Shred Her Review – NLA For Her’s Specialist Female Fat Burner?

Shred Her









  • Does contain some good fat burners


  • Unknown caffeine dose; could be dangerously high
  • Contains bogus ingredients
  • Proprietary blends always mean low value and low quality


Full Shred Her Review


Our regular readers know full well how we feel about “female” fat burners. 

Any natural fat loss supplement which is sold as specifically “for him” or “for her” is simply utilizing some very clever marketing to try to get you to part with more of your cash. 

The truth of the matter is that, unless we are talking about hormone manipulation, there is no difference between what a woman needs from a fat burner, and what a man needs: if an ingredient helps suppress a man’s appetite, then it will help suppress a woman’s appetite too. 


NLA For Her Shred her Review


The best ingredient at doing a given function for men will be the best ingredient for achieving the same thing for women. 

Of course, there is usually a difference between the goals of men and women when it comes to health, fitness, and aesthetics.

But then just because a fat burner is geared more towards appetite control doesn’t mean it needs to be labelled as “for women”, because some women want to be as muscular as possible so don’t want appetite suppression while cutting. 

It should simply be labelled a “appetite-killing fat burner” or something. 

That’s why we implore all of our female readers to check out our number 1 rated supplement, rather than looking for the number 1 rated “female” supplement: it’s the best for a man, and it’s the best for you too!

So what about NLA For Her Shred Her?

We aren’t about to write-off a supplement just because it’s a “female fat burner”. We need to review it as we do every other supplement on this site. 

According to NLA For Her, Shred Her provides a number of impressive benefits for women looking to shred down. These include:


NLA For Her Shred Her Claims


These asterisks seemingly refer to scientific studies backing up these claims. 

However, at the moment the official NLA For Her store is down, and the BodyBuilding-dot-com page for this product doesn’t show any of these studies (although it does refer to them heavily).

This always seems suspect to us. If you know something has been backed by scientific investigation, you can surely find a citation?

All that means is that we’ll have to do the digging ourselves. Below you will find our full Shred Her review. In it we’ll answer the following questions:

  • Does this fat burner really work?
  • Can Shred Her help with appetite control?
  • Does it boost energy and mood?
  • Is it safe?
  • Is there anything better on the market?

If you still have any questions at the end of the review, please let us know in the comments section. We always try to respond to comments within 24 hours. 


Shred Her Formula

Here is the Shred Her ingredients list as it appears on the tub:


NLA For Her Shred Her Formula


Shred Her uses a gelatin capsule, so it is not suitable for vegetarians or vegans. This really sucks if you are a vege. We like to see manufacturers making their products as widely available as possible. It’s a shame when they exclude people like this, even if it is a minority.

As you can see, Shred Her comprises vitamin B6, Pantothenic acid, and a large, homogeneous proprietary blend.

This blend has a number of problems specific to it, as well as the general issues that come with all proprietary blends. 

We have explained countless times now why proprietary blends are fundamentally bad for consumers: they are almost always used to hide cheap manufacturing costs, they don’t let you make a rational buying decision, and they prevent you from learning how you respond to specific doses of specific ingredients. 

Many manufacturers claim that they need to use prop blends to stay in business; without them, their products would get copied and they’d be undercut. 

We have never seen this happen. 

Plenty of supplements list all of their ingredient and their respective serving sizes right on the bottle. These products usually make mountains of money. If they can do it, so can you. 

Since we’ve covered all this so many times before, we won’t go into it too much here.

Instead, we’ll focus on the specific problems with Shred Her’s proprietary blend. 


-Steady State vs HIIT-


Shred Her Proprietary Blend – Not Good!

There are several problems with the Shred Her proprietary blend. 

The most serious problem is the use of totally bogus fat burners. 

We have written an entire article on the great supplement industry scam that is raspberry ketones. Basically, these things do absolutely nothing in terms of enhancing fat loss.

Raspberry ketones were traditionally used in perfumes, but as the perfume industry found new, more effective ways to produce rapsberry ketones, a major surplus emerged. So the manufacturers found an ingenious way to get rid of their surplus product; put it in supplements!

“Ketones…sounds like keto, that’s all the rage now. Put it in fat burners. Tell our blogs to make up some stuff about metabolism; that usually works.”


“You got it boss!”

There isn’t a single scientific study attesting to the claim that raspberry ketones enhance fat loss. 

Until we see one, we’re happy to call this ingredient totally bogus. 


Raspberry ketones Shred Her ingredient


Exactly the same is true of Citrus Aurantium Extract, or to call it by its other name, Synephrine. 

This stuff is in just about every other fat burner that comes onto the market nowadays. We have no idea how this stuff found so many ardent fans. The hype surrounding Synephrine is unbelievable considering how little evidence there actually is that it works. 

It is thought that synephrine speeds up your metabolism because it structurally resembles epherdine; an extremely powerful compound currently used as an acute treatment of respiratory problems. Ephedrine causes rapid fat loss, so it is assumed that because synephrine looks like ephedrine, it must work in a similar way. 

There is no evidence that this is the case. At best, synephrine seems to be so much weaker than ephedrine to the point that comparing the two seems ridiculous. 


Shred Her ingredients review synephrine


Even where the ingredients are good, we have no idea how they are dosed. As such, we can’t predict how effective they’ll be. 

Sure, green tea extract can have a dramatic effect on your rate of fat loss. But this is only true above a minimum active dose of EGCG; the catechin in green tea responsible for its fat burning properties. This is typically around 500mg for a decent quality extract, or 300mg for a very concentrated extract. 

How much is in Shred Her? 300mg? 3mg? 1000mg?

Your guess is as good as ours. 

The same applies to all of the effective ingredients in Shred Her. Effectiveness is always intimately linked to dosage. A substance doesn’t simply boost performance; a given ammount of said substance will boost performance.

So why hasn’t the manufacturer told us the serving sizes?

If your formula could definitely provide serious benefits, and the doses were ideal, wouldn’t you want your customers to know that?

We think so. 


-See our Fat Burner Supplement Guide-


Shred Her Side Effects

Usually with natural fat burners, there are very limited side effect risks. 

This is usually all the more true when it comes to female fat burners. Manufacturers seem to think of women as needing a weaker supplement, so they keep the doses low. 

With Shred Her, however, there are some real reasons to be concerned. 

There are two sources of caffeine in here. 

People seem to think that guarana provides a special kind of caffeine, but it doesn’t. Once we extract the caffeine from guarana, it is caffeine. Why the manufacturers have included some high quality caffeine anhydrous AS WELL AS guarana is beyond us. 

But the fact that we don’t know the exact serving sizes of these two ingredients is a big, big problem. 

With a total blend size of 1,180mg, there could easily be more than 1,000mg of caffeine in Shred Her. 

That would be a dangerous amount of caffeine for anyone to consume in pill form.

For sure, it is unlikely that this is the case. But we can’t say for sure, and that is not a good thing to have to say about the safety of a product. 

We don’t know why manufacturers drive us to speculation about things like this, but when it comes to our health and safety, we have to consider the worst case scenario.

So many product tell us exactly how much caffeine we get in each serving, so why should we take a chance with a product like this. It just makes no sense. 

Consult your doctor before using this product. You have no idea how much of each ingredient is in a single serving of Shred Her. Your doctor needs to know what you are taking in case you react badly to this product. Their opinion matters much more than anything you will find online. Talk to a qualified health professional before proceeding; do not just listen to the manufacturer – they want your money, not your long-term health!


Shred Her Review Conclusion

Despite the many positive Shred Her reviews you will find online, we really don’t think this fat burner is particularly good. 

If you’ve read our entire Shred Her review, then you’ll know that we wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone who is looking for professional results and a 100% safe fat burner. 

It contains totally useless ingredients, we have no idea how much of the best ingredients we are getting, and there are some serious side effect concerns. 

These three issues, coupled with the fundamental problems posed by proprietary blends, make this product of pretty low quality. 

We think the reason it is so hyped up by some review sites is because it is seen as a specialist female fat burner. But as explained above, there is no reason for women to look for a “female fat burner”.

Men and women benefit from fat burners in the same way; the best fat burner for a man will be the best fat burner for a woman. Only when we start talking steroids do differences between the two matter. 

If you’re a woman looking for some help getting trim, be it for a fight, a lifting meet, or just for the beach, there are much better ways of achieving your goals than using this over-priced, potentially dangerous product. 

Check out our top rated supplements and find a professional-grade, high-quality, proven fat burner that looks right for you. Don’t take second-rate products just because the industry has decided that women don’t need high-quality supplements.

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