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  • Huge amount of caffeine to take in one serving
  • other stacks provide more caffeine but in manageable doses
  • Proprietary blend laughably small
  • Contains useless ingredients


Full Thermo Burn Review


Thermo Burn by Hamilton Healthcare has been on the market for quite a long time, but its popularity seems to be diminishing. It received a great deal of interest when it was launched a few years back, but now Hamilton Healthcare seem to focus on pushing their individual ingredient supplements: garcinia cambogia, raspberry ketones, and other unproven, over-hyped fat burners. 

But plenty of people still come across Thermo Burn and wonder if it’s the right supplement for them. So we decided to do a comprehensive Thermo Burn review. 

Let’s not waste any time; what is Thermo Burn? What is it supposedly designed to do?


Hamilton Health Thermo Burn Review



Thermo Burn is part of Hamilton Health’s “platinum series”, so it is billed as one of their premium supplements. 

According to the bottle, we can expect an impressive range of benefits while using this stuff:

  • Boost energy
  • Increased metabolism
  • Increased endurance
  • Suppressed appetite
  • Better mental concentration

This is more than what we usually look for in a fat burner. Sure, the best fat burners we have ever reviewed do deliver on all of these fronts, but it is rare for a manufacturer to promise so much with such certainty. To be able to give you an accelerated metabolism, more energy, better physical performance, and heightened focus all at once is an impressive feat indeed. 

So can Thermo Burn really do this? Can it give you all of these things at the same time?

Can it do so without causing side effects?

How does it compare to other fat burners currently on the market?

We’ll answer these questions throughout our comprehensive Thermo Burn review. We will also provide a summary at the end. If you still have any questions at the end, please let us know in the comments section. 


Hamilton Health Thermo Burn Formula

Here is the Hamilton Health Thermo Burn formula. This is how the ingredients list appears on the product bottle:


Thermo Burn Formula Review


Thermo Burn’s capsule is made from gelatin, meaning that this product is not suitable for vegetarians. It is more expensive to use veggie cellulose to make your capsules, but it means opening up your product to so many more customers. A bad decision in our opinion.

This is a really thin formula on the whole.

Aside from the caffeine, every single ingredient is significantly under-dosed (more on the problems with the caffeine dose later). 

The fact that cayenne pepper extract has been included is certainly a good thing, but 40mg is just pathetically low. We want to see 100mg per serving at least. Taking 40mg per day is unlikely to make a meaningful difference to your rate of fat loss. 

On top of that, many of the ingredients listed separately do not offer any fat burning benefits as far as we’re aware. Some of them certainly have a lot of hype behind them, and a lot of creative marketing, but as far as scientifically-validated fat burning effects go, they have nothing. 

Take Coleus Forskolin for example. We challenge anyone to find a single shred of evidence that this stuff is able to induce fat loss in human beings. Better yet, try to find evidence of coleus forskolin working at 10mg/day. 

But what about the caffeine?


Thermo Burn ingredients review caffeine anhydrous


Well, even the caffeine is a mixed bag.

If you’re worried about side effects from caffeine, or if you want to make a supplement suitable for people with slight caffeine intolerances, then don’t include it at all. 

If you want to make a fat burner that will provide users with sustained energy, focus and motivation all day long, as well as during their workouts, then dose the caffeine properly. 

Our top rated fat burners contain 300mg of caffeine anhydrous.

Thermo Burn does contain 250mg, which is close. But with all of the other ingredients being so seriously under-dosed, caffeine is the main ingredient. 

In that case, 250mg just doesn’t cut it. If caffeine is the main driver of this stack, then we want it dosed as high as possible without causing undue side effect risks. 

So does that mean the caffeine is safe?

No! Not at all!

While our top rated fat burners provide more caffeine per serving, their servings are spread out over the course of a day. 

Thermo Burn, by comparison, has you taking 250mg of caffeine in a single dose.

That is a lot of caffeine to consume in one go by anyone’s standards. More on the risks of this later. 

That’s the individual ingredients taken care of. Now what about the proprietary blend? Is that more promising than the rest of the formula?

Not by a long shot.


Thermo Burn Proprietary Blend

The Thermo Burn proprietary blend is just 50mg in size but it contains 6 ingredients. 

That means that each ingredient has less than 10mg to work with. 

This is just outrageous. 

The blend contains some of the best natural fat burners available to us. Yet for them to really have any effect, they need to be dosed appropriately. And by appropriately, we invariably mean above 100mg. 

Green tea extract should ideally be dosed at around 500mg; ten times the size of the entire blend!

Green coffee bean extract needs 100mg to be truly effective. 

It is simply impossible for any of these ingredients to be dosed how they need to be to have any effect at all. 

To make matters even worse, the blend contains ingredients that we believe to be completely useless for fat loss.

Garcinia Cambogia is hyped by some online “fitness experts” as a silver bullet for fat loss. Yet the science only points to it being able to make food taste better. This could improve satiety, but it doesn’t necessarily control appetite. If anything, when something tastes good, we want more of it!

We have written about raspberry ketones, why they are included in fat burners, and why they are completely useless. We strongly suggest you read the cited article to learn more about why raspberry ketones do nothing for fat loss. 

To put it simply, the Hamilton Health Thermo Burn formula is a major let-down. Aggressively under-dosed, laced with bogus, impotent ingredients, and unsuitable for both vegetarians or those with serious caffeine sensitivities. 


-See Our Full Ingredient Guide-

Side Effects – Is Thermo Burn Safe?

As the only ingredient with a reasonable serving size, the only real side effect risk here really is the caffeine content.

 Consuming this much caffeine spread over the course of a day would give us little cause for concern (as happens when taking Instant Knockout). However, Thermo Burn is taken as a single capsule per day. This means you will be ingesting 250mg of caffeine in one go.

That is quite a lot of caffeine by any measure. 

The likely side effects of consuming this much caffeine in one sitting include an elevated heartbeat, anxiety, dizziness, shortness of breath, among others. The long-term effects of consuming such large doses of caffeine in one sitting include insomnia and stomach problems. 

Another potential side effect risk is Hoodia. 

This stuff is thought to be a natural appetite suppressant. However, we have our doubts. Much of the evidence backing up these claims is based on observations of bushmen in the 1930’s. We are yet to see compelling evidence that hoodia works well in humans. 

One thing that is clear is that hoodia does have some potentially worrying side effects

However, as this is in a blend with 5 other ingredients, we doubt it is dosed high enough to cause real problems. Unfortunately, this also means the best ingredients aren’t dosed high enough to cause improvements either!

As always, it’s vital that you consult a doctor before using this supplement. It contains a large serving of caffeine (more than you will be used to consuming in one serving), as well as some exotic ingredients you will probably have never consumed before. Don’t gamble with your health; talk to your doctor!


Thermo Burn Review Conclusion

To put it as succinctly as we can, we don’t think Thermo Burn can really deliver in all of the areas that Hamilton Health claim it can. 

Almost every ingredient other than caffeine is aggressively under-dosed. 

The best, most robustly-proven natural fat burning ingredients are all thrown together in a laughably small proprietary blend. 

This blend contains ingredients that have no fat loss supporting properties at all. 

The only ingredient with a decent serving size is caffeine, and even that is beset with problems. 

For one thing, Thermo Blend’s daily serving is just one capsule, which means that you are consuming 250mg of caffeine in a single dose. That’s A LOT OF CAFFEINE!

But on the other hand, our top rated stacks all contain more caffeine per daily serving than Thermo Blend. They just split their caffeine dose up into smaller doses to be consumed throughout the day, providing a sustained, manageable energy boost. 

Hamilton Health Thermo Burn is beset with problems. There are certainly more potent, safe and reliable fat burners on the market today. 

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