maXreduce Extreme Fat Burner – Legit Or Scam?

maXreduce Extreme Fat Burner









  • Small proprietary blend
  • Unknown quantity of cafeine
  • Some ingredients do nothing
  • Not sold by manufacturer


maXreduce Extreme Fat Burner Review


Product Overview – What Is It & Who Sells It

If you’ve landed on this page, then you have almost definitely seen maXreduce Extreme Fat Burner listed as a featured product on Amazon. And if you clicked on the product, you will have almost definitely been struck by how little information there is on the product itself.

It’s really hard to find a full ingredient list for maXreduce Extreme Fat Burner (hereafter shown as ‘Maxreduce), not to mention serving sizes.

This is never a good sign. Any manufacturer who makes it difficult for potential customers to learn about their product either have something to hide or they don’t deserve your money.

That said, plenty of people do clearly show interest in this product. So, we have tried to put together as much information as possible on Maxreduce Extreme Fat Burner so they can make the most informed decision possible.

Since information is so thin on the ground, it’s worth asking as our first question “who sells Maxreduce Extreme Fat Burner”?


maXreduce Extreme Fat Burner Review


The product itself is made by Advanta Supplements.

Yet when you visit their official Maxreduce Extreme Fat Burner page, there is still no formula information whatsoever!

As if that wasn’t shady enough, when you click through to buy the supplement, you are re-directed to the Amazon store. So Advnata Supplements clearly no longer wish to fulfill their orders themselves.

This is a good option for some businesses, but it doesn’t reflect well on the product. If you don’t want to invest in fulfilling the orders of your own product, then you obviously don’t have a lot of confidence in its longevity.

So, with that out of the way, what does Maxreduce Extreme Fat Burner claim to do?

According to the Amazon page, this is what we can expect from using Maxreduce Extreme Fat Burner:


What does maxreduce do?


Maxreduce extreme fat burner legit or scam?


Then if we go over to the Advanata Supplements page, we see this:


Maxreduce extreme fat burner claims


These kind of vague claims are now common practice for fat burner manufacturers. We can’t really criticize Advanta Supplements for using some hyperbole in trying to sell their product; everyone does it. 

However, you can see that this kind of language is classic salesman stuff; grand claims with little to no backing; promising a solution to an undefined problem, and so on. 

Not only that, but the claims actually go beyond what we want to achieve. If you’re a serious athlete looking to drop weight, or if you have a vacation coming up and want to look your best on the beach, you don’t want something that will “destroy your appetite”. 

If you “destroy your appetite”, then you’ll stop eating properly. If you stop eating properly, you’ll start to resemble Christian Bale in The Machinist. 

That isn’t a look we want to go for, and we doubt you do either.

yet that isn’t the biggest problem here. The biggest problem is the lack of transparency. 

The fact that the manufacturers claim to have the best product on the market yet are unwilling to put their formula on their website really speaks volumes in our opinion. 

They do not want people making a proper judgment about their product; they want people to be sold on their marketing rhetoric alone. Would you rely on this if your product really were the best on the market? 

Of course not!

Anyway, let’s try to find out as much as we can about the Maxreduce Extreme Fat Burner formula. Hopefully we will be able to find out what some of the ingredients are. We could then begin to put together an idea of what this supplement is really all about; whether it is simply poorly marketed, or if it is a total scam. 

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maXreduce Extreme Fat Burner – What We Know About The Formula

As stated above, there is no official information regarding the Maxreduce Extreme Fat Burner formula. All we are given on the official website and the Amazon merchant page are vague claims about how amazing the ingredients are, which is about as helpful as no information at all. 

The only semi-reliable information we can find is this image of the label which was taken by an Amazon customer:


maXredeuce extreme fat burner formula


What’s that we see at the bottom there?!


Proprietary blends never represent good value for money. They are used to either disguise cheap manufacturing costs, or to downplay the likelihood of side effects. You can’t make an informed buying decision when looking at a mystery formula since all fat burning substances are dose-dependent. Steer clear.

The fact that they didn’t remove the label before taking this shot is a bit ridiculous, but it could be worse! 

This still doesn’t help us a great deal as we don’t know how large the proprietary blend is in total. 

However, if you look closely at the following image, you can just about make out that the proprietary blend total serving size is 560mg:


maXreduce Extreme Fat Burner Ingredients


A proprietary blend of more than 3 ingreidents with a total serving size of 560mg is almost certainly not worth your money. 

Proprietary blends fundamentally represent poor value for money. Manufacturers may think they need to use them, but that’s not our concern. Our concern is making good buying decisions, learning from our own experiences with natural supplements, and putting our safety first. Proprietary blends prevent us from doing any of that. 

That said, not all proprietary blends are the same. Some are better than others. Some are just useless; others are dangerous.

The fact that the total serving size of maXreduce Extreme Fat Burner’s proprietary blend is so small means that it is likely to be pretty impotent as far as fat reduction goes. 

Yet the fact that it contains an unknown quantity of guarana gives us reason to be worried about side effects. 

So this blend seems to be the worst of both worlds. And that’s before we even discuss any of the ingredients.


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maXreduce Extreme Fat Burner Ingredients

Some of the ingredients in Maxreduce Extreme Fat Burner have never been shown in a laboratory setting to have fat reducing properties. 

Take Hoodia Cactus Concentrate for example. 

This is a fairly unknown substance at present, but there is a growing amount of hype surrounding its ability to cut body fat. Yet to our knowledge there is no scientific data to back this claim up. 

Cha De Bugre is another good example here. 

This is basically the fruit of a tree native to South America which can be roasted and consumed as a tea; hence cha de bugre (Google translate will help you here). In this sense it is very similar to coffee beans. 

You will find this stuff in lots of Brazilian diet pills. Yet there is no solid evidence supporting the notion that this stuff helps accelerate fat loss. 

If any of our readers find any reliable scientific evidence showing that Cha De Bugre has a positive effect on body fat, then please let us know in the comments below. Until we see any though, we have to assume its bogus. 


What Are People Saying About maXreduce Extreme Fat Burner?

When you scroll down to Amazon customer reviews and you see that the bulk of the reviews are found at the two extremes, you know something is wrong. 

Here is what we see when we look at review averages for maXreduce Extreme Burn:


maxreduce extreme fat burner verified customer reviews


That doesn’t look great. 

Here is a selection of individual customer reviews. We have tried to take a balanced selection. While we don’t think you can learn a lot from “verified customer” reviews, we do think they help give you a flavor of the product. Make of these what you will:


maxreduce fat burner customer feedback


maXreduce extreme fat burner customer reviews


maXreduce fat burner customer reviews


maXreduce Advanta Supplements user reviews


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maXreduce Extreme Fat Burner Side Effects

It’s always hard to talk about side effects when you don’t know individual ingredient serving sizes. 

We do know the caffeine serving: 200mg. 

The caffeine has been dehydrated, giving us caffeine anhydrous. This is just a more potent form of caffeine on a weight for weight basis (as all water molecules have been removed).

At 200mg, there isn’t a great deal to worry about here side effect wise.

That is of course assuming that you don’t have a serious caffeine sensitivity and you don’t already consume a lot of caffeine throughout the day. 

However, this 200mg of anhydrous isn’t the only caffeine in maXreduce; there is guarana in the proprietary blend. 

This is a serious concern as far as side effects go. 

Since guarana is in the properietary blend, we need to point out that guarana could take up the bulk of the formula. 

Technically, there could be as much as 559mg of guarana in each serving. Since we don’t have individual ingredient serving sizes, we can’t say for certain that there is any less than this. 

Would you take a pill that contained caffeine if we refused to tell you how much caffeine it contained?


If the manufacturers don’t like people making such assumptions, we suggest they tell us the individual ingredient serving sizes. 

It’s absolutely essential that you consult your doctor before trying any supplements which contain unusual or potentially harmful ingredients. Products like this one contain substances that you are not used to consuming, as well as strong stimulants in unknown quantities. Talk to your doctor so they know what you are planning to take. Their opinion is worth more than anything you read online.


maXreduce Extreme Fat Burner Review Conclusion

We’re less than impressed with this fat burner. 

The manufacturers only sell it through Amazon, and the only reason we know what is in it is because a customer posted a (less than clear) photo of the label in a review. 

The ingredients themselves are less than impressive, and the bulk of the formula is a proprietary blend. Our regular readers will know full well what we think of proprietary blends. Take our word for it: stay away from them. 

Nothing we have seen tells us that maXreduce Extreme Fat Burner would be a wise choice for someone looking for help losing body fat in a safe, reliable manner. 

If you want some genuine assistance losing fat in a healthy, sustainable way, while preserving the maximum amount of muscle mass, then check out our top rated fat burners. 

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