape, because they are not already pushing their body to the point of failure.

It is a fantastic ingredient, and the serving size in Shred JYM is significantly higher than you will find in other fat burners, and it’s a better supplement for it; 1.5g is about right for something like ALCAR.

We’ve spent enough time on ALCAR now. Here’s a brief overview of the other ingredients:



Tyrosine is often found in focus supplements because it seems to be very effective at reducing stress during times of peak mental strain.

Again, no direct fat burning properties here, but it can help keep you alert and focused throughout the day, which is important if you’re eating about 700 fewer calories than usual! Whether or not we approve of Tyrosine being used very much depends on the rest of the stack. 

As with ALCAR, we are usually disappointed with the amount of Tyrosine we see in supplements, but Shred JYM is much better than most. 


Caffeine anhydrous

Caffeine anhydrous is exactly what it sounds like: caffeine without a water molecule. It is, in a sense, a concentrated version of caffeine. 

Shred JYM caffeine anhydrousWe’ve covered caffeine at length on this website, but for sake of completeness, let us just say that caffeine can help “prop up” your energy levels when you’re eating much less than you’re used to. This applies all day long, but is particularly important during training. 

Caffeine anhydrous is an absolute must in a genuinely professional, high quality fat burner. With regards to dosing, 200mg looks about right to us.

Many excellent fat burners supply a little more than this, with some giving about 300mg, but 200mg should be enough to give you a noticeable boost without taking you anywhere near the pint at which you might experience serious side effects. 


Cayenne Pepper

Another staple ingredient in a serious fat loss supplement, cayenne pepper does precisely what you think it will; it makes you damn hot!

Shred JYM fat burner review cayenne pepper

By ramping up your body temperature, your body is forced to expend extra calories to keep you cool. If taken at regular intervals throughout the day, you can basically raise your resting caloric expenditure rate, leading to faster fat loss.

The down side here is that Shred JYM only contains 50mg of cayenne pepper. We would expect to see over 100mg from a genuinely top class supplement. All-in-all though, it’s better to have 50mg of this stuff than none at all!


Green tea extract

Another necessary ingredient if we are to honestly call Shred JYM a serious, professional-level fat burner is green tea extract. 

This is a superb natural fat burner. Green tea extract contains anti-oxidants and polyphenols that have been proven time and again to support overall health and well-being. 

It also contains theanine, which can take the edge off any side effects you might experience from high caffeine intake (which means that Shred JYM could definitely contain a little more caffeine anhydrous). 

More important than any of that however, is ECGC. This compound is known to have some very potent fat burning properties. You can leanr more about this from our comprehensive Fat Burner Ingredient Guide



It is thought that synephrine does a number of things which make it an effective fat burner.

According to some people, JYM supplements included, synephrine is an all-round wonder substance. It can, they claim, decrease hunger, increase the amount of fat gets ‘released’ by cells, and supercharge metabolism. 

Can it really do all of these things?

Well, while some preliminary studies hold a lot of promise, and despite all of the anecdotal evidence supporting bitter orange’s efficacy as a fat burner, we can’t find any clinical trials that conclusively demonstrate that synephrine has these properties. 

As always though, we implore you to do your own research and to make up your own mind about these things. Just because we aren’t convinced, doesn’t me you shouldn’t be. After all, Jim Stoppani clearly is, and he obviously knows what he’s talking about.


What About Serving Size?

Most Shred JYM reviews focus exclusively on the ingredients, but the serving size is just as important in our opinion.

A single serving of Shred JYM is split into 4 capsules. This is ideal, as it allows you to divide your daily intake into regular, equal portions if that is what you would like to do. 

We often advise people to do this with fat burners that are genuine fat loss supplements and not merely advanced pre-workout supplements. 

Supplements like Shred JYM contain ingredients like cayenne pepper and green tea extract which work brilliantly if taken throughout a day. Of course, they also work great when taken before a workout, but on your off days, you can really get the most out of these ingredients by splitting your dose into equal parts.

Some supplements do not allow you to do this. Instead, they put everything into one single capsule, which is fine, but it is definitely preferable to have the option from a consumer’s perspective. 


Shred JYM Review Conclusion

It’s really easy to understand why every Shred GYM review we came across before writing this review was so positive. 

The Shred JYM formula is well thought out and well balanced, and this should ultimately make it very effective for the vast majority of people. 

It strikes the right balance between powering your workouts while on a caloric deficit, and putting your body into a fat burning state round the clock. 

It also represents very good value. There are cheaper supplements out there, but as far as fat burning supplements are concerned, you really do get what you pay for. 

While it isn’t our favorite fat burner, we did find that Shred JYM noticeably improves energy levels, and it produces a similar round the clock”furnace” feel to some of our best rated supplements.

All it is really lacking is some appetite suppression and perhaps one more ingredient with a direct fat burning effect. 

Even so, it’s still a great supplement. If you’re looking for a reliable, safe, and highly effective fat burner, then Shred JYM might be exactly what you’re looking for. 

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