Performix SST Review – Waste Of MONEY! Cheap Prop Blend

Performix SST









  • Huperzine A heightens focus
  • Large serving of caffeine


  • Big proprietary blend
  • Dud, unproven ingredients
  • Caffeine content might be too large for some users
  • Missing some staple fat burning ingredients
  • No appetite control


Full Performix SST Review


Product Overview – What Is Performix SST?

Performix is easily one of the biggest bodybuilding supplement brands in the world. They aren’t a household name like Optimum Nutrition or MyProtein (if you’re in the UK), but these guys make some of the most popular sports supplements on the market. Their range includes all the usual suspects; whey protein powders, pre-workouts, and several different fat burners.

What is Performix SST supposed to do?

Who is it designed for exactly?


Performix SST box


As you can see on the box, SST stands for “suspension super thermogenic”. This is a reference to Performix’s TERRA “intelligent dosing” system. Performix makes a big deal about their capsules that stagger the release of certain ingredients. We don’t know how much of a difference this will make in terms of end results, but it’s certainly an interesting feature of their products.

If we look at the official website, we see that this product is designed to deliver the following key benefits:

  • “Ballistic” body energy
  • Enhanced mental focus
  • Accelerated fat metabolism

These are three really important things for a fat burner to deliver.

Most fat loss supplements on the market today concentrate exclusively on ramping up lipolysis (fat burning) and decreasing appetite. But it’s just as important that they help keep you focused and energized throughout your day, and through your workouts too.

There’s no mention of appetite anywhere on the website or on the box. That’s a real concern for us – any fat burner worth its salt should have some kind of hunger-controlling component.

But hey, you can’t have it all, right?!

The question we now need to answer is, does Performix SST really work?

Does it do all of the things it says it can?

Is Performix SST safe? What are the main side effect risks?

Are there other supplements out there that do the same things but better, or for less money?

Find out by reading our full Performix SST fat burner review below. We look at the ingredients, doses used, and the main side effect risks. If you have any questions – or if you want to share your experience with this product – let us know in the comments section at the end. We’ll try to get back to you as soon as we can!


Performix SST Ingredients – Does The Formula Deliver?

Let’s check out the Performix SST formula:


Ingredients list


That is NOT what a high quality fat burner’s formula looks like.

We really expected more from Performix’s leading fat burner.

SST is one of the most popular fat loss aids on the market; people have been saying some awesome things about it on the major bodybuilding forums, and we’ve even seen several people using it in gym locker rooms.

So we were always going to be disappointed when we saw this big, bloated, homogeneous proprietary blend.

This isn’t even a passable formula by proprietary blend standards – it contains some ineffective, over-hyped ingredients, and some obvious filler ingredients too. There isn’t much in here to help accelerate lipolysis.

We are told how big the caffeine dose is, which is good.

There are some solid natural fat burners in here too.

Some ingredients will help keep you focused, depending on the dose (which we don’t know).

But overall, this is not a product we would recommend to anyone wanting to optimize their next cutting phase. We certainly wouldn’t recommend it to any bodybuilders, MMA fighters, or power athletes looking for help making weight for a contest. 


What We Like

  • Large serving of caffeine
  • Huperzine A effective at promoting focus

We aren’t impressed with this fat burner on the whole. But there are some good things about it that we should point out.

For one thing, each serving provides a large serving of caffeine anhydrous: 200mg to be exact.

That is a very generous serving of caffeine anhydrous.

If you are consuming all 200mg in a single sitting, then it is probably going to be too much for you.

To give you a rough idea of how much caffeine that is, it is slightly more than you will get from 2-3 shots of espresso. And that’s naturally-occurring caffeine, not refined, purified caffeine anhydrous.

For pretty much all of you, that is going to far too much caffeine. We don’t think anybody will escape side effects from 200mg of potent caffeine anhydrous in a single dose.

BUT, if you split up your 2 capsule dose of Performix SST and take them at two different times of day, then the likelihood of side effects falls significantly.

100mg of caffeine, taken twice per day (maybe once in the morning and once right before a workout) will help keep you energized, focused, and motivated all day long; that means better performance both in work and at the gym. 

Consuming pure caffeine anhydrous is likely to cause at least mild side effects in the vast majority of users. Check out the side effects section below for more on this.


What We Don’t Like

  • Big, bloated prop blend
  • Bogus ingredients
  • No appetite control

There are a hell of a lot of things that we dislike about this fat burner.

The main problem is probably the use of a proprietary blend. 

There’s no good reason to hide your ingredient serving sizes behind a prop blend. Formula theft does not happen. It just doesn’t. Lots of other supplements reveal their full formula specs on the bottle. Most of the leading bodybuilding supplement brands are PROUD of their ingredient serving sizes. They plaster the doses all over their websites and all over the bottle.

Now, if these guys can make truckloads of cash, we have to wonder why some manufacturers have chosen to hide their individual ingredient doses from potential customers.

Whether it’s because they’re too scared of the big bad market, or because they’re hiding the truth they know will lead to fewer sales, we don’t care. 

Other products offer transparency. These guys can’t. We know where our money’s going to go!


Synephrine from bitter orange


We think you should always stay well away from prop blends. They’re always going to give you poor value for money. They’re usually a blatant rip off. But the Performix SST prop blend has some specific problems that we need to talk about.

One of these is the fact that it uses over-hyped, ineffective, unproven ingredients, and we have no idea how much of these ingredients we get in each serving. 

Take bitter orange for example.

This is a common ingredient in fat burning supplements. It is typically used for its synephrine content.

Synephrine is a compound that is said to be “structurally similar” to ephedrine, a powerful stimulant and fat burning agent. Indeed, synephrine does look like edhedrine when you look at the molecular structure.


If you look at hydrogen peroxide and dihydrogen monoxide (water) next to one another, they look pretty damn similar. Yet one is safe to drink, and the other is used to bleach hair.



There is no reason to believe that synephrine acts at all like ephedrine just because it appears to be “structurally similar” when drawn as a diagram.

Nor is there any compelling scientific proof that synephrine helps with fat loss. We are yet to see a single independent clinical trial, conducted on humans, in which synephrine accelerated fat loss.

Synephrine is one of those substances that is all hype and no bite. 

And we have no idea how much synephrine we get from each serving of Performix SST. For all we know, this formula could be 70, 80, even 90% synephrine. 

We could go on and on about all of the dud, unproven, over-hyped ingredients in this supplement.

Ashwagandha doesn’t do much.

Yohimbine lacks concrete scientific proof.

Mucuna Puriens isn’t thought to have any effect on fat loss whatsoever.

You get the idea.

There’s a lot in this fat burner not contributing to your goals. That’s stuff you’re paying for, while getting absolutely nothing in return.


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Another serious problem with Performix SST has nothing to do with what it does contain. It is more about what it doesn’t contain.

Performix SST is missing any of the ingredients we consider to be the best natural fat burners in existence (beyond exercise, that is). It is missing any of the staple fat burners we find in every top quality fat loss aid today!

There’s no major appetite suppressant in here; no Glucomannan or African Mango Extract.

There isn’t anything to help you actually mobilize fat; no green tea extract or purified EGCG.

There’s nothing to encourage thermogenesis; no capsaicin, for example, or even any chili powder.

There’s just none of the ingredients we look for in every fat burning supplement these days. These ingredients are real staples. They’re easy to procure, they’re safe, and they really work. Performix SST doesn’t give us any!


Performix SST Side Effects – Is It Safe?

The main concern when it comes to Performix SST and side effects is the caffeine content.

As mentioned above, we get a sizable dose of caffeine from each serving of this fat burner. Each 2 capsule serving gives us 200mg of purified caffeine anhydrous. Caffeine anhydrous is stronger than regular caffeine by weight, because it has had all of its water molecules removed.

Now, lots of you will think that this isn’t a lot of caffeine.

Well, it is. Caffeine is an incredibly powerful stimulant. It has immediate and wide ranging effects. Anything above 50mg in a single dose is going to cause at least mild side effects in most users.

200mg is as much caffeine you get from 2-3 espressos. At this dose, side effects are likely to include:

  • Headaches
  • Anxiety
  • Hypertension
  • Irritability
  • Lack of focus
  • Jitters
  • Sweating
  • Dizziness
  • Light headedness
  • Shortness of breath

Chronic caffeine abuse can have lasting effects, like an elevated risk of heart disease and chronic insomnia.

Caffeine overdose can be fatal if acute.


It is vital that you calculate your existing caffeine intake before adding in any more through Performix SST. 200mg might sound like a reasonable dose to you, but if you’re already consuming lots of coffee, tea, and caffeine-loaded pre-workout supplements, that 200mg can put you over the edge into dangerous territory. Calculate your existing caffeine intake carefully and, if you choose to use Performic SST, maybe cut out 200mg from elsewhere in your diet.

The use of bitter orange extracts is also a bit of a worry for us here.

We don’t think these extracts do anything, but the people who sell them claim that they work in a similar way to ephedrine.

If true, that would be a real problem. Ephedrine is a drug used to treat allergic reactions and asthma. It is not something to be playing around with. We don’t think this is the case, but if synephrine works in any way like ephedrine, side effects are going to be a concern.

Talk to a doctor before using this stuff!


You need to consider the following facts while reading our fat burner reviews:

  • We aren’t doctors
  • This isn’t medical advice
  • You need to do your own research and consult your regular family doctor before using any fat loss supplements

Stay safe; talk to your doctor about your plans before you use any of the supplements discussed on this site.


Performix SST Review Summary – Should You Use It?

We wouldn’t recommend this fat burner to anybody looking to get more out of their next cut.

If you are looking for help making your next fat loss phase more effective or easier, then there are much better options out there than Performix SST.

It doesn’t contain any of the staple fat burning agents we expect from modern fat loss supplements.

Its formula is listed as a big prop blend. Some of the ingredients are total duds. That means that the formula could be 99% dud ingredients for all we know (caffeine excluded).

If you want value for money, look elsewhere. This is a seriously disappointing fat burner. 

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