NutraOne Burn One Review – Cheap Ingredients, Prop Blends!

Burn One









  • Another cheap prop blend
  • Contains unknown dose of caffeine anhydrous
  • SERIOUS side effect risks


Full NutraOne Burn One Review


Burn One is a natural fat burning supplement from NutraOne. These aren’t a very well known brand at all. You’ve probably never seen any of their products before now. Yet they are slowly gaining popularity in the bodybuilding world. We’re seeing more and more of their products popping up, and they are getting some really positive user reviews.

So what is Burn One?

What is it designed to do?


NUtraOne Burn One review


If you look at the bottle, you’ll see that this product promises three core benefits:

  • Burn more fat
  • Reduce food cravings
  • Provide all-day energy

That’s a solid list of benefits.

For us, it’s important that a product provides a sustained increase in energy throughout the day. Too many fat burners just hit you with one, large dose of caffeine. This can fire you up for the gym, but it will leave you feeling even more fatigued later on.

Dieting leaves you feeling de-motivated and unable to focus. If you work a full time job, then either your work or your training is going to take a hit unless you get your supplementation right.

Sustained, consistent energy increases is what we look for.

The website gives us a little more flesh on what NutraOne Burn One users can expect: “BurnOne is the ultimate fat-burning agent specifically formulated to give you all-day, sustained energy, fire up your metabolism, and crush cravings. This puts your body in the perfect state to burn stored fat and reach your fat-loss goals.”

This all sounds great.

But is any of it true?

So many fat burners make these exact same claims. Only a handful deliver.

Does NutraOne Burn One really work?

What about side effects? Is it safe?

How does it compare to the very best fat burners?

Find out by reading our full NutraOne Burn One review below. We’ll start off with a detailed review of the formula – are the ingredients legit? Do they have scientific backing? We’ll talk about side effects too. In the end, we’ll tell you whether or not we’d recommend this supplement to any of our readers. Post any questions in the comments section and we’ll get back to you asap.


NutraOne Burn One Formula

Let’s take a look under the hood and see what’s really going on here. This is the Burn One formula:


NutraOne Burn One formula analysis



You want to always stay well away from proprietary blends.

Especially when they contain so many ineffective ingredients. A lot of the substances in this formula have clearly been added for bulk – this helps keep costs down while still letting the manufacturer list the good ingredients on the label.

Others come with serious side effect concerns.

As we have no idea how any ingredient is dosed, these side effect risks are SUBSTANTIAL.

Overall, this does not look like a good fat burner.


Major Problem – Bloated Prop Blend

As you know, proprietary blends are always bad.

Why would you take a gamble on a mystery bag when other products are happy being completely transparent?!

It doesn’t matter what line the manufacturer feeds you, there is no good reason for keeping your ingredient serving sizes a secret.

Formula theft doesn’t happen. Even if it did, the ingredients here are all well understood. There’s nothing to steal!

So either they’re naive and noncompetitive, or they’re lying.

We think the latter is more common.


Prop blend problems NutraOne Burn One


The real reason manufacturers use prop blends is to keep unpleasant facts about the formula from potential customers.

Usually, they want to hide the fact that 90% of the formula is composed of benign amino acids and other ‘filler’ ingredients. They like having powerful ingredients on the label, but they don’t like paying for them. So they throw it all together in a prop blend and just include a few micrograms of the best fat burners.

Less common but much more worrying is when they want to hide the over-use of stimulants.

This brings us to what is probably our main concern about NutraOne Burn One.



Major Problem – NutraOne Burn One Side Effects!

We normally over side effects in a later section, but we think they really need to be addressed right away.

The NutraOne Burn One proprietary blend contains several powerful stimulants.

It contains at least one substance banned in Australia.

We have no idea how any of these stimulants are dosed.

Any one of them could be dosed as high as 699mg – with the rest of the ingredients dosed at a few micrograms.

For example, NutraOne Burn One contains an undisclosed quantity of caffeine anhydrous.

As you probably know, caffeine is an incredibly potent stimulant. Caffeine anhydrous is a more concentrated form of caffeine – it is more powerful on a gram for gram basis than regular caffeine.

Consuming caffeine in any quantity can cause side effects, depending on the amount, your tolerance, and myriad other factors.

But as a general rule of thumb, consuming caffeine anhydrous in doses in excess of about 150mg in a single sitting will likely cause some or all of the following side effects:

  • Dizziness
  • Shortness of breath
  • Heart arrhythmia
  • Hypertension
  • Headaches
  • Irritability
  • Anxiety
  • Confusion
  • Sudden energy crash
  • Nausea
  • Stomach cramps
  • Sweating

Obviously, caffeine is not something for you to take lightly. Just a few hundred milligrams can cause side effects, and they range in severity from mild or life-threatening.

Acute caffeine overdose can be fatal.

The fact we don’t know the caffeine anhydrous dose here is a MAJOR WORRY.¬†


NutraOne Burn One side effects


But the dangers don’t stop with caffeine.

Perhaps even more concerning (if you’re a competitive athlete) is the use of dangerous controlled substances!

That’s right: NutraOne Burn One contains a stimulant currently banned in Australia!

We’re talking about Higenamine.

This stuff is a beta-2 agonist. This means it works by allowing athletes to take in more oxygen. It is banned in Australia both in and out of competition, as this article states.

Higenamine isn’t something that belongs in an over the counter bodybuilding supplement. It is a potent stimulant, as well as a seemingly quite effective anti-asthmatic (it opens up your bronchial tubes). Now, it should be obvious that such a substance isn’t to be played around with, especially if you don’t have asthma and have been prescribed it by a doctor.

Possible side effects range from difficulty breathing, heart palpitations and dizziness, to more serious long-term effects.

Obviously the severity and likelihood of side effects is linked to dose.

Higenamine is often dosed in the tens of milligrams.

There could be hundreds of milligrams in here for all we know.

Not acceptable.


It is absolutely crucial that you DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH before you purchase any supplements whatsoever.

It is also vital that you CONSULT WITH A QUALIFIED DOCTOR. This is the only way to keep yourself safe. It is particularly important when dealing with stimulants and banned substances, let alone when you don’t know doses!

We aren’t doctors, and this is not medical advice.

All we are doing is giving our opinion on the most obvious side effect risks, based on our research and personal experiences. Nothing more. Talk to a doctor before using this stuff!


NutraOne Burn One Review Conclusion – Should You Buy It?

If you haven’t read the full Burn One review, then we urge you to at least read the side effects section before you go ahead and buy this stuff.

It comes with serious safety concerns.

That is putting it mildly, too.

It’s never good to consume caffeine anhydrous in unknown quantities. Acute caffeine overdose can be extremely uncomfortable at best, fatal at worst.

Higenamine is banned in Australia, and is known to cause side effects of its own.

We have no idea how either of these ingredients are dosed.

We don’t know why you would take these risks for Burn One when so many other fat burners are totally transparent with their ingredient serving sizes.

They list all the ingredients on the label with their individual doses.

Why roll the dice for this cheap prop blend?

If you want to seriously light a fire under your next cut, look elsewhere. Never sacrifice or even gamble with your safety for results. It isn’t necessary!

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