Hypernutra Oxy Hyper-Pro Review – A Big Disappointment

Oxy Hyper-Pro









  • Tiny proprietary blend split between 14 ingredients
  • Contains totally worthless ingredients
  • No idea how any ingredients are dosed
  • White kidney bean is an over-hyped dud


Full Hypernutra Oxy Hyper-Pro Review

Oxy Hyper-Pro is a brand new fat burner to come onto the market. It hasn’t received a great deal of attention yet, but with a growing number of Oxy Hyper-Pro reviews popping up, we think that is bound to change in the near future.

So, we decided to do our own Oxy Hyper-Pro review as soon as possible.

Oxy Hyper-Pro is made by Hypernutra. This is the first time we’ve come across these guys, and for good reason. They currently only offer 2 products; a fat burner and a brain supplement.

Oxy Hyper-Pro is described as providing “weight loss for women and men”.


Hypernutra Oxy Hyper-Pro fat burner review


We never like to see the words “weight loss”. We don’t want un-targeted weight loss; we want a supplement to help us lose body fat, not just water weight or, even worse, muscle mass.

But it gets worse.

Oxy Hyper-Pro is also described as a “diet pill”; as a “Carb Block & Appetite Suppressant”.

Not only is the random use of capital letters and the poor English (it should be “carb blocker”) off-putting, but we certainly want nothing to do with this supplement if it really does do these things.

Carbohydrates are absolutely vital for the preservation of muscle mass.

They are necessary for you to perform properly in training.

We know the ketogenic diet is all the rage at the minute, but the science is quite clear on this one: calories in vs calories out matters much more than whether you eat more carbs or more protein.

You can get very lean eating plenty of carbs so long as your total caloric intake it low enough.

We also don’t want an appetite suppressant in the way usually meant by “diet pills”.

If you have a contest coming up, a fight, or whatever, then you need to be able to eat on schedule. You don’t want some cheap product filling you full of stimulants and putting you off your food.

Sure, we want help feeling full and satisfied with meals.

But ideally, even during a cut you should be looking forward to your meals. You should be eating enoguh food right on time. Not feeling artifically bloated and unable to eat what you need to recover from training.

But we can’t longer on these points.

We need to cut through the marketing spiel and find out whether this fat burner is what our readers are looking for.

Can Oxy Hyper-Pro help you during your next cut?

Does it help with fat loss at all?

How does Oxy Hyper-Pro compare to other supplements on the market today?

Is there anything better for the same price?

Let’s find out. In our full Oxy Hyper-Pro review below you will find answers to all of these questions and more. We look at the ingredients, dosing information, and potential dangers. In the end, we tell you whether or not we think this is the right fat burner for someone looking to naturaly enhance their next cut.

Oxy Hyper-Pro Formula Analysis

The manufacturer can talk their product up all they like, but if they can’t back it up with quality ingredients and correct doses, it’s all worthless.

Here is the Oxy Hyper-Pro formula:


Oxy Hyper-Pro formula analysis


Right away, you can see that this is not going to be a high quality supplement.

We have a proprietary blend here with a lot of different ingredients crammed into a very small space.

We hate proprietary blends for very fundamental reasons.

We feel like the manufacturers behind them just think the end users are too stupid to see what’s going on.

They’re telling us we shouldn’t worry ourselves about what we’re consuming.

To us, proprietary blends are a manufacturer’s way of saying; “just do as you’re told and buy our products”.

But we have a particularly bad proprietary blend on our hands here.


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Problems With The Oxy Hyper-Pro Prop Blend

The main issue with the Oxy Hyper-Pro proprietary blend in particular should be pretty obvious.

It is absolutely tiny.

We dislike all prop blends, but you can still compare them and find those that offer more value than others.

If you look at other products using prop blends, you’ll notice that they will typically offer a much larger overall serving size, or a similar blend size spread across far fewer ingredients.

The Oxy Hyper-Pro prop blend is just over 300mg in size, and it contains 14 ingredients.

That gives us an average serving size of 21.4mg.

We aren’t saying that this is definitely how each ingredient is dosed of course.

But what this tells us is that, if any ingredient is dosed above 21.4mg, another ingredient needs to be dosed less.

Many of the ingredients in Oxy Hyper-Pro need to be dosed well above 21mg in order to have any effect at all.

The best ingredients certainly need to be dosed many times above 21mg to be effective.

Not good.

Not good at all.

This is a cheap proprietary blend unlikely to deliver any real benefits. That is regardless of the quality of the ingredients.


Major Issues – Useless Ingredients

As if things weren’t bad enough, the Oxy Hyper-Pro proprietary blend contains some ingredients that do absolutely nothing at all.

That means that the precious little blend we have to go around is taken up by substances that can’t help you lose fat or retain muscle mass while training!

One example here is Papaya Leaf. We’ve never seen this stuff being noted for its fat burning properties. It isn’t known to be a performance enhancer in any way.

We certainly haven’t seen any concrete scientific evidence of this stuff being a useful fat loss enhancer.

Why it has been included here is obvious; an exotic-sounding space filler.


Papaya Oxy Hyper-Pro ingredients


We also have raspberry ketones.

This is an absolutely classic bogus ingredient.

As we explain in this article, raspberry ketones are basically a complete scam. They were mass produced by the perfume industry to the point where supply massively outweighs demand.

Since they have “ketones” in the name, and since you can conjure up some scienctific-sounding justification for including them (something about similar structure – classic), fat burners were an obvious choice.

Unfortunately, raspberry ketones do nothing in humans.

They don’t accelerate fat loss.

They don’t have anything to do with the ketones in your body.

They just make raspberries smell like raspberries.

That some of the 315mg Oxy Hyper-Pro prop blend has been dedicated to these totally useless, bogus ingredients is really disappointing.


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Oxy Hyper-Pro Side Effects

It’s really difficult to talk about side effects with a prop blend.

The risks associated with a given substance are intrinsically tied to the dosage being used (within reason – obviously some things are just dangerous full stop).

We have no idea how any of the ingredients in Oxy Hyper-Pro are dosed. Any one of the ingredients could feasibly be dosed as high as 314mg, with the remaining ingredients split between that last milligram.

That might sound ridiculous, but we promise you, more underhanded things ahve been done int he name of profits. It isn’t our job to assume that manufacturers are benevolent; it’s our job to consider the worst.

So long as they are present, they can be put on the label.


Oxy Hyper-Pro side effects


It is absolutely vital that you consider each ingredient carefully and decide whether or not you can safely consume 314mg of that ingredient through a concentrated capsule.

Ideally, we urge you to talk to a qualified health professional before proceeding with any fat burners.

Never rely on medical advice you read online, and don’t assume a product is safe because other people say it is. These supplements often contain stimulants and other strange ingredients. Talk to your usual doctor and show them the ingrediens before you go ahead and use it.

If you are looking for a quick fix for obesity, then you are in the wrong place. Fat burners are not designed for overweight, sedentary people. They are designed for amateur bodybuilders who know how to control diet, exercise, and how to use supplements like this.

If you’re struggling to lose weight, talk to a doctor. Don’t try to fix everything with pills!

Oxy Hyper-Pro Review Summary – Should You Buy It?

We try to be fairly diplomatic when doing these reviews, but we really struggled to find anything good to say about this product.

If you’ve read our full Oxy Hyper-Pro review, then you’ll know why we aren’t impressed with this fat burner at all.

It is mainly composed of a proprietary blend of many different ingredients spead across a very small total serving size.

It is simply impossible for the few good ingredients in here to be dosed how they need to be to have any noticeable effect on your fat loss progress.

It is certainly impossible for Oxy Hyper-Pro to come close to competing with the best fat burners on the market today.

To make matters worse, the blend contains useless, over-hyped ingredients. That means precious blend is being dedicated to things that wont help you at all.

To put things simply; you can do an awful lot better. Even some stacks we have reviewed badly on here because of their use of prop blends would serve you better than Oxy Hyper-Pro.

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