Genius BURN 2.0 Review – Does This Updated Formula Deliver?

Genius BURN









  • Contains green tea extract
  • Contains Capsimax


  • Uses mini prop blends
  • Most ingredients are ineffective
  • Lots of dead weight here
  • Capsimax dosed too low


Full Genius BURN 2.0 Review


The Genius Brand is probably one of the fastest growing supplement companies in the world. They burst onto the market just a few years ago, but they quickly made a very good name for themselves. They make a wide range of supplements, from focus enhancing pills to mood boosters. They also make various specialist bodybuilding supplements; creatine powder, a testosterone booster, BCAAs, and of course, a stim-free fat burner – Genius BURN.

So what is this fat loss aid all about?

What is it supposed to do exactly? Who is it made for?


Genius BURN bottle image


This review will focus on version 2 of this popular fat burner. As far as we can tell, the original Genius BURN is no longer being sold through the Genius Brand’s official online store. 

Unlike most of the supplements reviewed on this site, this fat burner is described as a “cognitive enhancing thermogenic”. Plenty of supplements do combine focus enhancement with fat loss support, but they are definitely a minority. 

According to the official Genius website, BURN 2.0 delivers the following key benefits:

  • Appetite control
  • Enhanced focus
  • Better memory function
  • Enhanced mental clarity
  • Sustained energy
  • Accelerated fat loss
  • Increases metabolic rate
  • Induced thermogenesis

This is a really attractive range of benefits for anybody looking for help getting better results from their next cut. 

You might not get why you would want enhanced focus or memory function from a fat burner. But if you think about it, it’s obvious; when you’re dieting, you get tired, sluggish, and demotivated. You lose focus, and your workouts suffer. This is a real problem when cutting, as this is usually when you need your training to be totally on-point. 

Of course, we want increased energy and appetite control too. 

So this looks like a solid fat burner on paper. 

The question is, how much of this is true, and how much is just hot air? 

Does Genius BURN really work as advertised?

Is it safe? What kind of side effects can you expect?

How does it stack up next to the best fat burners around today?

Read our full Genius BURN review below and find out! We pick this product’s formula apart; we look at the ingredients and doses to see whether it can really deliver on its promises. We talk about the main health risks, as well as what some other people have been saying about it. If you’ve tried this fat stripper and you’d like to share your experiences, post them in the comments at the end!


Genius BURN 2.0 Formula

Let’s take a closer look at the Genius BURN 2.0 ingredients and doses:


Ingredients list


We’re far from impressed with that formula.

Like most supplements that try to be two things at once, we think Genius BURN has ended up being neither.

It has spread itself too thin between being a fat burner and a focus enhancer. It has done neither of these things convincingly.

We see some mini-proprietary blends here, as well as some weak ingredients.

There are some effective fat loss enhancers, as well as some focus boosters. But the doses are low in all the important places.

Overall, this formula does not look good!


What We Like

  • Cognizin® a very good focus and motivation booster
  • Provides some good green tea extract

Although we’re not happy with the Genius BURN formula as a whole, we can still see some serious strong points in this formula.

For one thing, it provides some good green tea extract.

Green tea contains a compound called EGCG. This catechin has some pretty incredible properties. Most interesting from our point of view is the ability to directly stimulate lipolysis, or fat metabolism for you and me.

As this study points out, EGCG has been shown to increase fat cell metabolism independently of exercise! Here is how the researchers stated their conclusion: “EGCG alone has the potential to increase fat oxidation in men and may thereby contribute to the anti-obesity effects of green tea.”


Green tea extract


That’s not something many natural substances can claim! EGCG doesn’t just help you lose fat by powering your workouts without providing more calories, or by controlling your appetite – it targets fat directly.

However, this all comes with a HUGE caveat. 

We have absolutely no idea how much green tea we get from Genius BURN. All we know is that it is less than 250mg, which is the total blend size. That 250mg is split between 3 ingredients, but the other two ingredients could easily be dosed at 1-2mg.

Even if we get 240mg of green tea from each serving, that still isn’t enough to really get good results from this potentially superb fat burner. A lot of top quality supplements on the market today provide almost double that amount for a similar price!


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What We Don’t Like

  • Weak/unproven ingredients
  • Low doses in important areas
  • Mini proprietary blends

There’s a lot about this formula that we really don’t like. As mentioned above, Genius BURN uses mini proprietary blends which means that we don’t know how some of the ingredients are dosed.

That is a serious problem. Unless we know the doses, we don’t know how well certain ingredients are going to work for us. We discussed this above a little.

There’s no need for prop blends these days. Nobody steals from anybody – there’s just no point! We all know how these ingredients work, and how they need to be dosed to work optimally.

The only reason why anybody would use a prop blend is to hide some unpleasant truths from customers.

The use of prop blends then, even in the small way Genius have used them here, is a major failure.


Capsimax chilli extract


Another major problem with this formula is the fact that key ingredients are under-dosed. The main culprit here is Capsimax.

Capsimax is a branded capsicum extract. it is extremely high quality; it is sourced from pure capsicum chili oil, and it is standardized to be extremely potent. If you’re going to use a chili extract, then Capsimax is the gold standard.

It’s obvious why chili peppers help with fat loss. After all, we’ve all experienced chili burn!

Eating hot chili peppers causes your internal body temperature to increase. Your body initiates a stress response, and it starts trying to cool you down. You start to sweat, your blood vessels expand, and you can even swell slightly. This significantly raises your resting metabolic rate – it simply costs calories to keep yourself cool.

By dosing capsicum throughout the day, you can keep your baseline caloric expenditure elevated, thereby accelerating fat loss without having to reduce caloric intake.

We think that every natural fat burner needs to incorporate some kind of chili pepper extract – be it pure fruit powder or a concentrated capsiacin extract (capsaicin is the oil that actually causes the ‘burning’ sensation you get when you eat hot peppers).

This stack does provide some Capsimax, which is great, but we don’t get very much of it. Most stacks will provide about 100mg of Chili powder. Genius BURN only gives us 12.5mg, or 25mg if we take 2 capsules. That’s not enough by today’s standards!


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Is Genius BURN Safe? – Side Effect Risks

As far as side effects go, we think Genius BURN looks pretty damn safe.

It doesn’t contain any nasty stimulants, synthetic drugs, or harmful chemicals. The ingredients in here are all well understood, and they have all been thoroughly tested on humans in clinical conditions. None of them are thought to be harmful to humans, at least when taken for short periods of time in sensible doses. 

Our main problem is that most of the ingredients don’t do anything! Paradoxine (Grains of Paradise Extract) probably isn’t going to cause any notable side effects, but it isn’t going to do you any good either!

If you stick to the manufacturers recommendations (as you always should) regarding dosing and length of use, then most of you are going to experience very few side effects while using this stuff. 

Of course, everybody is different. We don’t know you or your medical history, so we can’t possibly give you personalized advice; only your doctor can do that. All we can do is use our experience and knowledge to point out the obvious dangers as we see them.


  • We are not doctors
  • This is not medical advice
  • You MUST do your own research before using any fat burners
  • You NEED to talk to a qualified medical doctor before using any fat loss supplements

These stacks are not meant to be a cure for obesity. They are serious supplements designed for bodybuilders, strength athletes, and so on. If you struggle with weight management, check out some of our guides and talk to a professional.


Genius BURN 2.0 Review Summary – Worth A Try?

In our opinion, this really isn’t a very good fat burner.

It uses some weak, unproven, ineffective ingredients. In fact, most of the formula is dead weight – there are more dud ingredients in this formula than effective, potent fat burners. 

The best ingredients are under-dosed; both Capsimax and Green Tea Extract are dosed too low for you to get maximal benefits out of these two great fat burners. 

We really expected more from the Genius Brand. They have some incredibly popular products out there, and their range seems to be good quality on the whole. 

If you want to see the best possible results – if you want to get the most out of your next cut – then check out some of our top rated fat burners. Genius BURN 2.0 doesn’t provide much value for money, and end results just aren’t up to scratch in today’s market. 

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