Nutrakey Tone Complex Review – Will This ‘Female Fat Burner’ Deliver?

Tone Complex









  • Contains some good ingredients, such as green coffee bean extract


  • Big proprietary blend
  • Contains poor ingredients, some potential fillers



Full Nutrakey Tone Complex Review


Tone Complex is a fat loss supplement from Nutrakey Inc.

It is sold primarily as a female fat burner. Generally, we don’t like it when supplements describe themselves as ‘for her’. We don’t like it simply because it’s always a little dishonest.

There’s no reason why a fat burner would be specifically for women or exclusively for men.

The only difference is the marketing.


Nutrakey Tone Complex review


Clearly, Nutrakey have followed the “pink it and shrink it” marketing school in designing Tone Complex.

Most women will be pretty offended by this approach. Under the hood, ‘female fat burners’ are never any different to ‘male fat burners’.

But that doesn’t mean the product itself is of low quality.

We’re not here to bash the marketing. We’re here to do a proper Tone Complex review. So let’s get on with it.

According to the Nutrakey Tone Complex bottle, this product can:

  • Accelerate weight loss
  • Enhance mood
  • Increase focus and energy

The Nutrakey website goes into these benefits in much greater detail.

It states: “Using all natural ingredients, Tone Complex is an all-in-one formula that combines some of the most powerful fat fighting supplements. With just a single serving a day, you’ll make it easier for your body to fight stubborn fat areas, power through intense workouts, and get the body you deserve.”

There isn’t really such a thing as “stubborn fat”, but to their credit, Nutrakey explain what this phrase actually can mean:


Tone Complex claims


Apparently, some of the ingredients can also boost serotonin production, raising your mood.

Sounds great.

But is any of it true?

Can Tone Complex really do all of this at the same time?

Is it safe?

How does it compare to the top rated fat burners right now?

In our full Nutrakey Tone Complex review, we’ll answer all of these questions in as much detail as we can. If you finish the review and you still have questions, let us know in the comments section at the end.


Nutrakey Tone Complex Formula

Let’s take a closer look at the Tone Complex formula:


Nutrakey Tone Complex formula


In general, we think you should avoid proprietary blends full stop.

We especially think you should avoid proprietary blends like this one.


Low Quality Prop Blend

The Tone Complex proprietary blend is a prime example of a low quality, potential rip-off formula.

It’s big, bloated, and full of useless fillers.

There are 10 ingredients in the fat metabolism and mood blend.

The total serving size is 1750mg.

We have absolutely no idea how any of the individual ingredients are dosed.

A single ingredient could be dosed at 1749mg, and the remaining ingredients can all be included in trace amounts.

That is all a manufacturer needs to do to list something on the label: throw in a microgram.

That’s why we hate proprietary blends.

There is no good reason to use proprietary blends.

Manufacturers say they need them to protect their intellectual property. But we’ve never seen someone successfully “steal” a formula.

The real reaosn they use them is to hide how bad their formula is from you.

Even if they are genuinely afraid of formula theft, their inability to compete is not your problem.

Lots of manufcaturers show their full formula, including individual ingredient servings, on the label.

They make lots of money, so it can be done.

Don’t stand for it.


Good Ingredients/Bad Ingredients

So what about the ingredients themselves?

Well, there’s some good, some bad.

For example, Tone Complex contains Green Coffee Bean Extract, which has been standardized to be at least 50% chlorogenic acid.

Chlorogenic acid is a compound that has been thoroughly proven to aid fat loss.

While there is some disagreement over this, we believe that it prevents insulin spikes. By extension, this inhibits your bodies ‘drive’ to store food after you break a fast, or after you eat a meal high in protein or carbohydrates.


Tone Complex ingredients green coffee beans


This stuff is a superb natural fat burner.

It doesn’t cause side effects, and it seems to work reliably for most people.

Sadly, we have no idea how much we are getting in Nutrakey Tone Complex.

There could be 200mg.

There could be 2mg.

While we don’t know, it is worth thinking about this: would a manufcaturer hide the fact that their product contains an ideal dose of a great ingredient?

We know how green coffee bean extract needs to be dosed to be effect.



Tone Complex useless ingredients raspberry ketones


We also have plenty of useless ingredients in Tone Complex.

The biggest offender here is the raspberry ketones.

This is the biggest scam in the supplement industry today.

Basically, raspberry ketones are a synthetic copy of the compounds that give raspberries their smell.

They were made in massive quantities for the perfume industry, but as demand declined, manufcaturers were left with a serious backlog.

The supplement industry was th eobvious solution: “it has ketone in the name, must have something to do with getting slim”.

Don’t fall for this blatant scam.


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Another example is grape seed extract.

This stuff is claimed to have a number of benefits for people looking to get healthy.

Sadly though, its fat burning abilities seem to be non-existent.

It doesn’t increase lipolysis.

It doesn’t enhance mood.

It doesn’t improve physical performance.

Why it is in this supplement is a mystery to us.

The fact that it could make up 90% or more of the Tone Complex proprietary blend is a major red flag for us.


Nutrakey Tone Complex Side Effects

There is always an inherent degre eof risk when you’re dealing with a big, bloated proprietary blend like we are here.

The likelihood that an ingredient will cause side effects depends heavily on the dose.

And since we don’t know the dose, we can’t talk accurately about side effect risks.

All we can do is point out the most serious toruble spots.

On the whole, the Tone Complex formula looks pretty safe.

Few of these ingredients are known to cause serious side effects or long term health risks.

However, some might cause issues depending on the dose.

Synephrine has never been shown to work in clinical settings. However, if it does work how manufacturers CLAIM that it works, it could be incredibly dangerous.

Synephrine is said to work in a similar way to ephedrine. This isn’t something you actually want – ephedrine is an incredibly powerful stimulant.

We don’t think synephrine does anything, good or bad, but if it does work, the side effect swill liekly outweigh the benefits.

Remember, we aren’t doctors.

This is not medical advice.

If you have any questions about health risks, you really need to talk to a qualified health professional.

Please share your experiences with Nutrakey Tone Complex below!


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Nutrakey Tone Complex Review Conclusion

If you haven’t got time to check out our entire Nutrakey Tone Complex review, then hopefully this summary is all you need.

Nutrakey doesn’t tell us how the Tone Complex ingredients are dosed.

Instead, they’re all lumped together in a single, homogeneous, bloated proprietary blend.

This blend contains some good ingredients, some so-so ingredients, and some useless dead weight.

If the good ingredients were dosed very well, then we think the manufacturer would probably use it as a selling point.

So why is the formula hidden?

Your guess is as good as ours, but we know what we think.

We have to consider the worst case scenario, of which there are many. We could have a stack that is 99% grape seed extract on our hands here.

We just don’t know – that’s the problem.

We think you should always opt for a stack that reveals its formula in full on the label.

All of the best fat burners today reveal their individual ingredient serving sizes right on the bottle.

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