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  • Proprietary blend
  • Blend too small for all ingredients to be properly dosed

Full AtraFen Fat Burner Review


Product Overview – What Is AtraFen?

Atrafen is a thermogenic weight loss aid created by Nutratech. 

There is more than one Nutratech out there, as you might have guessed. The one we’re interested in here can be found at 

The company website doesn’t give away a great deal of information.

Fortunately for us, there is a dedicated Atrafen website which tells us a little more about the company and the product. 


Atrafen Fat Burner Review


For starters, we find that the company is registered in Texas, although that again doesn’t reveal much. 

We also find out how Nutratech see Atrafen fitting into the fat burner market. According to the merchant page, in Atrafen Nutratech have created a “product we can stand behind and adjusted the price to a truly fair level”. 

We are told that, unlike other products on the market, “Atrafen is smooth, effective and perfected for quick AND maintainable results”. 

Astoundingly for a company that doesn’t divulge its exact formula on the bottle, Nutratech also tell us that the “recipe for sustained, effective and lasting fat loss isn’t exactly rocket science or top secret”.

More specifically, the manufacturers highlight precisely how Atrafen can help you. They cite the usual litany of benefits typical of fat burners today:

  • Thermogenic fat loss
  • Increased energy levels
  • Appetite suppression

To sweeten the deal, we are told that there is a 100% money back guarantee!

Well, all of that sounds wonderful, but is any of it true? Can Atrafen really deliver all of this? Is it worth the price tag? Is there anything better out there?

Let’s find out. Below is our full AtraFen fat burner review.


AtraFen Fat Burner Ingredients

Before we get into a proper review of Atrafen’s ingredients, it’s best if you can have a look at the formula yourself. Here is a shot of the label, as it would appear on the bottle:


Nutratech Atrafen Formula Review


Proprietary Blend

That’s right; Atrafen gives us its ingredients as one single blend, and its total serving size is just 600mg. 

We loathe proprietary blends, for reasons we have covered numerous times already on this site. 

To put it as briefly as possible, proprietary blends mean 3 things:

  1. You have no idea how the ingredients in the blend are going to interact with one another, since that interaction is often dose dependent
  2. You can’t use past experience to inform your buying decision (e.g “200mg of caffeine gave me jitters last time, so I’ll stear clear”)
  3. You can’t use your experience with Atrafen to inform your future buying decisions

Those facts, coupled with the fact that hiding a proprietary blend is usually done to mask cheap production costs and cheap ingredient ‘stuffing’, means that we can never recommend a fat burner to anyone if that product lists a proprietary blend. 

Some products get away with it more than others. Some products list their main ingredients alongside dosages, and they are dosed well. Less important, supporting ingredients are then given as a blend. 

While not idea, it is much better than listing everything as one homogeneous blend. 

What’s more, the Atrafen blend is just 600mg in total. 

That is nowhere near large enough for the best ingredients to get the ‘attention’ they deserve.

At 600mg, it’s highly unlikely that Caffeine Anhydrous, Green Tea Extract, African Mango Extract, and Acai Powder all have sufficient serving sizes for it to even be worth putting them into the formula. 

Almost all ingredients are very dose sensitive: at one dose, they work wonders. At a higher dose, they become dangerous. At low doses, they do next to nothing. Caffeine anhydrous is one such ingredient, and without any precise dose information, we can’t risk spending money on something that might be either too low or, even worse, too high. 

Even if African Mango Extract were dosed appropriately, there is little in the way of solid, scientific evidence that this stuff actually contributes to enhanced fat loss or improved athletic performance. 


AtraFen contains african mango extract


It seems to be yet another over-hyped ingredient backed up by little more than anecdotal claims and enthusiastic marketing.

So, either it is dosed properly, thereby leaving very little room for the other ingredients to even get a look in, or it is significantly under-dosed, meaning it may as well not have been included at all. Perhaps the truth is somewhere in the middle, which would leave all ingredients significantly under-dosed to the point where it would be pointless to include them at all. This is the worst of both worlds. 


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AtraFen Side Effects

It is inherently difficult to talk about the side effects risk of using AtraFen since we have no idea how much of each individual ingredient is in each capsule. 

There are two main things to take into consideration. 

AtraFen contains ingredients likely to cause side effects if taken in amounts that could feasibly be in this formula.

The total proprietary blend size is 600mg. Taking 500mg of caffeine anhydrous is almost certain to cause some degree of jitteriness or irritability. This will be exacerbated if you drink a lot of coffee or if your pre-workout contains caffeine (we never advise doubling up like that).

On the other hand, the proprietary blend in AtraFen is so small that it is unlikely any ingredient has been dosed particularly highly. This is the main problem with AtraFen (aside from the fact it uses a proprietary blend at all). Yet this is just conjecture. We have no way of telling if you are going to experience any side effects at all. 

When it comes to safety and user comfort, uncertainty is not a good thing. 

It’s vital that you tell your doctor before you start a new supplementation protocol. When using products like AtraFen, there is always a degree of uncertainty. Nobody can advise you better than your regular family physician, so let them know what you are planning to take before you start taking it!


What Are People Saying About AtraFen? – Customer Reviews

Customer reviews from online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon can only tell us so much.

Often, it is difficult to tell the difference between reviews that have been written by impartial customers, and those that have been prompted by the company in exchange for free products, financial reward, or whatever.

However, verified customer reviews can give us some idea as to how the product is supposed to work, as well as how things went for those people who were less than impressed by the product.

This is especially useful with diet pills and fat burners, as the market is so laden with scams; reading the worst reviews in a sense tells you how bad things can get.

Reading through Atrafen reviews, it seems that the worst reviews basically found that the product simply didn’t work for them. This is hardly unheard of from a fitness supplement, especially fat burners; many people simply don’t know how to take them.

That said, the fact that (at the time of writing) there were 111 one star Atrafen reviews on Amazon is surely telling us something more than the reviews themselves can.

Here is a selection of reviews taken from Amazon. First, two positive ones, which are really representative of the other positive ones:

Verified Atrafen Customer Review

AtraFen Review verified customer positive


And now here is a selection from the 1 star reviews. Most of the bad reviews are along these lines:



Nutratech AtraFen Fat Burner Customer Reviews



AtraFen Fat Burner Review Conclusion – Does It Work?

Can Atrafen really deliver on the claims made on the website? Is it really a potent, thermogenic weight loss aid, capable of reducing hunger and accelerating fat loss?

As the manufacturer has only provided us with a proprietary blend, we simply can’t say either way. 

Ingredients like caffeine anhydrous and green tea extract can be very effective fat burners, but we don’t know if there is 200mg or 2mg in AtraFen. As such, we have no idea if this product can live up to the claims made by Nutratech. 

However, looking at the ingredients, and the total serving size, we think its highly unlikely that each ingredient will have a large enough share of the formula to be genuinely effective. 

We think you would be much better off spending your money on a supplement that not only provides detailed dosage information, but which also only contains ingredients with conclusive scientific backing, and at dosages that strike the balance between safety and efficacy. 

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  1. patrick ruffing

    Great product bought this love it 5 stars

  2. Steve Butts

    Do not buy from this company. Just another horrible, unethical, profit-hungry, collection of liars. Sure, all companies are profit-driven, but there are…thankfully….a few of them out there who are honest, and seem to care about the quality of the raw ingredients they use, and about being very transparent.

    …not these guys though.


  3. Terri Smith

    AtraFen Elite has 2 different “Propriety Formulas”. One ingredient list has raspberry ketone, African mango extract, açaí fruit……..the other ingredient list on the back of the bottle has caffeine, glucuronolactone, phenethylamine, synephrine caprylate, nettle leaf extract……why is this?


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