New MAN Sports Lean PH.D Fat Burner – Does It Work?

Lean Ph.D









  • Made by reputable manufacturer


  • One small proprietary blend split between 10 ingredients!
  • Caffeine anhydrous under-dosed for most users

  Full MAN Sports Lean PH.D Review


Product Overview

MAN Sports has very quickly gone from a small, relatively unknown manufacturer of niche products to a major supplier of specialist bodybuilding supplements.

Like so many manufacturers before and after them, they found great success with a limited number of products, and used that success to expand their operations. They now offer everything: protein powders, pre-workouts, and natural testosterone boosting stacks. 


MAN Sports Lean Ph.D Review


Lean PH.D is our focus for today, but it is not the only fat burner they offer. As well as a kind of fat burning “bundle”, which includes Lean PH.D, MAN Sports also produce another stand-alone fat burner called Scorch. On top of that, they produce their own CLA powder, ALCAR powder, and a nighttime fat burner. 

That tells us something quite interesting: these guys are serious. This isn’t a shady operation that springs up with a one page website, only to disappear in a few months when the complaints start rolling in. MAN Sports are here for the long-run. 

But this isn’t an article about the manufacturer. You clicked on a MAN Sports Lean PH.D review, and that is what you’re going to get. 

So, what is MAN Sports Lean PH.D? 

Lean PH.D bills itself as a combined fat burner and nootropic (smart drug). We assume this explains the PH.D in the name! We are explicitly told by MAN Sports that Lean PH.D is “two products in one”: a strong thermogenic combined with a powerful LTP nootropic blend. 

Supplement producers today are having to find better ways of setting their offerings apart from the crowd, and making your supplement a kind of 2-in-1 product is just one way of doing so. However, we are often skeptical of such products, because it is so easy to over-stretch your formula. Splitting your product risks diluting both aspects, leaving you with neither a fat burner nor a nootropic rather than both. 

We are also given a list of benefits right on the front of the bottle:

  • All day energy
  • Superior focus and clarity
  • No appetite and cravings
  • “Effortless” weight loss response

Sounds great, but can it deliver?

Will Lean PH.D do all of the things that it says it does? Will it work reliably for the majority of users, or is it designed to get glowing reviews from a handful of outliers? 

There’s only one real way to find out. Let’s take a look at the Lean PH.D formula and see if it stacks up against the claims made by MAN Sports. 

Here is our full MAN Sports Lean PH.D review. 


MAN Sports Lean PH.D Formula

It’s always better if you can look at the formula yourself before we start discussing the ingredients. 

Here is the Lean PH.D formula, as shown on the bottle:


MAN Sports Lean PH.D Formula Review


Proprietary Blend!

The vast majority of the ingredients in MAN Sports Lean PH.D are lumped together in one, large, homogeneous proprietary blend. 

While some fat burners can get away with using proprietary blends more than others, this is usually because they have been used in a very limited way, and such supplements will still never represent the kind of value for money offered by those products that DO reveal their serving sizes in full. 

We have said time and again on this site why we take issue with such blends: they deny you the ability to make intelligent, informed buying decisions, they deny you the ability to learn from your experiences with X amount of Y ingredient while taking Lean PH.D, and more often than not, they are just used to disguise cheap production costs.


Lean Ph.D Fat Burner Side Effects


The size of Lean PH.D’s proprietary blend compounds the problem: at just 690mg split between 10 ingredients, there is no way that the key ingredients in the blend are dosed appropriately. 

Take Green Tea Extract for example. This is one of the best natural fat burning substances on the planet. It should be included in every fat burner that wants to be taken seriously. However, it is usu sally dosed at around 250mg.

Now, not all ingredients have the same ideal serving size, but assuming that the formula is split up into 10 equal parts, we only get 69mg for green tea extract. If, in fact, Lean PH.D contains an ideal serving of green tea extract (250-300mg), then we suddenly have just 390mg divided between 9 ingredients. Either way, the picture doesn’t look too promising. 

The exact same thing can be seen with one of the other most robustly-proven fat burners in the formula: ALCAR. 

ALCAR is a fantastic supplement, used by athletes and bodybuilders all over the world for its ability to enhance energy metabolism and help speed up lipolysis. Again, we think this would make a good addition to most people’s supplement regimen if their goal is to enhance fat loss while maintaining good athletic performance and muscle mass

However, ALCAR is usually dosed at no less than 300mg. Many people take as much as 600mg – almost the same size as the entire Lean PH.D blend!

We can repeat this again with other ingredients, but by now you get the point.

Some of these ingredients may be great at helping you burn fat faster. But unless we can see that they are dosed appropriately, and that the worst ingredients (those that have no scientifically proven fat burning effects) are the ones being given a tiny portion of the blend. 


What About The Caffeine?

Caffeine is one of our favorite natural fat burners.

It doesn’t have any direct fat burning properties per say, but if you’re cutting while trying to maintain your performance in the gym, then caffeine can be a strong ally.

However, as with all ingredients, serving size matters. 


Lean PH.D Ingredients Side Effects Caffeine


Even though caffeine anhydrous is more potent by weight than regular caffeine, we don’t think 100mg is anything to really rave about. 

It would make a bit of a difference if we knew for certain that the rest of the formula contained generous doses of natural fat burners that really work, along with some other compounds to boost energy (B12, theanine, etc). But we don’t know that the Green Tea or the ALCAR in Lean PH.D is dosed right, and there aren’t any other ingredients that we know to reliably and significantly improve energy levels and decrease the perception of fatigue. 

As such, we think it’s fair to say that the caffeine anhydrous is pretty under-dosed in Lean PH.D. Our favorite fat burners usually contain around 250mg, and if you’re sensitive to caffeine, you’ll probably want a supplement that doesn’t contain any at all. The middle ground doesn’t really cater to any one in this instance.


Will MAN Sports Lean PH.D Cause Side Effects?

Whether or not a supplement is likely to cause side effects is dependent as much on serving sizes as it is on the actual ingredients themselves. 

Since we don’t know the serving sizes of the ingredients in Lean PH.D, we can’t say for certain whether or not this fat burner is likely to be safe for most users. That is not a good thing. 

In our opinion, if you can’t say whether something is likely to cause significant side effects or none at all, if you literally can’t tell one way or the other, then you should walk away. There are plenty of supplements on the market that give you totally transparent data on their formulas, letting you know if it contains an amount of a substance that you know will give you some trouble.

That said, plenty of people do seem to have used MAN Sports Lean PH.D without issue, if the reviews online are anything to go by.

The important thing really is to not just listen to a supplement supplier, the manufacturer, or a review website like this. You know your own body better than most, and in most cases your doctor will know it better than you! Please ensure that you pay your usual doctor a visit before you try a new fat burner, no matter how many times you’ve used ‘similar’ substances in the past.

MAN Sports Lean PH.D contains many exotic substances you will not have consumed before. Checking with your doctor about possible allergies is vital!



MAN Sports Lean PH.D Review Conclusion

Despite its apparent popularity, we don’t think this fat burner will be right for everyone. After doing a thorough MAN Sports Lean PH.D review, we don’t even think this is the right supplement for the vast majority of you. 

For starters, all we are shown on the bottle is a proprietary blend: no exact serving sizes are revealed. This causes a number of problems for the consumer, and while we aren’t saying this is necessarily the case here, in most instances proprietary blends are used to hide very low doses of the most expensive and powerful ingredients. To put it simply, 99% of the time we just stear well clear of products giving us large proprietary blends. 

This is made worse by the fact that the prop blend in Lean PH.D is quite small: just 690mg divided between 10 ingredients, some of which require large serving sizes (>300mg) to be really effective. We can’t see how the main ingredients can be getting enough attention in there at all. 

MAN Sports Lean PH.D clearly works for some people, and that’s great.

But if you’re looking for the biggest bang for your buck, we recommend checking out our top rated supplements, all of which have transparent, readily available formula details, and represent good value for money. More importantly, they should be reliably effective and relatively safe for almost all of you.


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