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  • Ingredients are pretty much useless
  • Why use guarana and not just caffeine?
  • Missing all of the key natural fat burners we look for


Full Simply8 Review


Simply8 is a “premium fat burning formula” currently getting a lot of traffic on Amazon.

Strangely, the front of the bottle says that Simply8 was “formulated by” BioSearch SA. According to the bottle, the ingredients themselves are from numerous different manufacturers.

If you look closely at the back of the label, you’ll see that the product was “exclusively manufactured for Natural Solutions Ltd.”

Natural Solutions are the guys running the Amazon merchant page, so we’ll assume that this is the brand fronting the product.


Simply8 review


That’s quite the team effort. We generally don’t like it when the provenance of a product is so difficult to work out. We like to know where our supplements come from, who is responsible for them, and so on. But never mind.

According to the Amazon merchant page, users can expect the following benefits from this product:

  • Boost metabolism
  • Greater energy levels
  • Appetite suppression

We don’t like the words “appetite suppression” when used in this way. Some fat burners help you feel satisfied with less food, and they help stop food cravings, but they don’t interrupt your normal eating schedule. This is vital if you’re training for a fight, a show, or whatever.

But others just get rid of your appetite altoegther. Everybody knows starvation and physical performance do not go together.

Simply8 is described as a “diet pill”, a “weight loss supplement”, and a “fat burner”.


Natural Solutions Simply8 fat burner


These aren’t all the same thing, so it will be interesting to see where Simply8 actually falls; is it a scammy, unhelpful diet pill, or a real fat burner designed to help you get through your best cutting phase ever?

Does Simply8 really help you lose bodyfat?

Is it safe? What are the risks involved?

How does Simply8 compare to the best fat burners on the market today?

Is it right for your specific goals?

For answers to all of these questions and more, read our full Simply8 review below. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments section at the end.

Simply8 Formula

Let’s take a look at the Simply8 formula. Here is the label as it appears on the bottle:


Simply8 formula analysis


We know that image isn’t great, but it’s the best we have unfortunately!

So what are our first impressions?

Right away, we can tell that this isn’t the powerful fat burnern it makes itself out to be.

There are just 4 ingredients, and none of them are particularly potent fat burners.

In fact, only one of them is usually linked with enhanced fat loss, and even then we believe that there isn’t any concrete scientific evidence to back it up.

The rest are totally useless in our opinion.

Unfortunately, there just isn’t anything in this formula that we can be optimistic about. We’ll therefore be skipping the usual “what we like” section, and going straight into what we don’t like.

What We Don’t Like – Where Are All The Proven Fat Burners?

The main problem with Simply8 is quite simple itself: there just aren’t any serious fat burners in here.

We have 4 ingredients, and not one of them has been conclusively shown in a clinical trial to enhance fat loss.

Some of them aren’t even usually touted as fat burners by manufacturers and bloggers. That is really saying something, as generally speaking health bloggers will call anything and everything a “super food”.

Over-Hyped But Useless

The two ingredients sometimes used in fat burners and other bodybuilding supplements are Guarana and Yerba Mate.

Guarana is used because it contains caffeine.

Somehow manufacturers have managed to convince gullible people that there is something special about Guarana. That it contains “special caffeine” that is different in some way to the caffeine in coffee.

Well, sorry to break it to you folks, but caffeine is caffeine. Once you remove it from source, it’s all the same molecule (otherwise we couldn’t cal it caffeine).

Guarana contains more caffeine than coffee beans by weight, but we aren’t consuming it by eating seeds here. So why haven’t the manufacturers just used pure, concentrated caffeine?

That way, we’d know exactly how much caffeine we’re getting per serving. We also wouldn’t be paying for material we don’t want (the rest of the guarana).

The best fat burners on the market today use high quality caffeine anhydrous.

Caffeine is usually dosed anywhere from 100mg to 300mg per day (300mg is not to be taken all at once).

Simply8 contains just 50mg of guarana. We don’t know how much of that is caffeine, but we know it’s A LOT LESS than 50mg.

Forget Guarana; just use regular caffeine. It’s the same thing once the body breaks it down. Using regular caffeine is just so mch more efficient.


Yerba Mate Simply8 bogus ingredients


Yerba Mate is often touted for its supposed ability to boost testosterone levels in men.

This would of courselead to increased metabolic rate, increased muscle mass, and significantly greater lipolysis (fat burning).

The problem is that there aren’t any robust, convincing clinical trials showing Yerba Mate as actually boosting free testosterone levels.

It seems that its reputation as a test booster is built purely on hype, not on hard science.


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Totally Bogus Ingredients

The other 2 ingredients in Simply8 are, unfortunately, totally bogus.

They aren’t even hyped as powerful fat burners.

They may be found in some other low quality diet pills, but there isn’t the kind of anecdotal, PR-driven reputation surrounding these ingredients as there is with Guarana and Yerba Mate.

We have 150mg of Bladderwack Root and 100mg of Dandelion in each serving of Simply8.

The doses don’t matter here, because these two ingredients have absolutely no fat burning power at all.

They don’t help with hunger.

They don’t improve performance.

They don’t boost energy levels.

They don’t encourage lipolysis.

There is absolutely no reason for them to be in a supplement sold as a “fat burner” or “weight loss support” product.



dandelion root useless Simply8 ingredients


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Simply8 Side Effects

There aren’t any side effects to worry about here for the vast majority of users.

At leats 2 of the ingredients do nothing at all.

There aren’t any serious side effects usually associated with the use of any of the ingredients in Simply8.

It does contain some amount of caffeine, but we can be certain that there is less than 50mg per serving (probably a lot less).

Of course, if your caffeine consumption is high anyway, or you use OTHER supplements also containing caffeine, then that’s different.

if you already use supplements containing caffeine then taking an other 50mg on top can have serious consequences.

Caffeine overdose can even be fatal.

Take Note: BE CAREFUL!

Obviously, everyone is different too. Just because Bladderwack Root is safe for 99% of people doesn’t mean it is safe for you. Everyone has their own allergies and intolerances.

Of course, everything needs to be thought of relative to potential benefits.

When tyou consider that you have nothing to gain from Bladderwack or Yerba Mate, then the risk of side effects becomes a lot bigger!

As always, you need to talk to a qualified doctor before using a fat burner like Simply8.

Do not rely on advice from internet strangers when it comes to your health and safety. Talk to your regular family physician before using SImply8; that’s an order!

If you aren’t an athlete looking for help during a cut, then fat burners probably aren’t what you need.

These supplements aren’t a shortcut to being thin. They are designed for athletes, both amateur and pro. If you are obese, then you need to sort out your diet and exercise regime first.

Losing weight if you are seriously obese doesn’t require special products. You just need to burn more calories than you take in!

Simply8 Review Conclusion

After doing a pretty thorough Simply8 review, we feel confident telling you that this is a low quality fat burner.

Simply8 is unlikely to help anyone move stubborn body fat.

It is certainly not going to deliver similar results to the leading fat burners on the market today.

Indeed, this is probably one of the worst supplements we have reviewed on this site.

If you’re looking for help getting the most out of your next cut, look elsewhere.

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