Melaleuca NutraTherm Review – Good Ingredients BUT Not Enough










  • Ingredients are all effective, proven fat burners


  • Possible for Capsaicin to be dosed far too high!
  • Best case scenario is a less comprehensive stack than current market leaders



Full NutraTherm Review


NutraTherm is a natural fat burner from Melaleuca.

Melaleuca describes itself as “a wellness company”. It is not a bodybuilding supplement manufacturer, like most of the companies we deal with on this site.

They currently sell a huge range of products through their website, all of which could loosely be categorized as a “wellness” product. They currently sell everything from beauty creams to laundry detergent.

They all have very different purposes and brand identities, but they are all seemingly made by Melaleuca.


Melaleuca NutraTherm Review


So how does NutraTherm fit into this bracket?

What is it supposed to do?

If we look at the official merchant page, we see that NutraTherm describes itself as a “stimulant-free fat burner”.

We are told that users of NutraTherm can expect the following key enhancements:

  • Accelerated metabolism
  • Slowed sugar absorption
  • Increased fat mobilization
  • Higher rate of calorie burning

More than that, Melaleuca claim that NutraTherm contains “clinically tested ingredients at effective levels”.

That something has been clinically tested does not mean that it works.

You can clinically test tap water – it doesn’t mean you should pay money for tap water.

In any case, we need to take a proper look at the formula to see if this product can deliver on its promises.

Does NutraTherm work?

Will it cause side effects?

Is it as good as the current market leaders?

Find out by reading our full NutraTherm review, found below. We examine the formula, the doses, and the health risks. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments section at the end.



NutraTherm Formula

Check out the NutraTherm formula:


NutraTherm formula analysis


Needless to say, we are not impressed.

The main issue that jumps up at us is the use of a proprietary blend.



Prop Blends! – Stay Away!

We are sick to death of seeing proprietary blends.

They are only ever used to hide some facts that the manufacturer doesn’t want the customer to see.

There is no risk of another manufacturer “stealing” the formula, which is usually the reason manufcaturers cite for using prop blends.

It just doesn’t happen.

We also know the ingredients in this blend well, and we know the doses at which they work best.

There is nothing to steal!

The real reason they are used is because the manufacturer knows customers wouldn’t be happy if they could see the truth.

If the formula was good, it would be used as a selling point.

The best products on the market today all show their full formulas on the bottle.

Their manufacturers brag about their formulas, their serving sizes, etc.

If they can do it and make money hand over fist, everyone can.

Now that that’s covered, let’s discuss the NutraTherm prop blend in particular.



Good Ingredients

The NutraTherm proprietary blend contains just 3 ingredients, and they are all excellent fat burners thoroughly proven in the lab.

Green Coffee Beans contain a substance called chlorogenic acid.

This has been shown in numerous clinical trials to aid fat loss.

You can learn more about green coffee beans and how they aid fat loss here.

The same is true of the other two ingredients in NutraTherm.

Green Tea Extract provides a catechin called EGCG.

Studies have shown that this catechin is able to stimulate lipolysis (fat burning) directly.

That means that it does so independently of other variables such as diet and exercise.

That isn’t to say that diet and exercise don’t matter. They are of primary importance. It just means that green tea attacks fat itself rather than simply making dieting easier or boosting your training.


Green Tea NutraTherm ingredient analysis


Capsaicin is a compound found in lots of foods, but most notably in chili peppers.

This is the oil which makes chillis so hot. It is an irritant which triggers the same response as heat, hence the burning feeling when you eat chillis. Your mouth isn’t actually burning, but your body thinks it is, so it responds accordingly.

Consuming capsaicin triggers your body’s heat regulation mechanism.

Your body temperature feels like it is rising, so your body starts fighting to keep you cool.

You start to sweat, and you exert more calories regulating your body temperature.

This effectively raises your baseline metabolic rate, or the number of calories you burn at baseline just to stay as you are.

This will increase your relative caloric deficit, speeding up fat loss dramatically.

Utilizing capsaicin before training seems to be particularly effective.

All of these ingredients have great fat burning potential.

Yet we can’t get excited about them in this formula.

That’s because of one major problem: we have no idea how any of them are dosed.


Dosing Concerns

We have absolutely no way of knowing how the 800mg NutraTherm proprietary blend is divided between the 3 ingredients.

The manufacturer is refusing to tel us this information for some reason – we think to hide something that would put us off buying.

In any case, we don’t need to speculate on the reason why.

We DO need to consider the possibilities this prop blend presents.

It is perfectly possible that 1 of the ingredients commands 99.9% of the blend.

So it could feasibly be the case that NutraTherm contains 799mg of green tea, and then 0.5mg of each of the remaining 2 ingredients.

Obviously you wouldn’t want to pay for a supplement like that.

It would be much cheaper to just buy a single ingredient in bulk.

So what would we hope for?

The best case scenario would be 100mg of capsaicin, and 100mg of green coffee bean extract, and 600mg of green tea extract.

But then we would just have a small part of some of today’s leading natural fat burners.

These three ingredients can be found in similar doses in Instant Knockout. But Instant Knockout also provides 7 other powerful fat burners and diet aids on top of these 3 ingredients.

And that is literally the best we can hope for here; that NutraTherm provides us with a small part of other, better supplements.

Not that we believe this is the case.

If the ingredients in NutraTherm were dosed perfectly, why would Melaleuca hide it?

Why wouldn’t they brag about their formula?

They hide it because if you knew the truth, you wouldn’t give them money.


-If It Fits Your Macros: What’s All The Fuss About?-


NutraTherm Side Effects

We think NutraTherm is unlikely to cause any side effects for the vast majority of users.

Green coffee beans, green tea and capsaicin are all safe substances when used correctly.

They are well understod, widely used, and regularly consumed by millions of people worldwide.

Your body is probably used to consuming these substances (or something like them) on a regular basis.

Unless you have an allergy or some kind of pre-existing medical condition, side effects are going ot be rare.

As are long term health risks.

In fact, the green tea extract may even have a slight beneficial effect on your longevity, as regular green tea consumption has been found to boost health and life span.

However, that said, we ARE still dealing with a proprietary blend.

As such, we need to be wary of the capsaicin dose.

Capsaicin could be dosed as high as 799mg in NutraTherm.

Capsaicin has the distinction of being Generally Recognized As Safe, according to the U.S FDA.

However, a dose as high as 799mg can cause problems.

It is difficult to really give you a good idea of how much capsaicin is in each pepper, as it is measured in Scoville Units. This measures how much dilution is required for capsaicin to be undetectable.

So a Scoville Unit rating of 100,000 means you need to dilute the molecule to 1:100,000 for it to be undetectable to humans.

But from our rough calculation, 799mg is about as much capsaicin as you would get from 600g of dried Cayenne chilis.


Capsaicin NutraTherm Side Effects.

Obviously if you are talking about chilis much higher in Capsaicin content, the dried weight will be much lower. But Cayenne chilis are common, and that gives you a good idea as to the power packed in 799mg of pure extract.

That is likely to cause at least some of the following side effects:

  • Profuse sweating
  • Stomach cramps
  • Diarrhoea
  • Dizziness
  • Loss of appetite
  • Vomiting

If you aren’t accustomed to eating very spicy foods, then suddenly letting the equivalent of ~500g of dried Cayenne peppers hit your stomach every day might be a bad idea – don’t you agree?

But we don’t necessarily think NutraTherm contains this much capsaicin.

It is much more likely that Green tea has been dosed high, as this is the cheapest ingredint to buy in bulk.


Just because we think something looks safe for most people doesn’t mean it is definitely safe for you.

This is especially true when dealing with a prop blend. These things make everything uncertain.

When dealing with your health, uncertainty is always bad.

Talk to a qualified doctor before using this stuff.

It is crucial that you talk to a qualified health professional before using NutraTherm. If you experience any side effects whatsoever, stop using it and seek medical attention.



NutraTherm Review Conclusion – Is It Any Good?

Melaleuca NutraTherm could be a good product, but the manufacturer has decided not to share the full formula details with potential customers.

If that doesn’t set alarm bells ringing with you, then it should.

Prop blends are only ever used when the truth would hurt sales.

Plenty of manufacturers show their serving sizes on the bottle, and they make a killing year in, year out.

Melaleuca have kept the NutraTherm formla from us for a reason.

If the ingredients were dosed perfectly, they’d surely shout about it, right?

If you’ve read the full NutraTherm review, then you’ll know what we think. Manufcaturers hate us speculating like this, but we have no choice but to consider the worst case scenario.

We would actually prefer it if we didn’t HAVE to speculate – WE WOULD RATHER KNOW THE FORMULA DETAILS FOR DEFINITE!

Even if the 3 ingredients in NutraTherm are dosed perfectly, then all we have is a small part of what lots of other fat burners have on offer.

Some of our top rated fat burners have exactly these ingredients in the ideal doses we could expect from NutraTherm, but with 5-10 other great ingredients on top.

Why you would pay similar money for NutraTherm when such stacks are available is beyond us. Especially since it is unlikely that any prop blend is concealing perfect serving sizes.

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  1. Lyss

    I’m a meleluca customer. The bottle label peels back giving you more information. Also, as a customer people can get a full label information. I’d be more than happy to show that this post is incorrect 🙂

    1. FBDTeam (Post author)

      It isn’t incorrect.

      We said you aren’t given the formula before you buy. Sure you can peel back the label to see what you’ve bought, but at that point they already have your money. Do you see the problem with that?

      1. kate

        they offer a 60 day money back guarantee. so when you get it and are not satisfied.. send it back for a refund.

      2. AGNEY

        I am also a customer. If you are not satisfied with the product, then it can be returned to receive your money back.

      3. Sonya

        They offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee for all of their products – even after you’ve consumed it. That’s clearly stated on their website before you even purchase. I appreciate the information in your article, but I believe it could have been more fully researched.

    2. Jessica

      I have a bottle of this in front of me, and there is not a peel-back option on the label that is stuck to the bottle. If I try to peel back the label, there is nothing behind it. Would like to have more detail so please let me know where I can get full information. Thanks!

  2. Mich

    One can always ask for their money back FBDTeam. I see your point but their refund policy is pretty darn good.

  3. Fiona

    Why do i feel like I’m talking with brainwashed people when you ask legitimate questions about this companies products?! The points that this article brings forward are legitimate. If i was comparing different products on the market for purchase, I’m going to go with the product that gives me all of the information up front, not order something on the chance that I like it for a 60 day money back guarantee…I’m good, thank you.

    1. FBDTeam (Post author)

      Well put Fiona! We couldn’t agree more.

    2. Sheri J

      Agreed! I’m a Melaleuca customer, enjoy many of their products but it’s always nice to know what’s in the product before you buy. Companies that offer money back guarantees are great, I appreciate that, but I also know there have been times I’ve bought products from those companies and forgot to request my money back. Companies know this.

  4. Cherie DeVee Price

    I like the last post I believe from “Sheri”. I had to laugh when she says people FORGET to ask for refunds when not happy with a product. I don’t normally FORGET but think “is it worth my time??!!” Here are the companies you forget about and they are counting on it !! The ones offering REBATES.. NO THANK YOU! You pay full price and toss your receipt in a drawer. AND THEN, just TRY to find the rebate offer in writing, the company’s name, their address and the RULES for filing for your rebate. If you were lucky. you did all of this. You get a rebate check in the mail a year and a half later and say to yourself…WHAT THE HELL IS THIS FOR??!!!
    If a company is willing to give you a rebate, they can glue the “$5 OFF” right on the package!! I stay away from rebates. As far as Melaleuca goes, if you ask for a refund, YOU WILL GET A REFUND! They’re very trustworthy. That’s why I’m one of their preferred customers and buy their products at a huge discount. You can be too. I’m not here to advertise…I came on here to read reviews from y’all. The original poster IS advertising a weight loss product- good for her!! This is AMERICA and we’re all free to try and make a living..Free Enterprise. Can’t leave my contact info here but anyone can do a name search and find me on Facebook if you have any questions about Melaleuca or rebates or refunds GOOD LUCK ALL. Namaste

  5. K. GREENE

    I love the nutratherm it has helped me loose weight and keep it off

  6. Jennifer Michie

    The label on my bottle doesn’t pull back…


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