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  • Contains good source and good serving size of caffeine


  • Some ingredients offer no fat burning benefit
  • Some ingredients do nothing


Full MAN Sports Scorch Review


Product Overview – What Is MAN Sports Scorch?

You will have no doubt seen several MAN Sports Scorch reviews online. Yet the reviews we have seen on the main supplement appraisal sites send very mixed messages. Some state that MAN Sports Scorch is a superb fat burner, capable of doing everything it says on the tin. Others are less enthusiastic. 

So what’s the truth here?


Full MAN Sports Scorch Review


Before we get into that, let’s look at what this supplement claims to be.

According to the manufacturers, MAN Sports, Scorch is a “clinically dosed fat loss solution”. It supposedly delivers a range of benefits, including:

  • “Big-time” energy
  • Appetite control
  • Better mood
  • Enhanced fat burning

Better still, the manufacturers state clearly that MAN Sports Scorch provides “stimulant-free energy”. We don’t necessarily want to completely avoid stimulants while using a fat stripper, but we also don’t want to just rely on things like caffeine, and we certainly want nothing to do with synthetic stimulants (if we care at all about health that is). 

Perhaps most interestingly, MAN Sports claim that Scorch “trigger thermogenesis”.

All of this sounds very impressive. 

But the question we still need to answer is: does it really work?

Will MAN Sports Scorch help you lose body fat while retaining muscle mass?

Will it give you side effects?

What about the price? Is there anything on the market today that represents better value for money?

We’ll try to answer those questions below. We hope you enjoy our MAN Sports Scorch review. If you have any questions or suggestions, please post them in the comments section below. 

MAN Sports Scorch Formula Review

Before we get into an in-depth discussion about the MAN Sports Scorch formula, you need to know what we’re talking about! Here is the ingredient list as it appears on the bottle:


MAN Sports Scorch Formula Review


[wpffmb type=’warning’ theme=1]If you buy your bottle from a third party vendor and the label looks even slightly different to this, you need to get in touch with the manufacturer to make sure your product is legit![/wpfmb]

So what are first impressions?

For starters, that’s quite a lot of ingredients. 

There are also some ingredients there that many of you may not be familiar with. In cases such as this, the best thing to do is to go through each ingredient and get a rough idea of what it does (or doesn’t do) to improve fat loss and athletic performance. Here’s a brief run-down:



Green Tea Extract

Green tea is used in a wide range of health and fitness supplement these days, and with good reason. 

It contains several compounds highly beneficial for human health. We’re most interested in one called ECGC; a catechin which is known to have some very potent fat burning properties. 

As stated in one oft-quoted study, “EGCG alone has the potential to increase fat oxidation in men and may thereby contribute to the anti-obesity effects of green tea.” It seems that ECGC can also support the maintenance of weight loss; something many people struggle with. 

It is excellent that MAN Sports Scorch have standardized their extract so we know exactly how much ECGC we’re getting in every serving: 150mg.

You can learn more about Green Tea Extract and how ECGC works from our ingredient guide


Oolong Tea SE

A standardized extract is Oolong Tea is not something you see in every fat burner. In fact, it’s the first time we’ve reviewed a product using this ingredient on this site. 

However, this stuff is not very different from green tea. Both Oolong and green tea are derivatives of the same plant: Camellia sinensis. This parent plant is grown in particular ways; depending on the exact ‘processing’, it can become any one of several green, white, or black teas we are familiar with today, including Oolong. 

Oolong contains the same polyphenols and catechins as green teas. it is only the exact amounts which vary. You can see that the Oolong extract in Man Sports Scorch provides 75mg of polyphenols and 25mg ECGC, bringing the total ECGC content up to 175mg. 


Caffeine USP

Caffeine USP is pharmaceutical grade caffeine anhydrous. The USP is from the United States Pharmacopeial Convention Inc.; a non-profit which sets standards for strength and quality in pharmaceuticals. 

Caffeine anhydrous is a more concentrated form of caffeine, in that it has been de-hydrated (all water molcules removed). It therefore packs a bigger punch than regular caffeine on a weight for weight basis. 

The 200mg in MAN Sports Scorch should be more than enough to fuel you through your workouts and keep you focused and alert all day long. This is vital if you are dieting while taking a fat burner (as you really should be). Dieting can really deplete your performance, both at work and at the gym. Caffeine helps you get through the day without being hit too hard by hunger-induced drowsiness. 



This is another one that we aren’t used to writing about in fat burner reviews.

Phenylethylamine plays a central role in the day-to-day function of your brain. This compound is known as a trace amine, and it has a significant effect on the so-called ‘happy hormones’; dopamine, serotonin, and the like. 

The reason it has been included here is no doubt because your motivation and mood can be the first things to take a hit during a serious cutting program. You’re hungry, you’re tired, and the gym seems so very far away after a long day at the office. Your motivation levels will be next to zero at these moments. We’ve all been there – it’s part of the fun. 

A fat burning supplement that helped keep you motivated and happy would therefore be just what the doctor ordered. It just so happens that Dopamine and Serotonin keep you happy and motivated. Great! So what’s the problem?

The problem is that phenylethylamine seems to be completely broken down into constituent parts during digestion. Supplementation may be completely useless. 

It was a nice idea anyway!


Isobutyryl Thiamine Disulfide

Sounds very scientific and impressive doesn’t it?

Well, this is another name for sulbutiamine, or the synthetic version of Vitamin B1.

Doesn’t seem so glamorous anymore does it? It may now sound less mysterious, but Sulbutiamine has every right to be in a serious fat burner’s formula

Vitamin B1 is an integral part of the process of deriving energy from food. If you’re running low on B1, your energy levels will drop dramatically. Sulbutiamine is simply two vitamin B1 molecules joined by a sulfur group. We would always advise trying to get your Vitamin B1 from natural sources (as it is so abundant in food), but this is a good addition nonetheless.

Our only concern is dosing. The 150mg found in MAN Sports Scorch falls far short of the amount you’d find in very run-of-the-mill, off-the-shelf B vitamin supplements. 


Raspberry Ketones

We have dealt with these before on this site. 

Despite the hype around raspberry ketones, we are yet to see any real, concrete scientific evidence that they have any influence on fat oxidation or weight loss at all. 

You will see studies being quoted all over the internet which supposedly attest to the amazing belly-fat busting abilities of raspberry ketones. However, to date, we haven’t seen one trial conducted on humans which shows this effect. If we do, we may change our mind. Until then, we remain highly skeptical. 


Raspberry Ketones MAN Sports Scorch



This is the ingredient behind all of the references to “thermogenesis” we see in the MAN Sports Scorch marketing literature, and which we mentioned right at the start of this review. 

Evodiamine is a major alkaloid found in Evodia fruits. It has been included in this formula because it is thought by some to have fat reducing properties similar to capsicum.

One study we found looked at exactly this similarity between evodiamine and capsicum in their ability to burn body fat through thermogensis. 

The results of this study were pretty damn convincing. In their abstract, the researchers concluded: “Evodiamine would induce heat loss and heat production at the same time and dissipate food energy, preventing the accumulation of perivisceral fat and the body weight increase.”


Ginger Root

One major benefit of ginger root consumption, according to some health and fitness blogs, is that it increases satiety.

That is, it makes you feel fuller, quicker, meaning that you don’t over eat. For all of you who are usually big eaters, a short-term cut can be as much of a mental struggle as a physical one. The battle to not go crazy at a buffet is a fierce one. 

Well, it is thought that consuming ginger is a good way to combat this, helping you hit your fat loss goals on schedule. 

While we actually believe that ginger has this property, we think there are much better substances on the market today for increasing satiety. The main one we have in mind is glucomannan. This stiff is way ahead of the rest of the pack when it comes to staving off hunger.

You can learn more about glucomannan from our ingredient guide


MAN Sports Scorch Ingredient Review Ginger Root



This one seems to get thrown into every fat burning supplement which comes to marrket these days, and we have no idea why. 

There is so much research on synephrine floating around the internet that it is hard to actually get to grips with it all. What does it do? Does it work like ephedrine, as so many claim? Can it target belly fat specifically?

In our opinion, the answer to all of those questions is a resounding “NO”, and it will remain that way until we see some proof that some of those claims are true. 

There is one study which found that synephrine-containing fat burners did boost basal metabolic rate, but the researchers expicitly stated that “These effects are not likely caused by C. aurantium alone, because an eightfold higher dose of synephrine (Advantra Z) had no effect on blood pressure, but may be attributable to caffeine and other stimulants in the multi-component formulation.”.

Synephrine may behave in a vaguely similar way to ephedrine in the body, but its potency is minuscule in comparison. 



This one is very straightforward. 

Black pepper helps with digestion and the absorption of nutrients from food. 

You may be eating less total calories while cutting, but that means it is all the more important that you are getting all the nutrients you really need.

Taking a BioPerine supplement while dieting is a good way to be sure you’re getting everything you can out of every meal.


MAN Sports Scorch Ingredients BioPerine


Any MAN Sports Scorch review that you read should pay great attention to the more unusual ingredients in the supplement. While the ingredients such as caffeine anhydrous and green tea extract are potent fat burners, many people already know what they have to offer. That isn’t the case for the likes of phenylethylamine.

The purpose of supplement reviews is that they give you the knowledge you need to make a good, informed buying decision. That’s why all of our fat burner reviews pay close attention to the ingredients, as they are all that matter at the end of the day. 


MAN Sports Scorch Side Effects

There is nothing in MAN Sports Scorch which gives us serious concern when it comes to side effects. 

The caffeine content is very large and there is no theanine to balance out the side effects of caffeine over-consumption, so if you are sensitive to caffeine in any way, you may want to avoid this product.

There are also come ingredients that you will no doubt have never consumed before (i.e Evodiamine and Phenylethylamine). As such, it is important to really monitor how you are feeling on a day-to-day, even an hour-to-hour basis. When taking substances your body isn’t used to ingesting, there are some inherent risks: allergic reaction, rejection, etc. 

If you do experience any side effects while taking MAN Sports Scorch, please discontinue use immediately and tell your physician. Please also post your experiences in the comments section below so other users know what to expect!

We urge you to tell your regular doctor what you are taking before you start using a new supplement no matter how safe it seems. Their opinion is worth more than anything you will find on the internet. If the worst happens, they need to know what’s in your body to figure out what could be the cause.


MAN Sports Scorch Review Conclusion

This product has a more interesting formula than most. It contains ingredients that we have never come across in the course of building this website. This always makes for a good review, and MAN Sports Scorch review was certainly interesting to complete.

Despite the unorthodox ingredients, we don’t think this supplement can deliver on all of the promises made in the marketing literature. 

For starters, some of the key ingredients (rapsberry ketones, synephrine, etc.) have little to no proven fat burning power. 

Synephrine, contrary to popular belief, is not like a kind of safe ephedrine. Its potency pales in insignificance to the effects pf ephedrine (which you shouldn’t try to take). 

Raspberry ketones, as far as we can tell, do nothing. 

The other ingredients alone are a little lackluster. If bought individually and used as a make-shift fat burning stack, then they will no doubt work great. But in a professional quality, high-end fat burning supplement, we expect to see more than 175mg of ECGC and some caffeine. 

Granted, the caffeine is well dosed and from an excellent source. but that alone is not enough to make this product stand out from the crowd. 

If you want to really get some good results, we think you will be better off paying a little more money and getting a product with a more comprehensive, focused, and ultimately more effective formula. 

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