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  • Contains decent green tea serving
  • Contains chromium


  • Formula pretty weak on the whole
  • No 'home run' fat burners in the mix
  • Other fat burners more effective

Full Kaged Muscle CLEAN BURN Review


Product Overview

Kaged Muscle CLEAN BURN is an incredibly popular fat burner. If you’ve been looking at websites like ours for a little while, you will have almost definitely seen more than one Kaged Muscle CLEAN BURN review by now.

Kaged Muscle are not exactly a household name, even among fitness enthusiasts. However, CLEAN BURN is a very well known product among serious bodybuilders, strength athletes, and combat sport competitors.

They produce a range of supplements, of which the best known is probably their pre-workout powder.

Our focus today is on CLEAN BURN, Kaged Muscle’s “cutting edge” fat burner.

According to Kaged Muscle, CLEAN BURN is able to do several things at once:

  • Inhibit fat storage
  • Boost metabolic rate
  • “Destroy” sugar
  • Prevent food cravings

That sounds perfect to us! These are exactly what we want from a natural fat cutting supplement, with the possible exception of “destroying” sugar. Regulsr readers of our site will know how wary we are of carb or fat blockers, so hopefully this is just some word play on the part of the marketing team.

Kaged Muscle CLEAN BURN Review

In any case, the supplement sounds like just what we’re looking for. 

But does it really work? That’s the big question.

If you’re wondering whether this is the right supplement for you, read our full Kaged Muscle CLEAN BURN review below. We’ll go over the formula in detail, so you know exactly what you’re getting for your money, not just what the manufacturers say you’re getting. 

We’ll also discuss the potential side effects of using Kaged Muscle CLEAN BURN, the price, and more. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comment section below. 


Formula – What Is In CLEAN BURN?

When reviewing supplements of any kind, you should focus most of your attention on the ingredients themselves. 

Every manufacturer employs smoke and mirrors to try to wow their customers, and that does go a long way to convincing certain people to part with their hard-earned cash.

However, advertisements, customer testimonials and so on tell us very little about the product itself. To figure out whether or not a fat burner is offering what we’re looking for, we need to look at the formula; what’s in it and in what quantity. 

Here’s the Kaged Muscle CLEAN BURN label as it should appear on the bottle:


Kaged Muscle CLEAN BURN Formula Review


There are two very good things to be said about this formula right from the off: it is made up entirely of all-natural, high quality ingredients, and the serving size of each ingredient is listed right there on the bottle. 

Many manufacturers stuff their formulas full of ingredients that have next to no beneficial properties; they are simply cheap and safe, so they make for good formula ‘fillers’. Many manufacturers also disguise this formula stuffing behind a proprietary blend. Obviously, a customer would prefer to know what it is that they’re taking every day, so using a proprietary blend just doesn’t make any sense to us. 

Kaged Muscle CLEAN BURN side-steps both of these pitfalls. 

That said, Kaged Muscle have perhaps gone a little too far with the simplicity when it came to devising CLEAN BURN. While we always commend products that have the confidence to rely on just the very best natural fat burning ingredients, you really need to go hard with just 5 ingredients. Either that or you need to charge very little money for your product. 


Ingredients Review

As stated above, the ingredients used in Kaged Muscle CLEAN BURN are very good. 

ChromeMate is a branded form of chromium manufactured by InterHealth USA

Chromium is not utilized in fat burners nearly as often as it should be. It is a superb natural fat burner. 

Basically, chromium helps insulin do its most important job: shuttling nutrients to your cells. Chromium doesn’t cause insulin spikes; rather, it enhances its action, helping it work better rather than just forcing your pancreas to secrete more and more, as some substances do. 

The 134mcg found in Kaged Muscle CLEAN BURN is more than enough to ensure your chromium levels stay nice and high throughout the day, but not unnecessarily high.

We cannot find any evidence to support the claim that Chomium prevents food cravings while dieting. We suspect this is a bit of liberal interpretation on the part of the Kaged Muscle CLEAN BURN marketing team.

Like chromium, the carnitine in CLEAN BURN is also in branded form; Carnipure.

Carnitine is another great natural fat burner. 

Carnitine is a vital link in the energy metabolism ‘chain’. It is intimately involved in your metabolism, helping you to derive energy from food. 

L-Carnitine Kaged Muscle CLEAN BURN Ingredients


Some studies have shown that carnitine supplementation positively affects cognition, fatigue, and fat mass. However, most of the studies of this kind focus on older people. To our knowledge, the effects of carnitine on cognition and fat mass diminish somewhat when subjects are young, healthy adults. 

That said, it is still a good addition to any serious fat burner, as it has a well-proven ability to decrease fatigue, boost energy levels, and encourage fat loss. It is just not what we would call a ‘big hitter’, or a main ingredient. 

Unlike most supplements, the dosage of carnitine in CLEAN BURN is just right. A lot of supplements include carnitine almost as an afterthought, giving it just 300mg out of the formula at best. Taking less than about 600mg is almost pointless, so it is good to see CLEAN BURN providing you with 1g every day. 

Green tea is another ingredient we look for in every fat burner. A high quality green tea extract will contain large amounts of a catechin called ECGC. 

ECGC has been shown in many clinical trials to be effective at enhancing the rate of fat loss. It seems to work to some degree for all users, regardless of their own particularities. We’re not saying that it will make you lose fat if you sit on your ass eating donuts all day, but you get the idea; unlike some substances, it seems to work well for most people, not just elite athletes undergoing intense training regimes. 

A total of 1g per day of green tea is, in our opinion, not necessary at all. The same benefits could be achieved using half that much. However, green tea extract does seem to be safe at relatively high doses for most users (assuming caffeine content isn’t high). 

Capsimax is another branded ingredient, but it is just capsicum extract. 

If you’ve ever eaten anything spicy, you know how this one works: capsicum makes your body temperature rise, which in turn triggers your body’s cooling mechanisms. This is very energy-expensive, so your resting caloric expenditure rises dramatically. This is thermogenesis in action. 

The 33mg provided per dose gives us just under 100mg per day, which is perfect for thermogensis purposes. If it were coupled with the right amount of caffeine, this would be just right for boosting your body temperature and forcing your basal metabolic rate into overdrive. 


-HIIT or Steady State Cardio For Fat Loss-


Blood Sugar Support? Why?

The inclusion of Gymnema Sylvestre took us by surprise too. 

This natural climbing plant extract is primarily known for its supposed anti-diabetic properties. It has been used in the traditional medicine of various cultures for centuries, and it continues to be used today for the same purposes; namely, the control of blood sugar.


Kaged Muslce CLEAN BURN blood sugar control


Interestingly, its ability to combat blood sugar is multi-faceted; chewing the plant’s leaves is thought to block the ability to taste sugar!

There is some debate about the exact mechanisms of action of the plant’s anti-diabetic properties. However, we wont concern ourselves with that here, because we aren’t concerned here with finding a natural treatment for diabetes. 

This begs the question: what is this ingredient doing here?

Controlling diabetes (potentially) and burning fat are two completely different things, even if obesity is linked with diabetes. We see no reason for Gymnema Sylvestre to be included in a serious fat burner, so we see no reason for it to be in CLEAN BURN. 


Our Thoughts On The CLEAN BURN Formula

We are in many ways quite impressed with this supplement. We always talk about how too few supplement manufacturers have the courage to just choose the most effective ingredients and dose them appropriately. All too often, fat burners contain 15+ ingredients when 99% of their benefits come from just 4-5 ingredients. Those ingredients are obviously under-dosed because the formula is too crowded, and the customer loses out. 

Well, Kaged Muscle haven’t done that with CLEAN BURN, which is all to their credit. 

However, if you’ve read all of our Kaged Muscle CLEAN BURN review up to this point, you’ll know that we still wont be recommending this product to our readers. 

While the Kaged Muscle CLEAN BURN formula is indeed very simple and generously dosed, it lacks a ‘big hitter’. There is no ingredient in CLEAN BURN which will really make a huge, undeniable difference to your ability to reach your desired body fat levels. 

The ingredients are all excellent, but the formula is just lacking those extra 2 or 3 ingredients which could get the pounds flying off in a matter of weeks.

There is no appetite suppressor, no caffeine, no B Vitamins, no CLA, no Vitamin D…

In short, the formula contains some of the best natural fat burners on the market, but unless they are in conjunction with some seriously powerful, standalone fat burners, they are left a little bit impotent. 

The ingredients in Kaged Muscle CLEAN BURN will definitely make a difference. Your rate of fat loss will no doubt increase, assuming that your diet and training are on point. But the effects will not be as significant as when using other supplements on the market. 


Kaged Muscle Clean Burn Side Effects – What Can I Expect?

We’re confident that 99.9% of users will experience no side effects whatsoever from using Kaged Muscle CLEAN BURN. Each ingredient is very well tolerated, and none of them are known to cause any serious side effects even at doses much higher than what you’ll find here.

However, that is largely due to the fact that the formula as a whole is so thin. There is no caffeine, no food bulking agents, no B vitamins; nothing that you might find in a natural fat burner which may produce side effects. 

When devising a formula for any sports supplement, you will need to carefully balance safety and efficacy. To some degree, these two criteria pull in opposite directions, but beyond a certain point a more powerful product does not mean a more effective product, it means a more dangerous one. Hitting that ‘sweet spot’ between power and safety is tricky, but the best manufacturers do it well. 

We think Kaged Muscle CLEAN BURN scores top marks for user safety, but very low marks for effectiveness. This is a real shame, but it is certainly better than a product which is out and out hazardous!

Perhaps if you have an adverse reaction to green tea or capsicum extracts, you might feel some adverse effects. Indeed, the 1g of green tea per day provided by CLEAN BURN (if you take it as advised) is a lot more than you’ll find in most other fat burners. 

But this is still only ever going to be extremely mild because green tea is so well tolerated and things like caffeine are not highly prevalent in green tea extract. Plus, the Capsimax serving is well within normal limits. 

In any case, it’s important that you talk to your doctor before trying this product. We are not medical professionals, and nobody knows your body (with its individual sensitivities) better than your regular physician. Do not play around with your health!

If you do experience any adverse side effects while using Kaged Muscle CLEAN BURN, stop using the product and tell a healthcare professional. If you can, please also share your experiences below so other users can know what to expect.


What Are People Saying About Kaged Muscle CLEAN BURN? – User Reports

Going off what other people experience isn’t the best way to judge whether a supplement is right for you or not. However, it does give us an insight into how well the product is working for at least some people. Many “real user reviews” you see online are obviously fake, but not all of them are. 

Looking at user reviews is also a good way to tell if a product is just a total scam or not. If you search for Kaged Muscle CLEAN BURN user reviews and you find hundreds of people complaining about being ripped off, then you know to avoid this product. But if you find a good split between satisfied and disappointed customers, you know you aren’t dealing with a total scam. 

After all, you’ll never please everyone, right?

Here’s a selection of Kaged Muscle CLEAN BURN reviews taken from a variety of online sources. We’re not saying who you should trust and who you shouldn’t. Information is always limited with these things; we don’t know about the person’s diet or training, and we don’t know if they have a clue what they’re talking about. Make of these what you will:


Kaged Muscle CLEAN BURN Customer feedback


Kaged Muscle CLEAN BURN user reviews


Kaged Muscle CLEAN BURN fat burner user reviews

Kaged Muscle CLEAN BURN experience


As we said, you shouldn’t put too much faith in the reports of other users. You just don’t know what their circumstances are. Just because someone tells you a product works wonders (or does nothing), doesn’t mean that it does (or doesn’t). Their training might be incredibly lazy and their diet a mess, or they might never have tried to cut before so are seeing tremendous results. 

However, what is clear from some of these reviews is that real people are using CLEAN BURN, and there is very little talk of over-charging or rip-offs. 


Kaged Muscle CLEAN BURN – Value For Money?

With a price tag of just $29.97, Kaged Muscle CLEAN BURN doesn’t seem like the most expensive product on the market. The $20-40 range is pretty common for fat burners today, so it makes sense to try and hit middle of the road. 

But the relatively low price tag doesn’t mean that this product is good value. We actually think Kaged Muscle CLEAN BURN represents poor value for money when compared to other supplements of a similar price. 

The reason we think this is because you are essentially paying $30 for a month’s supply of a Carnitine and Green Tea supplement. 


Kaged Muscle CLEAN BURN value for money


Granted, you get quite a lot of green tea and Carnitine; more than you will find in the majority of fat burning supplements on the market today. But that still doesn’t mean that it is therefore worth $30. 

You will be able to find stronger green tea extract capsules in a well-stocked health food store, and you can find really high quality carnitine supplements for a lot less than $30. We think you will also probably be able to get much more than a 30-day supply for that amount of money. 

So while the $30 price tag seems quite attractive at first, in reality it really doesn’t represent a good deal. 

There are much better fat burners on the market and although their price tag may be significantly bigger, you are getting what you pay for. It’s better to pay $60 and get some good value for money than to pay $20 or $30 and get next to nothing out of it. 

Kaged Muscle CLEAN BURN Review Conclusion

Having done a full and frank Kaged Muscle CLEAN BURN review, we find ourselves quite disappointed with this fat burner. 

The main problem with it is that it doesn’t really contain any ‘home run’ ingredients. It doesn’t contain any big appetite suppressor, no big energy booster, no caffeine, no B vitamins, no chlorogenic acid…

To put it bluntly, the Kaged Muscle CLEAN BURN formula is just weak. Certainly weak in comparison to some of the other fat burners reviewed on this site. 

However, it does contain some really good ingredients. Nobody can argue with the fat burning properties of green tea extract, and nobody can say that chromium wont help you with your cut. But there just isn’t enough here to get us really excited.

If you are looking for a fat burner that will really light a fire and get your cut into gear, then we don’t think Kaged Muscle CLEAN BURN is the ideal choice for you. 

If you want a reliable, effective product which represents good value for money, then we suggest you check out some of our best rated fat burners, such as BurnerTEK or Burn-XT.

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