How We Review

Believe it or not, but we don’t just go into product reviews blindly.

We have a set review process and a methodology that we apply to each and every product. No favouritism, no bullshit, no lies.

We never accept money in exchange for a positive review.

NEVER. And believe us, we get asked a lot.

When we find a product that we really like, we sometimes contact the manufacturer to see if we can set up a deal where we receive some commission for referrals. This is always done after and independently of us scoring a product. This way of doing things will never interfere with our reviews; we have never scored a product highly because we already have a referral system set up. That always comes later, and it does not influence a review if things don’t work out.

This way of doing things is simply preferable to using ads – because then we’d need to keep using popups that asked you to stop using adblockers.

Here is our review process in detail:

  1. We come across a product online or we’re referred one by a reader
  2. We look to see what the product claims to do exactly
  3. We collect as much information as we can about the product: manufacturer, branding, ingredients, doses, other ingredients, price, other products in the range
  4. We start reviewing the product, referencing independent, peer-reviewed studies whenever we make a claim about an ingredient
  5. We check bodybuilding forums and social media to see what people are saying about it; is it causing side effects, is it over-priced, does it taste bad, etc.
  6. We do our final assessment, asking ourselves if we’d pay the recommended retail price for the supplement in question
  7. We double check to see if any studies we’ve used are actually funded by the manufacturer in question
  8. If the manufacturer gets in touch regarding the review after publishing, we try to communicate with them exclusively in the comments section. If they’ve been unpleasant, we will usually add it as a separate section to the review

That is how we review every single bodybuilding supplement mentioned on this site.

If you have a problem with the way we review, or you think we could do things better, then by all means let us know!