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  • Contains good serving of green coffee bean extract


  • Best ingredients massively under-dosed
  • Contains useless ingredients


Full Burntrex Review


Product Overview

Burntrex is a weight loss supplement produced by Nutriroots. These guys make a few different supplements, some of which strike us as a little dubious. 

For example, Nutriroots make a hair growth formula, and an even more suspect “Male Enhancement Pill”.

We don’t need to tell you why supplements like these always make us incredibly skeptical. 

Indeed, we are also always skeptical when we see supplements sold as “weight loss pills”.

Yes, we review fat burners on this site, but fat burners, when used properly, are not simple weight loss pills. Fat burners are designed to enhance fat loss, not magically make your body fat disappear. They are supposed to be used alongside a healthy, balanced, well laid-out diet and a rigorous training program.



The idea is that they accelerate, amplify and consolidate fat loss. The very best fat burners can also help you retain muscle mass to a greater extent than would be possible otherwise. 

Yet they do not just make fat vanish by themselves. 

They do not work if you carry on with your regular diet and spend all of your time sat on your couch watching TV.

This is why we dislike any products sold as “weight loss pills”. Labeling a supplement like this will invariably create the impression that the pill alone causes fat loss, or we suppose more accurately, weight loss. It is, more often than not, intentionally misleading.

We also know that most of our readers don’t want a pill to help them lose weight; they want a pill to help them lose fat. There is a difference. 

Indiscriminate weight loss doesn’t care whether you lose muscle or fat. Of course, the body prefers to lose fat over muscle, but if you just tried to lose a load of weight you could lose as much fat as muscle. 

Most people who visit our site want to lose fat while losing as little muscle mass as possible. Yes, losing some fat does also mean losing some muscle mass. Yes, training and diet play the most important roles in determining this. However, it is still possible to optimize a cut to maximize fat loss and minimize muscle depletion. 

A product only designed to promote “weight loss” wont help with that necessarily. 

But this doesn’t mean we should write off Burntrex altogether. 

No, we need to do a full, detailed and impartial Burntrex review just as we have done for every other product on this site. We need to look at the Burntrex formula, the ingredient doses, and how they work together. We need to look at how safe they are, how well proven they are, and whether they justify the price tag. 

Then we’ll be able to answer the question: does Bruntrex really work? 



Burnertrex Formula

To find out if it is worth buying Nutriroots Burntrex, we need to take a very close look at the ingredients, their doses, and the scientific evidence backing them up. 

Before we start discussign the ingredients in Burntrex, you need to be able to see what we’re talking about. Here is a shot of the formula, as shown on the bottle. If any bottle of Burntrex you buy looks different to this, tell the manufacturer immediately.


Nutriroots Burntrex Formula


As you can see, Burntrex uses a cellulose capsule to deliver its formula. This is excellent news; while a minority of our readers are vegetarians, there’s no good reason for manufacturers to exclude these potential customers by using gelatin capsules (besides thoughtlessness of course). You’ll also notice that all ingredient serving sizes are listed individually. Again, we shouldn’t have to praise this, but too many supplements mask their awful formulas behind proprietary blends.

This is a nice, simple formula. Plenty of modern fat burners stuff their formulas with far too many ingredients, and many muddy the waters even further by masking everything behind a proprietary blend. Nutriroots have done neither of these things with Burntrex.

That said, there are things in this formula that we like, and things that we don’t like. 

To make it easy for us to break this all down, we’ll split the formula into two and deal with the ingredients individually. 


What We Like

Burntrex contains some excellent ingredients. In fact, it contains pretty much all of the ingredients that we think are absolutely necessary in a cutting-edge, high quality fat burner. It might not contain all of the ingredients we’d like, but it does include those substances which every fat burner should.

For starters, there’s green coffee bean extract.

Green coffee bean extract’s ability to enhance fat loss has now been well established by scientific investigation. We have written about this substance at great length here. We thoroughly recommend you read the article if you are interested in learning about green coffee bean in greater detail. 


Burntrex ingredients green coffee beans


But for those of you who want it plain and simple, we’ll just say this: green coffee bean extract seems to dramatically reduce the insulin response to carbohydrate ingestion. This means that you will not get the huge “store” signal you usually get when you ingest carbs, which in turn means that you will store fat at a slower rate than you would otherwise. 

In our opinion, green coffee bean extract should be dosed at around 100mg, assuming a good extract concentration. So Burntrex looks good on that front. 

Next we have caffeine anhydrous.

That caffeine can help you with your cut should be glaringly obvious.

As you all know, caffeine is an incredibly potent stimulant. It dramatically reduces the perception of fatigue, increases motivation and focus, and there are even some who believe that caffeine has some independent fat burning properties. 

So not only can caffeine help you get through your workouts while you’re hungry and tired, but it might also speed up the rate of fat loss while you’re at rest.

However, there is only 130mg of caffeine anhydrous in Burntrex. 

Granted, caffeine anhydrous is more potent than regular caffeine (as it has had all water molecules removed), but this is still far short of the minimum 250mg we like to see in fat loss supplements.

Finally, there’s green tea extract.

This is another superb natural fat burner which we think should be included in every fat loss stack. 

Green tea extract has been shown in numerous clinical trials to reliably and significantly enhance fat loss. Amazingly, some studies observed green tea extract having a fat burning effect independently of exercise. 


Nutriroots Burntrex Ingredients Green Tea


Again though, the dosage here is a big issue. 

Most high quality, top of the line fat burners these days will include way more than 130mg of green tea extract.

Some of our top rated fat burners include as much as 500mg of green tea extract. 

This stuff is so well tolerated, so safe at reasonable dosages, and so dose-dependent that 130mg just seems a little ridiculous to us. Most of the studies which noted a fat burning effect with green tea extract used more than 300mg per day. Side effects seem to be rare, and when they do occur they are usually mild. So why not up the dosage here?


What We Don’t Like

We have already mentioned our issues with the doses of some of the ingredients in Burntrex.

However, we still included these ingredients in the above section because they are god ingredients, and the green coffee bean extract is actually dosed very well. 

Even the caffeine anhydrous dose could be argued to be reasonable. Some people already consume lots of caffeine, and others don’t struggle with energy levels or motivation while cutting. As such, a lot of caffeine isn’t necessary.

Yet there are two ingredients in Burntrex that have absolutely no place in a fat burner if it wants ot be taken seriously. These are Raspberry Ketones and Garcinia Cambogia

To put it bluntly, we think the claims made about these two ingredients are nothing more than hot air. 

Some people claim that raspberry ketones can accelerate fat loss, no doubt because “ketones” makes it sound like it has something to do with ketosis and the keto diet. We don’t actually think the keto diet is everything it’s cracked up to be (that’s a discussion for another day), but it does help many people lose weight.

However, raspberry ketones have nothing to do with ketosis or the ketones which your brain uses for fuel. 

We are yet to see a single study confirming that raspberry ketones exert a fat oxidizing effect on the human body. Nothing. Zip. Nada.

The same is true of Garcinia Cambogia. 

While there are plenty of articles talking about how effective this stuff is for appetite control, we can’t find any independent, scientific evidence to validate this claim. 

We have found evidence showing that garcinia improves the taste of food, as well as the feeling of satiety after a meal, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that it prevents you from eating as much food. Nor does it necessarily get rid of food cravings. 

Until we do, we’ll carry on thinking that these two ingredients are all bark and no bite. 


-Jogging Or Sprint For Fat Loss?-


Nutriroots Burntrex Side Effects

The ingredients in Burntrex are all widely used, well-understood, and generally speaking, very safe. 

The only ingredient that usually constitutes a side effect risk is caffeine anhydrous. Yet the low dosage means that side effects from the caffeine anhydrous are very unlikely. That is assuming of course that you don’t have a severe intolerance, and assuming that your caffeine intake throughout the day from tea and coffee is reasonable. 

As always, we implore you to visit your regular family doctor before you start taking a fat burning supplement. Even if a supplement appears to be incredibly safe, you can’t predict how your body will react to strange, exotic substances. Your doctor needs to know what you’re taking in case you have an unexpected reaction.


Nutriroots Burntrex Review Conclusion

Writing this Burntrex review was a much simpler job than most of the other reviews we’ve done on this site.

It should be clear to those of you who have read the entire review that Burntrex is a fairly unimpressive, middle-of-the-road supplement. 

Burntrex contains some great ingredients.

It actually contains three of the ingredients that we feel are absolute staples for cutting edge fat burners: green coffee bean extract, green tea extract, and caffeine anhydrous. Every fat burner worth its salt should include these ingredients, as they are all proven, effective, reliable, and generally safe substances. 

However, with the exception of green coffee bean extract, these ingredients are seriously under-dosed. 

There is only 130mg of green tea extract in Burntrex. Our current top rated fat burner contains 500mg. While more doesn’t always mean better, it does where green tea extract is concerned (up to a point obviously). 

Burntrex also contains two ingredients with no independently validated fat burning properties. We think that both Raspberry Ketones and Garcinaia Cambogia are much more hype than substance. 



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