Nutrabolics Semtex Review – Is It Worth The Money?










  • Contains some good ingredients
  • Good serving sizes


  • Serious side effect risks
  • Too much caffeine to take in a single dose
  • No point in theacrine or theobromine - caffeine far superior
  • Citrus Aurantium does NOTHING



Full Nutrabolics Semtex Review


Nutrabolics are a relatively unknown outfit, but their best selling fat burner, Semtex, is making a big noise in the bodybuilding supplement industry. It is going against the grain of many fat burners without stimulants and instead focused on delivering a massive energy kick.

Plenty of people are writing rave reviews about this product, and sales are clearly picking up.

So, we’ve done our own Semtex review, giving you a genuinely impartial, comprehensive, science-based look at the product.

Nutrabolics Semtex is sold as a “fat-burning incinerator”.


Nutrabolics Semtex Review


According to the official website, it provides:

  • Rapid fat loss support
  • Food craving eradication
  • “Euphoric” energy
  • Thermogenesis

Prettyy mucgh every fat burner we have ever seen has claimed to work via thermogenesis, but it seems that most manufacturers don’t understand what this really means.

In reality, very few fat burners work at all, let alone through thermogenesis.

The Nutrabolics website gives us a little more detail about how Semtex works:


Nutrabolics Semtex claims


Attacking fat loss along multiple different pathways is always the best approach to take.

The question is, does Semtex really do this?

Or is this all just marketing gibberish?

Does Semtex really help you lose fat like no other supplement on the market today?

Is it safe?

How does it compare to the current market leaders?

We answer all of these questions and more in our full Semtex review, found below. We look at the ingredients used, their effectiveness, and their dangers. We then discuss the formula as a whole, telling you how it compares ot our current number 1.

If you have any questions, please post them in the comments section at the end. We aim to reply within 48 hours.



Nutrabolics Semtex Formula

Here is the Nutrabolics Semtex formula in full:


Nutrabolics Semtex Formula


Not a great formula, all things considered.

It’s not a terrible fomrula by any means.

But there are some big problems here which combine to make a pretty middle of the road supplement.

We have some good ingredients capable of accelerating fat loss and helping you get the most out of your training during a cut.

But we also have some serious dead weight.

We are also missing some of the best natural fat burners available today – ingredients often found in top quality stacks.

Let’s go through this in greater detail.



What We Like

As stated above, there are some excellent ingredients in here.

For example, Semtex contains 300mg of caffeine anhydrous per serving.

That is a lot of caffeine to take in one serving. Other stacks advise you to take similar doses spread across an entire day, which is much safer. More on this in the side effects section.

That is a very sizeable serving of caffeine anhydrous.

In fact, if you follow the product directions and consume this in one serving, it will be far too much for the vast majority of people.

But it is a very effective dose. It is guaranteed to improve your performance in the gym, helping you work harder for longer despite being low on calories.

Caffeine anhydrous is a hgiher quality form of caffeine too; it has been dehydrated, meaning you don’t get any water molecules – just the good stuff.

We also get a nice healthy serving of cayenne pepper in Nutrabolics Semtex.

Each daily serving contains 200mg of cayenne pepper.

This will crank up your body’s internal temperature while you’re training, which means more calories being burned to try to keep you cool.

This is a great way to give your rate of fat loss an extra little boost.

Cayenne pepper is safe, effective, and reliable. A must-have for a serious natural fat burner today.


Cayenne Pepper Nutrabolics Semtex ingredients


Semtex also provides 10mg of Piperine per serving.

This will help you extract more nutrients from your food – essential while cutting back on the calories.

When dieting, many people focus solely on consuming fewer calories.

However, it is absolutely vital that you continue to get all the minerals and vitamins you need to stay healthy.

Getting all the micronutrients you need from 20% fewer calories can be tough.

That’s where Piperine comes in.

Adding in 10mg to your diet will help you get more vitamins and minerals from thr food that you eat, keeping you at optimal healthy and functionality during your cut.

The only issue here is that Nutrabolics recommends taking Semtex before training, when you wont be eating at all.

That means Piperine is a little useless here.



What We Don’t Like

As laid out above, there are plenty of things that we like about this fat burner.

Unfortunately though, they are clearly outweighed by the things we dislike.

The main problem with this stack is the fact that it contains ingredients that are all bark and no bite.

Or to put it another way, Semtex contains ingredients that don’t actually work.

Take Citrus Aurantium for example.

This is another name for bitter orange. You are probably familiar with the bitter orange extract commonly found in fat burners today: synephrine.

Many people (usually people who sell this stuff) claim that Citrus Aurantium extract is a powerful stimulant with its own special fat burning properties.

They claim that it works like ephedrine; an incredibly powerful pharmaceutical that encourages lipolysis.

They say this because Synephrine is structurally similar to ephedrine.

But don’t be fooled by this clever word play.

Just because something is structurally similar does not mean they have similar properties.

Bleach is pretty similar to water when you draw the two molecules on paper, but you don’t crave a nice glass of bleach after your morning run, do you?

Several studies have examined synephrine’s ability to accelerate fat loss, and they have all found it to be worthless.

The rest of the Semtex formula is pretty much useless too, aside form the ingredients mentioned above of course.

Worse still, some of them pose serious side effect concerns.


Citrus Aurantium Nutrabolics Semtex bogus ingredients


Theacrine is often found in fat burners and pre-workouts today, but we haven’t got a clue why it is so widely used.

Manufacturers claim that theacrine is a stimulant similar to caffeine.

We are yet to see evidence for this claim. In fact, several studies have found theacrine relatively ineffective at boosting energy compared to caffeine.

But even if it were true, why not just use caffeine?

Caffeine is reliable, well understood, and generally well tolerated.

We know what we’re getting with caffeine.

So what is the point of theacrine?

We have the same problem with theobromine.

Naturally found in cocoa, theobromine is often said to be a stimulant “like caffeine”.

The problem is, studies have foudn it to be about 10% as strong as caffeine.

Another pointless addition.

Theobromine would be a bad addition to any stack, considering how ineffective it is, and given the ready availability of caffeine.

Yet in a stack which already contains a very large dose of caffeine anhydrous AND theacrine, theobomrine is totally superfluous.

This brings us on to the worst thing about Nutrabolics Semtex: the side effects.



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Nutrabolics Semtex Side Effects

There is a serious side effect risk with using Nutrabolics Semtex.

As laid out above, this fat burner contains 3 different stimulants.

The 300mg of caffeine anhydrous alone makes it very likely that you will experience some side effects while using this product.

Unlike some stacks, which recommend taking 300mg of caffeine spaced evenly throughout the day, Semtex recommends taking all 300mg in one dose right before training.

That is reckless in our opinion.

300mg of caffeine iw hat you would get from about 5 espressos.


The caffeine is provided in the form of caffeine anhydrous, which means it is even stronger than normal caffeine.

The likely side effects of consuming this much caffeine in one go range from the mild to the very severe.

They include:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Heart palpitations
  • Headaches
  • Irritability
  • Anxiety
  • Hypertension
  • Dizziness
  • Fainting
  • Diarrhoea

Consuming this much caffeine in one sitting, particularly if you do so regularly, will drastically increase your risk of heart attack and stroke.

Caffeine overdoses are extremely rare, but they are possible.

If you already consume many caffeinated drinks throughout the day, then you probably want to stay well away from Nutrabolics Semtex.

The fact that this stack includes another 2 stimulants, albeit weak ones, makes these risks even worse.

At the very least, if you must use Semtex then it will be much safer to split your dose up evenly throughout the day.

Remember that we are not doctors so this is not medical advice. We can’t guarantee your safety, all we can do is raise some dangers to consider.

It is absolutely vital that you talk to a qualified doctor before using this product. You need sound advice from a physician, not assurances from random people on the internet. Talk to your regular doctor today.


Nutrabolics Semtex Review Conclusion – Is It Any Good?

All in all, we think most of you would be better off with a different supplement.

The potential dangers posed by Nutrabolics Semtex are just too serious.

Considering that there are only a couple of genuinely good fat burners in here, the potential benefits cannot possibly justify the risks.

If you want a good balance between safety, reliability, effectiveness and value for money, then there are fat burners out there capable of giving you just that.

Semtex isn’t it.

We advise you to read our full review to get the whole story, but if you don’t have time, please be careful with this much caffeine and this many stimulants.

Medical supervision is strongly advised!

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