Sexy Strong BURN Review – The Best Fat Burner For Women? NO!

Sexy Strong BURN









  • Contains some potent fat burning ingredients


  • No appetite control despite claims
  • Not enough capsicum
  • Could use more green coffee bean
  • Expensive for what it is

Full Sexy Strong BURN Fat Burner Review


Product Overview – A Fat Burner For Women?

There are quite a number of product on the market at the minute which claim to be fat burners designed specifically for women. 

Sexy Strong’s BURN is just such a product. 

Sexy Strong as a brand have positioned themselves as a specialist female supplement manufacturer. They currently (at the time of writing) offer 3 products; one aimed at building muscle, one aimed at fueling workouts, and another aimed at burning fat: that’s Sexy Strong BURN. 

From the moment you see their logo, you know that this is a brand aiming at the female market:


Sexy Strong Fat Burners For Women


We know plenty of women who get really frustrated at this kind of pandering; “Oh it’s for women, right? Make it pink.” Yet we can’t be too critical of that kind of thing, because plenty of other manufacturers are guilty of it when targeting men. That doesn’t just go for supplements either; that’s advertising. 

But it does beg the question: is there really such a thing as a fat burner for women? We don’t think so. It’s different when it comes to hormonal manipulation, but when it comes to losing fat, both men and women work in largely the same way. Men have a lower body fat ‘bottom line’ than women before they get unhealthy, but that’s the only difference.

That’s why we’ll approach this Sexy Strong BURN review like we do every other fat burner review on this site.


Sexy Strong BURN Review


So, what does Sexy Strong BURN claim to do?

As you can see on the bottle, this product is supposed to deliver some key fat stripping benefits:

  • Reduced body fat
  • Reduced appetite
  • More energy
  • Better mood
  • More focus

These are all key benefits that we want from a supplement like this.

The mood and focus enhancing benefits may at first seem out of place in a fat loss supplement. But those of you who have ever done a serious diet and tried to train at the same time, especially during winter, know how important mood and motivation are to the cutting process. 

Obviously, the claim that it “melts body fat” and controls appetite are standard fare for fat burners these days, but so few supplements actually seem to be able to deliver on this front. 

So can Sexy Strong BURN deliver? Does this supplement really work? Is it the best fat burner for women out there?

There’s only one way to find out. Read our full Sexy Strong BURN review below. If you have any comments or questions, please do post them in the comments section below. Enjoy!

Sexy Strong BURN Formula

As always, the most important place to start is the formula. Every supplement comes with its own particular range of marketing ploys, but at the end of the day, the ingredients are the product. 

If the ingredients in a fat burner aren’t up to scratch, then neither is the supplement. The packaging, the advertising, the testimonials; all of ti means very little unless the ingredients can deliver on what the bottle promises you.

So do the Sexy Strong BURN ingredients up to scratch?

Here’s the full ingredient list as it should appear on the bottle:


Sexy Strong Burn Formula Review


Unsuitable For Vegetarians! Unfortunately, Sexy Strong BURN uses a gelatin capsule, which means it is unsuitable for vegetarians. Vegetarians are a minority, but they are a growing one. This is a real shame, especially since it’s so cheap for manufacturers to use a cellulose capsule instead. In fact, the capsule already contains some!


Ingredients Review

On the whole, this is a really impressive formula. There is no doubt that the manufacturers have made some excellent decisions in choosing their ingredients. Using this supplement on a regular basis for a definite period will no doubt help you reach your body composition goals much faster than you would be able to from diet and exercise alone.

That said, there are still some ‘dead weight’ ingredients which have no real business being in a fat burning supplement. But since the supplement doesn’t use a proprietary blend, there’s no chance that these ingredients have been thrown in to stuff the formula. 

Some of the best ingredients could also be dosed a little higher, and it could certainly do with an ingredient to decrease appetite, such as glucomannan. 

But on the whole, Sexy Strong BURN looks really good. 

So why do we like this supplement so much?

The green coffee bean extract dosage is just right. Standardized to be 50% concentrated, the green coffee bean extract in Sexy Strong BURN gives us 200mg of chlorogenic acid.

It is the chlorogenic acid in green coffee beans which gives them their fat burning properties. Many people believe it reduces the absorption of simple sugars, but we believe that it is more likely that it simply inhibits a large insulin response to simple sugar ingestion. 

In any case, it has been proven in more than one study to be an effective fat burner


Green Tea For Fat Loss ECGC Catechin


The green tea leaf extract also looks great. 

Standradized to be 98% polyphenols, we’re getting plenty of health-boosting goodness for our money here. But from a fat loss perspective, we’re more interested in the ECGC; a catechin known to have a significant effect on body fat levels. One fascinating study found that ECGC supplementation was able to have a slight but positive impact on waistline size

The 40% extract in Sexy Strong BURN gives us 100mg of ECGC, which is just fine, although it is lower than some other supplements out there. 

-Fat Burner Supplement Guide-


It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to figure out where Chocamine comes from!

Chocamine is simply a branded cocoa extract (or cacao extract depending on how fancy you want to sound). 

Chocamine is designed as a stripped down version of cocoa; it supposedly retains all of the compounds that make chocolate so good for us, while getting rid of all the bad stuff and empty calories!

The compound we’re most interested in is theobromine. Theobromine is thought to work in a very similar fashion to caffeine, but without the side effect risks associated with caffeine consumption. It is thought to be more sustainable than caffeine. It shares the relaxing effects of caffeine as well. However, it is much weaker than caffeine; weaker by a factor of 10 to be exact. It is interesting to see this stuff in a fat burner, but we always would have just preferred some extra caffeine if extra energy was necessary. 


Sexy Strong BURN Ingredients Review Cocoa Extract


This brings us neatly onto caffeine anhydrous

This is just caffeine with all the water molecules removed, making it more potent on a gram for gram basis than regular caffeine. The 200mg in Sexy Strong BURN is plenty to keep you focused and energized all day long, which makes the Cocoa extract a little unnecessary in our opinion

Dicaffein Malate is a strange one. 

This is essentially just caffeine and malic acid fused together. We believe concentrations vary, but generally you’ll get 75% caffeine and 25% malic acid. 

So is it like taking both caffeine and malic acid at the same time? No, not necessarily.

When you combine two substances, their properties do not combine. A compound almost always behaves differently in the body than its constituent parts would. A good example of this would be carbon and oxygen; harmless alone but don’t inhale any carbon monoxide any time soon. Add in another oxygen molecule though and you have a compound you breathe in every single breath. 

User reports of dicaffeine malate corroborate this to some degree. Once again, we’d just prefer more caffeine anhydrous so we know where we stand. 

Once again we find ourselves talking about raspberry ketones

Including “ketones” of any kind in a formula sounds great; everybody is crazy for ketogensis at the minute (don’t get us started). 

But raspberry ketones have absolutely nothing, you heard us, NOTHING to do with the keto diet. 

As far as we know, there is no evidence, and we mean real, robust scientific evidence, that raspberry ketones help reduce body fat or enhance athletic performance in humans. We are open minded of course, but until we see evidence, we must conclude that this stuff is useless. 


-Steady State Cardio or HIIT For Fat Loss?-


Now we get to perhaps the most intriguing ingredient in Sexy Strong BURN; Quercetin.

If you haven’t heard of Quercetin before, you aren’t alone, Only the biggest science-geek in our team had any idea what this stuff was when we first saw the label.

Quercetin is a flavanoid antioxidant, although it can more usefully be thought of as a plant pigment. It is found in tomatoes, berries, dark, leafy greens, and so on. It is what gives these fruits and vegetables their intense, vibrant color.

Quercetin is thought to be an incredibly powerful anti-oxidant, with general health and longevity-promoting properties. While it is possible to get all you need in your diet, many people don’t, and some people choose to supplement with it anyway.

When dieting, you run a slightly elevated risk of not getting all of your micro-nutrients; your vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and the like. Well, if you aren’t very careful and organized that is. Seeing a potent anti-oxidant like this in a fat burner is very welcome indeed. 

Capsimax is very standard stuff in a modern, high quality fat burner, and that’s what we want to see. 

Capsicum extract is known to trigger thermogensis when taken in appropriate amounts. This thermogenesis raises body temperature, which in turn forces the body to work harder to keep cool. That raises your resting caloric expenditure, which in turn speeds up your rate of fat loss. 

However, 50mg is nowhere near enough of this stuff. The best fat burners contain around 100mg, twice as much as Sexy Strong’s BURN. 

Capsicum extract Sexy Strong BURN Ingredients Review

Like raspberry ketones, Synephrine is found in so many fat burners these days, yet there is little evidence that it is effective at enhancing fat loss or athletic performance in humans. 

We believe that the reason this stuff is so popular is that it behaves very similarly to ephedrine in the human body. The problem is that it is dramatically weaker. No human studies exist showing synephrine contributing to fat oxidation in human beings. Until we see any such studies, our position remains highly skeptical.

In any case, 30mg is hardly taking up a great deal of the formula. 

BioPerine is always welcome in a fat burner. It helps with the absorption of nutrients from food, which is key when dieting.


Sexy Strong BURN Side Effects

The only real cause for concern in Sexy Strong BURN is the amount of caffeine.

Caffeine anhydrous alone at a dose of 200mg is not particularly problematic. That is of course supposing that you aren’t sensitive to caffeine and you are aware of the mild side effects that come with high caffeine consumption. This is also assuming that you don’t have any existing health concerns that make caffeine consumption dangerous.

For most of you, 200mg isn’t anything to worry about. 

However, there is also theobromine and dicaffeine malate in this supplement. 

Theobromine is a very weak stimulant, and dicaffeine malate doesn’t seem to work like other forms of caffeine (as it has a different structure). But is is still a concern. We would have liked to have seen some theanine in this stack to counter the caffeine. 

In any case, please monitor how you feel on this stack very closely and discontinue use if you experience any side effects.

Please talk to your doctor before beginning any new supplement regimen, particularly when it contains things like caffeine. Your doctor can give you better advice than anything you find online, so do not put your health at risk no mater how safe a supplement seems.


Sexy Strong BURN Review Conclusion – Is This The Best Female Fat Burner?

This stack contains some absolutely superb fat burning ingredients at really solid doses. It should be very effective at increasing the rate of fat loss for most of you.

There are some things that we would change, however. For starters, we can’t see any real appetite control in the formula, despite it being mentioned as a benefit in the marketing literature. 

Secondly, while the dosage of certain ingredients is very good, others could do with a more generous helping. Here, the capsicum is the biggest culprit, but there could also be more green coffee bean and green tea extract for our liking. 

Finally, some ingredients are pretty impotent when it comes to fat burning. As you will know if you have read our full Sexy Strong BURN review, Synephrine and raspberry ketones are the two we have in mind most clearly here. 

There is one question which needs answering still: is this a female fat burner?

We can’t be too clear about this: there is nothing in this formula that makes it particularly or exclusively useful to women looking to lose body fat. Change the label to something seen as appealing to men, and it would still be just as effective as a fat burner. 

Female fat burners and male fat burners are all just fat burners; they either assist with fat loss or they don’t. No product will burn lots of fat for women and not for men, and vice versa. Just look for the best ingredients and the best value for money and you’ll do great. 

If you’re looking for a great fat burner, then there’s no reason not to give Sexy Strong BURN a try. But if you’re looking for the best female fat burner, there is no reason to look for products sold as “female fat burners”. Just look for the best fat burner.

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