AtraFen Elite Review – Another Rip-Off From Nutratech

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  • Tiny proprietary blend
  • Unknown dose of caffeine
  • Some ingredients do nothing - obvious 'filler' material
  • Just a blatant rip-off


Full Nutratech Atrafen Elite Review


For some reason, Nutratech have managed to stick around despite having nothing but bad press and negative reviews for years on end. They produce some very unpopular products, including the almost infamous AtraFen fat burner – which we reviewed here. Suffices to say, we aren’t too keen on this company!

Well, it seems that they have given the old AtraFen a reboot – AtraFen Elite has stayed under the radar for a while, but it is now starting to get serious attention. Monthly searches for this product are in the thousands, and every month over a thousand people look for an AtraFen Elite review online.

So what is this new iteration all about?

How is it different to the original AtraFen fat burner?


AtraFen Elite review


The bottle gives us an insight into what this product is supposed to do, but only barely. It states that AtraFen Elite is a “thermodynamic metabolic activator”, whatever the hell that means! Thermodynamics is a brand of science focusing on the relationship between heat and other types of energy. Describing something like AtraFen as thermodynamic is pretty meaningless.

We’re also told that this is an “extreme weight loss accelerator”.

Apart from that, details are thin on the ground.

As with the original AtraFen, or any of their products for that matter, Nutratech are reluctant to make too many explicit promises.

They like to keep things nice and vague!

They do, however, explain a little more about how AtraFen Elite works: “Tackling fat loss through multiple pathways such as thermogenics, appetite suppression, craving control and influence of metabolic and hormonal systems – Atrafen Elite is a powerful multi-faceted weight control supplement intended to provide immediate and extreme results for its users.”

Nutratech also are t pains to tell us that this product is “clinical strength” – we doubt that, but we’ll see in the next section.

Anyway, sounds impressive right?

If this is all true, then AtraFen Elite deserves every bit of attention it is getting. But we know that words are cheap. Every fat burner on the market today claims to do all of these things. Many of them (usually the scams) claim to be “clinical strength”. After all, that doesn’t really mean anything, so nobody can call you up on it!

Does AtraFen Elite really deliver on these promises? Or is it another junk diet pill?

Is it safe? What are the main health risks?

How does AtraFen Elite compare to the best fat burner right now? How does it compare to the original AtraFen fat burner, for that matter?

Check out our detailed AtraFen Elite review below to find out. We look at the formula in great detail to see if it can back up any of its grand claims. After all, if the raw materials aren’t there, then we know it’s all just hot air. We discuss the main side effect risks, and then bring it all together to tell you what we think of the product as a whole. If you still have any questions after reading the whole thing, let us know in the comments.


Nutratech AtraFen Formula

Let’s have a look at the formula. Here’s the AtraFen ingredient list, as it looks on the label:


AtraFen Elite formula analysis


Just as we thought.

Another total rip-off of a supplement.

Nutratech are not even making an attempt at producing a quality fat burner here.

They’ve just thrown together small amounts of garbage ingredients into a prop blend and put “Elite” on the bottle.

We were interested to see if this would be an improvement on the original AtraFen fat burner, but if anything it is worse.

Obviously, we don’t think you should buy this stack, regardless of what you are looking to achieve. 

We’re going to just go ahead and skip the usual “what we like” section, because there isn’t anything to say. We’re just going to get straight into the problems.


Main Problem – Proprietary Blend

Proprietary blends are fundamentally bad. They offer awful value for money, regardless of their contents. That’s simply because transparency has value.

If you don’t know how any ingredient is dosed, then you can’t make a judgment about how it is going to affect you. 

Since many other manufacturers can obviously reveal all of their dosing information on the label without going bankrupt, then so can Nutratech.

Whatever their supposed reason is for keeping the individual serving sizes a secret, we don’t care.

It could be entirely innocent – they might genuinely be afraid of someone stealing their formula.

But that’s irrelevant – other manufacturers offer more transparency, so they can’t compete. If they can’t compete, they don’t get our money. Simple. 

Your job isn’t to sympathize with manufacturers and cut them any slack. 



Now, many manufacturers do play the “protecting intellectual property” card. They say they need to keep their special formulas secret or else someone will rip them off.

We don’t buy that at all.

There’s nothing groundbreaking about the ingredients in AtraFen Elite. We know what they are, and how they are supposed to be dosed.

So there is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON for Nutratech to fear formula theft.

So why are they using a prop blend?

9 times out of 10, prop blends are employed to prevent customers from seeing the individual serving sizes. They don’t want you to see the serving sizes because they’re pathetic.

A big blend size and lots of exotic ingredients looks better to the untrained eye than 4 ingredients dosed at 10mg and an amino acid dosed at 360mg, right?

We don’t know for sure if this is what is happening here, but we know where we’d put our money!


-Does Cardio Eat Muscle Mass?-


Main Issue – Dud Ingredients – Obvious Fillers!

Prop blends should ALWAYS be avoided. 

But they should especially be avoided if they contain useless ingredients which have clearly been put their to bulk out the formula.

Manufacturers often use ‘fillers’ in prop blends. These are benign ingredients that can be bought in bulk for very little money. The manufacturer can fill up 99% of the formula with this cheap stuff, and then just throw in a few micrograms of the effective (but more expensive) ingredients at the end.

This lets them keep all the great ingredients on the label without having to actually spend real money on them.

Sadly, we have several useless ingredients in AtraFen Elite, all of which are prime ‘filler’ candidates.



Glucuronolactone is a substance found in modern energy drinks. Perhaps this is why people think it has something to do with energy levels. Many bloggers and supplement manufacturers have suggested that glucuronolactone might give you an added energy boost, while admitting it is still “poorly understood”.

In reality, glucuronolactone seems to do absolutely nothing when consumed by humans. This study, which looked at how Red Bull affects driving ability, found that glucuronolactone wasn’t responsible for any of the observed benefits.

This paper is a little more conclusive. We’ll cite the abstract at length so you get the picture: “The main ingredients of Red Bull include sugar, taurine, glucuronolactone and caffeine. It is hypothesized that the combinatorial influences of these ingredients are responsible for Red Bull’s proposed effects (9,10). This report critically reviews these claims and concludes that caffeine alone may be responsible for the proposed effects.”



Well, we have no idea how much of this stuff we’re getting in each serving of Nutratech AtraFen Elite.




Your guess is as good as ours.

Since larger doses have not been thoroughly studied in humans, this is worrying.

It is also worrying for the wallet – you could be spending good money on a fat burner that is 50-90% useless.


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Major Issue – AtraFen Elite Side Effects

The main issue with this stack is the side effect risks.

As mentioned above, we don’t know how any of the ingredients are dosed, and some of them (glucuronolactone) have not been properly studied in humans.

Well, a much bigger concern is an ingredient that HAS been studied in humans – caffeine.

Caffeine is an extremely powerful stimulant. Its effects are almost immediate, and just a few hundred milligrams is all you need to feel a serious kick.

We really need to know how much caffeine we’re consuming on a daily basis. The side effects of chronic caffeine over-consumption include, but are not limited to:

  • Hypertension
  • Headaches
  • Irritability
  • Insomnia
  • Energy crashes
  • Fatigue
  • Jitters

If your consumption is low but steady, these side effects can slowly build up over time.

But acute caffeine over-dose is common, and its effects range from the mild and annoying to the very severe:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Heart arrhythmia
  • High blood pressure
  • Dizziness
  • Fainting

Believe it or not, but caffeine overdose can actually be fatal.

We don’t know how much caffeine is in Nutratech AtraFen Elite, but it could be as much as 449mg. That is an awful lot for anybody to consume in a single dose.

If you are also drinking coffee throughout the day, or using pre-workouts that also contain caffeine, then you could quickly find yourself in serious trouble.

It is therefore extremely important that you factor in your baseline caffeine consumption when deciding on how much more you can add in through supplementation.

It is also CRUCIAL that you consult a doctor BEFORE you start using this fat burner.

We strongly advise against using any supplement that doesn’t reveal its dosing information on the label, especially when it contains stimulants like caffeine. 


There are some things you must keep in mind here:

  1. We aren’t doctors
  2. This isn’t medical advice
  3. You MUST do your own research to decide if a supplement is safe for you

We don’t know you or your medical history. All we can do is point out the obvious dangers as we see them. We can only speak generally. To stay safe, you need proper medical advice.


Nutratech AtraFen Elite Review Conclusion – Should You Buy It?

If you’ve read any of this AtraFen Elite review, then you know that we don’t think anybody should buy this fat burner.

It is a total rip-off.

Nutratech haven’t tried to make a competitive, quality fat burner here.

They’re just banking on the naive and ill-informed giving them some easy sales.

No effort has gone into the formula.

It is a prop blend containing obvious fillers and dud ingredients.

A bogus supplement if we ever saw one. Don’t waste your money here. If you want real results and some actual value for your money, check out some of our top rated fat burners. 

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