Fitmiss Tone Review – A “Fat Burner Just For Women”?

Fitmiss Tone









  • Very safe
  • CLA good supporting ingredient during a cut


  • Just an expensive CLA supplement
  • Benefits of avocado oil and extra virgin olive oil overblown


Full Fitmiss Tone Review


Product Overview – What Is Fitmiss Tone All About?

Fitmiss Tone is without question one of the most popular female fat burners on the market today. Judging by the amount of customer reviews to be found online, not to mention how many times it comes up in forum discussions, this stuff has absolutely flown off the shelves since it was first launched a number of years ago. 

Yet there aren’t many serious professional Fitmiss Tone reviews out there. If you try to search for a fair, impartial, comprehensive Fitmiss Tone review, you will only find a handful of results. We’re going to try to remedy this by putting all the available information on Fitmiss Tone together in one place. 


Fitmiss Tone Female Fat Burner Review



To start off, what is Fitmiss Tone and what is it supposed to do?

According to the manufacturers, Fitmiss Tone is designed to bring about several benefits, some of which are not typical of the fat burners you will regularly see on offer on Amazon or at your local supplement store. These benefits include:

  • “Blasting away” body fat
  • Boosting metabolism
  • Supporting lean muscle tone

“Muscle tone” is a phrase you will see coming up again and again in fitness and amateur bodybuilding magazines. It is almost meaningless as a term. The concept of improving “muscle tone” is now so ubiquitously misunderstood that manufacturers can be forgiven for being imprecise, even misleading, in its use. 

When someone says they want to “tone up” their muscles, what they are really trying to say is that they either want to lose body fat or they want to improve muscular density (by dense, we simply mean a muscle not currently full of water, a la creatine). There is no meaningful difference between making muscles bigger or toning them up; when someone does a “shredding” workout, the results they see are because their body fat will drop, not because their muscles are being “toned” in some special way. 

So to claim that this product “supports lean muscle tone” is some pretty liberal phrasing, but we can forgive MusclePharm for that so long as the product helps preserve muscle size/density (the same thing assuming water retention is not an issue). 

The Fitmiss Tone merchant page also makes it clear that the product delivers health benefits: “Key powerful antioxidants and nutrients help maintain a healthy appetite and sufficient blood sugar levels.”

Despite the (probably) slightly misleading claims about improving muscle tone, this all sounds very good. But is any of it true?

Does Fitmiss Tone really work?

Can it boost metabolism?

How safe is Fitmiss Tone? Does it cause side effects? 

Is there anything on the market offering better value for money?

Let’s find out. Here is our full Fitmiss Tone review. If you have any questions, please post them in the comments section below. We always try to get back to you within 48 hours.


Who Makes Fitmiss?

The Fitmiss series is produced and marketed by MusclePharm, who are one of the biggest, most trusted, and most successful supplement manufacturers on the planet. 

Fitmiss is clearly designed as their “for her” range.

Many supplement manufacturers are now offering female versions of most of their products. 


Who manufactures Fitmiss Tone?

While we understand why they might want to do this ($$$), we don’t think the concept of a “female fat burner” makes any sense. The substances which make “male fat burners” effective will also make female fat burners effective. Men and women don’t have drastically different requirements when it comes to things like fat loss aids, pre-workouts, protein supplements, and so on. Only when hormone manipulation comes into play would a sex separation become relevant. 

In our opinion, the only thing that really separates a female fat burner from a sex-neutral fat burner is that the former will probably have pink packaging. 

Lots of women will no doubt find this patronizing, and we understand completely.

Yet the fact is that such marketing tactics work.

Women look at most fat burners and see images of muscular men on the posters. They associated that product with being “manly” as a result. So when they see a pink product with more ‘feminine’ marketing, they think it must work in a different way; that it must bring about different results. That is not true. 

That is why we will be reviewing Fitmiss Tone in exactly the same way we review every other fat burner on this site: by looking at the formula, the price, and what users have been saying about it.

If the product is a good one, then it will be a good one whether you are a man or a woman, even if the label is pink and black. 


Fitmiss Tone Formula

As we always say, the most important part of any supplement review is the formula analysis. Any Fitmiss Tone review which doesn’t focus on the formula is basically worthless. That’s because the effectiveness of a product doesn’t lie in the efforts of the company marketing guys; it lies in the ingredients, how they are combined, and how they are dosed. 

Here is the Fitmiss Tone formula as it is displayed on the bottle:


Fitmiss Tone formula review


The entire formula is composed of CLA powder, extra virgin olive oil, and avocado oil.

To date we have never seen such a thin, flimsy formula in a fat burner claiming to offer such incredible results.

We always prize fat loss aids which have the courage to choose a handful of the very best ingredients and offer them in sizable doses. All too often we find fat burners have been stuffed full of 20+ ingredients, many of which offer nothing in terms of enhanced fat loss, while others can only be appallingly under-dosed.

But when too few ingredients have been used,the result is often a poor supplement. The same is true of a supplement using only weak ingredients which offer no real benefits. 

Sadly, Fitmiss Tone seems to befall both of these problems. 

As the entire formula is simply the CLA Fit Blend, we will discuss each of the ingredients one by one. Fortunately for us, and unfortunately for potential customers, this shouldn’t take very long. 


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CLA Fit Blend Ingredients – A Whole Lot Of Nothing

The CLA Fit Blend contains just three ingredients: CLA powder, extra virgin olive oil, and avocado oil. 

We do not know the individual ingredient serving sizes; all we know is the total blend size, which is 1000mg. 

Simply dividing the formula into three equal parts doesn’t necessarily tell us how each ingredient is dosed, as some ingredients require much larger serving sizes to be effective. However, we can make assumptions based on the recommended serving size of each ingredient. 

Some manufacturers don’t like it when professional supplement review site such as ours make assumptions about their products. If they don’t like it, the best way to stop us making assumptions is to tell us the formula.


Fitmiss Tone Ingredients CLA


Conjugated Linoleic Acid (or CLA) is an immensely popular fat burning supplement.

It is popular in no small part because it works. 

There is no shortage of studies attesting to the fact that CLA helps induce or enhance fat loss in humans.

For instance, this study, conducted in 2012 and published in Nutrition, found that “supplementation of CLA for 12 wk in overweight and grade I obese Chinese subjects yielded lower obesity indices, with no obvious adverse effects”. 

There is also a great deal of evidence supporting the idea that CLA helps to preserve lean muscle mass while body mass is decreasing. 

A clinical trial conducted concluded, rather unambiguously, that CLA helps reduce body fat. The researchers stated in their summary: “Repeated-measures analysis showed that a significantly higher reduction in BFM was found in the conjugated linoleic acid groups compared with the placebo group (P: = 0.03).”

Interestingly, the same study found that there was “no additional effect on BFM is achieved with doses > 3.4 g CLA/d.”

While the potential benefits seem clear, you will notice that in many of the available studies, CLA was more effective at inducing fat loss in obese people.

It may therefore be quite a weak fat burner with limited application in already slim people, with one of the above studies finding that fat loss was statistically but not clinically significant.

Even so, it is still a very good supporting ingredient in any fat burner stack. Looking at the evidence, it certainly can’t hurt to use it alongside other ingredients. 

So what’s the problem?

The problem is that every study quoted so far has used quantities of CLA in excess of 1g per day. 

You will be hard pressed to find a study noting benefits of CLA use when subjects were given less than 1.3g/day.

The entire Fitmiss Tone formula is 1g.

The problem here is obvious. But we can’t disregard the whole formula because of this issue. what about the other ingredients?


Olive Oil in Fitmiss Tone


Extra virgin olive oil is one of those food stuffs that has been around for centuries, millennia in fact, and has now been given the label of “super food”. 

There are people who will attribute any health benefit imaginable to extra virgin olive oil consumption. To read some health blogs, you’d think that a few tea spoons of this each day would be enough to make you slim, muscular, younger, and even maybe immortal.

This is obviously a case of hyperbole taking over, but olive oil does have very beneficial properties for health. For starters, it contains lots of vitamin E, which is good for your skin, as well as other antioxidants to promote overall good health. Its primary benefit, though, is in promoting good cardiovascular health. 

Indeed, the high concentration of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats in extra virgin olive oil make it highly beneficial to anyone looking to reduce their cholesterol levels.

However, consuming olive oil is not enormously beneficial to heart health in and of itself. That something helps keep cholesterol down does not mean that you can just have a few spoon-fulls once a week while continuing with your normal diet. It means that using said substance instead of an ‘unhealthier’ alternative will help reduce cholesterol levels. 

Avocado oil is another food that has a long list of admirers. 

Like extra virgin olive oil, people prescribe avocado oil for every conceivable health problem

In truth, avocados are a good addition to your fat loss program. We encourage people to consume more avocado in place of other food stuffs during a cut. 


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Yet we cannot find any evidence for the idea that avocado oil can enhance fat loss in and of itself. Nothing tells us that it can help preserve muscle mass during a cut, boost physical or mental performance; in short, it doesn’t seem to help with any of the things that Fitmiss Tone promises to do. 

Many things should be included in our diet. But usually, this is because they replace the ‘bad’ parts of our diet. If you eat at McDonald’s twice per day, avocado oil is not going to save your life. Similarly, if you’re looking for something to supercharge your weight loss program, avocado oil has little to offer you besides a tasty, healthy alternative to more calorie-dense foods. 


Metabolism Boosters?

The addition of the oils to the formula may be behind the claim that Fitmiss Tone can boost metabolism. 

If you consume healthy fats more regularly in place of meals, then your metabolism will almost certainly speed up. Eating more frequently (or telling the body that it is eating more frequently) is the most effective way to raise your metabolism. 

However, the amount of oil that can possibly be in each capsule will not really give your metabolism much of a kick. Not only that, but replacing meals with oil is a terrible idea if you care at all about your health or athletic performance. 


Fitmiss Tone Side Effects Risk

The chances of experiencing any side effects whatsoever from using Fitmiss Tone are incredibly low. 

The total formula serving size is just 1g. All three ingredients can be consumed in amounts well in excess of 1g, so splitting the ingredients between 1g should be nothing to worry about. 

The formula contains no stimulants, no synthetic hormone manipulators, or anything of that nature. 

That said, we still recommend that you inform your doctor of what you are planning to take on a daily basis. In case of an allergic reaction or a bad batch, your doctor needs to know all possible causes. Don’t play with your health!


Fitmiss Tone Review Summary

Fitmiss Tone promises to “improve muscle tone”, to greatly enhance the rate of fat loss, and to boost metabolism. 

In reality, we think it’s unlikely to do any of these things. Certainly not in a way that you will notice. 

Fitmiss Tone seems to us to be an incredibly over-priced CLA supplement. 

Its entire formula is just CLA powder combined with some avocado oil and some extra virgin olive oil.

The CLA powder, the only bone fide fat burning ingredient, is even under-dosed. Fitmiss Tone uses a proprietary blend, so we don’t know its serving size for certain. But the maximum possible serving size is 999mg. We can’t find any studies looking at CLA’s fat burning properties which used less than 1.3g. Most high quality CLA powder supplements use 3g or more.

Even if it were properly dosed, CLA is really more of a supporting ingredient in a fat burner. It does work, but its effectiveness is slightly limited when used by already slim people.  

If you really believe this is the right supplement for you, buy some CLA capsules and eat more avocado.

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