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  • Contains some great ingredients
  • Grenade is a well respected manufacturer


  • Contains ingredients with no fat burning properties
  • Has mixed reviews online
  • No appetite suppression

Grenade Black Ops Fat Burner Review


Product Overview

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Grenade Black Ops Fat Burner is a leading bodybuilding supplement. 

Grenade have created a range of specialist bodybuilding supplements, including protein shakes, weight gainers, amino acids, and so on. 

However, their real specialty seems to be fat burners.

Grenade Black Ops ReviewThe first time you encountered Grenade as a brand was almost certainly when you saw the Grenade Thermo Detonator fat burner on sale. Well, Black Ops is a variation on that classic supplement. 

Grenade claim that Black Ops offers a “unique stimulatory effect” that can aid with cognition and physical performance. 

More specifically, they claim that the Grenade Black Ops benefits include:


  • Precisely timed stimulant (ideal for HIIT)
  • Mobilizing fat for fuel
  • Providing lazer-like focus during training


Like you, we’re very skeptical when people claim that their ingredients can be “precisely timed”, or that they can make your body mobilize fat specifically for fuel. 

So, can Grenade Black Ops do all of this? Is it the right supplement for you?

Read our full and regularly updated Grenade Black Ops review to find out.


Grenade Black Ops Ingredients – Does It Work?

Here is the Black Ops ingredient list:


Grenade Black Ops Ingredients Review


Any Grenade Black Ops review that doesn’t focus first and foremost on the ingredients is worthless. So, let’s get started! Here’s a review of the Grenade Black Ops formula, with a brief overview of what the ingredients do, and why they are there. 

First, the good:

We love caffeine. It’s one of the best drugs in the world as far as we are concerned. Not only does it make us feel great in the morning, but it has a unique combination of qualities: largely safe in reasonable doses, invariably effective, and incredibly cheap. 

The main reason that bodybuilders and athletes are interested in it is because it can push you through your grueling workouts even when your actual energy stores are severely depleted.

If you’ve done HIIT on an empty stomach before, you’ll know how valuable this can be.

Grenade Black Ops Ingredients CaffeineWell, in Black Ops, we don’t just get caffeine, we get microencapsulated caffeine.

The “microencapsulated” bit here is very important. Microencapsulation is when small particles of a substance are given a tiny coating which delays their degradation, and thus delays their release into the bloodstream. 

The idea is that instead of being hit with a single 300mg dose of caffeine, you get a slow, steady release. 

Of course, that doesn’t make a great deal of sense, because it’s likely that the coatings will all degrade at roughly; the same rate, and will therefore enter the bloodstream at the same time. 

In any case though, 295mg of caffeine might be high for a lot of people, but for serious athletes, it should be about right. The best fat burners will contain roughly this amount of caffeine. 

In Black Ops we get 20mcg of chromium, which isn’t too bad at all. 

Only the best fat burners currently offer significant amounts of chromium, so although we would like to see a little more than 20mcg (maybe something in the region of 100mcg), it could be a lot worse.

Chromium helps regulate insulin action. This is why it is also commonly found in weight gain supplements; when you’re consuming massive amounts of carbs, you don’t want your insulin levels running riot, otherwise you’ll become insulin resistant, or possibly even diabetic over a long enough period of time. 

This is also why it should be in every good fat burner; when you’re cutting, insulin (as the body’s “store” signal) can be your worst enemy!

We also get 250mg of cayenne pepper extract. 

This is excellent. Too few supplements overlook the powerful simplicity of using chili extract as a way to kick start fat loss. 

Just as you might expect, chili extracts work by ramping up your body temperature. When you start heating up, your body works harder to keep you cool; you therefore burn more calories, both at rest and in the gym. 

Black Ops Ingredients Review Blue Green AlgaeBlue green algae might be a bit of a mystery substance for lots of you. But it needn’t be. It might make it seem a little less mysterious to learn that Spirulina is a type of blue green algae. 

It is not clear what type of blue green algae is being used here, but it is fair to assume that most blue green algae have similar properties (being 1 of eleven different types of algae). 

There is a lot of evidence to suggest that Spirulina can reliably improve lipid and glucose metabolism. It also seems to be able to protect the heart and reduce fat deposits in the liver. 

Spirulina in particular has also been positively associated with muscular endurance. This is great, albeit not completely relevant in a fat burner!

Unfortunately, many of the benefits mentioned above have been seen when subjects have been given several grams of blue green algae (ref).

Vitamin B6 is a wonderful, almost indispensable ingredient in a pre-workout supplement, and indeed in a fat burner if you are planning on taking it before the gym. 

Like caffeine, it can help sustain energy levels when your food intake drops. 

We also like the amount of B6 in Black Ops; some ridiculous pre-workouts contain 10,000% of your RDI, which can cause side effects if you take it for long enough. The 357% in Black Ops is enough to help with energy metabolism, but not too much to cause trouble: perfect. 

Finally, green tea extract is an absolutely staple ingredient in any top quality fat burner.

If a supplement has neglected this ingredient, it better have a good reason, or it simply isn’t a professional grade supplement.



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The not so good:

Taurine is not a bad ingredient on its own. Not by any means. 

It is an amino acid that plays a central role in a whole host of vital bodily functions, from regulating blood flow and facilitating cognition to boosting fat oxidation and improving anaerobic running capacity. 

However, taurine is found naturally in our diet, in relative abundance for some people. 

It is also usually supplemented at much larger dosages than the 275mg found in Grenade Black Ops. 

Another ingredient that puzzled us at first was theobroma cacao.

Then we did some research and discovered that, yes, you guessed it: it’s cocoa. 

It’s very trendy at the minute to call cocoa “cacao”, but don’t be fooled; it’s the same thing. So, why is cocoa powder in Grenade Black Ops?

Well, some people believe that cocoa has some innate fat burning properties. 

However, despite having a widely observed and clearly quite powerful effect on blood pressure, blood flow, cholesterol, and other bodily functions, the evidence supporting the idea that it improves fat loss is very thin. 

The only real studies we can find, like this one, usually conclude that cocoa extracts do “not enhance the effects of exercise on body fat and fat metabolism in obese subjects”. 

That said, cocoa does seem to have some positive influence on a number of things, including cognition and mood, but that doesn’t justify its presence in a professional fat burner. 

Choline is taken by hundreds of thousands of people as a cognitive enhancer. But it has no properties that directly or indirectly lend a hand to fat burners (unless you count being able to better formulate training programs over time). 

Bioperine is usually used to enhance the absorption of the other ingredients in a formula. It is usually dosed at 5-10mg. On its own though, it offers no fat burning benefits. 


Grenade Back Ops Review – Does The Formula Stack Up?

There’s a lot of good in this formula, but there’s also a lot of waste.

Many of the ingredients are excellent additions to a fat burner formula, and we routinely see them in the most advanced, professional-quality supplements. 

However, the formula has also been inundated with pointless ingredients.

Of course, the manufacturers mean well with this; the inclusion of cocoa was obviously based on anecdotal evidence and its other peripheral benefits for athletes (blood flow, etc.), and choline has been included because it helps with cognition.  

But these aren’t benefits that someone buying a fat burner is looking for. 

Taken as a whole, there’s simply too much of the stuff we could do without in this product. It’s really frustrating to see this happen, because if the manufacturers had removed these unwanted ingredients and simply upped the dosage of other, more effective ingredients, they would have created a brilliant fat burner. 


Grenade Black Ops Side Effects

The 295mg of microencapsulated caffeine may prove to be a little much for some people.

This is particularly true if you are sensitive to caffeine. If that is the case, you always need to read the labels on fat loss supplements and pre-workouts very carefully, because caffeine is often disguised as another ingredient. 

However, for the vast majority of you, and particularly for those of you used to taking pre-workout supplements containing caffeine, 295mg of caffeine should be fine. Especially since it has been microencapsulated. 

Grenade Black Ops Side Effects


Some people also experience side effects from taking choline.

These can include headaches, and sometimes rapid demotivation.

However, this usually only occurs to people taking large amounts of choline daily.

If you experience any side effects from taking Grenade Black Ops, discontinue use and talk to a doctor/the manufacturer straight away!

Of course, we always recommend checking with a qualified physician before using supplements such as fat burners, even if they are made by a reliable manufacturer like Grenade!



What Are People Saying About Grenade Black Ops? – Customer Reviews

Here is a review taken directly from Grenade’s Black Ops page:

Grenade Black Ops Customer Review


As refreshing as it is to see a manufacturer let real people post honest reviews on their website, this isn’t particularly encouraging. 

However, you will notice that most of the reviews on the Grenade Black Ops “reviews” page are very complimentary of the product. 

A better place to look may be on forums, or indeed, on Amazon, where customer reviews are coming under closer and closer scrutiny every day. 

Here are a few reviews taken from Amazon:


Grenade Black Ops Latest Customer Reviews


Grenade Black Ops Fat Burner Customer Review


Grenade Black Ops Review Conslusion

After carrying out a full Grenade Black Ops review, we can only say that while we think this product can definitely help some people trying to lose fat and retain muscle as much as possible, there are better supplements out there!

Like lots of potentially brilliant supplements, Grenade Black Ops contains lots of great, thoroughly-proven, and perfectly dosed fat burning ingredients.

Yet other ingredients have little to no proven or even anecdotally reported fat burning effects. Some of these ingredients do have other benefits that no doubt make them indispensable parts of some people’s supplement regiment. 

But this is not sold as a general supplement: it is a fat burner, and it needs to offer people enhanced fat loss and muscle retention! 

For instance, there is no appetite suppression, but there is cognitive support. 

In buying this supplement, you will be paying for ingredients that don’t help you lose fat. It will no doubt help people get through a vicious cut, but in terms of value for money and goal focus, there are much better supplements out there.

Have you found this Grenade Black Ops fat burner review useful? Something missing? Let us know in the comments!


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