Meta Black M3 Review – High Potency Fat Burner?

Meta Black M3









  • Very sensible caffeine serving


  • Synephrine is ineffective
  • Raspberry ketones do NOTHING for fat loss
  • Some ingredients pose side effect risks
  • Very ineffective, weak formula overall
  • Basically an over-priced caffeine supplement


Full Meta Black M3 Review


Meta Black M3 is a fat burning supplement that is gaining a lot of popularity right now. It is marketed as a heavy-duty bodybuilding supplement, designed to help you get the most out of the final stages of your next cut. Meta Black make a handful of excellent bodybuilding supplements – their pre-workout is very successful, for example. Right now this is touted as one of the best vegan fat burners on the market.

So what is it supposed to do exactly?

How does Meta Black M3 help you lose fat?


Meta Black M3 fat burner review


As you can see on the bottle, Meta Black M3 is described as a “high potency multi-stage fat metabolizer”. We often see the “multi-stage” thing, and it doesn’t usually make much sense.

Multi-stage usually refers to a supplement providing multiple different fat burning benefits; intra-workout energy, accelerated fat loss, and appetite suppression.

However, people use this label too liberally. Most fat burners these days claim to be “multi-stage”, but most of them aren’t.

Meta Black M3 fat burner claims to provide these key benefits:

  • Increased energy
  • Reduced hunger
  • Accelerated fat loss
  • Boosts metabolism

That’s a good range of benefits.

Any fat burner that delivers on all these fronts will be a fantastic product.

If you can gain extra energy in the gym, help keep your appetite under control, and speed up your rate of fat loss, you’ll no doubt see results in the mirror and on the scales.

The question is, does Meta Black M3 really do all of these things?

Is it safe? Will it cause any serious side effects?

How does it stack up against the best fat burners on the market today?

Find out by reading our full Meta Black M3 review below. We start by looking at the ingredients, doses, and major risks involved. We see if the ingredients have any serious scientific backing, and whether or not they’re worth the side effects. In the end, we’ll tell you if we’d recommend this to any serious athletes, or if it’s just another low grade fat loss pill. Post any questions in the comments and we’ll get back to you asap.


Meta Black M3 Formula

Let’s take a look at the formula and see if it backs up the claims made by the manufacturers:


Meta Black M3 formula analysis


That’s not a very good formula.

In our opinion, this is clearly a middle-of-the-road fat burner.

What really jumps out at us are the low doses.

There are some good ingredients. But they’re dosed too low to make a real difference.

It’s also full of useless, dud ingredients.

Not great. Users will get very limited results from Meta Black M3. Most people will get almost nothing out of using this fat burner.

If you want to really supercharge your next cut, then you are going to be better off using a higher quality, premium product.


What We Like

There is at least one good thing about Meta Black M3 fat burner. 

Each serving provides 150mg of caffeine anhydrous.

Caffeine anhydrous is simply caffeine with all water molecules removed – it has been dehydrated.

Removing the water molecules leaves just the pure caffeine molecule behind, meaning that it is much more potent by weight than regular caffeine.

Caffeine can be your best friend during a cut.



It reduces the perception of fatigue, allowing you to work out more strenuously and for longer. If you’re hitting the gym every night on an empty stomach, then caffeine can help you get through the session without you having to take on extra calories.

Caffeine also reduces feelings of tiredness and the loss of motivation that comes with it.

For caffeine anhydrous, 150mg right before a workout is plenty to get you energized, fired up and ready to crush your workout despite being in a deep caloric deficit. 

For some context, 150mg of caffeine is about as much as you will get from a large, strong black coffee. Two regular Americanos totals about 150mg of caffeine. See side effects section below for more on caffeine dosing.


What We Don’t Like

Sadly, there’s not much else that we can say about this product that is positive. Aside from the sensible dose of caffeine anhydrous, the Meta Black M3 formula is a serious let-down. 

The worst thing about the formula is the heavy use of ineffective, over-hyped substances. 

For example, one of the main ingredients in Meta Black M3 is Citrus Aurantium.

This is the Latin name for Bitter Orange. It is widely used in sports supplements today; it is a very common ingredient in fat burners nowadays.

The reason it is so widely used in diet pills and fat loss supplements is because it is said to be structurally similar to ephedrine. This is an extremely powerful stimulant that is sometimes (wrongly) used to help with fat loss. Indeed, if you look at the two next to each other, they are quite similar.



But two things can look similar when drawn on paper, and have extremely different effects on the body.

Put water and bleach side by side, and they look “structurally similar” too. But you don’t want to mix the two up, and drinking them will have VERY different effects on the body.

Some studies have looked at the effects of synephrine supplementation, and they have almost always turned up disappointing results.

This study, for example, found that synephrine supplementation has no effect on resting or active ATP utilization. Synephrine didn’t seem to do very much of anything.

One study found that synephrine increased metabolic rate, but only by 65kcal.

Synephrine has never been robustly and repeatedly shown to significantly increase metabolic rate in humans. It has not been shown to reliably aid with fat loss.

And this is one of the main ingredients in Meta Black M3.



The next biggest ingredient in Meta Black M3 is just as useless, if not even more so.

Raspberry ketones are everywhere these days.

They are said to help with fat loss. We think people believe this because they have “ketones” in the name.

We’re not going to get into the ridiculous ketogenic diet here. That’s the topic of an upcoming article.

But even if the keto diet did help with fat loss, raspberry ketones have absolutely nothing to do with it!

Raspberry ketones are the compounds that give raspberries their smell.

They are not the same ketones that people mistakenly believe powers your body in the absence of carbs. They have absolutely nothing to do with ketosis.

Consuming raspberry ketones has NEVER been shown to promote fat loss.

Not in ANY WAY.

They don’t do anything.

This isn’t what we want to see in a premium-priced fat burner. You don’t want to be paying hard-earned money for dead weight like this. 


-Learn About The Raspberry Ketone Scam-


Meta Black M3 Side Effects

There are some side effect concerns here.

For one thing, the caffeine dose is something you need to take very seriously.

While it is about the same amount you will get from a large Starbucks, for some people that is still enough to cause notable side effects.

150mg is a lot for most people to consume in a single sitting, come to think of it. If you drink 2 strong back coffees in a short space of time, even people with a high tolerance will experience some side effects.

Side effects of caffeine over-consumption can include, but are not limited to:

  • Jitters
  • Shakiness
  • Irritability
  • Confusion
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Energy crashes

You really need to carefully consider your existing caffeine consumption before you start adding in extra caffeine through supplements.

If you already consume a lot of tea and coffee, then you want to be careful about consuming more. This is especially true if its in the form of purified, concentrated caffeine anhydrous.

Please Remember!

  1. We are not doctors
  2. This isn’t medical advice
  3. You NEED to do your own research and base your decisions on that

We don’t know you, and every individual is different. All we can do here is point out the obvious side effect dangers as we see them. We aren’t being exhaustive at all. You need to take your own medical history into account, as well as your diet, allergies, etc. Talk to a doctor before you use any fat burning supplements and get their opinion.


Meta Black M3 Review Conclusion – Should You Use It?

We’re really not impressed with this one.

As far as fat burners go, Meta Black M3 is pretty weak.

The main ingredients are duds, caffeine anhydrous aside.

This is essentially just a caffeine anhydrous supplement – and a very expensive one at that.

If you think this is the right fat burner for you, then you would probably be better off just using a caffeine anhydrous supplement. You’ll get all of the same benefits for a fraction of the cost.

If you want to enhance your ability to lose body fat while preserving muscle mass, then you are going to need to use a more professional fat burner.

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