Force Factor LeanFire XT Review – Does It Really Work?

LeanFire XT









  • Contains some proven fat burners


  • RIdiculously small proprietary blend
  • Ingredients cannot possibly all be dosed properly
  • DMAE has relatively high side effect risk
  • Caffeine will be too much for many users

Full LeanFire XT Review

LeanFire XT is supposedly a fat burner with a difference. According to its makers, Force Factor, LeanFire XT goes beyond the regular benefits offered by most fat burners: thermogenesis, accelerated metabolism, greater resting caloric requirements, etc. 

According to Force Factor, LeanFire XT “considers the real needs of your body and mind as you work to burn fat and sculpt a new physique”. 

More specifically, LeanFire XT claims to be able to provide “clean energy” while also reducing stress and anxiety. 

This would indeed be beneficial, as we often get much more stressed, depressed, and anxious when we’re dieting and training hard. We become exhausted, and being in a caloric deficit necessarily makes us all moody. Since we need glucose to make serotonin, dieting can actually make us feel depressed. 


LeanFire XT review


LeanFire XT also apparently helps keep you focused, clear-headed, and aware.

While this isn’t usually something we look for in a fat burner, if this supplement delivers on all of these fronts, that’s great. 

It’s normal to get stressed, irritable and distracted when approaching a big fight, your first bodybuilding contest, or any other time when your years of training will be put to the test. Keeping on top of this stress, staying focused, and staying motivated are the keys to success. 

All of this sounds great. But of course, we’ve heard all this dozens of times before.

Does Leanfire XT really work?

Can it genuinely burn fat, improve focus, and support a positive mood?

Is it safe? What are the main health risks?

How does it compare to the best fat burners on the market right now?

Let’s find out. Here’s our full Force Factor LeanFire XT review. As always, we start with a thorough examination of the formula, before moving on to the side effects and value for money. At the end, we’ll tell you what we think of this supplement as a whole, if we’d recommend it to any of our readers, and who we think it could work for. If you’ve had any experience with this fat burner, let us know in the comments!


LeanFire XT Formula

Here’s the LeanFire XT ingredients list. This should be exactly how it appears on the bottle:


force factor leanfire xt formula review


That is not a quality fat burner formula.

We see several major problems right off the bat!

As you can see, the Force Factor LeanFire XT formula is simply one large, homogeneous proprietary blend. Although the blends are subdivided into types, it is in reality just one proprietary blend. Everything is listed under a single total blend size: 721mg. 

We don’t need to explain to our regular readers why we hate proprietary blends so much. 

They mean that we can’t tell how much of each individual ingredient is in a single serving. If we don’t know dosage, then we simply don’t know whether or not this product is likely to work. 

The effectiveness of fat burning substances are entirely contingent on dose size. We know that 150mg of caffeine anhydrous will give you an energy boost, but 1.5mg will not. The ingredient is only half the story; to understand how well a product will work, we need to know serving sizes. 

Since lots of manufacturers manage to release their formula in full, with every ingredient’s individual serving size listed right there on the bottle, we don’t see why every manufacturer can’t do the same.

Usually, they claim it’s because others might steal their formulas.

They claim they have a patent pending.

But the ideal serving sizes of the ingredients used in modern fat burners are well known. Stealing is almost unheard of, and it’s hard to get a patent for something that is so blindingly obvious.

We think the real reason manufacturers use proprietary blends is because it masks how cheap their product actually was to make, and how badly consumers are being over-charged. 

We aren’t saying that this is necessarily the case with Force Factor LeanFire XT, of course. But it is definitely a possibility. 


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Main Problem – LeanFire XT Proprietary Blend

Although all proprietary blends are bad for the same reasons, some are much worse than others. 

So what about the LeanFire XT blend? How does that compare to other products using proprietary blends?

Does it still offer value?

Can it deliver on the promises made by Force Factor?

Unfortunately, we think the answer to both of these questions is a great, big “no”.

The total size of the LeanFire XT formula is 721mg. We are told that the caffeine anhydrous is dosed at 150mg.

So we have 571mg split between 9 ingredients.

You don’t need to have a math degree to work out that this is nowhere near enough to accommodate all of the best ingredients.

If we divide the 571mg up between 9 ingredients, we get just 64mg each.

Several of the ingredients in LeanFire XT need to be dosed well above 100mg to have a significant effect on fat loss. 

But in order for any ingredient to receive an extra 30mg, another ingredient has to lose 30mg. 

Since more than one ingredient in LeanFire XT needs to be dosed well above 100mg to have any effect whatsoever on fat loss, it’s clear that several ingredients in this supplement are aggressively under-dosed. 

The prime example here is green tea extract. 


Review of Leanfire XT ingredient green tea leaf extract


All of the best fat burners on the market today contain green tea extract. It is an absolutely amazing natural fat burning substance. 

Green tea extract usually contains a very large concentration of a catechin called ECGC. This stuff has been shown in numerous clinical trials to contribute to more rapid fat loss. Some studies have even found green tea catechins to be able to accelerate fat loss independently of exercise. 

However, the best fat burners all contain somewhere between 300mg and 500mg of green tea extract. 

Our current top rated supplement contains 500mg per serving. This is the ideal serving size for green tea extract if the main motivation is enhancing fat loss. 

But for LeanFire XT to contain this much, then the remaining ingredients will have just 71mg to split between them. That leaves less than 10mg per ingredient.


That’s a total joke!

Either that, or the green tea is dosed too low (as are many of the other ingredients). 

So despite containing some very good fat burning substances, LeanFire XT doesn’t look like it can deliver enhanced fat loss for most of you. It certainly doesn’t seem to come close to the same potency or value for money of other fat burners on the market today. 

What is clear is that either a couple of ingredients in LeanFire XT are dosed perfectly and the others are all practically absent, or none of the ingredients are dosed properly at all.



Major Problem – Obvious Filler Ingredients

To make matters significantly worse, Leanfire XT contains some ingredients that don’t directly help with fat loss, physical performance, or anything else for that matter.

To put it another way, Force Factor have included ingredients that do diddly squat!

And why would they include something if it doesn’t help you achieve your goals?

We think it might be to bulk out the formula.


Carnitine structure


L-Carnitine is a classic ‘filler’ ingredient. 

It is an extremely common amino acid. It is actually a derivative of the amino acid Lysine. It is non-essential, meaning that you do not need to consume it; your body can make all the L-Carnitine you need, should you need it.

As far as we know, Carnitine does not have a noticeable effect on body composition.

It doesn’t have a significant effect on athletic performance, strength, or recovery.

As the authors of this study state, “the evidence for an ergogenic effect of carnitine is, however, limited and most studies show no effect of carnitine supplementation on lipid oxidation. This is hardly unexpected since there is hitherto no evidence that muscle carnitine content can be increased by carnitine feeding in healthy men.” 

While the cited study did show some effects from Carnitine, most do not.

You also need to consider doses. Even if L-Carnitine had serious fat burning properties, would there really be enough of it in Force Factor Leanfire XT to have maximum effect? We highly doubt it.

The total serving size of the whole Leanfire XT formula is 721mg.

Minus the 150mg for the caffeine anhydrous, that leaves us with 571mg.

L-Carnitine capsules bought from a standard supplement store will typically provide about 1000mg of L-Carnitine per day. Even generic, standard quality Carnitine capsules provide about 500mg.

So even if 90% of the Leanfire XT formula was taken up by Carnitine, there still wouldn’t really be enough to have a signifciant effect on performance or fat loss!

And that is assuming it does anything anyway, which as far as we can tell from the available studies, IT DOESN’T!


Carnitine is cheap


So why did Force Factor even bother including L-Carnitine in this formula?

Is it because they genuinely think it is going to help you lose fat and make gains in the gym?

Or is it because it is cheap, readily available, safe to take in large amounts, and they wanted to bulk out the formula with a low cost ingredient?

Your guess is as good as ours!


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Force Factor LeanFire XT Side Effects – Is It Safe?

Our main problem with LeanFire XT is that the ingredients cannot all possibly be dosed high enough to have a noticeable effect on your fat loss progress.

As such, it is highly unlikely that you are going to experience any serious side effects relating to the sheer power of this supplement. 

However, that does to necessarily mean that there is no risk of side effects. Not at all.

When dealing with a proprietary blend, there is always a degree of uncertainty about the likelihood of unwanted, negative effects. And when it comes to your health and safety, uncertainty is never a good thing. 

It is feasible that one ingredient could be dramatically over-dosed, meaning that there would be a high chance of side effects. This is of course conjecture, and Force Factor may take issue with this kind of speculation. But we think that, if they really didn’t want us to speculate like this, they should tell us the formula in full. 

LeanFire XT also contains some ingredients with a relatively high risk of causing side effects. 

The main concern here is DMAE. 

This stuff is used by many people for the purpose of enhancing focus and concentration.

However, lots of people experience quite significant side effects when using this stuff. Common side effects of DMAE use include:

  • Loss of motivation
  • Confusion
  • Headaches
  • Hyperactivity
  • Loss of focus
  • Low mood

If you experience any side effects like these while using this product, stop using it immediately and talk to a doctor!

The other major side effect concern is obviously the caffeine anhydrous.

We probably don’t need to explain to you that caffeine is an extremely powerful stimulant. It causes side effects at doses that may sound low, but trust us, they need to be taken seriously!

150mg of caffeine anhydrous (refined, purified, dehydrated caffeine) is about as powerful as 2-3 shots of espresso. That is enough to give anyone one or more of the following side effects:

  • Jitters
  • Shakiness
  • Dizziness
  • Hypertension
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Energy crashes
  • Profuse sweating

Heavy use of caffeine can cause serious long term problems, while acute caffeine overdose can be lethal. 

You NEED to look at how much caffeine you’re already consuming each day (through coffee, tea, pre-workouts, etc) and work out if you can really afford to add in another 150mg on top. You also need to consider your existing medical condition, tolerance level, etc. 

Most importantly of all, you MUST talk to a doctor before using any supplements that contain caffeine!

Important Warning!

We are not doctors, and this is not medical advice. 

It’s really important that you talk to your doctor before trying a new fat burner. You should never rely on information you read online; few of the internet “experts” you come across will be qualified health professionals, and most manufacturers bend the truth to generate sales. Tell your doctor what you plan on taking and get their opinion. They know your individual sensitivities and needs better than anyone, even you!

LeanFire XT Review Conclusion

Despite all of the claims made by Force Factor, we don’t think LeanFire XT looks like a particularly remarkable fat burner. 

Sure, it contains DMAE, which is thought to help boost focus and concentration. Not many fat burners contain DMAE.

But its usefulness is questionable. It seems to be very unreliable; there are far more effective substances out there for improving focus and concentration. It also seems to cause side effects for some users. 

LeanFire XT cannot possibly provide sufficient amounts of all of the ingredients per serving since the total blend size is just 721mg. Green tea alone should ideally be dosed at around 500mg per serving. This would leave just 20mg per ingredient.

Of those ingredients, some have very questionable utility in a fat loss aid. 

That is not to even mention the inherent problems with proprietary blends: the poor value for customers, the likelihood of ingredient stuffing, and so on. 

All things considered, this is a very disappointing stack. If you are looking for a potent, reliable, and good value fat burner, then look elsewhere. 

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