GNC Burn 60 Review – Total Lean? TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY!

Burn 60









  • Sensible caffeine dose (although should be split up)


  • Uses Guarana instead of pure caffeine
  • Over 500mg of useless dead weight per serving
  • Many ingredients do zilch for fat loss
  • Green tea dosed quite low


Full GNC Burn 60 Review


This brand doesn’t need much of an introduction. GNC is one of the biggest supplement retail companies in the world. They have stores all over the world, and they are the ‘go-to’ supplement outlet for many bodybuilders, athletes, boxers, and health-conscious people. Building on their success as a re-seller, GNC began offering their own supplements a few years back. They now have lower priced, generic versions of every bodybuilding supplements you can think of; whey protein, creatine, multivitamins, and fat loss aids. 

So what is GNC Burn 60 supposed to do?

Why would anyone consider using it?


GNC Burn 60 bottle


Burn 60 is part of GNC’s Total Lean range. They have lots of different mini-ranges of their own products which they sell in most of their stores. The idea seems to be to offer slightly lower priced alternatives, with simple branding and uniform quality. It’s obviously working because their own-brand products are some of the most popular on the market!

According to the bottle, this fat burner provides the following key benefits:

  • Powerful thermogenisis
  • Increase calorie burning by “up to 60%”
  • Boost energy and metabolism

Increase calorie burning….by 60%?!

That’s right; your eyes are not deceiving you. GNC are seriously claiming that this fat burner can increase the number of calories you burn per day by 60%. Now, that statement comes with the usual caveats. We’re sure they’re legally in the clear. But that is still an incredible claim to make. 

We doubt any substance – even pharma-grade anabolics – can instantly increase caloric expenditure by 60%. 

If your maintenance level of calories is 2300, for example, then according to GNC this fat burner can instantly put that up to 3680. All by itself. 

Does that sound right to you?

We’re skeptical.

But to properly judge this popular fat burner we need to take a closer look at the formula and see what’s really going on under the hood. 

Does the Burn 60 formula deliver? Can it really work as advertised?

What are the side effect risks? Is it safe?

How does it compare to the best caffeine-free fat burners on the market right now? Is there a better option? 

Find out by reading our full GNC Total Lean Burn 60 review below. We discuss the ingredients, doses, and side effects in great detail. We’ll talk about what other people have been saying about Burn 60 too. At the end, we’ll tell you what we think of the product as a whole. Have you tried this product before? What did you think? Let us know in the comments!


Burn 60 Formula

Let’s look under the hood and see what’s really going on here. This is the Burn 60 ingredients list as it appears on the GNC website:


Ingredients label


What a disappointment!

That is not our idea of a top quality fat burner.

Right away we see a ton of problems: use of Guarana instead of caffeine; use of poor, ineffective ingredients; and an absence of many proven, top quality fat burners.

Overall, we really don’t see a lot to get excited about here. This looks like a poor quality fat burner. We don’t think you’re going to get particularly noticeable results from Burn 60. It’s definitely unlikely that you’ll get the same kind of results as you would from better, more focused, potent supplements.

Let’s get into it in a little more detail. 


Major Problem – Why Guarana, Not Caffeine?

We’re sick of hearing people talk about guarana as though it provides some kind of magical caffeine that is different from regular caffeine. 

It doesn’t.

Caffeine is caffeine. It doesn’t matter where you get it from. The molecular structure is the same, and it has the same effects int he human body. 

Guarana seeds contain more caffeine than coffee beans on a gram for gram basis. But unless you’re eating the seeds, that doesn’t matter at all.


Guarana fruit


The caffeine you get from guarana is the same as you get from coffee beans. And caffeine is the only reason we want to be consuming guarana. Apart from the caffeine, guarana is just a lot of useless plant matter.

So we really dislike the fact that Burn 60 has included 495mg of Guarana, of which just 180mg is caffeine.

That means 64% of that ingredient, or a full 315mg, is plant matter which is of no benefit to you whatsoever. 

We would have much rather GNC just provide caffeine – the thing that helps us train harder during a cut – and cut right back on the plant material. We know the larger serving size looks good, and Guarana sounds a little more exciting than caffeine, but we don’t care about marketing or fluff. We want results and nothing else!


Major Problem – Useless Ingredients

Another big issue with the GNC Burn 60 formula is the heavy use of dud ingredients.

There really aren’t many ingredients in Burn 60. As such, GNC really needed to be careful with their choices. They needed to make every single substance count.

But they failed. There is more than one ingredient in this fat burner that really has no chance of helping you lose body fat.

Take Grape Seed Extract for example.

This ingredient is used in lots of fat burners nowadays. It’s always been a popular ingredient in health supplements. But we don’t know why – it doesn’t actually do anything!

We have never seen a convincing scientific study showing that grape seed extract helps with fat loss in any way.


Grape skin extract


You wont find any clinical trials in which people given grape seed extract gained more strength, or had more energy, or lost more body fat than placebo. Not unless an effective fat burner was used at the same time! Some studies have supposedly found that it accelerates fat loss, but only when combined with exercise, and even then, results are not convincing.

Yet GNC have decided to include 210mg of the stuff in Burn 60. It is one of the key ingredients. Yet as far as the scientific literature is concerned, it’s worthless.

This is a lot of dead weight for you to be paying for. On top of the 315mg of useless Guarana fruit, that’s over 500mg of useless formula you’re taking. 500mg of dead weight you’re spending money on. 

That’s not what we expect from today’s premium fat burners.


Ginger root


We also notice that GNC have chosen to use Ginger Root in this fat burner. 

Again, we don’t really know why. 

Ginger Root is related to many fibrous foods and tubers that can help reduce feelings of hunger and prevent over-eating/binge eating. Things like glucomannan have been shown to significantly improve satiety after a meal, reduce snacking, and so on without artificially lowering appetite. 

But ginger root doesn’t have quite the same properties as these related plants. 

It does have a range of health-promoting properties, from supposedly lowering blood pressure to helping with digestion. 

But we want accelerated fat loss here, and ginger doesn’t help us achieve that in a meaningful way. It doesn’t significantly help with appetite control or make you feel fuller after a meal. It’s just more dead weight as far as we’re concerned.

If GNC wanted to include an appetite suppressant, there are plenty of effective, potent, although admittedly expensive alternatives they could have used!


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GNC Burn 60 Side Effects – Is It Safe?

There’s only really one side effect concern with this fat burner and it’s the caffeine content

Now, many people get caffeine and guarana confused. We touched on this above, but we’ll run through it again here real quick.

Guarana is not some special kind of caffeine. Guarana seeds contain caffeine. They contain more caffeine than coffee beans on a gram for gram basis, but the caffeine they contain is the same thing. It hits the body in exactly the same way.

So the size of the Guarana serving is irrelevant. All we care about is the caffeine content; the rest is useless plant matter. Manufacturers only include Guarana because it sounds exotic and the serving size is necessarily bigger than straight caffeine. But all this does is make it harder to discuss side effects.

Thankfully, GNC have provided the exact caffeine content of their Guarana: 180mg.

180mg of caffeine is not a ridiculous dose, but it is a lot to consume in a single sitting. It is about the same as 2 strong espressos. That may not sound like a lot, but it is enough to cause side effects in most people (we don’t care how high your tolerance is).

Common side effects from caffeine consumption include:

  • Hypertension
  • Anxiety
  • Sweating
  • Jitters
  • Dizziness
  • Heart arrhythmia
  • Elevated heart rate
  • Energy crashes
  • Insomnia
  • Loss of concentration

We strongly recommend splitting up your caffeine supplementation into equal doses taken throughout the day. This helps prevent acute overdoses and serious side effects. However, doing this does mean that you will be consuming caffeine later int he day, which can adversely affect sleep. 

Consuming caffeine supplements long-term can also cause chronic side effects, such as hypertension or insomnia. 

It is vital that you consider your existing baseline caffeine intake before you add in any more through supplements. 180mg might not seem like much, but on top of your morning coffee, your pre-workout and three cups of black tea, it can have a big impact!

Caffeine overdose can actually be fatal: you have bee warned.


We aren’t doctors and this isn’t medical advice. 

Do your own research and talk to a qualified health professional before you use any fat burners whatsoever.

The supplements discussed on this site are designed for serious athletes. They are not a quick fix for obesity, and they are not for inexperienced users in poor health. If you’re struggling with your weight, talk to your doctor. Don’t take the claims of manufacturers at face value. Always check multiple sources and let the available science be your guide!


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GNC Burn 60 Review Summary – Does It Work?

In our opinion, this is a pretty terrible fat burner.

We know that GNC have quite a few fat loss aids on sale, so we weren’t expecting this to be a market-leader or anything. But we were definitely expecting better than this!

The Total Lean Burn 60 formula contains ingredients that do absolutely nothing to enhance fat loss. 

Altogether, there is over 500mg of dead weight in this formula. 500mg of material that you’re paying for and getting absolutely diddly squat out of!

Most of the gurana is just useless plant matter. 

Grape extracts don’t reliably improve body composition or athletic performance.

Ginger root isn’t as good of an appetite suppressant as glucomannan, and it isn’t as good of a blood sugar controller as chromium.

All in all, this fat burner is pretty damn bad. If you want to see accelerated fat loss, reduced food cravings, and ultimately better results, look elsewhere. If you are concerned about bang for your buck, check out our top rated fat burners today!

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