MaxiNutrition Thermobol Review – Good Product or TOTAL SCAM?










  • Some good ingredients
  • Amino acids dosed well


  • Main ingredient is totally ineffective
  • Major side effect concerns
  • Some key ingredients dosed too low

Full Thermobol Review


Product Overview

Thermobol is MaxiNutrition’s specialist fat burner. There are plenty of Thermobol reviews out there already, but we don’t think they are nearly as detailed as they should be, and many are from wholesalers who stand to gain from all sales across the board. 

So, we decided to do our own, completely unbiased MaxiNutrition Thermobol review. 

We’re sure that everyone reading this will have heard of MaxiNutrition. Formerly known as Maxi Muscle, MaxiNutrition are easily one of the most popular supplement brands in the UK. 


MaxiNutrition Thermobol Review


When bodybuilding supplements started to find a mass market among consumers in the early 2000s, Maxi Muscle were one of the first to capitalize on the growing demand. Their products could be found in every health food store, and Maxi Muscle’s protein powders were probably the first supplements tried by the UK’s budding bodybuilders, rugby players, and boxers. 

But you’re not interested in the brand. You’re here to find out if Thermobol is any good.

So what is Thermobol all about?

According to MaxiNutrition, Thermobol can give you the following benefits:

  • Heightened focus, drive and alertness
  • More efficient metabolism
  • Better blood sugar control

MaxiNutrition Thermobol is also typically associated with thermogensis, which is where you raise your body temperature to increase your baseline caloric expenditure. Basically, by making yourself hot round the clock, you force your body to work harder, burning more calories as a result, and putting you into a greater caloric deficit. 

All of this sounds good.

These are all standard benefits of fat burners.

If Thermobol can provide us with these benefits, then it will genuinely be a great natural fat burner. 

We are therefore left with the question: does MaxiNutrition Thermobol work?

Is MaxiNutrition Thermobol safe? What are the chances of side effects?

What are other people saying about MaxiNutrition Thermobol?

Let’s work through these questions together, starting with a look at the formula. If you get to the end of our MaxiNutrition Thermobol review and you still have questions, please just ask them in the comments section below. We’ll always get back to you as soon as we can!

MaxiNutrition Thermobol Formula

Let’s take a look at the Thermobol formula. Here it is:


MaxiNutrition Thermobol Formula


While this is the ingredient list displayed on the MaxiNutrition Thermobol official merchant page, please note that the directions for use say to take up to 3 capsules per day. This means that for a full serving, we actually have 3 times more of each ingredient.

Since we always review fat burners on the assumption that you will be using a full serving, we need to review MaxiNutrition Thermobol using the full serving size of 3 tablets.

This gives us the following formula:


  • Bitter Orange Peel – 975mg
  • Tyrosine – 900mg
  • L-Carnitine – 900mg
  • Caffeine – 444mg
  • Green Tea Extract – 300mg
  • Guarana Seed Powder – 36mg
  • Black Pepper Extract – 15mg
  • B12 – 7.5ug
  • B7 – 150ug
  • Chromium – 201ug
  • Cayenne Chili Extract – 0.3mg
  • B5 – 18mg
  • B1 – 3.3mg

This is the formula that we will be discussing, as this is what you will get from taking the maximum daily dose of 3 tablets.

This is a very interesting formula. It has a good number of ingredients, and many of them have proven fat burning properties. Some of them will definitely help you stay focused, energized and focused in the gym, and most users can expect a slight improvement in fat loss. 

However, there are also some serious problems here.

The Thermobol formula has several issues and limitations. Together, these limitations stop us from thinking of Thermobol as a truly great fat burner. 

We’ll first outline what we like about MaxiNutrition Thermobol, before going on to what we don’t like. 


What We Like

Thermobol is one if the only supplements we have reviewed which opt to use Tyrosine and Carnitine and actually dose them close to how they need to be dosed. 

Many fat burners contain both Tyrosine and Carnitine. 

Yet 9/10 they will contain anywhere between 100mg of 500mg of both of these amino acids. 

Taking less than 500mg of either of these two substances is practically pointless.

We consume both of these amino acids in abundance in our regular diets. Supplementation has its benefits, for sure, but for either substance to make any kind of meaningful difference we therefore need to make sure the body notices it has more than usual to play with. 

Thermobol contains 900mg of each amino acid. 

This is still below the 1-2g that people sometimes use for supplementation purposes, but it is probably enough for you to experience some degree of enhanced focus and motivation, elevated mood, more stamina, higher energy levels, greater power output, and enhanced fat loss.

If your diet is on-point anyway, the benefits will be less noticeable. 


Unfortunately, this brings us to the close of our “hat we like about Thermobol” section. 


What We Don’t Like

One big problem with the formula is the presence of completely useless ingredients. 

You’re paying for an awful lot of over-hyped rubbish here.

For starters, the main ingredient here is bitter orange peel. That’s a big problem.

This stuff is hyped up by every supplement manufacturer these days. They claim that it acts like ephedra; an extremely powerful fat burner that is often used in medicine to treat heart and breathing problems. 

The problem is that there isn’t a single scientific study proving that it does anything to enhance fat loss. It seems that Bitter orange Peel is all hype and no substance. 



Another useless ingredient found in MaxiNutrition Thermobol is guarana. We usually take guarana because it contains caffeine. Clever supplement manufacturers have managed to convince people that the caffeine in guarana is somehow special, or at least better than the caffeine in coffee. 

Once caffeine has been removed from guarana, we just have caffeine. Caffeine is caffeine, whether we get it from tea, coffee, guarana, or chocolate. 

We have no idea what guarana is doing in here when we already have so much caffeine anhydrous. It provides us with nothing beyond the caffeine that it confers.

Whether the caffeine in guarana is counted as part of the 444mg of caffeine is not clear. This brings us to another major issue: the caffeine.



The 444mg of caffeine anhydrous per day is quite simply too much caffeine as far as we’re concerned. 

Caffeine anhydrous is a dehydrated, purified, concentrated form of caffeine (as it has had all water molecules removed). 

The best fat burners on the market today will use somewhere in the region of 200mg of caffeine anhydrous, which will be broken up into equal portions taken throughout the day. This is enough to keep you energized, focused, and motivated all day long, be it in work or in the gym. 

This is the sweet spot between keeping you energized and avoiding side effects.

444mg is almost certainly going to cause side effects for a lot of users.

Consuming this much caffeine, even if spread out throughout the day, will make it likely that you experience some degree of jitters, anxiety, an elevated heart rate, and shortness of breathe.

Continuing to consume this much caffeine for weeks and months will almost definitely cause insomnia, among other more serious side effects.

If you also consume coffee and tea on a day to day basis, this becomes an even more serious issue. Consult with your doctor before you consume Thermobol. Do not use this fat burner if you are sensitive to caffeine in any way.


-Learn More From Our Supplement Guide-



Another recurring problem is ingredients dosed too low.

The cayenne extract dosage is astonishingly low here. 

And by astonishingly low, we aren’t exaggerating; we mean it is laughably low. 

In order to get any kind of thermogenic effect from cayenne extract, you need to be using a minimum of about 80mg per day. 

Our current top rated fat burner contains 100mg of cayenne chili powder. In Thermobol, we get 0.3mg.

We don’t see the need to explain this any further.

For a product called “Thermobol”, we reasonably expect some kind of thermogenic component. We are far from getting it here. 


Thermobol ingredients cayenne chili extract


There is also not enough green tea extract in Thermobol for our liking. We expect much more from a professional fat burner. 

300mg of green tea extract is pretty much the minimum effective dose of this amazing natural fat burner. 

Time and again we see green tea extract being under-dosed, and it is a great shame.

The best fat burners will contain more than 400mg of green tea, as most studies showing green tea as having a fat burning effect have used somewhere between 350-600mg per day.

There are few studies showing a meaningful benefit from using 300mg of green tea per day, as we get from Thermobol. 

If Thermobol contained just another 200mg of green tea, then it would be dosed perfectly. That might sound like a small difference, but the effect would be huge.

Users will still benefit from 300mg per day, but results will be blunted in comparison to more comprehensive, potent fat burners.


Thermobol Side Effects

It’s very rare that a fat burner will have the problems of under-dosing and elevated side effect risks at the same time.

But Thermobol manages it.

Thermobol contains an unusually large amount of caffeine: 444mg per daily serving.

For point of contrast, our current top rated fat burner contains 200mg of caffeine per daily serving.

It is very rare that we will see a fat burner, even one advertised as massively potent, providing more than 300mg of caffeine anhydrous. 

If you are sensitive to caffeine at all, then this is not the supplement for you. 

If you consume caffeine via other sources throughout the day too, then you really need to be careful while using Thermobol.

The side effects of caffeine over-consumption range from headaches and lightheaded-ness to confusion, irritability, and an irregular heartbeat. If over-consumption continues, side effects can become quite serious

Thermobol also contains an unusually large dosage of Orange Peel Extract.

While we believe that this substance offers no benefit whatsoever in terms of fat loss or performance enhancement, reputable sources point out that there are some side effect risks associated with its use. 

Indeed, the very reason many people claim that orange peel extract works is the same reason why side effects may occur. If it actually does work like ephedrine in the body, you should stay well away from it. 

Talk to your doctor before using Thermobol. If you have any kind of sensitivity or adverse reaction to caffeine then please stay away from this supplement, or at least begin by using the lowest possible dose. Your regular doctor needs to know what you are taking before you put yourself in danger. Book an appointment with your GP today; better safe than sorry!


What Are Other People Saying About Thermobol?

While we don’t think you should put too much stock in Amazon reviews, they are helpful in letting us see how this product is going down with regular users. Not all of the reviews you find on Amazon will be honest, or even accurate (people are generally bad judges of what works for them). But they are worth checking out sometimes. 

Here is a selection taken at random:






So as you can see, it’s a bit of a mixed bag as far as the Thermobol customer reviews go. Make of these what you will!



Thermobol Review Conclusion

Despite being one of the most popular fat burners in the UK, we really were disappointed with this product after conducting a full Thermobol review. 

The main ingredient in Thermobol is Orange Peel Extract, which as we have explained many times now, is almost completely useless. 

We have yet to see a shred of credible evidence that this stuff helps with fat loss. 

The other two most prominent ingredients are amino acids which will have limited effect unless you are deficient in either one. 

The remaining ingredients are either under dosed, as in the cases of green tea extract and cayenne chili extract, or they are outrageously over-dosed, as in the case of caffeine. 

Caffeine anhydrous is more powerful than regular caffeine anyway, and 444mg is a larger dose than you will find in almost any fat burner on the market today. 

Even if you break your servings up throughout the day, that is a lot of caffeine to be consuming. Each 148mg dose is the same as two large, strong, black cups of coffee. 

If you consume tea and coffee throughout the day on top of this, you’re going to run into problems. many of you will experience mild side effects whether you drink extra tea and coffee or not. 

Strangely, Thermobol combines the problems of under-dosing and side effect risks; these rarely coincide!

To sum up, MaxiNutrition Thermobol leaves a lot to be desired.

It is not in the same league as many high-quality, powerful, professional fat burners available today. If you want to get the best possible results form your next cutting phase, look elsewhere. 

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