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Full Instant Knockout Review

Product Overview

Instant knockout is a premium grade fat burner that has been on the market for just a few years.

It was initially developed for use by professional MMA fighters, boxers, and other competitive athletes who may need to drop weight in a short space of time without losing any muscle mass.

One early adapter was MMA fighter Diego Sanchez, who managed to drop 25lbs in just over a month using this fat burner. Anyone involved in the fitness world will know how impressive that is by any standards. 

Once the results started to show, other fighters began showing interest in trying the supplement, and so the manufacturers decided to make Instant Knockout available to everyone.

We reviewed Instant Knockout ourselves to find out if it is all its cracked up to be.

After taking the product ourselves for 3 months, we found it to be devastatingly effective at cutting body fat while helping us keep maximum muscle mass. 


Best Fat Burner 2016


And our results were consistent. We all experienced:

  • Rapid Fat Loss – Over a period of 3 months we lost an average of 0.7lbs per week, and we went from an average bf % of 16.5% to just under 10.5%
  • No Cravings – The most astounding thing about our time taking Instant Knockout was the lack of any real food cravings; we were constantly full. For a bunch of big eaters, this is a MASSIVE benefit
  • High Energy Levels – Some of us have done cuts in the past, and hitting the gym on a deficit can be really tough. During our 3 months on IK we had the energy to hit the gym just as hard as before


No time to read a huge review? Go straight to the end and see our summary.

Before we show you the results we and other fitness enthusiasts have got from using Instant Knockout, it’s important that we take a closer look at the product’s formula: how does it work? Who makes it? Is it safe?


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Instant Knockout Ingredients

What makes Instant Knockout stand out from a lot of other weight loss and fat burner pills on the market is the fact that it only contains 100% natural, high quality ingredients. 

Here’s a table showing the formula in full:


Table showing full Instant Knockout fat burner formula


Here’s a quick run-down of the ingredients and what they do to help you shred down so quickly:

Green Tea Extract

There’s a lot of green tea extract in Instant Knockout, which is always great to see. It’s such a staple weight loss ingredient, and a hefty dose is a sign that a manufacturer knows what they’re doing. 

Green tea does a number of really impressive things that work together to keep you lean, healthy, and energised. 

First off, green tea extract contains EEG, which is a potent anti-oxidant that has an accelerating effect on your metabolism. A faster metabolism means a higher metabolic rate, which means you’ll burn through calories at a much faster rate. 

Second, green tea extract contains polyphenols that have a special effect on harmful fats in the gut. Basically, some polyphenols found in green tea extract activate an enzyme in the intestines that dissolves excess triglycerides, meaning you don’t take on too much unwanted fat. 

Finally, the naturally occurring caffeine and theanine in green tea extract helps keep you relaxed, yet alert and focused. 


Instant Knockout Ingredients Review



This is probably the most interesting ingredient in Instant Knockout, and we think it is easily one of the most important.

Glucommanan is a natural dietary fiber that turns into a gel in the stomach.

That gel absorbs liquid, swelling, making you feel much more full than you actually are. 


Instant Knockout Ingredients Review - Glucomannan


Most users of Instant Knockout will be keen strength athletes, bodybuilders, and boxers: people used to eating a fair bit of food. For them, the inclusion of Glucomannan will be a HUGE benefit. 

One of the things we all mentioned during our time using Instant Knockout was how full we felt. Well, that’s Glucomannan in action. 

Instant Knockout sources its Glucomannan from the root of the konjac plant, and a day’s serving contains more than enough to prevent you from snacking, or from even feeling those annoying cravings for food. 


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Green Coffee Bean

The little things can make a big difference, and the fact that the makers of Instant Knockout decided to use green coffee bean extract instead of a cheaper alternative is one of those things. 

No, green coffee is not a different type of coffee to the one you’re used to drinking in the morning. The only difference is that green coffee beans are un-roasted; they are what coffee looks like in its freshly picked state. 


Instant Knockout Fat Loss Pill Ingredients


Why is that important? 

Studies have found that chlorogenic acid has a substantial effect on body fat percentage. These studies seem to be pretty conclusive if you read enough of them. It is thought that it acts as an agonist of PPARa, a protein responsible for regulating fat metabolism in the liver. 

It has also been found to help regulate blood sugar, and to help maintain healthy blood pressure (ref). 


Cayenne Pepper

This ingredient is really easy to explain. 

We all know that when we eat spicy food, we get hot. If a food is really spicy, our body temperature increases and we start to sweat.

Basically, this is because the capsaicin oil found in chilli peppers is an irritant to mammals; it causes a burning sensation. The body’s natural response to this is to try to cool itself down. 


Thermogenic fat burner Instant Knockout ingredients


As your body begins to work harder to keep you cool, it expends more energy, burning more calories in the process. Simple! 

If you want to do some research on your own, this study found that combining red pepper and caffeine had a significant fat burning effect on test subjects.

Or to use their words, consuming caffeine and spicy red pepper “can induce a considerable change in energy balance when individuals are given free access to foods.”


Caffeine Anhydrous

A lot of people talk about caffeine’s ability to speed up your metabolism, and to “ignite” the drawing out of fat for use as energy, but we think that these aren’t the most important fat burning qualities of caffeine.


Instant Knockout review of ingredients caffeine anhydrous


The most important benefit caffeine offers for anyone looking to lose weight while retaining their muscle mass is its ability to push you through workouts while you’re eating a lot less than you usually do. 

Caffeine is an absolute staple ingredient in any weight loss supplement. As you saw in the study mentioned above, not only does it have its own fat burning properties, but it can work synergistically with other ingredients, like cayenne pepper, making them substantially more effective than they are on their own.


B Vitamins

Instant Knockout contains decent sized servings of two of the most important B Vitamins; B6 and B12. 

These vitamins are absolutely crucial for a wide range of bodily functions. If you’re deficient in either of them for a long period of time, serious health problems can develop. 

The most important role as far as we’re concerned is energy metabolism. These two vitamins both work to help you derive energy and nutrients from food with maximum efficiency. 

This becomes really important when eating a restricted diet – you need to get as much as possible from as few calories as possible. Instant Knockout provides some help with a hefty dose of B6 and B12. 


GTF Chromium

In our opinion, a small amount of chromium should be in every bodybuilding supplement. Our favourite weight gainers contain chromium, and our favourite fat burner does as well. 


Instant Knockout gtf chomrium ingredient


Chromium works with insulin, enhancing its action, and helping it better regulate blood sugar. It basically helps insulin do its job: transporting nutrients to cells. 

This is why it is also found in weight gainers; everyone can benefit from having a better, more effective insulin response and healthier blood sugar levels.



Although we can’t find any direct fat burning mechanism with regards to zinc, it’s clear that zinc promotes high testosterone levels.

In fact, zinc is one of the key minerals responsible for maintaining healthy testosterone levels, along with magnesium. 

Having high testosterone levels is key for two reasons: it will encourage your body to burn fat and build or maintain muscle mass, and it will keep you motivated in the gym despite being ravenously hungry. 



People are always skeptical when they see Piperine (black pepper extract), and for a long time I thought ti was simply a digestive aid.

But we’ve found research which suggests that Piperine might be able to prevent new fat cells from forming! 


Piperine in Instant Knockout fat burner


In terms of ensuring that you stay lean and muscular in the long term, this is perhaps more important than getting rid of the fact stores that you currently have. 

Instant Knockout contains a good dose of Piperine, helping you maintain the low body fat percentage after you stop taking the supplement. 


All in all, this is a great formula. We look for maximum effect with minimum ingredients, and that is what we see when we look at the Instant Knockout ingredients list.


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How To Take It

A major positive of Instant Knockout, compared to many other fat burners, is the fact that each dose is split into four equal parts. 

Splitting the doses like this means that you benefit from the ingredients’ fat burning properties all day long. 

Why is this important?

We want our body to be in fat stripping mode before, during, and after workouts. We want to be burning through excess calories while we’re at work, during lunch, and while we watch TV. 

Taking one big dose will mean that, other than that one small part of the day, you’re body is not in a heightened fat-burning state. 

Four equal doses spaces the effects out enough to keep you burning extra calories all day long, but not so much that you’ll be forced to take some before bed. 


Where To Buy Instant Knockout

You can only get Instant Knockout directly from the manufacturer.Instant Knockout money back guarantee test

This is actually how you should buy all your supplements. It is usually more expensive than buying from Amazon and the like, but if you buy direct from the maker, you know you’re paying for the actual product. actually offers some really good deals if you buy a few bottles of this stuff, which you’ll probably need anyway if you’re going on a serious cut. 

Single bottles are $59.00, but if you buy 3 bottles, you get an extra one free, plus a t-shirt, for $185.00. That works out at about $46.00 a bottle. 

That’s damn cheap for a professional quality fat burning supplement!

They also offer a 90 day money back guarantee. Some companies offer this and don’t really back up their word, but we tested their guarantee, and they were willing to give us our money back. 

Your best bet is to go for the 4 boxes for $185.00. If you don’t use them all on this cut, just save them for your next cycle. 


-Check The Website For Current Prices-


Instant Knockout Results

Before we take a look at the results our review team experienced with Instant Knockout, let’s look at what other people are saying about this fat burner.

There have been lots of Instant Knockout reviews published online since the product was first launched. Most of the these have been overwhelmingly positive. Here is a selection of reviews published by regular individuals:

Instant Knockout User Results


Instant Knockout Before And After


There are lots of similar before and after pictures on the Instant Knockout website, and they all tell the same story; dramatic fat loss with a minimal loss in muscularity. 

This will be the most important factor many of you are looking for when it comes to choosing a fat loss supplement. 

It was definitely our biggest worry!

Nobody wants to lose their gains when they cut, but it’s difficult to tell whether you’re losing more fat than muscle when you simply cut back on the food. 

Instant Knockout specifically targets fat, meaning that, while you will lose some muscularity, it will be minimal compared to simply restricting your diet. 

Probably the biggest testimonial this product has got so far is from the pro athletes who’ve used it to make weight. 

Here’s a video from Diego Garcia, who used Instant Knockout to drop a whole weight class. 


This video is actually what turned us on to Instant Knockout in the first place.

We’re all into MMA to some degree. Some of us practice it as a hobby, a few of us take it seriously, and I just like to watch. Either way though, we were blown away by Diego’s results.

We were even more impressed by the fact that he isn’t sponsored by Instant Knockout. 

Here’s another video from MMA coach Greg Jackson:


Greg now recommends Instant Knockout to all of his fighters. Since it is made from all natural ingredients, professional athletes can use it without worrying about any ingredients showing up on a banned substance test. 

Again, pretty compelling stuff. 

But that’s enough of other people. A lot of you will care much more about our experiences with Instant Knockout. 


Our Instant Knockout Results

Our results with Instant Knockout were nothing short of impressive. 

As you might know from other posts, everyone at Fat Burners Digest is a big eater. Even our avid bodybuilders can’t go more than two weeks without a ‘cheat day’ pizza binge. It’s a sickness really, but it’s the way it is. 

For that reason alone, we’ve all found cutting pretty difficult in the past.



I personally have always started with the best of intentions, and then found that, four weeks in, I just haven’t got the mental toughness that separates the hobbyists from the champions. 

Around that time, you’re always tired, always moody, and your workouts are just horrible. You just feel weak. 

Instant Knockout totally changed the game. 

One of our writers used it after a pretty generous bulk. He hit his goals of getting a lot stronger and a lot heavier, but all the fat and water he was carrying really didn’t make him feel great. 

It certainly wasn’t popular with his girlfriend.



Over the course of his cut, he lost a lot of water weight and a great deal of flab, but he managed to retain much of his muscle size, density, and strength. 

Of course, his bench did drop (it’s the first thing to go when you lose weight) from 110kg for 3 to 105kg for 2, but his deadlift stayed steady, his squat actually improved and his work capacity went through the roof.

He only got a few pangs of hunger, usually when I was a bit late taking my afternoon dose. This is where splitting up the servings really comes into its own. 

Fat burners work best when you’re constantly kept in a “fat stripping” state. Taking one dose in the morning will mean that, by mid-afternoon, the appetite suppressors are wearing off, and those donuts are starting to look mighty tempting again. 

By the time you reach the gym, the caffeine and chilli has worn off, meaning that you’re tired, un-focused, and without the thermogenic effect when you need it most. 

Instant Knockout left me feeling full and satisfied all day, and the caffeine/theanine kick right before my workout was just hat I needed to get the work done. 


Instant Knockout Review Conclusion – Should I Buy It?

We absolutely loved this product.

I’ve used fat burners in the past, but something about Instant Knockout really does set it apart from the rest. 

It might be that this stuff actually contains the ingredients it says it does, or the combination might be better – I don’t know. 

All I know is that it seems to work for pretty much everyone who tries it. 

Of course, whether or not it will give you the results you need will depend on lots of things. 

If you’re hitting the gym hard and eating right, this product can make a serious cut much quicker, easier, and more enjoyable than I thought possible. 


-Visit Instant Knockout’s Website-



  1. aole

    how old i have to be

    1. FBDTeam (Post author)

      We assume you mean: “How old do you have to be to use Instant Knockout?”

      It is designed for anyone over the age of 18. If you are under 18 and struggling with your weight then a fat burner is not the answer.

  2. AMSY

    Is there any Gelatin in the Caps. ???

    1. FBDTeam (Post author)

      Yes there is unfortunately. This means that it is not suitable for vegetarians or vegans.

  3. MJ

    Does this product make your heart feel like it’s going to pound out of your chest? or jittery?

    1. FBDTeam (Post author)

      In our experience MJ no it does not, but it does contain caffeine which can cause an elevated heart rate.

      If you’re worried about that happening, or if you are particularly sensitive to stimulants and you often get heart palpitations when using supplements like this, maybe opt for one free of caffeine.

      Bear in mind that we aren’t doctors. If you have some kind of medical condition to do with your heart then you really need to talk to a doctor before using fat burners, pre-workouts, or similar supplements.

  4. Kelly

    Is it okay if you are 220 lbs? And a female?

    1. FBDTeam (Post author)

      Hi Kelly,

      We can’t really answer a question like that with your weight alone. BMI or body fat levels would be more helpful (just a rough estimate). We also need to know what you mean by “OK”.

      Safe? Yes almost certainly, assuming you don’t have a serious heart condition or something.

      Necessary? Maybe not.

  5. Mary Ann

    I am 45, need to lose 100 lbs, post leukemia/bone marrow transplant and post prednisone use has caused extreme joint pain .

    I need to move, and eat right, I love to eat good healthy Whole Foods, cravings for bad stuff is off the charts thanks to the steroid use – I am no longer taking these for over two years now.

    So help with cravings and energy to move a lot more is very attractive to me.

    I am not looking to be a body building or model.

    I need muscle to lose the weight and keep it off and to help me to maintain the exercise routine, eating right and energy for long term sustainable overall better health.

    I am female, after your review of Royal Queen 21 I see that is really not information that matters. I appreciate your reviews so much!

    Do you think this product would benefit me in beginning my life changes to a better physical self?

    1. FBDTeam (Post author)

      Hey Mary Ann,

      Sorry for the late reply. We’re also very sorry to hear about your health problems! Hopefully you’re better and back to your old self in no time.

      We really don’t think a fat burner like Instant Knockout is what you need right now.

      This is a product designed for dedicated bodybuilders, weightlifters, and athletes of all kinds really who are already in great shape and who need extra help hitting new targets.

      Losing fat and building muscle takes time. You just need to stay consistent, keep eating right, exercise regularly, and don’t expect to see a massive change overnight. In a year you will either be thanking yourself for your discipline or wishing you’d kept up your schedule all year.

      Since you’ve got such serious pre-existing problems, we urge you to get advice from a proper doctor and not fitness blogs!

  6. Laura Rodríguez muskus

    Hi. I have a question. I want to take this “Instant Knockout” burner to lose fat and more kilos. I train 5 times a week 2 hours. I would like to know if this burner also works for pre-training? Or it is better to also take a pre-workout. Which one would you recommend? I am 27 years old and I am a woma

    1. FBDTeam (Post author)

      Hey Laura, excellent question.

      Instant Knockout is actually perfect for use pre-workout. If you look at the use directions the best way to consume IK is to take your daily serving as 4 equal doses spaced evenly throughout the day. Taking one of those doses a little before training is fine.

      The caffeine in IK in particular will help with your training. It will give you an energy boost and allow you to train harder for longer. The other ingredients are designed to work round the clock, and that won’t change during training.

      If you do want to use a pre-workout as well then please be mindful of caffeine content. IK contains a pretty big caffeine serving so you do not want to be double dosing. Keep your caffeinated drink consumption low throughout the day while using IK and use a stimulant-free pre-workout (if you really want to use one). Some simple BCAAs might work very well alongside Instant Knockout, depending on what your goals are.

  7. Rick newton

    I am a male with 90 kgs weight and 5.11 feet height. I am in the process of reducing weight to 78 kgs. I do 6 days cardio and also weights. I just want to know whether is this the right product for me to reduce my weight and help in fat loss or is there any better supplement for my weight loss regime.

    1. FBDTeam (Post author)

      Hi Rick,

      As far as fat burners go, this is the cream of the crop.

      Whether or not you need a fat burner is the real question. What is your current condition like? How would you estimate your body fat levels? What’s your training history like?

      If you let us know how long you’ve been training and a rough estimate of body fat levels, we can tell you whether or not you might need a fat burner!

  8. Darryl


    I am male,43, suffer from hypo Thyroidism and am hypertensive, and on medication for both. I do some free hand exercises and walk/jog about thrice a week. Not hit the gym of late but have gym experience. I am currently at 96kgs and am 175cms or 5’9″ and need to drop to 85kgs asap. Please advise if this would be good or recommend any other fat burner that will help aide my metabolism as my metabolic rate is very low due to my thyroid issue. I really need help to elevate my metabolism so that i can burn the fat.

    1. FBDTeam (Post author)

      Hi Daryl, very sorry for the late reply.

      We don’t think a fat burner is really the best thing for you right now. Since you have some serious medical problems going on, we think you should just follow the advice of your doctor to the letter. Moreover, these products are designed for athletes and really dedicated bodybuilders who need help cutting. If you aren’t already in pretty good condition, then they aren’t necessary. In that regard they are just like protein shakes – if you’re just trying to get into shape, they’re not needed. Only once you reach a certain level do they become really useful.

      Keep up with the exercise, keep dieting, and keep listening to your doctor. Losing weight takes time but if you do the right things you’ll get there!

  9. Hui-na Yong

    I am currently on anti-psychotic medication – abilify and one of it’s side effects is weight gain. Can I use Instant Knockout with my medication? I work out 3 to 4 times a week, doing cardio 45 minutes each time.

  10. Nicole


    I am a 48 yr old female, 5 ft 4 in, 155 lbs. I’ve been weight lifting since I was about 21, 22 yrs old, consistently now for the last 10 years. In the last year I’ve entered pre-menopause and have noticed some weight gain (about 15 lbs). I train 5 days a week, both cardio and weights. I’ve tried fat loss challenges put on by professional female competitors, but nothing has really shown very good results. I am very muscular, but want to shed this layer of fat to show cuts and more definition. Instant Knockout sounds like it could do this for me. I’m also wondering if this affects sleep. Your thoughts? Oh, by the way, I am active duty military, so ingredients absolutely matter as I am subject to random drug testing. Thanks.

  11. Mark

    I’m a 41yr old male that works out 3 days a week and need to lose about 30lbs more to hit my goal. My question is I also take Adderall will this supplement cause an issue with that?


  12. Madeleine

    Hi there!

    I am a 55 year old woman and active on a daily basis with a housecleaning business + I play soccer twice a week. At 5’6″
    and 134 lbs, I am mostly struggling with extra fat around my midsection. I have a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition so I do have a healthy diet already. I do not know a lot about supplements though so I wondered if you thought this product would be useful for me. I only drink decaffeinated black tea usually but if the caffeine is spread throughout the day it would probably be ok.

  13. Kelly

    Is it as effective for weight loss if you get the caffeine free one?

    Thank you!

    1. FBDTeam (Post author)

      Hi Kelly,

      We didn’t realize that they had released a caffeine-free version! Yes, if you utilize Instant Knockout properly as part of a diet and training regime, it will help accelerate fat loss without the caffeine. The other ingredients help suppress over-eating, support proper insulin function, and help you metabolize fat cells more effectively.


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