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  • No idea how much caffeine we have
  • Potential side effect risks are serious
  • Over-stretched prop blend
  • Bogus ingredients


Full Fat Burner Superior Review


Product Overview

Fat Burner Superior is an incredibly popular supplement on Amazon right now, so we thought we should give it a proper, unbiased review. 

Fat Burner Superior is made by Weight Loss Development. If you go to the Weight Loss Development official website, you’ll see that they make a range of supplements, all of which are geared towards fat loss. 

We can’t find a great deal out about the company on the website. There are a few testimonials from people (that we can’t find from the pictures), and a few blog posts. It’s unclear when the website was last updated. 



But you aren’t here to learn about Weight Loss Development. You’r hear to find out if Fat Burner Superior really works or not.

So what is this fat loss aid supposed to do?

Fat Burner Superior claims to deliver the following key benefits:

  • Reduced appetite
  • Boosted metabolism
  • Increased and sustained energy
  • Rapid fat loss

These are the same benefits we see being promised by every fat burner on the market today. 

The question is: can Fat Burner Superior really deliver?

Does this fat burner succeed where so many others fail?

Is Fat Burner Superior safe? What are the chances of side effects? 

Is there anything better out there for enhancing fat loss and maintaining muscle mass?

Let’s find out. First we’ll take a look at the formula, then we’ll look at what other people are saying about this supplement. Finally we’ll tell you whether or not we think this product is worth your hard-earned cash. If you get to the end of our Fat Burner Superior review and you still have some questions that need to be answered, let us know in the comments section below. 


Fat Burner Superior Formula

Let’s take a look at the Fat Burner Superior formula. This is what the ingredients list looks like on the bottle itself:



So clearly we are once again dealing with a proprietary blend stuffed full of ingredients, some of which have little to nothing to offer in the way of fat burning benefits. 

We keep coming across large proprietary blends, stuffed full of ingredients, which cannot possibly allow for all of the best ingredients to be dosed how they really need to be. 

This trend doesn’t look like it will be bucking any time soon, simply because it makes some manufacturers a lot of money. 

More often than not, proprietary blends are used to disguise the cheap manufacturing costs of supplements. Manufacturers can use a very cheap ingredient to bulk out 99% of a blend, and then just throw in some of the more expensive ingredients in trace amounts.

The manufacturer can still claim to be offering a long list of great ingredients, while keeping costs to a minimum. 

We aren’t saying that this is what is definitely happening here, but it is something you need to be aware of. 

Of course, not all proprietary blends are as bad as each other. While they are all bad for the same reasons (they prevent us from making an informed buying decision or learning from our experiences), some are much worse than others. 

So what about the Fat Burner Superior blend? Have Weight Loss Development at least produced a good formula here?

We don’t think so.


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Fat Burner Superior Proprietary Blend – Over-Stretched & Full Of Garbage

The Fat Burner Superior proprietary blend is 1425mg in total.

It contains 15 ingredients.

This gives us an average serving size per ingredient of 95mg. 

That is simply far too small for any of the best ingredients to be adequately dosed. 



While we don’t think that all ingredients in this blend will have the same dose, we think this is a good way to illustrate how small, over-stretched, and weak this formula is. 

In order for any ingredient to be dosed above 95mg, then another ingredient needs to be dosed under 95mg. 

That is simply a fact of a formula of finite size. 

Is that important?

Yes, enormously.

It is important because some of the most effective ingredients in Fat Burner Superior are extremely sensitive to dose. Too little, and you will not get any benefit from them at all.



For example, less than 300mg of green tea extract will give you almost no benefits whatsoever. Most studies showing significant enhanced fat loss from green tea use have used 400-600mg per day.

We would ideally like to see about 200mg of caffeine anhydrous in a professional fat burner. Since Fat Burner Superior uses regular old caffeine, we would probably like for there to be at least 250mg per serving. On the other hand, we would certainly like to see no more than 300mg per daily serving because of the risk of side effects at this dosage. 

Less than 80mg of green coffee bean extract is unlikely to bring about meaningful changes in the rate at which you lose body fat. While we don’t think much more than 100mg is needed, we think less than 80mg is too little for it to be worth using it on a daily basis. 

So that is already 600mg accounted for, with 12 ingredients to go.

Many of the other ingredients used in Fat Burner Superior have standard minimum doses much higher than the ingredients listed here.

But they are a different problem altogether.

One of the biggest problems with Fat Burner Superior, aside from the over-stretched proprietary blend, is the ingredient selection. 

To put it bluntly, many of the ingredients used in this supplement simply don’t work. 


-How Green Coffee Beans Help You Lose Fat-


Useless Ingredients

It is one thing for a blend to be over-stretched when it simply means that the best ingredients will be under-dosed. 

It is another thing when the blend is over-stretched because it contains so many un-proven, ineffective, over-hyped substances. 

These days you can find articles talking about the miracle properties of pretty much any substance.

The supplement industry makes a lot of money, so it is incredibly easy for them to create hype around a certain substance. 

The best example we know of this happening can actually be found in Fat Burner Superior. We’re talking here about Raspberry Ketones



Contrary to what you might read in fitness magazines or health blogs, raspberry ketones have never been shown to enhance fat loss. 

The supplement industry was simply able to get large amounts of raspberry ketones very cheaply, so they decided to create demand for them. 

We have written a full article about this if you want to learn more. 

-The Truth About Raspberry Ketones-


There are several examples of such useless ingredients in the Fat Burner Superior formula. You will find lots of talk about these ingredients being amazing natural fat burners, but in every case there are no robust, independent scientific studies to back up these claims.

We don’t have time to go through each one individually, so here is a quick check-list:

  • Garcinia Cambogia – hyped as appetite suppressant – does nothing
  • Yohimbe – supposedly boosts testosterone – does nothing
  • White Willow Bark – said to boost metabolism – does nothing

The fact that these ingredients do nothing is not something you should be indifferent a bout as a consumer. 

You are paying for these ingredients when you buy these supplements.

There is barely enough room in the proprietary blend as it is. The manufacturers should not be taking up valuable space with these totally un-proven, ineffective substances. 


Fat Burner Superior Side Effects

With a proprietary blend of this size, side effects are of course a major concern. 

While the blend size does not allow for all of the ingredients to be dosed properly, it is possible for the most dangerous ingredients to be dosed far too high. 

You may think it is unlikely for a supplement manufacturer to do that, but when it comes to your health and safety, why would you settle for “unlikely”? Many manufacturers tell us how much of each ingredient is in their formula, and we hold everyone to that standard. They should not leave us to guess whether a product is safe or not. 

The main culprit here is caffeine. 

We have no idea how much caffeine there is in Fat Burner Superior. 

As stated above, ti could easily be too little to give you any benefit whatsoever.

But it could just as easily be far too much. 

More than 300mg of caffeine per day will almost certainly result in some of you experiencing side effects. 

More than 400mg per day will produce at least mild side effects in most of you. 

There could conceivably be as much as 1400mg of caffeine in Fat Burner Superior. 

This is, obviously, a ludicrously dangerous amount. 

Common side effects of caffeine over-consumption include headaches, nausea, shortness of breath, irritability, lack of focus, anxiety, irregular heartbeats, and insomnia. 

It is also unlikely, but it is distinctly possible. If the manufacturer doesn’t want us to deal with what’s possible, they should tell us for sure how much caffeine is in their product. 

Caffeine is not the only problem ingredient in Fat Burner Superior. Several more pose potential risks. Caffeine is the most serious but this does not take into account your own sensitivities, allergies, and so on. A visit tot he doctor is advisable before you commence use.

Talk to your doctor before you start using this product. The advice you read online is not specific to you or your body. You need to talk to a qualified health professional and let them know what you are taking in case something bad happens. Do not gamble with your health, and do not take medical advice from supplement manufacturers or websites.


Fat Burner Superior Review Conclusion

We have conducted a thorough Fat Burner Superior review, and we have not been impressed with what we have found. 

Weight Loss Development have not thought it necessary to tell us exactly what is in their formula. We have an ingredient list, but they do not think we need to know the doses.

We disagree; the effectiveness of many ingredients depend entirely on the doses used. 

More often than not, proprietary blends are used to hide how cheap a supplement was to make. We don’t know if that’s what’s going on here, or if WLD actually believe someone would steal their formula if they released it.

In either case, the result is bad for the customer. 

The proprietary blend itself is over-stretched. The best ingredients cannot possibly all be dosed how they need to be, unless the remaining ingredients are dosed at around 10mg or something. 

To make matters worse, this over-stretched proprietary blend is full of totally garbage ingredients.

The likes of raspberry ketones, garcinia cambogia, and white willow extract are all hyped as amazing natural fat burners. But this is just hype; in reality, they offer you nothing. 

Finally, there are several major side effect concerns here. 

We have no idea how much caffeine is in each serving. It could be 1mg, it could be 1400mg. Both cases are unlikely, but distinctly possible.

Why would you take a chance with your health like this when other supplements tell you for sure how much caffeine they contain?

Manufacturers don’t like us speculating like this, so we don’t know why they force us to do so. They should tell us how much caffeine we’re getting for sure; that way nobody has speculate!

This supplement would be much better (although still too weak for us) if WLD had just kept to the best ingredients, dosed them properly, and told us how much of each ingredient we were getting.

In our opinion, if they genuinely believed their formula was any good, they would have done exactly this. 

If you’re looking for a professional quality fat burner, with low side effect risks and excellent reliability, then we think you would be better off checking out some of our top rated supplements. Weight Loss Development Fat Burner Superior is full of problems. It simply can’t compete with the big boys. 

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