Fat Burner XL Review – Does It Work?

Fat Burner XL









  • Contains caffeine, green coffee bean extract, and green tea extract


  • Contains ingredients with no proven fat burning properties
  • Key ingredients slightly under-dosed
  • Expensive for what it is


Full Fat Burner XL Review

Product Overview – What Is Fat Burner XL?

Fat Burner XL is sold as a “thermogenic, muscle preserving fat burner”. It seems to be sold exclusively through Amazon, which is where we first came across the product.

We have tried to find an official website for the fat burner, but we have thus far come up empty handed. However, there does seem to be plenty of Fat burner XL reviews on professional supplement appraisal sites. With so much interest in such a low-key product, we can safely assume that Fat burner XL does pretty well through Amazon. 

Yet we still think the information available on Fat Burner XL is a little thin. Few reviews take a balanced, in-depth look at the formula. That’s why we decided to do our own Fat Burner XL review. 
Fat Burner XL Thermogenic Supplement


So, what does Fat Burner XL claim to do exactly?

As you will have no doubt seen on Amazon, Fat Burner XL claims to be “the nation’s first four step thermogenic muscle preserving fat burner”. 

That’s quite a few claims rolled into one. 

First of all, it claims to be a thermogenic. 

Secondly, it claims to preserve muscle mass.

Finally, it claims to be the first (and presumably only) fat burner capable of doing these things. 

One thing is for certain: it isn’t the first fat loss supplement we’ve reviewed which claims to be all of these things. Yet if it can actually enhance fat loss while preserving muscle mass, it will be a rare supplement indeed. Not the first, or the only, but one of a very select group.

That of course depends on what you mean by “muscle preserving”. 

Muscle mass loss is inevitable while cutting. However, how much you lose and how quickly you lose it is within your control. 

If you create the right conditions, you can ensure that you preserve as much muscle mass as possible while losing fat at the fastest possible rate. 

But manufacturers should be clear: if you are looking to drop body fat, you will lose some muscle too.

Fat burner XL doesn’t seem to make this clear at all; on the contrary, it seems to claim that this supplement will safeguard your gains while you lose fat at an unprecedented rate. This is almost certainly not true, but we mustn’t judge a supplement before we’ve taken a proper look at it. 

To that end, here is our full Fat Burner XL review. We’ll take a look at the formula, what others are saying about it, as well as the price tag. If you’re in a rush, skip to the conclusion at the end where we’ll summarize our findings. As always, if you have any questions, please post them in the comments below. 


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Fat Burner XL Formula

When evaluating a fat burner, or any supplement for that matter, the only thing that really matters is the formula. It doesn’t matter what a past Mr Olympia tells you; if the ingredients aren’t there to give you the results you need, put the bottle back on the shelf!

That’s why when we review fat loss aids, we spend most of our time looking at the formula.

Here is what the Fat Burner XL label looks like:


Fat Burner XL Ingredients


Here is a close-up of the label showing the ingredients and doses:


Fat Burner XL Formula close-up


As you can see, there are a few really good ingredients in here, some of which we see in every serious, high quality fat burner around today. 

However, there are also some very questionable ingredients in this formula. 

You will also notice that Fat Burner XL contains some very unusual ingredients. You have probably never seen these ingredients in a supplement before. If that’s the case, you are not alone; two of those ingredients are completely new to us as well!

To help you get to grips with the formula, we’ve split it down into three categories: ingredients we like, ingredients we don’t like, and ingredients we’ve never come across before.


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What We Like

We think green coffee bean extract, green tea extract, and caffeine should all be in every professional-quality fat burner. 

Green coffee bean extract contains a substance called chlorogenic acid. 

This compound has been shown in clinical trials to have a significant effect on fat loss. In the cited study, chlorogenic acid was associated with extra weight loss to the tune of almost 4kg!

Many people believe that this substance works by preventing carbohydrate absorption. 

If that were the case, we would not love this substance so much, because carbs are necessary for productive workouts and muscle fullness. 

We believe that chlorogenic acid works by attenuating the early insulin response to carbohydrate intake. That means when you eat carbs, chlorogenic acid stops insulin production going through the roof, which will in turn ensure that your body does not go into ‘storage’ overdrive. 

Green tea extract is another necessary component of any fat burner which wants to be taken seriously in the modern market. 

Most of you will associate green tea with overall health and longevity, and you are not wrong. 

However, while we welcome any ingredient that promotes health and well being, we aren’t interested in green tea here for its antioxidant properties. 

No, we are interested in a specific catechin called ECGC. 

ECGC is currently being studied with great interest by researchers as it is increasingly being associated with numerous health benefits. Most importantly for our readers is ECGC’s ability to dramatically accelerate fat oxidation. 

Interestingly, this study found that “EGCG alone has the potential to increase fat oxidation in men and may thereby contribute to the anti-obesity effects of green tea”. 

ECGC seems to have a direct influence on fat mass. This effect seems to be significant and reliable for most people. 

This study, for example, went as far as to give green tea consumption a precise fat burning ‘rate’.

Finally, we come to caffeine. 

The benefits of having caffeine in a fat burner are obvious. 

Caffeine reduces the perception of mental and physical fatigue; something that becomes a vital lifeline during a serious cut when food intake drops but training intensity goes up. 

Caffeine also has some fat burning effects of its own. You can learn more about caffeine and why it works in a fat burner from our fat loss supplement guide


What We Don’t Like

The first thing we’d like to draw your attention to is the fact that Garcinia Cambogia has, to our knowledge, never been shown in laboratory conditions to have genuine fat burning properties. 

Despite the overwhelming amount of hype that follows this substance around, we are yet to see a single study proving that it does anything beyond making your food taste better. 

If you have seen evidence that garcinia cambogia works for adult human beings, then please post some links in the comments section.

Forskolii, or Coleus forskohlii as it is actually called, is found in a huge amount of fat burners and testosterone boosters these days.

It is thought to naturally raise testosterone levels in men, as well as contributing to enhanced fat loss and better body composition. 

However, there isn’t a lot of data to back up these claims. In fact, there is evidence to suggest that Coleus forskohlii does not have these properties

This study, for instance, concluded that “CF does not appear to promote weight loss but may help mitigate weight gain in overweight females with apparently no clinically significant side effects.”

Until we see some evidence that CF helps promote fat loss, we’ll have to draw the same conclusion as these researchers.


Fat Burner XL Ingredients Forskolin


There are two ingredients in Fat Burner XL which we think can have a significant positive effect on fat loss and muscle retention. 

However, both of these ingredients are under-dosed for this purpose. 

We’re talking here about CLA and ALCAR

Both CLA and ALCAR can be very effective tools for accelerating fat loss and preserving muscle mass.

CLA has been shown to be effective at encouraging fat loss, while ALCAR improves mitochondrial efficiency. This means that supplementing with ALCAR can effectively make your metabolism more efficient, allowing you to ‘derive’ more energy from food. This is crucial if you are dieting but if performance remains important to you (i.e if you’re a powerlifter or boxer). 

They make welcome additions to any comprehensive fat burning stack, although they have limited effectiveness when used by themselves. Nevertheless, they make superb supporting or accompanying weapons in your fat busting arsenal.  

However, the effectiveness of both of these substances is totally dose-dependent. 

if you don’t take enough, you’ll get next to 0 benefit from these potentially brilliant fat burners. 

And, low and behold, we see that both of these ingredients are under-dosed in Fat burner XL. 

Many people take over a gram of CLA powder per day when trying to lose weight, while reasonably-priced ALCAR supplements provide 1.5g daily.


ALCAR dose in Fat Burner XL


Strange Ingredients

Obviously, when we say strange ingredients, we’re referring to the Banana Leaf Extract and the Salacia Oblonga

Salacia Oblonga is a plant native to the Indian subcontinent, where it has been used for many centuries as a general health elixir.

Traditional medicine practitioners in India now use Salacia Oblonga as a natural treatment for diabetes. 

Unlike most “traditional medicines”, there is a great deal of evidence that Salacia Oblonga is actually effective at helping to control diabetes (or at least to attenuate its severity). 

A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2007 looked at the diabetes related properties of Salacia Oblonga. The researchers who authored the study concluded: “extract of Salacia oblonga lowers acute glycemia and insulinemia in persons with type 2 diabetes after a high-carbohydrate meal. The results from this study suggest that Salacia may be beneficial to this population for postprandial glucose control.”

It is for its blood-sugar controlling properties that the makers of Fat Burner XL. 

While insulin manipulation is an important part of losing fat (and building muscle), that does not mean that we require a diabetes treatment in a fat burner. 

Controlling insulinemia in people with type 2 diabetes is not the same as reducing the severity of insulin spikes in healthy adults. 

That a totally healthy body works differently to one with type 2 diabetes should be pretty obvious. 


Fat Burner XL Banana Leaf Extract


Banana Leaf Extract is another strange addition; one we’ve never seen before in a commercial fat burner. 

Like salacia oblonga, banana leaf extract has its roots in traditional medicine. It is thought to help individuals who have poor glucose absorption, as well as helping people with other blood-sugar related illnesses, including diabetes. 

The evidence for these claims is pretty thin. There are plenty of articles talking about the benefits of using Banana Leaf Extract, like this one on LiveStrong (a questionable source at best), but little in the way of rock solid scientific data. 

What’s more, we can again question why a substance traditionally used to treat diabetes has been included in a fat burner. 


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What Are People Saying About Fat Burner XL?

Here is a selection of Fat Burner XL user reviews taken from Amazon. While these reviews don’t help us a great deal when ti comes to deciding if a supplement works or not, they can give us warning if we’re dealing with an out-and-out scam. 


What makes fat burner xl unique?


fat burner xl customer reviews


Fat Burner XL User reviews Amazon


Fat Burner XL Review Conclusion

Fat Burner XL is a very mixed bag from our point of view.

It contains some good natural ingredients which can help you during a cut. These ingredients are dosed reasonably (but not generously). 

It also contains some ingredients that offer little-to-no fat burning benefits.

Some of the ingredients in Fat Burner XL have a lot of potential, yet their low dosing means that they offer next to nothing in the way of accelerated fat loss or muscle preservation. 

For its price tag, we think this supplement is a bit of a disappointment. For a similar price you can get a much more effective and reliable fat burner. 

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