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  • CLA a firmly proven fat burner
  • Side effects will be extremely rare


  • Just a CLA supplement
  • Generic CLA supplements cost A LOT less than this
  • CLA scientifically proven but weak



Full Her CLA Review


Her CLA is a fat loss supplement from NLA For Her.

This manufacturer specializes in ‘female’ supplements.

Our regular readers will know that we are highly skeptical of supplements which claim to be ‘for her’, or ‘designed for women’.


Her CLA Review


Men and women are different, sure, but their dietary requirements are remarkably similar.

If a substance can help women burn extra body fat or power through workouts on an empty stomach, then it will work for men true (and vice versa).


Her CLA claims


In reality, the “for her” fat burner distinction is only made for marketing purposes.

But anyway, on with the Her CLA review!

According to Bodybuilding(dot)com, Her CLA helps users by:

  • Promoting fat loss
  • Supporting lean muscle development
  • Supporting metabolic rate

We’re also told that this all-natural fat burner ‘for her’ is stimulant free.

The range of benefits are pretty impressive, especially for a single-ingredient supplement.

But can CLA alone really do all of these things?

Is it safe?

Is Her CLA worth the price tag?

How does it compare to other supplements claiming to do the same thing?

Why is this stack supposedly great specifically for women?

We answer each of these questions in our full Her CLA review below. If you don’t have time to read the whole thing, we have written a summary of the key points at the end. Please leave all questions in the comments section!


Her CLA Formula

Here is the Her CLA formula:


Her CLA Formula


As you can see, Her CLA is simply a CLA supplement.

Her CLA doesn’t claim to be anything more, even if the branding and promises on the website make it seem like much more than a simple concentrate.

Even though Her CLA never pretends to be a comprehensive stack, we’re not impressed.

For starters, the best way to enhance fat loss naturally is to take a multi-pronged approach.

It is better to try many different pathways, as the cumulative effect is often greater than the sum of the individual parts.

Put simply, stacks work best.

We don’t think a single-ingredient stack is ever going to be able to provide the same fat burning power as a comprehensive, multi-faceted stack.

It just isn’t how things work.

But we certainly don’t think a CLA supplement can ever rival a potent stack of 6-10 proven fat burners.

CLA simply doesn’t pack a big enough punch.

Sure, it does help with fat loss. But it doesn’t have the potency of many common fat burners.

Let’s get into this in a little more detail.



CLA – A Proven But Weak Fat Burner

CLA, or Conjugated Linoleic Acid, are naturally occuring fatty acids.

Now, humans don’t make their own CLA naturally (it isn’t important for survival or anything).

However, it is found naturally in many animal foods. It is produced by ruminant animals, so thinks like cheese, milk, and yoghurt are good sources. Beef packs the biggest serving per 100g.

CLA has been shown in clinical trials to increase fat loss, with the biggest effect seen in obese people.

In this study, 63 obese subjects were given either 1.7g of CLA or the equivalent of placebo per day for 12 weeks.

The researchers found that “after 12 wk, compared with the baseline, the [body weight], BMI, total fat mass, fat percentage, subcutaneous fat mass, and waist-to-hip ratio decreased in the CLA group (P < 0.05)”

However, the results here were not spectacular. The difference between the groups was not striking.


Her CLA weak fat burner


This study put subjects under an exercise and diet regimen before giving some subjects CLA and some placebo.

As you will see, no difference was found between CLA and placebo.

This same story plays out in many studies looking at CLA and fat loss.

In some, it is found to have a reliable yet small effect.

In others, it is found to be about as good as a placebo.


Poor Value For Money

Her CLA is just a heavily branded CLA supplement.

Each serving of Her CLA contains 1,200mg of CLA.

That is not a particularly impressive serving.

Many stacks provide much less; 500mg is common. Yet they also provide 8-10 other ingredients. Most of these ingredients will have some fat burning power.

Standalone CLA supplements will contain anything from 750mg to 1,500mg of Conjugated Linoleic Acid.

You can find generic CLA supplements at these doses for less than $15.

Even some branded supplements will give you a similar dose for less than $20.

Spending so much money on some simple CLA capsules seems a little unwise to us since this stuff is so widely available.


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Her CLA Side Effects

One good thing which we can say about Her CLA is that side effects are going to be extremely rare, and mild when they do occur.

In the studies cited above, subjects were administered CLA in serving sizes well above the 1,200mg we get in Her CLA.

CLA is widely used, and very few users seem to experience any noticeable side effects whatsoever.

There are no known long term health concerns associated with CLA.

Of course, we aren’t doctors!

It is vital that you get proper medical advice before using fat burners.

If you use Her CLA and experience any side effects at all, discontinue use and seek medical attention immediately. If possible share your experiences here so others don’t make the same mistake.


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Her CLA Review Conclusion – A Poor Choice

We think a single-ingredient supplement is always a poor choice for someone looking to get the most out of their next cut.

Comprehensive stacks take multiple different pathways to enhancing fat loss.

The leading stacks today will reduce fatigue, boost energy, suppress appetite, and help mobilize body fat. The very best supplements will target fat directly while raising your resting metabolic rate.

A single ingredient is never going to do all of these things to the same degree at the same time.

But if you think a particular thing is missing from your diet, a generic supplement is a great idea.

If you know exactly what it is that you’re missing, there is no need to break the bank.

So no matter what your goal is, we think Her CLA from NLA For Her is a poor choice.

There is also no reason for this product to be sold as “for her”.

There is no reason that 1,200mg of CLA constitutes an ideal choice for women and not men.

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