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  • Contains unusual appetite suppressant


  • Contains fat blocker - never good!
  • Low dietary fat can affect sleep quality!
  • Some ingredients have no proven fat burning qualities


Full Modern Man PM Review


Product Overview – What Is This Fat Burner All About?

Most of the people who land on this page will no doubt have come across this product being sold on Amazon or at their local supplement store. Others may have seen a Modern Man PM review on a professional supplement analysis site. That said, at the time of writing very few serious review sites have given Modern Man PM any coverage at all. 

So, what is Modern Man PM? 

Modern Man PM is sold as a stimulant-free weight management product specifically for nighttime use. 

According tot he manufacturers, it delivers a number of benefits, which together would make a huge difference to anyone’s fat loss results. These benefits include:

  • Stress relief and relaxation
  • Limiting sugar absorption 
  • Reducing food cravings
  • Supporting an “efficient” metabolism 

Efficiency is a relative term. A fast metabolism is not inherently efficient. If we ere looking to gain fat, then the most efficient metabolism would be an incredibly slow one. We will just assume they mean “fast” here, but manufacturers should be more careful with their wording. 


Modern Man PM Nighttime Fat Burner Review


We generally advise people to avoid any product which claims to limit carbohydrate up-take because carbohydrates have a role to play in the diet of anyone who does intense exercise multiple times per week. That’s because without carbs, your performance in the gym will suffer, and without carbs, you can’t build any new muscle mass. Simple as that. 

If you’re a bodybuilder looking to shred-down before a contest, then perhaps for the last couple of weeks you will drop your carb intake dramatically. But you will still want to keep your muscles looking full and rounded; for that, they need to be full of glycogen, and for that, you need carbs. 

Blocking the absorption of such an important part of your diet seems crazy to us. However, Modern Man Nutrition claim that PM is able to block SUGAR absorption. While you do need carbs to really perform well in the gym, on the field, or in the ring, simple sugars are a different matter. We’ll evaluate what the manufacturer means by “limit sugar absorption” later in our review.

The Modern Man PM official page gets a little more specific about what the product is able to do:


Modern Man PM Benefits

What does Modern Man PM really do?


It is always better when manufacturers get very specific about what a product can do for you. We’ve all seen plenty of powders promising “unbelievable benefits”, but until we know what they are, it’s a meaningless statement.

All-in-all, this sounds like a really interesting fat burner. If it can genuinely improve metabolism speed, reduce stress, and improve sleep quality, then this will be a very useful supplement for absolutely anyone who wants to get the most out of their cut. 

The fact that it claims to help you retain lean muscle through encouraging proper restoration is very good to see. Some natural fat burners claim to help you build lean muscle mass, or to retain it all while cutting. This is usually nonsense. However, you can retain a large amount of muscle mass while cutting if your training, diet and recovery is on-point. 

That brings us to the million dollar question: does Modern Man PM nighttime fat burner really work?

Can it do all of the things it says it can? What does it mean by “limiting sugar absorption”? Do we really want that? What about sleep quality? Why is that important and how does Modern Man PM help?

We’ll try to answer all of these questions for you here. Below you’ll find a fair and thorough Modern Man PM review. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in comments section below and we’ll get back to you asap!


Modern Man PM Ingredients

The most important part of any supplement appraisal is the formula, and this Modern Man PM review is no different.

We can talk all day about what the manufacturers say, or what we might read on some Amazon “verified customer reviews”, but if the ingredients don’t stack up to our expectations, we should walk away.

Here is the Modern Man PM ingredient list, as it appears on the bottle:


Modern Man PM Formula Review


If you receive your bottle and your label looks even slightly different to this, then get in touch with the manufacturer immediately and make sure that your product is legit. If you find that the formula posted here needs to be updated, please let us know in the comments below!

As you can see, Modern Man PM lists each individual ingredient’s serving size; no proprietary blends! That’s fantastic news for prospective customers. Not only does it mean that you can make an informed, conscientious buying decision, but it means that you can learn from your experiences with this product going forward. 

The formula does also clearly contain some great fat burning ingredients. However, it also contains some ingredients that we think are more hype than anything else. We’ll break the formula down into its good and bad parts so you can evaluate it more easily. 


The Good

We think the main driving forces behind this product are Green Coffee Bean Extract and Hoodia Gordonii Extract.

Green coffee beans are rich in a substance called chlorogenic acid. This stuff is a well-known natural fat burner, but how it works exactly seems to be poorly understood. As best as we can tell from the available scientific data, chlorogenic acid seems to attenuate the insulin response to carbohydrate intake. This means your brain gives off a weaker “store” signal when you eat carbs, meaning that fewer calories are siphoned off for storage as fat. 

You will see green coffee bean extract in most high quality fat burners on the market today, precisely because it is so reliably effective for so many people. 


Modern Man PM Ingredients Hoodia Gordonii

Hoodia Gordonii Extract is a much rarer sight. Very few of you will have come across this ingredient before seeing Modern Man PM. Yet it does seem to have a lot of utility as a tool for helping you shed body fat while retaining as much muscle mass as possible. 

Hard clinical data is sparse, but it seems that Hoodia Gordonii, a currently endangered plant native to the Kalahari desert, is a powerful appetite suppressant. It appears that this plant extract works by mimicking the effect of glucose in the brain; the brain is tricked into thinking that glucose concentrations are higher, which diminishes the hunger drive. 

While this will clearly have an impact on weight loss, there are some issue to consider.

For one thing, Hoodia Gordonii seems to be very poorly tolerated, with side effects being quite common in one of the only available clinical trials on the substance. 

For another, we prefer an appetite suppressant which makes meals feel larger rather than simply eliminating the hunger drive. Tricking the brain into thinking it has sufficient fuel is not the same as ‘bulking out’ meals; one deprives the brain of nutrients when it might need them, and the other reduces the chance of over-eating or “binge eating”.


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Green tea and theanine are also great additions to this formula, or to any fat burner’s formula for that matter. 

Green tea contains a whole host of wonderful anti-oxidants and polyphenols which together protect overall health and vitality. It also has a more immediate fat burning effect.

Green tea contains ECGC; a polyphenol known to contribute to enhanced fat loss.

Theanine works synergistically with caffeine, tempering its side effects while at the same time promoting and enhancing its positive effects.

Modern Man PM doesn’t contain any caffeine as it is designed for use at nighttime. Theanine is still useful, however, in that it will lessen the effects of any caffeine you might have consumed a little too close to bed time!

Melatonin is a standard addition to any supplement claiming to help with sleep quality.

Melatonin is the hormone which regulates your “biological clock” (your wake-sleep cycle). Our body starts producing more melatonin as it gets darker, and secretion usually peaks at around 3am.

It promotes deep, restful sleep, which for many of us is the first thing that goes while dieting and training hard simultaneously. Sure, you get lots of sleep, but it’s fitful and you might regularly wake up during REM sleep. Since you only grow muscles while sleeping, and since your body fat levels will be massively effected by growth hormone secretion at night, this is something every athlete needs to avoid.


Modern Man PM Fat Burner Sleep Aid


The Bad

The only ingredient in Modern Man PM which we could reasonably label as “bad” is Cassia nomame.

Cassia nomame is a plant native to China, where it grows wildly in certain regions. Unfortunately, like Hoodia Gordonii, this plant is considered threatened or endangered due to habitat loss. 

Derived from the seeds of the plant of he same name, this substance is thought to prevent the intestinal breakdown and absorption of dietary fat.

Basically, it is thought to act as a lipase inhibitor. This means it may prevent the production of the enzyme responsible for breaking down dietary fat into a state which can be absorbed. 

If you’ve read our breakdown of what different fat burners do, then you’ll know that we are strongly opposed to using anyhting which simply inhibits the digestion of food. 

Preventing your body from being able to derive nutrients and energy form food is a, frankly, ridiculous strategy if you care at all about health and athletic performance, or even about body aesthetics for that matter. 

Fat is an essential part of the human diet. A diet without fat is not a healthy diet. We don’t care what certain magazines have told you, or what your neighbor has been supposedly doing to look so great; you need to eat some fat if you want to be in good physical condition. This is especially true if you want to keep training intensity high and your recovery time short. 

Cutting fat out of your diet is a quick road to poor performance, poor physical appearance, and poor long-term health. Not to mention poor sleeping habits; the exact thing Modern Man PM is supposed to help with!


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The other ingredients in Modern Man PM are not “bad”, per se. It is just that there is very little robust, reliable evidence proving that they actually work as so many people say they do. 

Take Garcinia Cambogia for example. Lots of online gurus rave about this stuff, calling it the best natural fat burner on the market. They no doubt feel confident hyping it up because they have advertising deals with manufacturers who sell it

But we are yet to see a single human study showing that Garcinia Cambogia has a significant impact on weight loss. 

The same is true of raspberry ketones. Every other fat loss supplement seems to offer raspberry ketones at the minute, which to us is simply astounding. To our knowledge, there is not a shred of evidence to support the notion that raspberry ketones enhance fat loss. 

The reason for the enthusiasm is no doubt partly the fact that “ketones” makes people think of the keto diet; a fad diet touted for its fat loss potential. However, raspberry ketones have nothing to do with ketosis!


Limiting Sugar Absorption?

There is nothing in this formula which is able to limit the absorption of sugar.

If you’re dieting, then there is no reason to seek to limit sugar absorption. Sugars are not what make you fat; excessive calories make you fat.

However, some people rightly start their diet by getting rid of something with very low nutritional value, and simple sugars are top of the list here. If you’re dieting, your food intake needs to provide maximum nutritional value – every calorie counts. If you don’t do this, then your performance and your physique will suffer dramatically.

The best way to prevent simple sugar absorption in this case is to not eat them in the first place. If you need sweets, then replace your usual candy bar with fruits, or at least something with some nutritional content.

In any case though, there is no “sugar blocker” in the Modern Man PM formula. Nor can we see any ingredients which will keep cortisol levels low, or help preserve lean muscle mass. 



Where To Buy Modern Man PM

Unfortunately, Modern Man PM is only available on Amazon. If you go on the official merchant page through the Modern Man Nutrition official website, you’ll see that the only available purchase button says “buy now on Amazon”.

Why unfortunately, you may ask; isn’t Amazon usually cheaper and faster than buying directly from manufacturers?

In our opinion, it is always better to buy directly from manufacturers. Doing so gives you an extra degree of protection; you now exactly who to go to if things don’t turn up on time, exactly who to go to for your money back guarantee, and exactly who to get in touch with should you have any other questions.

Most reputable manufacturers will sell their own supplements. Many will actually only sell their products themselves. This shows a real  willingness to put their own time and money into getting their product to market. This shows a belief in the quality of their own product. 

The fact that Modern Man Nutrition chooses to only offer PM through a third party seller doesn’t necessarily make it a bad product, but it does show that they are happy to take a lower margin if it means offloading the risks and costs of setting up their own supply chain. 


Modern Man PM Side Effects

The only substance we really need to discuss here is Hoodia Gordonii.

As you can see from the study cited in the ingredients section, this substance seems to have a relatively high risk of eliciting side effects in users. 

Not only that, the side effects in the study we quoted seem quite severe for a natural extract. 

As stated clearly on the bottle, Modern Man PM is a nighttime fat burner; it contains no stimulants, synthetic or otherwise. There should be no problems on that front. 

If you experience any side effects at all from taking this fat burner, discontinue use and go to your doctors immediately. You should inform your regular physician of your intentions whenever you decide to try a new supplement. They need to know what you are putting in your body if n case the worst happens!


Modern Man PM Review Conclusion

We were really disappointed with this supplement. 

For starters, a lot of the claims we referred to at the start of our Modern Man PM review don’t match up with what we see when we look at the formula. 

Limiting sugar absoprtion? Nope. There is a fat blocker in here, but we have serious problems with taking anything that inhibits your ability to digest and absorb vital macronutrients. Substances which make you feel fuller, faster, such as glucomannan, work by preventing binge eating.

Fat blockers deprive you of dietary fat, which can kill health, physical and mental performance, as well as disrupting your sleep cycle! Not good for a sleep aid!

Many of the other ingredients have no solid scientific pedigree; their fat burning properties are largely unfounded. The only evidence we can find for the effectiveness of, say, raspberry ketones, are from online gurus and forums. Hardly reliable. 

Finally, the major appetite suppressant seems to have a relatively higher risk of side effects than comparable products. 

All-in-all, this doesn’t look like a fantastic option for someone looking to maximize their fat loss through recovery optimization.

There are better supplements out there for helping you get a good nights sleep, and there are better supplements out there for helping you lose fat while retaining muscle mass. These are two side of the same coin, but Modern Man PM doesn’t deliver on either of them.

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  1. Michael

    Current formulation as per is totally different:

    Glycine: 500mg
    Ashwagandha: 250mg
    GABA: 250mg
    L-Theanine: 250mg
    Coleus Forskolhii Root: 200mg
    Melatonin: 5mg

    1. FBDTeam (Post author)

      Hi Michael. Thanks for the heads up. We’ll check it out and re-write the review if this is now the official formula.


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