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  • Transparent formula
  • Contains good serving of GCBE


  • Many ingredients unproven
  • Anti-diabetic effects are no what we want from a fat burner
  • Not available from manufacturer website

Full Burn24 Review

Product Overview

Burn24 is a fat loss supplement made by Omega Sports.

Omega Sports was founded in 2003, and according to their mission statement, they have purposefully set out to avoid relying on the marketing hype and hyperbole used by other manufacturers to sell supplement. Instead, we are told that the company has simply set out to create the best products possible, and to let those products speak for themselves. 

Omega Sports do make other supplements, including a creatine supplement and a testosterone booster. But Burn24 seems to be their best known offering. 

Omega Sports Burn24 Review

Now let’s focus on Burn24 itself. What is this supplement supposed to do, exactly? What makes it different to any other fat burner on the market today?

According to Omega Sports, Burn24 has a number of attributes which really make it stand out from the crowd. These include:

  • Improves insulin sensitivity
  • Inhibits the formation of new fat cells
  • Burns fat without stimulants
  • Helps move nutrients TO muscles and AWAY from fat cells
  • A fully transparent formula


The Burn24 page also speaks about something called “insulin ‘super’ desensitization”. If you’ve never heard of that, don’t worry; neither have we. We’ll look at this in more detail later on in the review.

Now, for a company that says its entire purpose is to move away from ludicrous promises, these are some pretty incredible claims. A product that can do all of these things, and treat a condition that we’ve never heard of before, would be truly ground-breaking. 

But since Omega Sports are so emphatic that they don’t over-hype their products, we can’t just assume that this is the usual, hyperbolic nonsense we see associated with poor quality products. The Burn24 formula must be really something to deliver on these claims.  

We’re expecting great things here, so let’s get down to it. Here’s our full Burn24 review. We’ll start by taking a look at the formula, and comparing it to the claims made on the Omega Sports website. 


Burn24 Formula

Before we start discussing the formula and how it works in detail, you’ll want to check out the label for yourself. Here it is:


Burn24 Formula Review


There are plenty of ingredients there that most of you will be unfamiliar with. It is certainly quite a unique product, at least more so than the majority of fat burners reviewed on this site. 

Let’s talk more about the formula; what we like, what we don’t like, and how it could be better. 

No Proprietary Blend – Big Bonus

Omega Sports state very clearly on their site that they believe in transparency, and here they definitely deliver. 

Burn24 Formula Contains No Proprietary BlendsThe entire Burn24 formula is revealed right there on the label.

This shouldn’t be something that we make a big deal about, but SO MANY fat burners use proprietary blends that we really do need to point it out when a manufacturer decides to disclose what’s in their products. 

The reason we hate proprietary blends is the same reason that Omega Sports talk about on the Burn24 page; they are commonly used to disguise cheap manufacturing costs.

Manufacturers can find an ingredient that is cheap to buy in large quantities, and they can then use that to bulk up their blend. The more expensive ingredients can then be thrown in, but in negligible quantities. The expensive, typically more effective ingredients can then still be listed in the formula, but customers have no idea how little they are actually getting for their money. 

Proprietary blends also really irritate us because there is no reason for a manufacturer to use them. Are they seriously worried about some other supplement company “stealing” their mystical caffeine anhydrous dosage? Everyone knows that it works best dosed somewhere between 150mg and 350mg. Not only that, but the most successful (and lucrative) products all reveal their formulas on the label. If one manufacturer can make money doing it, so can all of them. 

Omega Sports even go one better, telling us that their Green Coffee Bean extract contains just a few milligrams of caffeine. This is great, because sometimes, when a manufacturer says “no stimulants”, it actually means “no synthetic stimulants”.


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The Ingredients

As we stated above, many of you will be unfamiliar with some of the ingredients in Burn24, so here is a brief overview of each ingredient and what it does:


Green Coffee Bean Extract

This stuff is found in most fat burners today, which is unquestionably a good thing. 

Green coffee bean contains a very special compound called chlorogenic acid. This stuff is a well-known and devastatingly effective fat loss aid. 

Lots of people don’t seem to know how it works, but we believe that its main mechanism is insulin inhibition. Basically, chlorogenic acid may stop you getting extreme insulin spikes when you eat carbohydrates or proteins like whey. As such, your body doesn’t get an intense “store” command, and you are able to better keep the pounds off. 

That Omega Sports have standardized their chlorogenic acid content is great. 250mg seems about right for this supplement. 


Momordica Charantia Extract

This one may actually not be as alien to you if we tell you its other name: bitter melon!

We haven’t seen this stuff in a fat burner before. In fact, we’re not even sure that this stuff has been used in a bodybuilding supplement before. We’ve certainly never heard of it before now!

It has been used for centuries to alleviate complaints such as nausea and intestinal trouble, and in some areas it is used to help treat the symptoms of malaria (ref). 

As far as we can tell, the reason this is included in Burn24 is because it has attracted clinical attention for its supposedly anti-diabetic effects. 

However, as the study linked above points out, concrete research on this substance is pretty thin at present. More definitely needs to be done. 


Burn24 Ingredients Review Bitter Melon


Berberine Hydrochloride

Berberine HCL is another substance thought to have anti-diabetic effects. 

Unlike with bitter melon, however, the anti-diabetic effects of berberine are well-documented and well-studied. In fact, some researchers believe that taking 1,500mg of berberine over the course of a day may be as effective at treating Type II Diabetes as some pharmaceutical-grade drugs (at least according to 

For example, this study concludes quite emphatically that “Berberine is effective and safe in the treatment of type 2 diabetes and dyslipidemia”. 

Another study (ref) found that “Berberine appeared to be efficacious for treating hyperglycaemia”. 

However, treating diabetes and helping people lose body fat are two very, VERY different things.

Burn24 is not an anti-diabetic drug. It is a fat loss supplment, designed for athletes, bodybuilders, etc. 

The jury is still out as to whether or not this ingredient has any bone fide fat burning properties. 


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Bergenin is an interesting one. 

According to Omega Sports, Bergenin makes it very difficult for your body to “create, and store, more fat”. They go on to state that Bergenin “inhibits your body’s ability to convert glucose into body fat”. 

Unfortunately, though, we can’t find a single study showing that bergenin does this. Plenty of websites back up the claims of Omega Sports, but these websites don’t provide any sources or references, and many claim that bergenin is capable of doing everything under the sun. 

For us to be convinced, a lot more is needed here. 


Gymnema Sylvestra

This is a herb found in some parts of India and Sri Lanka. Like so many natural supplement ingredients, it has long been used in traditional medicines to treat a wide range of ailments. 

According to Burn24’s manufacturer, this ingredient can help the body produce more insulin in response to eating. 

But insulin is only released when we eat. If you don’t eat, your insulin levels drop. You don’t need a substance to make this happen!

Gymnema Burn24 IngredientYet this is another ingredient for which we are struggling to find solid scientific evidence. 

According to WebMD, gy
mnema can aid with weight loss because it may inhibit the uptake of glucose in the intestine. 

But that is not what we want from a fat burner, especially if you are an athlete who needs to be able to take on sugars when necessary without hindrance.

Inhibiting your body’s ability to absorb nutrients is never, in our opinion, a healthy route to fat loss. 

For the bodybuilders, MMA fighters and athletes out there, inhibiting your ability to take on glucose can be disastrous to your training, not to mention your health. 


Cissus Quandrangularis

This stuff isn’t known for its fat burning properties. 

Rather, it is a relatively reliable way of naturally supporting joint health. It is used by many athletes who experience some joint problems, and who want to keep their diet as natural as possible (and who therefore want to avoid the more processed supplements). 

This is precisely why Omega have included it, and we totally agree with them. 

Too many people associate losing weight with becoming “healthier”. That is actually sometimes not the case. For example, when a bodybuilder is dieting aggressively, they are placing their body under enormous strain. They will sometimes no longer be getting the vitamins, minerals, fats and acids that they need to stay healthy and active.

In their weakened state, and with their body being placed under an ever more intense regime, they can end up getting hurt.

This applies to strength and combat athletes who are trying to make weight too. Cissus is known to help keep joints healthy, making it a great ingredient for any professional fat burner. 



This is black pepper extract. Regular users of fat burners and pre-workout supplements will know that this stuff is surprisingly effective at helping you lose fat. 

We think that the main benefit it gives you is enhanced nutrient absorption. When dieting, it’s crucial that you squeeze everything you can out of every calorie. If most of your limited calories aren’t particularly nutritious, then your performance will suffer. 

Bioperine helps you better absorb the ingredients in Burn24, and the food that you may consume along with it. 


Burn24 Formula Review – Does It Work? – What About Insulin “Super” Desensitization?

After reviewing the Burn24 ingredients, we think that the manufacturers have perhaps gotten their wires crossed when it comes to optimizing insulin release for fat loss. 

For starters, we’ve never heard of insulin “super” desensitization. We also can’t find any instances of anyone else using this phrase.

We have no idea why the manufacturer keeps using this phrase.

People can become desensitized to insulin, yes. 

No, there is not some special category of insulin insensitivity called “super” desensitization. 

Secondly, you can make it such that your insulin response to consuming food is not as big as it otherwise might be (either by eating foods low on the glycemic index or by taking supplements that do this), but you can’t tell insulin which cells to “store” in and which to “ignore”. 

What you can do is limit insulin spikes to after you’ve broken down muscle tissue. By causing an insulin spike after you’ve broken down some muscle tissue, you’ll make insulin work for you by using it to shuttle nutrients to those cells. However, you can’t tell insulin to only rebuild muscle cells, and not to try to store any excess energy in fat cells. Nutrients will be shuttled to all cells, regardless of what natural extracts you take. 

Finally, the insulin tinkering within Burn24 itself seems to be a bit confused. 

There are ingredients that supposedly inhibit the release of insulin. And yet there is another ingredient that supposedly amplifies its action after eating food. Well, that certainly sounds good, but INSULIN IS ONLY RELEASED AFTER WE EAT FOOD!

So the formula seems to be trying to take away with one hand and give with the other. Very confusing!

Now that that’s dealt with, we move on to a related problem: the Burn24 formula contains lots of ingredients that are thought to have anti-diabetic effects. If you do not have diabetes, what help is this to you?

If you do have diabetes, then you should go to a doctor and get serious help; you should not look for help from a supplement that is ostensibly marketed at bodybuilders, athletes, and so on.

Many of the ingredients in Burn24, including the ‘anti-diabetic’ ones, are thought to have some interesting fat burning properties, but we have thus far struggled to find reliable scientific evidence for some of them. 

We certainly can’t find a great deal of evidence for many of the claims made about Burn24.

That said, it does contain some excellent ingredients that will no doubt help many of you lose fat and retain muscle. One example is green coffee bean extract. The dosage for this ingredient in Burn24 is excellent, and we know that this stuff can really help you shed unwanted body fat, assuming that your diet and training is on point. 


Burn24 Fat Burner Side Effects

There isn’t a great deal in Burn24 that gives us cause for concern.

However, many of the ingredients are geared towards tinkering with insulin secretion. 

Some have supposed “anti-diabetic” effects, while others amplify insulin release after eating food. 

These two effects seem to be contradictory.

More worryingly, one of the ingredients is apparently a very potent treatment for Type II Diabetes.

We do not need to tell you that if you do not have diabetes, you should not be looking for something that is thought to treat diabetes!

It is absolutely imperative that you consult a doctor before trying Burn24. It contains ingredients that are thought to have anti-diabetic effects, which is not something to be played around with!

Should those anti-diabetic ingredients prove to be harmless however, there is nothing else in this formula that we think would cause side effects for most people. There are no extreme doses, no synthetic stimulants, and many ingredients are 100% natural extracts. 


Burn24 Review Conclusion

There is a lot of good in this product, and a lot that is not so good. 

It offers us total transparency when it comes to the formula; a refreshing fact that applies to far too few fat burners today. 

It contains Green Coffee Bean extract that has been standardized to contain a large concentration of chlorogenic acid. 

It contains other good ingredients, like Bioperine and Cissus, which can really help you get the most out of a cut, keeping you fit, healthy, and crucially, in the gym!

However, Burn24 also contains some ingredients that have few proven fat burning properties. 

More than one ingredient is thought by many reputable researchers to have potent anti-diabetic properties. 

Not only is this simply NOT a fat burning property, but it might be dangerous to play around with anti-diabetic substances even if you are diabetic, let alone if you are a fit and healthy young person. 

The way the formula interacts with insulin is a little confused, and we think that the formula can’t possibly deliver on the claims made by the manufacturer, because insulin simply doesn’t work how they think it does. 

While this may work for a lot of people, we advise you to check out our top rate products if you are looking for a serious, safe, and reliable natural fat burner. 

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