Rockstar Skinny Gal Review – A Fat Burner Just For Women?

Skinny Gal









  • Thinly stretched prop blend
  • Garbage ingredients
  • Some side effect risks

Full Rockstar Skinny Gal Review


We are always immediately skeptical of a fat burner when we see that it is advertised as “for women”.

In reality, there is no such thing as a “female fat burner”. If a fat loss aid works well for men, it will work for women too. There are no significasntly different requirements between the two sexes, unless of course we’re talking about anabolic steroid use.

Men and women have slightly different training requirements if they want to be truly optimal, but broadly speaking most indidivuals don’t need to go this in-depth. What works for men works for women.

So our Rockstar Skinny Gal review will not differ from our other fat burner reviews.

Rockstar might make their marketing materials specifically appealing to women, but we don’t listen to any of that stuff.

We focus on fundamentals; ingredients, doses, side effects, scientific evidence.


Skinny Gal review


So, without further ado, what is Skinny Gal all about?

What is it supposed to do?

Like every other fat burner on the market today, Skinny Gal is described as a “thermogenic”.

We don’t remember the last time a fat burner wasn’t described as a thermogenic. The reason this is so common is because thermogenesis is a reliable way to accelerate fat loss. The problem is that a very small % of supplements actually induce thermogenesis.

According to Rockstar, Skinny Gal is able to bring about rapid body fat loss in a safe, reliable manner.

It has supposedly been designed specifically for women, although as explained above, this is impossible.

It is often marketed as a stanalone treatment for excess body fat. Again, this is not true, but most fat burners make little mention of diet and exerfcise in the interest of making sales.

By now you probably want us to just get on and start answering your questions about this product:

Does Skinny Gal work?

Will it cause side effects?

How does it compare to the best fat burners on the market today?

Is this a good option for women cutting? Or should they use the best stack for everyone?

Find out by reading our full Skinny Gal review below. We look at everything from ingredients to what other people are saying about Rockstar Skinny Gal (an whether we can trust them). Let us know what you think in the comments section at the end.

Skinny Gal Formula

Here is the Skinny Gal ingredient list as it looks on the side of the bottle:


Skinny Gal formula analysis


As you can see, we’re dealing with a proprietary blend here.

Sure, some ingredients are listed individually, but the vast majority of them are all thrown together in a thinly stretched proprietary blend.

Proprietary blends essentially mean that a manufacturer thinks you;re an idiot.

They’re saying to you: “Why should we tell you what’s in each serving? You’re too dumb to understand. Just do as we say and buy it!”

The reason why manufacturers use proprietary blends is because their formula is nothing to be proud of.

If it was a strength of the product, then they’d shout it from the rooftops, right?

If you were proud of your formula, wouldn’t you use it as a selling point?

Nobody steals another product’s formula. That just doesn’t happen. Why would it happen? We know exactly how these ingredients should be dosed to deliver optimal effects.

Not all proprietary blends are as bad as each other, of course. Some are passable, others are criminal.

Where does the Skinny Gal formula stand?

Well, we’re skipping the usual “what we like” section, because there isn’t anything we like here!

What We Don’t Like

We think that the Rockstar Skinny Gal formula is absolutely terrible. We don’t think we’re being unfair here; there isn’t a single thing that we like about this product.

Of the ingredients that it lists individually, there isn’t one that has serious scientific backing. The doses are minuscule for a start. But even if the doses were good then we still wouldn’t expect much.

Take Garcinia Cambogia.

This stuff is so heavily hyped it’s unbelievable.

It’s unbelievable because there isn’t a shred of robust scientific evidence telling us that this fruit extract does anything to influence fat loss.

We think so many bloggers love this stuff because manufacturers pay them to love it.


Skinny Gal ingredients Garcinia Cambogia


Another example is white kidney bean extract.

We challenge any of our readers to find a convincing, independent, clinical trial showing this stuff as having a positive effect on fat loss.

In our long career of reviewing bodybuilding supplements, we have never seen any concrete evidence that white kidney bean extract does anything at all, not just for fat loss, but for athletic performance, muscularity, anything.

The fact that these ingredients are the only ones to show their respective serving sizes is very worrying.

This brings us on to the biggest problem with Skinny Gal: the over-strecthed proprietary blend.

The Skinny Gal proprietary blend is stretched fat too thin. We have just 235mg split between 12 separate ingredients.

That means that each ingredients has an average serving size of under 20mg.

That doesn’t mean that each ingredient is definitely served at just under 20mg.

It means that if any ingredient is dosed above 20mg, then another ingredient needs to be dosed below 20mg.


Caffeine anhydrous Skinny Gal ingredients analysis


Does that sound like a powerful fat burner?

No, no it does not.

If you look at the individual ingredients in the Skinny Gal proprietary blend, you’ll see that the best of them need to be dosed well above 100mg per day to have a sizable impact on your fat loss progress.

If you are a professional, natural bodybuilder and you need some help getting rid of your last few pounds of bodyfat before a show, 20mg of Cayenne Pepper isn’t going to make a big difference.

20mg of caffeine anhydrous per day isn’t going to keep you fired up throughout the day and in the gyum.

Sure, these two ingredients might be dosed more generously, but that leave the rest of the formula dosed into impotency.

If these two ingredients are dosed how they really need to be, then the rest of the ingredients are pretty much at 0mg.


-The Raspberry Ketones Scam-

Skinny Gal Side Effects

While we don’t think it’s very likely that any ingredients in the Skinny Gal proprietary blend are dosed particularly high, it is still a fact that any ingredient could be dosed as high as 234mg.

That means that a single serving of Skinny Gal could provide over 200mg of caffeine anhydrous.

That is an enormous amount for anyone to consume in a single sitting.

Many fat burners provide more than this per day, but they insist that their servings be broken up evenly throughout the day. That is how professionals use supplements. Stuffing yourself full of caffeine in a short space of time is very dangerous. it causes a massively elevated heart rate, high blood pressure, and many more side effects that can have dire consequences.

it is very important that you look at every individual ingredient in Skinny Gal and make sure that you do not have an allergy.

Look at what each ingredient does and check to see if it is safe to consume for you.

That means asking yourself if you have any pre-existing conditions, ailments, or sensitivities which might make this ingredient dangerous.

As always, talk to a doctor before using something like Rockstar Skinny Gal fat burner. Do not take medical advice from the internet, talk to a real doctor.

If you have a weight management issue, you don’t need fat burners! These products are for serious, experienced athletes! They are not a short-cut to fat loss; that’s not how they work!

Rockstar Skinny Gal Review Conclusion

We’re really unimpressed with this fat burner.

If you’ve read our full Skinny Gal review then you’ll know we’re appalled by the low doses used here.

The individually dosed ingredients are both useless and dosed far lower than the industry average.

The proprietary blend is full of garbage ingredients that do nothing.

The chances that the good ingredients are dosed properly in this blend is very slim. It would mean every other ingredient being dosed at near 0mg.

At the end of the day, why has the manufacturer not told us the exact formula specifications?

If it’s a good formula, why not brag about it? Every manufacturer who is proud of their product does.

If you want serious assistance during your next cut, then use a professionally-formulated fat burner formulated for both men and women.

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  1. Kathi Dolan

    I bought skinny gal rockstar thermogenic. The directions say take one pill in am and with meal it doesn’t say MEALS it says MEAL! Could you please clear up this dilemma? Is it 2 per day or 4??????

    1. Caryn Ollyborne

      Why would you post your question here? They gave it a terrible review. Just read the instructions.

      1. FBDTeam (Post author)

        For the same reason you published your question here? To get an answer?

        Do you think you should avoid asking questions of people who have a negative view of something? Do you seriously believe that the manufacturer’s instructions tell you everything you could possibly need to know?


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