King Cobra Metabolism Viper Review – A Potent Fat Burner!

Metabolism Viper









  • Very generous serving of green tea
  • Massive serving of green coffee
  • Caffeine dose is sensible
  • Dose can be split up throughout the day - a MAJOR SELLING POINT


  • No appetite control
  • No thermogenics
  • We don't really need that much green tea!


Full Metabolism Viper Review


Metabolism Viper is a specialist fat burning supplement from King Cobra Nutrition. We struggled to find an independent website for these guys. They’re listed by most of the major supplement wholesalers – at least in the UK where the product is produced. So while we can’t find a standalone merchant site, it’s clearly a legit supplement. These guys also make a testosterone booster and a pre-workout. It’s highly likely they’re going to expand their range in the future as their existing products are proving quite popular.

So let’s get on with it!

What is this fat burner supposed to do? Who is it for exactly?


King Cobra Metabolism Viper bottle


You can tell by the look of the bottle that this is positioned as a hardcore bodybuilding supplement; if you read this review of Instant Knockout fat burner, you’ll see that both supplements make similar claims. There are several warning signs on the label telling us how dangerously potent the product is; not a bad thing, so long as the doses are within reason!

We can’t find any specific promises about what this stack can do. The only thing we can find is a repeated reference to “normal macronutrient metabolism”. In fact, they claim that this is one of the best metabolism boosting supplements on the market. That is indeed important if you want to maximize fat loss and minimize muscle loss. But we expect a little more from a quality fat burner today. 

However, it might be that King Cobra Nutrition just wants to let the formula speak for itself. 

We would prefer to know exactly what a supplement is supposed to do before we buy it, but we respect this approach. 

It’s clear, after all, that the main purpose of Metabolism Viper is to promote fat loss.

So, the only thing that’s left for us to answer is – does it really work?

Is King Corba Metabolism Viper an effective fat burner?

Is it safe? What are the side effects going to be like?

Is it as good as some of the best fat burners on the market today? Are there better options for the same price?

We’ll answer these questions and more in our detailed Metabolism Viper review below. Check it out and find out what this fat burner really has to offer. We start with a thorough examination of the formula before moving on to side effects and value for money. If you’ve tried this tack yourself, please let us know what you thought in the comments section at the end!

Metabolism Viper Formula

Let’s take a look at the formula and see if it really helps you burn fat faster:




That’s a good quality, potent formula. By the looks of this King Cobra Metabolism Viper will be more than capable of helping you get better results from your next cutting phase. 

There are some great ingredients in here, and the doses are super generous. We rarely see that much green tea powder or that much green coffee extract in the same fat burner! There’s actually much more than we need or can realistically get results out of, but that’s better than having too little. 

There’s also a good serving of chromium. Not enough fat burners use this stuff, so it’s great to see a nice big serving.

All in all, this stack will help improve energy levels, keep you motivated and fired up in the gym, and accelerate fat loss for pretty much everybody. 

Let’s go through some of the key points about the formula in more detail. 


What We Like

  • Good dose of caffeine
  • Very generous doses of green coffee bean and green tea
  • Plenty of chromium

There’s a ton of things we like about this fat loss aid. 

The main selling point – as far as we’re concerned – is the massive doses of green coffee bean and green tea power.

King Cobra Metabolism Viper provides an enormous 12,000mg of Green Tea powder per daily serving (3 capsules). That is WAY more than even the best fat burners on the market today. 

The green tea here has been standardized to provide a whopping 270mg of EGCG. This catechin is an incredibly potent fat burner. Unlike many of the ingredients typically used in bodybuilding supplements, EGCG seems to actively and directly accelerate fat loss. 

This study found that EGCG increased fat oxidation in men. It did this independently of exercise or diet restriction; that is, EGCG seems to speed up fat cell metabolism all by itself!

This in-depth meta-analysis is well worth looking at if you’re interested in utilizing green tea extract to burn more fat. The authors note the following: “Overall, there are more studies that demonstrate positive effects on resting fat metabolism when GTE is ingested, both shorter term and longer term. There is less supporting evidence for the use of GTE during exercise. The interaction between GTE and exercise training is interesting and animal studies are generally supportive of additive or interactive effects of GTE on an exercise training program.”

The 270mg of EGCG we get from Metabolism Viper is far larger than the doses we get from the likes of BurnerTEK or Instant Knockout

Having such a huge dose of EGCG in a natural fat burning supplement is a major selling point.


Green tea extract is a potent fat burner


We also get plenty of caffeine from this supplement. 

Caffeine can be your best friend during a cut, so long as you know how to use it properly. Supplementing with purified caffeine is one of the most effective and reliable ways to keep your energy levels up despite being in a caloric deficit.

Using caffeine before a workout reduces the perception of fatigue, allowing you to blast through your sessions without having to take on any extra calories. 

If you work full time, or your training schedule is particularly intense, then combating fatigue and sleepiness is probably a major issue. Slacking in the gym because you’re tired after a 10 hour shift will seriously impair your gains over time. 

Caffeine can therefore make a big difference to your physique and your strength levels over time!

Metabolism Viper gives us 225mg of caffeine per day. That would be a big dose to take in a single hit. But the total daily serving is 3 capsules, which means you can break up this caffeine dose throughout your day. This is a much better way of supplementing with caffeine – instead of a single hit that causes side effects, you get a nice, steady, sustainable energy boost that lasts all day!

We’ll talk more about caffeine in the side effects section. It is, however, a definite strong point in this supplement. Caffeine can be used, and it can be abused. If you break up the 3 capsule serving throughout your day, most people will only benefit from the 225mg we get from this fat burner.


-How To Do Ab Training The Right Way-


What We Don’t Like

  • No appetite control
  • No thermogenics
  • No BioPerine to aid with metabolism!

On the whole, we think this is a good fat burner. Whether you’re a serious bodybuilder, a competitive fighter, or just someone looking to get extra shredded this summer – there are much worse supplements out there for you than Metabolism Viper. 

However, it isn’t without its problems. 

There are several ways in which it could be significantly improved. 

The main problem is the fact that it lacks anything to help with appetite! This is a MAJOR flaw, especially for people like us who find training easy but diet control very difficult. 

Most people are in the same position – the hardest thing about getting shredded isn’t the training; it’s not binge eating!

Most good quality fat burners provide some kind of appetite control support. 

Our preferred method is to use glucomannan. This root contains an enormous amount of water soluble fiber. Glucomannan powder forms a thick paste in the stomach, making you feel really full even when you haven’t eaten much (or anything at all). This helps stop binge eating and snacking; the downfall of many a bodybuilder. 

It doesn’t artificially suppress your appetite like stimulants do. This is why we advise against using diet pills if you care at all about health and athletic performance – losing your appetite altogether isn’t good. If you want to be fit and healthy, you need to eat!

Sadly, aside from caffeine there isn’t anything in Metabolism Viper to help make you feel fuller and more satisfied after a small meal. Appetite control is a standard component of a modern fat burner. The absence of one here is a real disappointment.


No chili powder


Another notable absence is any kind of thermogenic. King Cobra hasn’t included anything in this supplement to elevate body heat.

Most good quality fat burners today will provide some kind of thermogenic. 

The most commonly used one is chili powder.

You all intuitively know how this works to promote fat loss. Remember the last time you ate a burrito or curry that was a little too spicy? What happened? You started to feel really hot. You probably started to sweat if it was hot enough.

Well, consuming chili powder through supplements has the same effect – it makes your body think it is getting too hot, which triggers a temperature control response. Your body starts trying to control its temperature, opening up your blood vessels and producing sweat. 

This temperature control response costs calories. A lot of them. Consuming things like chili powder raises your resting metabolic rate (baseline caloric expenditure), putting you into a deeper caloric deficit than you would otherwise be in. 

The end result – faster fat loss.

Well, we don’t get anything like that from this stack. 

This is another fat burner staple that King Cobra has left out of Metabolism Viper. So disappointing from an otherwise great fat loss aid!


Side Effects – Is Metabolism Viper Safe?

How safe a supplement is for you depends entirely on your own circumstances – medical history, diet, activity level, allergies; the list goes on. 

But we can identify the most obvious risk factors for the average user. 

There are some side effect risk factors in this fat burner that you really need to consider before you go ahead and use it. 

The main one is, of course, the caffeine

Caffeine is an incredibly powerful stimulant. In large doses, it can be fatal. Chronic consumption of large amounts of caffeine can have serious adverse health effects: insomnia, heart disease, anxiety, etc.

225mg might not sound like a lot to most of you, but it is. It’s a lot to consume across an entire day, and it’s definitely a lot to be consuming in a single dose.

Common side effects will include:

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Jitters
  • Sweating
  • Dizziness
  • Light headedness
  • Shortness of breath
  • Elevated heart rate
  • Anxiety
  • Hypertension

You need to calculate your baseline caffeine intake as it stands before you even consider adding in more through supplements. Consuming more than about 400mg daily is a bad idea for the vast majority of people. To put that in context, that’s about 5 small, single-shot Americanos.

Make sure you check any other supplements you’re using for caffeine before you accidentally overdose! Ideally, we’d like you to talk to your doctor before you go ahead and start supplementing with caffeine at any dose. As we said, it’s a powerful drug, and overdose can be fatal!

We aren’t doctors, and this isn’t medical advice. All we’re doing here is pointing out the most obvious risk factors for the average user, determined by our research and personal experiences. You MUST talk to a doctor before using any fat burners and make sure you do your own research thoroughly.


Metabolism Viper Review Summary – Is It Right For You?

Is this a good quality fat burner? Yes, absolutely.

Will it help you achieve success with your next cut? Definitely. It will help keep your energy levels up both in work and at the gym, and it will actively accelerate fat oxidation. 

Is it the best fat burner on the market right now? No, afraid not. 

It’s missing too many key components to be a market leader. There’s no thermogenic component, and there’s nothing to help with appetite. Those are kind of non-negotiable for us! We’re big eaters, and we like feeling the burn of a thermogenic in the gym. 

If you want to give this stack a whirl, then we see no reason why you shouldn’t. Just be sure to split your daily dose up sensibly and take the caffeine seriously. 

If you want optimal results, there are better supplements on the market right now!

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