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  • Bloated proprietary blend
  • Contains an unknown amount of caffeine
  • Caffeine dose could be seriously dangerous for all we know
  • Contains totally useless ingredients

Full PhenELITE Review


PhenELITE is an incredibly popular fat loss supplement right now.

Thousands of people search for information on this product every month. But unfortunately, many of the PhenELITE reviews out there are less than helpful. Some are clearly biased, while others provide almost no useful information.

So, we’ve done a very detailed PhenELITE review to ensure you have all the info you need to make the right buying decision.


PhenELITE Review


PhenELITE is described on the bottle as delivering “extreme weight loss & appetite suppression”.

On the official Amazon merchant page, we see more details on what users can expect:

  • More energy
  • Enhanced concentration
  • Accelerated fat loss
  • Appetite suppression

We really don’t like products that promise appetite suppression. We look for hunger control instead.

That’s quite simply because, as you get ready for a show or a fight, your training and diet need to be right on point.

You need to be able to eat the right amount of food at the right time.

You can’t have your appetite artificially suppressed to the point where you can’t eat on schedule.

But we’re being a little harsh here. Maybe the manufacturers have just worded this sloppily. Maybe PhenELITE is a great fat burner. There’s really only one way to find out!

This is our full PhenELITE review. In it, we look at the ingredients in this popular fat loss supplement, their doses, and their associated risks. We look at what PhenELITE is able to do, and what it can’t. Finally, we compare it to other stacks on the market today.

If you get to the end of the review and you still have questions, let us know in the comments section at the bottom! We always try to get back to you within 48 hours.

PhenELITE Formula

Let’s examine the PhenELITE formula in more detail to see if it can deliver on the promises made by the manufacturer:


PhenELITE formula


Well, that is really disappointing.

For such a popular supplement, we really expected more than a bloated, undifferentiated proprietary blend.

We strongly dislike proprietary blends, and we think you should too.

We think they are a manufacturer simply saying: “Hey, stupid consumers, stop thinking and just do as we say! You don’t need to know what’s in these capsules; just give us your money and take them!”

There is no justifiable reason for manufcaturers to use proprietary blends. Formula theft just doesn’t happen; there’s nothing special in PhenELITE anyway.

The reason manufcaturers use them is to hide the fact that the best ingredients in their formulas are dosed in trace amounts, with the bulk of the formula being made up of cheap ‘fillers’.

Proprietary blends stop us from knowing if a product is likely to be effective or not.

Even the best ingredient is only effective if it is dosed above a minimum threshold. Prop blends prevent us from knowing if this minimum dose has been achieved – suspicious, hey?

So what about the PhenELITE blend in particular?

How does it compare to other fat burners that use proprietary blends?

As far as we’re concerned, it doesn’t compare very well.

Aside from the fundamental problem that we have no idea how any of the best ingredients are dosed, we have some distinct issues with the PhenELITE blend that put us off using it.


Main Issue – Useless Ingredients

The PhenELITE blend contains some completely useless ingredients.

It is perfectly feasible for these ingredients to make up the vast majority of the formula.

After all, we don’t know how the formula is balanced, so any 1 ingredient could easily make up 99% of the blend.

In our experience, manufacturers don’t like it when we speculate like this. But it’s not our job to think the best of them. It’s our job to make sure you consider the worst possible case scenario. If they want us to stop speculating, they should stop treating their customers like children and reveal the formula in full!

That 99% of the blend could be taken up by totally pointless substances is really worrying.

Take Grapefruit Powder, for example.

This stuff does not belong in a serious, modern fat burner.

As far as we know, there isn’t a single concrete scientific study showing grapefruit powder as having any effect on body fat levels.

We aren’t even aware of people claiming that grapefruit juice makes a good addition to a diet.

For all we know, in buying PhenELITE you could easily be paying for 1,199mg of Grapefruit Powder; hardly a good deal!


Grapefruit powder PhenELITE formula review


Another example is Raspberry Ketones.

As we explained in this pretty detailed article, raspberry ketones are one of the biggest scams going on in the supplement industry right now.

Basically, raspberry ketones have nothing to do with he ketones in your body.

They are the molecules that make raspberries smell like raspberries.

They have no fat burning properties whatsoever.

They are often found in fat burners because 1) they sound like they have something to do with ketosis, and 2) they are very, very, very cheap.

We could go on with practically every other ingredient in PhenELITE.

Some of these ingredients have been promoted as amazing body fat melters. But in reality none of them have been proven to work in the lab.


-The Raspberry Ketones Myth-


Another Problem – Serious Side Effect Risks!

The exception to this is, of course, caffeine anhydrous.

But with caffeine anhydrous in this blend, we have a whole new set of problems.

As with any ingredient in a proprietary blend, it is possible that caffeine anhydrous makes up most of if not almost all of the 1200mg serving size.

We cannot say otherwise for sure.

That means that each serving of PhenELITE could deliver over 1,000mg of caffeine anhydrous.

That is unbelievably dangerous.

Caffeine is an immensely powerful stimulant.

Yes, people consume it on a daily basis, but usually in small amounts and in combination with things like fibre, lots of water, and so on which slow down absorption.

Even in small amounts, we’re sure you are aware of how big an effect caffeine can have on you both physically and mentally.

In larger amounts, caffeine can cause serious side effects, from elevated heart rate and high blood pressure to severe anxiety and insomnia.

In large amounts, caffeine can be acutely fatal, causing serious cardiac events like a heart attack.

We really can’t overstate the risks of heavy caffeine consumption here.


Caffeine PhenELITE ingredients


We think anything over about 400mg of caffeine anhydrous consumed PER DAY is pushing the risk of side effects too far.

Less than 400mg per day is likely safe so long as you spread this out evenly over 16-24 hours, but above that and you are probably going to experience something unwanted.

Anything over about 200mg in a single capsule is going to cause side effects to some degree, be that light headedness, serious jitters, heart palpitations, or something more serious if you have a low tolerance for caffeine.

Consuming anything close to 1,000mg in a single capsule is downright stupid in our opinion. For point of reference, that is the equivalent of 5 cans of Monster energy drink in one capsule.

A dose approaching 1,000mg in a single sitting could easily be fatal.

In fact, people have died from much lower doses of caffeine before.

There could conceivably be 1,000mg of caffeine anhydrous or there abouts in each serving of PhenELITE.

Until we know for sure how much caffeine we get in each serving of PhenELITE, we advise everyone to stay well away from this product.

The numbers quoted above are rough estimates, not medical guidelines. How much caffeine you can tolerate depends upon your own specific circumstances; your tolerance level, your diet, and your overall lifestyle. One person’s safe caffeine limit is not necessarily yours. We think it is always best to start very low with caffeine and gradually work your way up.

As always, we think it is absolutely vital that you talk to a qualified medical doctor before using this supplement. That means talking with your regular family physician who knows you and your medical history.

Do not gamble with your health!

Do not use supplements with unknown quantities of caffeine!


-Female Fat Burners: Is There A Real Difference?-

PhenELITE Review Conclusion – Should You Buy It?

There are a lot of risks here with very little in the way of reward.

Most of the ingredients do nothing at the best of times.

But here we don’t even know how they are dosed.

To make matters worse, there is an unknown quantity of caffeine anhydrous in each serving of PhenELITE.

With a total blend size of 1,200mg, there could conceivably be 1,199mg of caffeine anhydrous in each serving of PhenELITE.

We shouldn’t need to tell you that this isn’t something you want to try. It will end badly!

Even if the dose is around 200mg, you are still highly likely to experience side effects of some description.

We think anyone looking to accelerate their fat loss and make the most of their next cut should opt for a more transparent, scientifically-validated and considerably safer fat burner.

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