LMNITRIX Nyte Shred Review – CONTAINS PHENIBUT – Poor Formula

Nyte Shred









  • Contains Phenibut
  • Doesn't contain any solidly proven fat burners
  • Contains ingredients known to be ineffective
  • Raspberry ketones are the biggest scam around today



Full Nyte Shred Review


Nyte Shred is a night time fat burner from LMNITRIX.

LMNITRIX aren’t a well known supplement manufacturer. This is the first time we’ve heard of them.

So what is this stack supposed to do?

How does it try to differentiate itself from the crowd?


LMNITRIX Nyte Shred Review


Nyte Shred is described as a combined sleep aid and fat burner. We have seen a few products like this lately, and we’re yet to be impressed.

According to the bottle, LMNITRIX Nyte Shred is designed to help you:

  • Burn fat while sleeping
  • Recover faster
  • Sleep better

This type of fat burner is always really interesting. They do have the potential to be extremely effective.

It is during sleep that your body begins to recover from exercise. You release human growth hormone (HGH), and you start to repair tissue. You also burn through a lot of energy while you sleep.

HGH triggers your body to start churning through body fat stores, and your body releases the majority of its HGH during deep sleep.

So ensuring you get plenty of good quality sleep is a good way to maximize fat loss.

If LMNITRIX Nyte Shred can actually promote sleep while also promoting fat loss, then it will be a great addition to anybody’s cutting supplement regimen.

If you’re already employing good training and diet strategies, and you’re already getting the most out of your workouts, then a night time fat burner might be just what you need to get just that few percent more out of your cut.

The question is; does it work?

Can LMNITRIX Nyte Shred do all of this, or is this just marketing gibberish?

How safe is Nyte Shred? What are the main side effect risks?

Is there anything better on the market today to help you achieve your goals?

Find out by reading our full LMNITRIX Nyte Shred review below. We look at the ingredients, the doses, and the risks. If you have any questions or you want to share your experience with Nyte Shred, please tell us in the comments section at the end.



LMNITRIX Nyte Shred Formula

Here is the Nyte Shred formula:


LMNITRIX Nyte Shred Formula


That’s realy not what we wanted to see.

The Nyte Shred formula is not a good one.

There are so many problems jumping out at us that we really don’t know where to start.

To put it bluntly, we have a lot of useless garbage, some pver-hyped ingredients, and some serious side effect concerns.

We don’t think this is a good option for…well…pretty much anybody.

The manufcaturers have clearly tried to deliver on their promises.

We just don’t think they’ve been successful.

We also think there are plenty of supplements able to do everything that Nyte Shred promises to do much better.

Not to mention much more safely.

Let’s go through this in more detail. Here is an overview of the main problems with LMNITRIX Nyte Shred.



Main Issue – Contains Phenibut

The main problem with this stack is the fact that it contains Phenibut.

This is a serious side effect concern.

Phenibut is a synthetic depressant first manufactured in the Soviet Union in the 1960s.

It has powerful anxiolytic (anxiety-reducing), euphoric, and sedating effects in humans.

Phenibut is essentially the GABA molecule with an added phenyl ring, which allows it to cross the blood-brain barrier.

Today, it is widely used in Eastern Europe as a treatment for anxiety and PTSD. IN the West, it is used ‘semi-recreationally’ as a nootropic.

It is extremely potent, and its effects are long lasting.

It is known to be relatively addictive, and it produces a serious “hangover” effect in a lot of users.


Phenibut Nyte Shred ingredients


As far as we’re concerned, nobody has anything to gain from using this stuff. It is unpredcictable, habit-forming, and potent. Even people suffering with anxiety can find better alternatives to Phenibut.

It certainly has no business being in a fat burner.

Phenibut is potentially LETHAL when combined with other depressants. Even when used alone, it has serious health effects. More on this later.

LMNITRIX have obviously included it as they believe it will help you sleep.

We think taking Phenibut to help you get a good nights sleep is like taking methamphetamine to help you wake up in the morning.

Of course we aren’t saying that Phenibut is anything like methamphetamine in terms of its potency or potential for harm. We just think Phenibut is a ludicrously over-powered option for someone just after a good nights sleep.

There are plenty of other, natural, safe, predictable substances that help you get a good nights sleep without sedating you or producing mild euphoria.

They aren’t toxic when mixed with other depressants, like Phenibut may be.

They aren’t addictive, as Phenibut is known to be.

For a natural, non-clinical intervention, Phenibut is a terrible option.

If you don’t read our full LMNITRIX Nyte Shred review, then please take the time to read the side effects section. You need to know what Phenibut can do to you!


Useless Ingredients

Aside from the Phenibut, LMNITRIX Nyte Shred’s formula has a number of serious issues.

But the biggest one by far is the fact that there isn’t a single ingredient in that formula which has been shown to have fat burning properties by independent, scientific study.

There isn’t a single effective fat burning substance in the Nyte Shred formula.

What we have instead are over-hyped herbal extracts, bogus scams, and ineffective dead weight.

Take Raspberry Ketones, for example.

These things are found in lots of fat burners today. People buy them as standalone supplements in the belief that they will help them lose fat.

This is, in our opinion, one of the biggest scams in the supplement industry right now.

Raspberry ketones have absolutely no effect on body composition.

None whatsoever.

They are the compounds that give raspberries their smell – nothing more.

They have NOTHING to do with ketosis or ketone bodies found in humans.

There has never been a serious scientific study which has concluded that raspberry ketones work.


-Learn More About The Raspberry Ketone Scam-


As we explain in the above article, they are just used because they are cheap and it is easy to make people believe that they burn fat as they have “ketone” in their name.

Don’t get fooled by this outrageous scam.

Don’t waste money on supplements containing such useless garbage.


raspberry ketones nyte shred ingredients


Another useless ingredient is GABA.

As explained above, Phenibut is simply the GABA molecule with a phenyl ring attached.

The reason the phenyl ring is attached to the GABA molecule is to allow it to pass the blood-brain barrier.

Without the phenyl ring, GABA cannot get access to the brain.

Supplementation with GABA is UTTERLY POINTLESS.

It does nothing.

Why would you pay good money for something that you are just going to excrete without getting any benefit from it?

We can go through the whole formula like this: Garcinia Cambogia, Valerian Root, Coleus Forskohlii – all worthless.

All of them are hyped by magazines and blogs, but when they’re put under the microscope, we find that they’re total bunk.

Even L-Tyrosine is impotent here. Taking 50mg of L-Tyrosine is not going to have any effect on your physical performance.

500mg? Maybe, but still the effect will be weak.

50mg? A total joke.



Can LMNITRIX Nyte Shred Deliver?

After looking at the LMNITRIX Nyte Shred formula in greater detail, we can’t help but wonder what it is that this stack is supposed to do.

We don’t see any potent fat burners in here.

There aren’t any substances known to promote HGH secretion.

Melatonin supplementation is KNOWN to be useless because it isn’t absorbed and utilized by the brain properly.

There aren’t any serious sleep aids in here either. Ashwagandha can help with relaxation, but it is very hit and miss. Studies have returned conflicting results.

All things consdiered, this is a pretty poor attempt at a “night time fat burner”.


-Ab Training Explained-

LMNITRIX Nyte Shred Side Effects

If you only read one part of our LMNITRIX Nyte Shred review, let it be this.

This product comes with some VERY SERIOUS health risks.

Almost all of the ingredients are safe to take in the paltry doses found in LMNITRIX Nyte Shred.

But the one risk factor is a serious one: Phenibut.

As outlined above, this Soviet-developed synthetic depressant is extremely powerful.

It is used in some parts of the world as an acute sedative. It has anxiolytic and, depending on dose, euphoric properties.

It is dangerous by itself. Side effects common with Phenibut use include, but are not limited to:

  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Irritability
  • Confusion
  • Mood swings
  • Lethargy
  • Anger
  • Headaches
  • Stomach cramps
  • Erratic behavior
  • Short term memory loss

However, far more worrying than this is the possible interactions.

Here is a list of possible dangerous interactions with Phenibut taken from the Psychonaut Wiki:


Nyte Shred side effects Phenibut interactions

As you can see, this is no joke.

Mixing Phenibut with other depressants cna be fatal.


Why you would put this stuff in a commercially available fat burner is beyond us.

Phenibut should only be used under careful medical supervision, not just by any Joe Shmoe with $30 in his pocket.

Of course, we are not doctors. We can only raise any red flags that we see. It is crucial that you do your own research and seek proper medical advice.

Talk to your regular family physician before using Nyte Shred. You need a qualified medical opinion before using any product containing Pehnibut. Do not gamble with your health. Talk to a doctor, not random people online.

If you experience any side effects while using Nyte Shred, stop using it immediately and seek medical advice. Please post any experiences in the comments section below to help other readers.



Nyte Shred Review Conclusion – Is It Right For You?

We really can’t recommend this fat burner to anyone.

Nyte Shred is a terrible fat burner.

It is a terrible sleep aid.

It is an abysmal “night time fat burner”.

The health risks posed by Phenibut use should not be underestimated. Lots of people use this stuff on a regular basis and mistakenly tell others that it is safe.

Phenibut is not safe.

It is a powerful synthetic stimulant.

The rest of the formula is just over-hyped extracts and bogus herbs.

The effect on your fat loss journey will be non-existent.

If you want optimal results, predictability, good value for money, and safety, this is not the product for you.

If you want to throw your money away on scam, rip-off ingredients and potentially do damage to yourself, then this is a good option.

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  1. Audra

    I found your review after my purchase and After Amazon communities would not allow me to submit my experience with the product. I ordered the product from Amazon, and decided to add a review as I’ve done for other products. Nope. Not allowed.
    Basically, it did nothing to help me sleep better, or burn fat and I’m glad I didn’t take it beyond a week.


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