Hourglass Review – Finally A “Female” Fat Burner With Power!










  • Perfect combination of ingredients
  • Multiple facets of fat loss hit
  • Side effects will be rare and mild
  • Cheaper than 90% of fat burners
  • Suitable for men and women


  • Could use caffeine anhydrous instead of Guarana
  • No green coffee bean extract


Full Hourglass Fat Burner Review


Hourglass has burst onto the scene seemingly out of the blue. Made by the same people that make Instant Knockout fat burner, his “female” fat burner wasn’t subject to any pre-release hype at all. Instead, it has been quietly rolled out. The manufacturers clearly believe that the product itself will do all of the talking.

That said, there are already several Hourglass reviews published on professional supplement sites. They’re almost all 100% positive. We haven’t seen such consistent high marks in years. Is it legit? Could this really be one of the best fat burners on the market right now? Is it the best fat burner “for women”?

Let’s find out!

According to the manufacturers, Propura, Hourglass is an “intelligent fat burner for women”.


Hourglass female fat burner


Now, our regular readers will know that we’re always skeptical of the whole “female fat burner” thing. There’s nothing about a fat burner that would make it more suitable for women than for men, and vice versa.

That doesn’t mean these fat burners are necessarily bad – on the contrary. 

It just means you should ignore the marketing when looking for a fat burner and concentrate on the formula. Instead, just ask: what product delivers the ingredients that will really work for you?

So what is Hourglass supposed to do exactly?

The website gives us a great explanation for what users can realistically expect from Hourglass:


Hourglass claims


It’s so refreshing to see a supplement company being honest like this.

As the website points out, NO FAT BURNER can do any of these things. But plenty tell you otherwise. It’s those BS fat burners that you need to beware of, and Hourglass tells you so. 

We’re also told a little about what Hourglass can do:


Hourglass fat burner claims


So basically, Hourglass users can expect:

  • Faster metabolism
  • Faster, more efficient fat loss
  • few side effects

That’s nothing too extreme, and that’s fine with us. In fact, the Hourglass website puts numbers to their claims:


Does Hourglass fat burner work


It’s very unusual for a fat burner to put figures down on paper.

But it’s even more unusual for a manufacturer to be so realistic when they do. Losing 2lbs per week is both very achievable (with hard work) and extremely impressive.

2lbs per week will make a massive difference to your physique. 

Crash dieting, ridiculous workout regimens and stimulant-filled diet pills might make you lose weight quicker, but definitely not better. You’ll be unhealthy, you’ll feel terrible, and the weight is more likely to just pile right back on once you stop the diet. 

It’s much better to take a slow and steady approach.

That way, you’ll stay healthy, motivated, happy, and the weight is more likely to stay off.

This all sounds great. The question is: how much of it can we believe? How much of this is hype? 

Is Hourglass safe? What kind of side effects are we talking here? 

Is it really just for women? Or could men benefit from this stack too?

Find out by reading our full Hourglass review below. We start, as always, by picking apart the formula. We’ll also discuss the likely side effects, as well as what some users have to say about this brand new fat burner. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments section at the end.



Hourglass Formula Analysis

There aren’t any images of the Hourglass label available online, so until we get hold of a bottle we’ll just use the ingredient information outlined on the website.

Here’s the Hourglass fat burner formula:

  • Vitamin B6 – 4mg
  • Vitamin B12 – 10mcg
  • Vitamin D3 – 1000IU
  • Glucomannan – 1500mg
  • Capsimax™ – 100mg
  • Green Tea Extract – 500mg
  • Guarana – 100mg
  • Chromium Picolinate – 125mcg
  • Bioperine – 5mg

That is one impressive formula.

What we have here are effective, reliable, and safe natural fat burners. 

Hourglass exclusively uses ingredients with serious scientific pedigrees. There are no fillers in here. No useless ingredients. No over-hyped garbage. 

There’s also nothing particularly dangerous here. 

As the Hourglass website says, this stack is designed to help you lose fat “comfortably”. It says that it isn’t like other products that make you feel ill, put your health at risk, and so on. Well, Hourglass delivers on that front. Unlike many products, Hourglass doesn’t contain any synthetic fat burners or dangerous compounds (like Hordenine or DHEA).

It uses the best possible ingredients for the job in almost every case.

The doses are great too; well within the ideal ranges in every case.

Of course, there are also things we’d improve on here. We think at least one ingredient could be swapped for something better. There’s also some ingredients that could be added in to make Hourglass more potent. 

Let’s go through this in more detail!


-Check Out The Hourglass Website-



What We Like

There’s a lot about Hourglass we like. 

On the whole, we like it a lot. 

The best thing about this supplement is that it uses the best possible ingredient for each use case.

For example, Hourglass contains 1500mg of Glucomannan per serving. 

Glucomannan is a natural appetite suppressantOf all such substances on the market, this has by far and away the most scientific evidence backing it up. 

We’re not just talking about sheer volume of studies either; Glucomannan is much more effective and reliable than anything else on the market right now. As you’ll see if you read our cited ingredient guide, glucomannan is significantly more effective than Garcinia Cambogia, and it has the support of many more clinical trials than African mango. 

The thing we love about Glucomannan though is the way it works. It doesn’t artificially suppress your appetite. It doesn’t make you forget to eat like stimulants do. Instead, it expands in your stomach, forming a kind of paste. If you take it with meals, it basically makes the food you’ve eaten feel much more substantial. 

Put simply, it makes you feel a lot more full without totally putting you off your food. 

If you’re normally a big eater, or if you struggle to put the spoon down once you get started, Glucomannan can be a serious help. 


Hourglass ingredients Glucomannan


Another example here is Chromium Picolinate

Few fat burners utilize this stuff, and we have no idea why.

Chromium is a superb mineral to throw into a fat loss stack. Whether you’re an amateur bodybuilder shredding for a show, a weightlifter looking to keep performance up for a meet, or someone looking to lose weight for summer, Chromium can help.

Basically, chromium helps insulin to do its job. 

Chromium helps insulin to more efficiently shuttle nutrients to your cells. Several studies have shown that chromium supplementation helps keep your blood sugar levels steady. It is also thought to reduce how much insulin certain diabetes patients need to stay on an even keel. 

By keeping your blood sugar levels nice and stable, chromium helps prevent blood sugar crashes, which should help you stay away from the vending machine!

This makes chromium incredibly useful for someone who is dieting. It is particularly useful if you are fasting, as the insulin spike you experience when you break a fast can make fat loss harder. 

We get 125mcg of Chromium Picolinate in Hourglass – more than enough to help reduce blood sugar crashes and keep you on track with your diet. Our review team are all big snackers, so they know just what an impact this ingredient can have!

We could go through pretty much every ingredient in Hourglass and it would be the same story. 

Propura have really gone the extra mile with their ingredient selection. These substances are the benchmarks for their respective uses, with one exception. This brings us neatly to our next section: what we’d improve. 



What We Don’t Like

Perhaps the only real criticism of this supplement is that it uses Guarana instead of purified caffeine anhydrous

There is a general misunderstanding about Guarana in the supplement industry.

Many people wrongly believe that Guarana is superior to caffeine. 

Health and fitness bloggers talk a great deal about how Guarana contains more caffeine than coffee beans. They then stretch this out to say that Guarana is a more potent source of caffeine than coffee beans. 

But we’re not concerned about the source – we only care about the caffeine. 


Guarana Hourglass fat burner ingredients


Where it comes from is totally irrelevant to us.

We would only care whether we got our caffeine from Guarana or Coffee Beans if we were planning on drinking it or harvesting our own.

We only care about the potency per 100g if we want to make our own caffeine and we want to use as little raw material as possible. 

If we’re taking it in a capsule, then all this is completely irrelevant. 

Caffeine is caffeine, wherever it comes from. The caffeine in Guarana is the same molecule as the caffeine in tea, in coffee, or made in the lab. That’s why it’s still called caffeine.

That’s why we always prefer supplements which just provide a purified form of caffeine. That way, we know exactly what we’re getting, and how it’s going to affect us.

When we’re given a whole plant, we’re getting a lot of dead weight along with it. After all, only a certain percentage of Guarana is caffeine; typically it is around 5%.

A good 100mg serving of purified caffeine anhydrous would be much better here. 


-Ab Training Explained: Just Science, No Gimmicks-



A “Female Fat Burner”?

There’s nothing about Hourglass fat burner that makes it particularly good for females.

Men looking to increase fat loss, reduce food cravings, or boost performance in the gym while dieting can definitely benefit from this high quality supplement. 

In fact, we think Hourglass is better than the vast majority of “male” fat burners out there.

Its ingredients all have substantial scientific backing.

There’s no waste, no fillers, no BS.

The combination of ingredients is great too; everything is touched upon:

  • Cravings
  • Energy levels
  • Performance in the gym
  • Fat loss

So the potent green tea extract will actually target body fat mobilization, while glucomannan works to make you feel fuller, for longer.

It is definitely less likely to cause serious side effects than the sort of “hardcore” stacks marketed to men these days. 

In short, there are lots of reasons why men should consider using Hourglass too.

It is sold primarily as a female fat burner, but that is more to do with marketing than the nuts and bolts of the formula. Women generally don’t want a stack that has a big, scary looking guy on the bottle. The perception is that the supplement will make you look like the guy on the billboard – but we know that’s not true. 

Hourglass’ whole thing is being up front and honest with users.

It makes sense that it would target women first and foremost – women are usually subjected to more misleading marketing than men. Hourglass is obviously trying to make a difference to the market as a whole, which is definitely to be welcomed.


-Check Out The Hourglass Website-



Hourglass Side Effects

Few people are going to experience any side effects while using Hourglass female fat burner.

The ingredients used have all been studied extensively in humans. They are thought to be generally safe for regular use.

They are widely used in supplements, and user reports of side effects are rare. When they do occur, they are usually mild.

The only real side effect risk is the Guarana.

Guarana is used because it contains caffeine. We aren’t sure how much caffeine is in Hourglass exactly, because we are only given the Guarana serving – not the potency.

This is an issue, but it is more of an issue of value for money, not side effects.

That’s because the total Guarana serving is 100mg. That means the amount of caffeine in Hourglass is definitely less than 100mg. The usual potency of Guarana (whole seed) is 5%. The quantity in Hourglass depends on extract strength, but we highly doubt it is anywhere near 90%.

For reference, your average Espresso will contain about 80mg of caffeine. 

So unless you have a serious caffeine intolerance, you are unlikely to get any serious adverse effects from Hourglass.

If you do have a serious caffeine intolerance or sensitivity, then you should probably avoid supplements like this altogether.

Please remember, everybody is an individual, and you all have your own individual allergies, tolerance levels and sensitivities. You need to do your own research, consider your circumstances, and act accordingly. 


To stay completely safe, it’s vital that you consult your usual doctor before you continue. Just because a supplement looks safe for 99% of people doesn’t mean it’s safe for you. Talk to a doctor, and if you do experience side effects, discontinue use right away!


Hourglass Review Conclusion – One Of The Best Fat Burner. Period.

To call this a great female fat burner would be to do it a disservice.

This is a superb fat burner.

Compared to many of the bodybuilding supplements out there presenting themselves as “hardcore”, “just for men”, and so on, Hourglass is a class above.

It has a lot more actual firepower than many ‘hardcore’ fat strippers, and a lot less dead weight. 

Its ingredients all have robust scientific backing. Side effects will be rare. Several different aspects of fat loss are covered.

Basically, all boxes ticked for us. 

The only thing we’d change is the Guarana, which we’d swap for caffeine anhydrous – and more of it.

We’d also maybe throw in some other good ingredients – green coffee bean extract springs to mind, maybe some ALCAR.

All things considered, a brilliant supplement.

If you haven’t read our full Hourglass review, then we advise you to go make time for it before you purchase. But if you just want a final verdict, then here you go:

If you’re looking to make your next cut easier, then Hourglass can help. Whether you want to make weight for a show or just trim down for summer vacation, this stack delivers the goods. Coupled with hard training and a good diet, Hourglass will be extremely effective for most people. 

If you’re a serious MMA fighter or professional bodybuilder, you might want to consider using Instant Knockout, which is totally suitable for women. 

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Hourglass female fat burner review

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While we don't believe that fat burners should be different for men and women, the customer is always right.


  1. Robin Miller

    I’m interested in ordering Hourglass. Thanks for your review. I regularly practice intermittent fasting- just wondering if I would stay with the recommended 3 doses a day even without food. I also use the keto supplement Pruvit which also has caffeine. Do you foresee any problems with me trying Hourglass?

  2. Latasha Johnson

    I have tried this product for 30 days along with a health eating plan. I also work out five days a week. I had experienced no change in weight, appetite and energy. It may be an age thing, but I would not buy this product again. Sometime it just does not work for everyone. Good Luck.


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